Wednesday, 26 December 2012


 FRIDAY 28 DECEMBER, EXACT AT 10.21am GMT, 5.21am EST!

This is an emotionally charged Full Moon which may well involve confronting our pasts and laying them to rest. Not only is the Moon full in the emotionally sensitive sign of Cancer, but Pluto and Uranus are in on the act, creating the likelihood of profound emotional transformation, long-buried memories bubbling up to the surface, emotional eruptions and turbulence. What fun! Full Moons tend to bring to light anything hidden beneath the surface that we may need to pay attention to so that we can face up to it and let it go. Often things come to a head during a Full Moon as the pressure has been building since the New Moon two weeks before and simply demands to be released.  The tides swell when the Moon is full, as do our emotions, and as this particular Moon is in Cancer, whose ruler is the Moon herself, I think that this is going to be a pretty intense ride! Added to which it is occurring during a particularly emotional time of year, when we are spending more time than usual with our families!

While the Moon is full in emotional, sensitive, moody and family-oriented Cancer, the Sun is directly opposite in hard-working, responsible, disciplined and serious Capricorn. Full Moon asks us to somehow find a balance between the energy of the two signs in question. Cancer relates to our past, our childhood, family life and psychological roots and the emotional patterns that have come from it all. Capricorn relates to our ambitions and integrity; what we want to become and how hard we are willing to work to get there. Like the Mountain Goat, Capricorn climbs slowly but steadily to the top of whatever mountain (goal) he has chosen for himself. My sense is that this Moon is bringing memories (Cancer) from our past up to the surface so that we can examine and confront the emotions which come up with them, take responsibility (Capricorn) for our actions and deeds, and ultimately let go. Capricorn holds us accountable for our actions and wants us to be the best that we can be; to move forward on our paths with integrity. In order to be truly able to fulfil our greatest potential it is imperative that we purge the past, letting go of anything which may have unnecessary power and influence over our lives and emotional landscape. It is time to release ourselves from the shackles of the past so that we can make way for who we are becoming.

The Moon is aspected by a few of the outer planets, the most predominant being a tense T-square involving intense, transformational Pluto and volatile, unpredictable Uranus. Connected to the Sun and Moon, Pluto could stir up some very intense emotions, dredging up memories and events which are buried deep in our psyches or the family vaults. I have actually been experiencing this for the past few weeks; memories drifting into my consciousness which have been bringing up some very strong emotions. I feel like the key is to allow them to surface, acknowledge them and how they make us feel, and then let them go once and for all because they no longer serve us. In the meantime Uranus could provide us with some sudden shocks or upsets, particularly if we are not facing up to whatever may need to change in our lives. If we don’t make the necessary moves ourselves to clear stagnant energy or move out of our emotional ruts then Uranus has a tendency to create external events which force us to do just that! As Uranus helps clear the cobwebs of the past, the chances are that emotions may erupts suddenly as things come to a head, and as they pass away we will be left with more insight and a sense of clarity.

To balance the intensely emotional, turbulent energy of the T-square the Moon is also involved in a lovely grand water trine involving karmic and realistic Saturn and dreamy and compassionate Neptune. This will help us feel empathy and compassion for each other, aware that really we are all in this together, while at the same time being willing to work on healing whatever may come up at this time. Mutually receptive Pluto and Saturn form a supportive aspect with each other which becomes exact as the Moon becomes full, helping us focus on what needs to be done in order for us to move forward and step into our true potential as human beings. Indeed, the theme of the times is breaking down old power structures that are no longer relevant on a personal and global level and replacing them with something  that is a better representation of who we are becoming. Just to lighten everything up during this Moon, Venus and Mercury are both in jovial Sagittarius, so at least the way we relate and communicate with each other will have a hint of humour, combined with the ability to see the big picture. With the overall emotional intensity of this Moon, they are a welcome addition to the celestial stew!

This Full Moon seems to provide the perfect opportunity for an emotional detox, especially with penetrating Pluto the planet of detoxification so heavily involved in the picture! Whatever may have been lurking around, deep in our subconscious, may well come bubbling up to the surface or possibly even erupt, and we must let it do just that because as it hits the light of our consciousness it loses its power over us. Any painful memories from our past, feelings of guilt, resentment, loss, abandonment or betrayal that may come up must be confronted with compassion and then released. At this point the energy connected to the memories is just poison and is only holding us back from being the best that we can be. As this Full Moon falls smack bang in the middle of the holidays, when we are spending more time than usual with our families, it is not surprising that it happens to be in the family oriented sign of Cancer who has such a preoccupation with the past! Any resentments or gripes within the family should be brought out in to the open so that they can be healed. We may not have much choice anyway, given the intense, explosive energy surrounding the Moon and that the holiday season tends to be quite emotionally charged anyway. Just being around family has a tendency to bring up old stuff and emotional patterns, and this Moon will simply serve to reinforce this, giving us a wonderful opportunity to examine them in the light of the Moon and let go of them for good. I certainly intend to make the most of it, as it is an amazing opportunity to purge the past and create space for the memories of the future!

Much love


Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Thursday 13 December, exact at 8.42am GMT, 3.42am EST!

This New Moon is likely to be quite electrifying, as not only is it a Perigie Supermoon, but Uranus the Great Awakener turns direct after being retrograde for the last six months! There is definitely a buzz in the air and some whacky energy surrounding this Moon; it feels a little like someone turned the fast-forward button on and time is zipping by! This Moon is in the last Fire sign, Sagittarius, representing self-mastery through experience, which makes perfect sense for this last New Moon of this extraordinary year, 2012. I know that for myself, when I look back at myself at the beginning of this year and take stock of it all it is astonishing how much I have changed! Perigie Supermoons mean that the New Moon is lined up with the Sun and the Earth, as well as being much closer to the Earth, which greatly increases its gravitational pull and the effect the Moon has on our psyches. New Moons are a time of new beginnings; they are not as intensely emotional as Full Moons and so they give us a chance to look at our lives objectively and decide what we should keep and develop and what must be left behind in the dark of the Moon. This particular New Moon is very important, as it is the last one before the long-awaited Winter Solstice of 2012. The time is finally upon us!

And what better astrological sign for the last New Moon of 2012 than optimistic, expansive and philosophical Sagittarius?! Half man, half beast, Sagittarius is in tune with the laws of nature and raises his bow up and aims his arrow to shoot for the stars! He is the truth seeker and adventurer in both a physical and philosophical sense, and is blessed with a faith that ultimately everything will work out exactly as it should. He encourages us to contemplate who and what we really and truly are; to look at the big picture and how we might actually fit into it. Scorpio season involves digging deep and doing some emotional purging, and is very transformative in nature, involving some figurative deaths and rebirths. Sagittarius follows Scorpio and stands in the ashes, born anew, and starts to envision a life exactly the way he would want it. He has endured the hardships and now it is time to reap the benefits! He asks us to question our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us and step into the truth of who we are rather than what we have been conditioned to think about ourselves. His ruler is jovial Jupiter whose primary purpose is to help us expand and grow, and what better way to send us to the Solstice than with such an optimistic, faith-oriented Moon?! Now is a time to aim our bows and shoot our arrows towards that which arouses our passions and brings us the greatest joy and fulfillment.  

There has been so much talk about and anticipation of this Winter Solstice for so very long now, and finally it is upon us and we are in the home straight of what has certainly been a speeded up year growth-wise! The universe has been making sure that we are on the right path, and that may or may not have been an easy process for us!  Just recently it feels like things have stepped up a notch and with Uranus getting ready to awake from his slumber not only is there a sense that time racing away with us, but there is a certain buzz, or a hum, making us all feel a little on edge! Both the New Moon and Uranus are urging us to free ourselves from our conditioning and dare to be our true, authentic selves, aligning with our soul’s purpose. We all have a higher reason for being here, and the past couple of years have definitely been pushing us to discover and align ourselves with that higher spiritual purpose. And now Sagittarius wants us to take an extra step to move beyond any fear or limitation in order to become who we truly are, the spark that was probably so evident when we were very young, before we became conditioned by other people’s expectations of us. How do we know what that is? Well, anything that ignites our passion and makes us feel excited and joyful is definitely a step in the right direction, while anything that makes us feel anxious, fearful or worried is quite obviously going against the grain somehow. It is as simple as that; the choices we make for ourselves. Do we choose to be held back by fear or do we move forward joyously with love?

Sagittarius is all about beliefs, and on this New Moon we are being asked to question any long held beliefs which may be holding us back from reaching our full potential. Beliefs hold energy and have the power to affect our reality. If we are part of the whole and the universe is within us as much as we are part of the universe, then we are co-creators of our own reality. Whatever we believe will have an impact on our lives and what we create for ourselves.  Every one of us has been conditioned by our parents, teachers and society to believe certain things, and obviously we have many different beliefs, some more conscious than others, but each of them has the power to affect the quality of our existence. For instance, if you feel guilty when you eat chocolate, believing that it is naughty and makes you fat, then it will do just that, while if you simply enjoy it with no guilt or concern for your weight it is far less likely have any negative repercussions. I don’t know if that is the best example, but you get the picture! This New Moon wants us to examine our beliefs and throw out the ones that aren’t working for us anymore so that we can create a more positive and authentic version of ourselves. It is time make the final leap into the truth of who we are. It’s crunch time!

As Uranus awakens from his slumber he is also forming a trine with optimistic and philosophical Mercury in Sagittarius, which could mean that we have some sudden revelations or insights around this moon, while the pace is likely (and already is) to be quite frantic, with our minds and mouths racing and sleep a little hard to come by! Uranus in Aries wants us to break free of conditioning and be who we really, truly are deep inside, and as he turns direct there will be a huge thrust of his wild, adventurous, rebellious energy both personally and collectively. Any radical changes we may have been contemplating since he went retrograde can now be put into action as the energy turns outward instead of being directed inward. The Yod, which began around the Full Moon is now growing in strength, and the Finger of God, or Finger of Fate, is pointing directly at Jupiter which is the ruler of Sagittarius. There is a sense that it is time now to deal with our karma head on and heal from it so that we can move onto the next cycle uncluttered by the pain of the past. It is quite likely that anything from our past that we haven’t resolved will now have to be confronted in order for us to move forward. I have noticed recently that I have been remembering random things that I have done or had done to me in the past, some of which I am definitely not proud of and some of which have caused me and/or others pain. I have just been allowing them to surface, recognising the impact they have had on my life and how they may still be affecting me, and then letting them go. The Yod will figure prominently in the Winter Solstice, and the energy began building around the time of the last Full Moon on November 28th.

I have heard the words “Heal or die!” linked to this Yod formation, and while of course I don’t believe that we will literally die, I do believe that we are in the process of a profound shift at the moment and that the Winter Solstice will be a pivotal moment in our history. It may not be as earth shaking is people hope/fear, but something is going to shift and it is most likely to be within our consciousness. It is the first time in 26,000 years that the Sun and Earth will line up with the Galactic centre, so there is a sense that a massive cycle is ending and another is beginning. The time has come to let go of fear and move forward with a more heart-centred way of being, and a balance between the Masculine and Feminine instead of this leaning towards the Masculine which quite obviously doesn’t work! Of course not everyone is ready to make this shift…far from it in fact, but many are. This New Moon is a wonderful opportunity to set intentions; to envision the kind of reality we want for ourselves and ask for it. Whatever we ask for must come from our heart and soul  and be truly what we want, or it is pointless. This is the time to break the shackles of our past conditioning and come out as we really and truly are, not what others believe us to be. It is time to step out of auto-pilot and take control of our destinies, creating the reality we want for ourselves which is an expression of our authentic selves and in line with our soul’s purpose. In the meantime, I wonder what the next few days will bring, because this has certainly been a strange and whacky week so far! It is important to remain open to whatever happens in the next few days, as whatever it is it may be surprising but will only serve to push us in the right direction!

Much love

Wednesday, 28 November 2012



This is a very powerful Full Moon/Lunar eclipse, and I am most definitely feeling it; I was almost too overwhelmed to settle down and write this post! This is the last Lunar Eclipse in Gemini until 2020, and completes the series which began in December 2010. A lot has changed since that first one! Eclipses are incredibly intense Full Moons which have the potential to cause a shift or change in a particular area of our lives, and this one in particular has an enormous amount of planetary force behind it to help us change our lives for the better. As the Moon passes into the shadows, shielded by the earth from the light of the sun, we are pulled deep within ourselves to the core of our being so that we can discover who we really are. The Sabian symbol for this Moon at 6 degrees Gemini is “A well with a bucket and a rope under the shade of majestic trees”, which seems to be asking us to dig deep to connect to an inner wisdom and strength which lays waiting in the shadows. This water of life has been nourishing the trees from the roots upwards for centuries and centuries, and is in plentiful supply if we are only willing to tap into it. It is the wisdom of our ancestors; that which we already know and the root of who we are. It has always been part of us; we just have to bring it into our awareness and start consciously drawing from it.

This Full Moon illuminates the Gemini / Sagittarius axis, as the Moon in Gemini directly opposes the Sun in Sagittarius. As such we are being asked to find a balance between the energies of communicative, logical and detail-orientated Gemini and the truth seeking, intuitive and expansive Sagittarius. I noticed that the Sun entered Sagittarius just in time for Thanskgiving in America, kicking off the holiday season which is definitely a reflection of the qualities of Sagittarius; joviality, goodwill, abundance (of food and drink!), expansion and growth (of our waistlines!), optimism and joy. Gemini governs the rational mind and seeks to gain information and experiences from the immediate environment. Like a butterfly, Gemini collects information and then spreads it around. While Gemini is more logical and tends to focus on details, Sagittarius is more intuitive and prefers to look at the big picture.  Gemini rules the media, thoughts, writing, and all forms of communication, while Sagittarius rules beliefs, faith, religion, spirituality and philosophy. These are the realms we are dealing with during this Full Moon, and it is possible that we may be asked to examine our beliefs (Sagittarius), looking at them from different angles (Gemini);  focusing on the big picture and making up our own minds instead of  just following what we have always thought or been told.

As I said, Gemini is a rational, logical sign, and is also represented by the twins, which brings a sense of duality to the picture. The Moon on the other hand is emotional, feeling, intuitive, so the combination is always an interesting one! It is like they have a bit of a clash of interest! It is possible that the Full Moon will bring up some irrational feelings which will bring certain issues to our awareness so that logical understanding can follow.  We should definitely examine whatever thoughts pop up during this Moon, because things which may have been slightly hidden from our conscious awareness may be ready to reveal themselves now as the Moon brings things to a head. It is definitely true that our thoughts and feelings create our reality, on both a personal and global level. Negative thinking breeds a negative reality, while positive, loving thoughts create a much better outcome. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is in soulful Scorpio, asking that we dig deep and really get to the heart of the matter, processing the painful stuff so that we can move on towards the new, lighter reality that awaits us. In general it seems like it is now time to start thinking with our hearts, not our heads, and to be true to our own principles, but first we must deal with the darkness of the past and let it go once and for all.

There is a lot going on with this Full Moon, as a few other planets are involved in the overall picture! The most prominent aspect is a Yod, otherwise known as a Finger of God, with the finger pointing at the Moon herself. There is a sense of fate or destiny with a Yod formation; it has been described as an invisible hand prodding you in the back, making sure we are moving in the right direction whether we like it or not! We might have to change course altogether and have to deal with old karmic issues which probably won’t be very comfortable. The interesting thing about this Yod is that it is going to be repeated on the Winter Solstice in a different form, so there is a sense that this Full Moon is starting a process that will continue or conclude then. As you can see in the chart, the players involved at the base of the Yod are a Mars and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and a Venus and Saturn conjunction in Scorpio with the finger pointing at the Moon, Jupiter and Black Moon Lilith, who symbolises letting go. My sense is that it is a time to let go of old karmic residue from our past relationships, as both Mars and Venus are involved, combined with soulful Pluto and karmic Saturn. Mars and Pluto are an interesting combination; together they represent extreme desires of the soul and the powerful urge to move forward, but can also mean superhuman power and use of brute force, and in Capricorn this could be at the hands of authority. Venus and Saturn in Scorpio combined can mean digging deep and dealing with relationship karma in an emotionally honest way and letting go of old pain that may be holding us back, but can also mean serious and deep commitment to a relationship, path or set of values.  Combine all of this with the emotional nature of the Full Moon and we have quite powerful possibilities!

How this will manifest I do not know, but personally I am feeling the effects of this Moon very acutely, and I must say that I am not particularly enjoying writing this post! I have almost abandoned ship a few times to be honest, because this is all so complex that it is hard to explain in just a few paragraphs!  I will be very interested to see what happens over the next few days, both globally and personally, because the tension is definitely building. Uranus in Aries is also involved, forming a positive aspect to both the Sun and the Moon which brings the potential for considerable excitement; sudden and unexpected events, insights, moods and some possible acts of rebellion or revolution. Relationships or situations could suddenly end, or a bolt out of the blue may be the beginning of something beautiful. One thing to remember – everything happens for a reason, and it is all going according to the master plan, whatever that may be! Chiron, the wounded healer, is also forming a tense T-square with the Sun and Moon, meaning that some old wounds and insecurities may be exposed, which could be a bit painful but will ultimately be healing.

This Moon seems to be asking us to shift perspective a bit and look at things from a different angle, letting go or old beliefs that we may have just blindly accepted in the past. Gemini rules our immediate environment and communication on a day to day basis, and things may be a bit tense in the build-up to the Full Moon, as the deeply transforming Pluto and Mars conjunction is almost exact and may well bring up some quite turbulent emotions. Relationships may be strained and we may be a bit more sensitive than usual, meaning that it is a bit easier to hit each other’s sore spots. Ultimately we are being asked to face up to the pain of the past and let go of it once and for all so that we can move on with relationships which better suit that which we are becoming rather than who we were.  Our past relationships are what have made us who we are today, and it is very important that we lay them to rest with love and compassion, letting go of any anger, guilt or blame so that we can move forward properly with our current or future relationships. So often we carry the ghosts of relationships past with us so that they contaminate the present, and this simply will not do anymore. We must lay the past to rest as we walk towards the end of 2012 with a lighter step.

We are shifting towards a new way of being which involves a balance between Venus and Mars;  the divine feminine and the divine masculine.  We are moving towards a time when we must live from our hearts and dare to be open, giving and loving. No longer can the “us against them” mentality work, but rather we must recognise that we are all in this together. We all have a purpose, and Saturn and Pluto in each other’s signs for the next couple of years are asking us to own up to our responsibilities to that purpose and join together to rebuild the structures that are no longer working for us. These structures may be spiritual, physical, political, religious, societal or economic, personal or global, but if they are no longer functioning in a way that is true to what we are becoming, they’ve got to go! We are currently in the process of looking below the surface and digging out all that is rotten and outworn in our world, and people worldwide are united by a common cause. The protestors around the world are realising that they have very similar objectives, and global communication is highlighting that. The signs involved in this Yod are Scorpio (power), Capricorn (authority) and Gemini (communication) and the finger is pointing at communication. Quite a combination! On both a personal and collective level there is a sense that this Full Moon is pushing us to make some very necessary changes in our lives and I think that while it may be fairly uncomfortable and possibly quite painful,  ultimately it will be tremendously cleansing on an emotional level.

Much love

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Scorpio New Moon / Total Solar Eclipse

Tuesday November 13th, exact at 10.07pm BST, 5.07pm EST!

This is an incredibly potent New Moon, as not only is it in powerful, intense and transformative Scorpio but it is also followed five minutes later by a total Solar Eclipse! And just to add to the strength and power of all of this, it is also a Perigie Super Moon, which means that the moon is closer to the earth so it has a greater than usual pull on the tides, the earth and of course our minds, bodies and spirits. Solar eclipses bring the potential for powerful and significant new beginnings and have a tendency to shake us to our core, waking us up to a new understanding of ourselves and our lives. New Moons also represent new beginnings and an opportunity to take stock of our lives and decide what we want for ourselves and what is best left behind in the dark of the Moon. With every beginning there must be an ending, and the energy of this New moon might bring some things to the surface that we have either been unaware of or avoiding so that we can examine them and truly let go once and for all. 

Scorpio is an intensely emotional sign who likes to dig deep and find the root cause of anything, really getting to the heart of the matter. She is the essence of transformation; the force which identifies and eliminates anything which may be  destructive, dead or decaying in our lives or psyches in order for something better and healthier to take its place. She is not afraid to delve around to find what lurks in the shadows; the underlying truth of who we are;  our fears, passions, desires and unconscious motivations, and bring it all out into the open so that the light of our conscious awareness can shine on it. Scorpio also represents real intimacy and asks us to let go and trust enough to be truly vulnerable, sharing our deepest hopes and fears and daring to show our tender underbelly and all that lurks beneath the surface, no matter how dark we might think it is. Not an easy thing to do, but without this kind of emotional honesty we are only scratching the surface and life is really quite superficial. We have all done things that we are not proud of and have all had bad things done to us, and it seems that this Moon will cause some muck from our pasts to come bubbling to the surface so that it can evaporate once and for all. Sometimes we don’t know what we are holding onto until we have let it go. This moon may help us recognise what it is and let it go.

As for the other planets involved in this Moon, Mercury has been retrograde since Tuesday the 6th Nov, and his retro-action is making us look back, possibly bringing up people, relationships, patterns, behaviours or thoughts that we need to revisit in order to better understand who we are now. Saturn in Scorpio has just started forming an aspect to Pluto which will continue to build in energy and is going to be a big part of the Winter Solstice. The two planets are in mutual reception which means that they are in each other’s sign, increasing the power and energy of the signs Scorpio and Capricorn. It seems it is the time for things to come up to the surface which have been suppressed, forgotten or ignored until now. Whatever comes up may be surprising and not all that pretty, but it is really necessary to become aware of it so that we can let go and move forward with a lighter step. This is a time for us to be emotionally honest with ourselves and do some deep inner work in order to eliminate any patterns, relationships or behaviour which may somehow be holding us back from moving forward. On both a personal and collective level we are being forced to shine light into the cracks and whatever we find there must be faced honestly so that we can move forward to the next step with integrity.

Neptune is forming an incredibly close and challenging aspect to our retrograde Mercury, meaning that things could get a little bit confusing during the few days before and after the Moon. In fact it could get downright weird! We may have intuitive thoughts or dreams which are hard to understand logically, but which could offer real insight if we can let go of the need to rationalise them. Don’t be surprised if you feel a little disoriented, as Neptune is the planet of illusion and smoke screens! Neptune is also positively aspecting Saturn in Scorpio, meaning that its’ energy may have a dissolving effect on our emotional structures, allowing us to become more aware of the root cause of any dis-ease in our lives. It is important to understand the actual source of any problems in our lives, because only then can we truly heal. Otherwise we are merely putting a patch on the wound and allowing whatever actually caused it to continue to fester beneath. Neptune will offer us a chance to look at our emotional landscape from a different perspective.

This Moon is likely to bring up some pretty mucky stuff for us to flush out so that we can replace it with something clearer and brighter. It seems to be a continuation of the theme of the times; we are currently being forced to confront our fears and the darkest parts of ourselves both personally and collectively so that we can move forward towards a more enlightened and conscious way of being. Some pretty disgusting and disturbing things have come to the surface in recent times, but it needs to happen if we are to move forward; the shadows simply must be confronted in order to fill the space with light. As we process and purge any painful memories which linger in the subconscious, poisoning our psyches, we are giving ourselves a chance to be born afresh as lighter, more joyous and fully present human beings. This is a wonderful chance to banish fear, guilt, negativity and pessimism and confront anything from our past which may be holding us back from true happiness and success.

Like snakes we must shed our skins, leaving all of the old, unconscious psychic garbage behind in the dark of the moon and move forward towards the light, all shiny and new! Without the hard protection of the old skin we are then able to be more emotionally honest with ourselves and others. What do we truly desire? What are our passions? When it really comes down to it, what do we want for ourselves? What do we need to change in order to be more light and joyous? What is holding us back from true happiness and success? These are all good questions to ask ourselves on this Scorpio, Solar Eclipse Super New Moon! This Moon is truly a chance for transformation; a time to dig deep and allow anything to pass away which no longer serves us, opening ourselves up to whatever must then take its place. The shedding process may not be easy, but I think we will be amazed at how much lighter we feel afterwards!

Much love


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Mercury Retrograde November 2012

Tuesday 6 November, until Tuesday 27 November!

Mercury, the planet of communication, turns retrograde today having started slowing down considerably last Thursday the 1st of November, giving us a taste of whats to come! Mercury Retrograde is a time when we must be very aware of our communication, which of course can take many forms including verbal, written, through body language, the telephone, computers, emails, the media and of course texts.  I find that the most important thing to remember during a Mercury retrograde period is to maintain a sense of humour, because otherwise we will just get frustrated and there is no point in that! While Mercury is retrograde he simply becomes more of a pesky trickster than usual, so it is better to just accept rather than resisting it! I am sure that whatever does go wrong or break down during this period will do so for some higher reason that we may not be aware of, but is somehow all part of the grand master plan of this universe of ours! Mercury retrograde time is an excellent time to go back over things and redo them; in fact, anything with a re attached to it is appropriate, such as review, re-evaluate, revisit, rethink, research, reorganise, etc. As Mercury travels backwards so will our minds and thoughts, allowing us to catch up on things we may have been putting off as well as looking back and seeing what we may have missed.

Mercury represents the left side of our brain; the rational, logical part of our minds and also rules the nervous system, so this is a perfect time to give it all a rest! As Mercury goes backwards that part of our brain may not work quite so well anyway, making us less clear and focused while causing a bit of uncertainty and confusion, making it harder to get across what we are thinking. This is the time to slow down and relax so that we can see the wood for the trees, allowing our minds to rest and wander. Now we get the opportunity to give our intuitive, imaginative right side of the brain free rein and send the over-analytical, over-thinking left side off on holiday! Mercury retrograde is a wonderful time for meditation and indulging in creative activity; a time to simply let go and be. The right side of our brain knows best anyway as it is our subconscious mind and will find intuitive and creative solutions which all the thinking, rationalising and analysing in the world couldnt even begin to come up with! We are now offered an opportunity to step back and see things from a different angle as we reflect, recharge, reconsider, regroup, and most importantly relax!

Mercury turns retrograde in the truth-seeking sign of Sagittarius who actually represents the higher mind and much favours intuition and wisdom over reason and intellect. He then heads back into intense and probing Scorpio on November 15th, where he will remain until the 11th of December. I guess he hadnt quite had enough of Scorpio yet and wants to go back in for another round of digging around and uncovering emotional truths! The combination of signs for this retrograde is interesting, as Sagittarius the archer likes to aim his bow so that the arrow hits the target of any matter, zeroing in on the truth, while Scorpio digs deep in order to find out what is buried beneath the surface of things, really getting to the heart of the matter. Mercurys recent tour through Scorpio involved a massive amount of information to come to the surface which had hitherto been buried; things that society hasnt liked to talk about and which involve people abusing power over those weaker than them. Scorpionic issues such as sex and power became extremely prevalent in the media in October, and I wonder what will come up when Mercury dips back in for his second tour of this deeply emotional sign. On a personal level it may mean a bit of a psychic clear-out as we dig out the emotional debris and certain emotional truths come to the surface. My sense is that this is the time to dig out the muck once and for all so that we can fill the space with light.

As Mercury is entering his retrograde period on the same day as the presidential election, I wonder what this will mean for America and indeed the world today. The last time Mercury was retrograde during an election was in 2000 for Bush versus Gore when they had to recount the votes in Florida, and it was an incredibly close race. Mercury the trickster caused all sorts of trouble back then, creating delays, errors and confusion, and in the end Bush was declared the winner even though Gore had the popular vote. This Mercury retrograde brings the possibility of something similar happening again, though I sincerely hope that the energy of Sagittarius wins out and that the truth shall prevail! It will be interesting to see what comes to light in the next few weeks once the dust has settled a bit.

While Mercury retrograde periods can brings delays, frustration and misunderstandings through communication, as long as we are aware of the possibility of such things occurring it helps us take it all with a pinch of salt. It is far better to make use of the time constructively and make an effort to relax the mind, spending time going back over things, clearing out the debris and reflecting on our lives. It is quite likely that something we might have missed will reveal itself, or that something or someone from the past may pop up so that we can re-examine and re-evaluate, gaining greater understanding of ourselves. Sagittarius may point out whatever it is while Scorpio will dig deeper and investigate the emotional truth of the matter. This is an excellent time for recall; for looking back with a different pair of eyes and recognising the missing pieces in the puzzle of our lives. Both personally and collectively this will be a time for peering behind the veil to see what lurks there and bringing it out into the light so that when Mercury turns direct on November 27 it can be released forever.

Much love

Saturday, 27 October 2012


Monday 29 October, exact at 8.49 pm BST, 3.49 pm EST!

This Full Moon is likely to bring anything up to the surface which we have been holding onto or putting up with, so that we are left with no choice but to deal with it and let it go. It a perfect time for releasing anything that is decaying or stagnant in our lives and for clearing out the emotional debris in order to move forward with a lighter load. Full Moons represent an emotional climax; a time when things come to a head and certain issues are illuminated by the light of the moon, so much so that it is pretty much impossible to ignore them! This year we have been clearing the decks, dealing with our past and karma; examining our old patterns and habits and replacing them with new ones which better reflect who we are on a higher level. There is no doubt that a huge shift is occurring, and 2012 is asking us to let go of fear and the “us against them mentality” and move forward with a more compassionate, “live and let live” attitude. Stepping into the mantle of who we really are allows us to let go of insecurity and the need to compete because we are confident in our personal power and that we are on the right path. A person who is secure in their true inner power and living according to their higher purpose does not feel the need to make anyone else feel powerless. Quite the opposite in fact; they are filled with love and light that empowers everyone they come into contact with.

This Full Moon lights up the Taurus/Scorpio axis, with the Moon in earthy, sensual Taurus and the Sun directly opposite in intensely emotional, transformational Scorpio. Taurus represents Mother Earth and is the essence of stability, perseverance, loyalty and sensuality. It represents our core values, self-esteem and self-worth, as well as our talents, skills, and gifts which in turn give us the ability to make money. Taureans are incredibly resourceful, self-sufficient folk who have the ability to steadfastly work towards their goals and have a great need for security. Taurus, whose planetary ruler is Venus, rules the five senses and has an earthy sensuality coupled with love of beautiful things, which means that Taureans have the potential to become a little too attached to their possessions or indeed anything under the realm of the senses such as food and sex! While they may be loyal and steadfast, their need for security and comfort can lead them to sticking with situations or relationships for much longer than is good for them. Like a frog in a well, they can be so stubbornly resistant to change that they stay in comfortable, secure ruts which prevent them from growing and moving on with their lives. The frog looks up from the damp, musty yet familiar well and sees a round circle of light, but is afraid to jump because he has no idea what might lie beyond.

This is where Scorpio comes in! While Taurus may resolutely cling on to the old, familiar and seemingly secure, Scorpio demands that we take the leap, walk across the burning bridge, shed our skin and let go of any decaying, stagnant energy so that we can be born anew. Scorpio, an intensely emotional sign without an ounce of superficiality, digs deep and has the ability to get to the core of any issue with laser-like accuracy! She asks us to let our guards down and show who we really are, no matter how dark it may be, for is only though allowing ourselves to truly be vulnerable that we experience real intimacy. Without it we are merely scratching the surface. Scorpio wants us to completely merge with another, whether that be physically through the sexual act, emotionally through marriage or partnership, materially by combining resources in partnership, spiritually by merging with the Source, or creatively by combining skills, ideas and talents in a collaboration. While Taurus is the essence of self-sufficiency, Scorpio wants us to completely trust; to take the plunge and to join forces with another so that we can become become greater than we ever could have on our own. While Taurus is Mother Earth (with the potential to be the frog in the well!), Scorpio is the Phoenix rising from the ashes; the fire burns away dead weight which may be holding us down or preventing us from growing, then gradually, after flapping around for a while in the ashes, we start to rise again, bigger and better than we were before.

As such, the theme of this moon is to find the balance between Taurus and Scorpio; to look at where you might be stuck or holding on to a situation, relationship, idea, or memory which may be preventing you from growing and moving forward.  This is a great opportunity to let go of anything which may be emotionally toxic, and the moon may bring things bubbling to the surface to be examined; even things which we thought were long since buried. Holding onto situations, relationships or ways of being which make us feel scared, small or miserable is far more painful than actually letting go of them, even though it may not seem that way when we think about it! It is so easy to cling onto the familiar patterns and situations which bring a sense of security, but when we release emotional baggage or weight we become so much lighter. Half the time we are unaware of how much weight we are carrying around until something happens which forces us to let go of it! Transformation and change, which is the essence of Scorpio, can be somewhat uncomfortable as something dies in order for something to be born in its place, but ultimately there comes a sense of freedom and joy from releasing dead energy and moving forward on our path.

Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler, is forming a supportive aspect to the Sun and Moon while Saturn is sitting right next to the Sun in Scorpio, and between the two of them they are asking us to dig deep and weed out any negative attitudes and patterns, letting go of any situations or relationships that simply aren’t serving us anymore. We are being prompted to be brutally honest with ourselves so that we can move forward on our paths with integrity. The effect of Saturn in Scorpio is already showing itself in this country as victims of sexual abuse are slowly but surely coming forward and admitting what happened to them many years ago. Corporations and organisations are being investigated and exposed (Pluto in Capricorn) and what is bubbling up to the surface is very dark in nature (Saturn in Scorpio); taboo subjects which until recently have been swept under the carpet. I am intrigued by what might happen next as Pluto and Saturn move through each other’s signs. In order for us to start afresh and move forward we must dig up and deal with anything rotten or decaying in society and our psyches, replacing darkness and fear with light and love. Everything that has come before has happened for good reason to make us who we are today, but there is no use carrying it around like dead weight anymore.

Also part of the celestial party is a lovely grand trine in the water signs between nurturing Ceres, searching Saturn and a healing and compassionate Chiron/Neptune conjunction. This brings to the mix great opportunity for healing and releasing the pain which may surface in a compassionate and nurturing way. As the Moon is full on Monday Venus and Mercury will have just shifted signs; Venus into her own sign of Libra and Mercury into broad-minded and optimistic Sagittarius, which is a welcome shift indeed and should lighten things up a bit! Venus is however forming part of a tense T-square with the infamous Pluto and Uranus combination, which could call for some shaking up and clearing out of our relationships, past and present. As the ruler of Scorpio as well as forming some significant aspects to other planets, transformational Pluto is a big player in the Full Moon, so let go, people, let go!

This Full Moon may well bring to light parts of your life which need to change but which you may have been either ignoring or unaware of. The Taurus/Scorpio axis and all of the planets involved are asking us to acknowledge where we may be stuck, face our fears and limitations and just let go. We must take a long hard look at ourselves and be brutally honest about whatever is currently bothering us; in what area of our lives are we the frog in the well? The Scorpio Sun/Saturn combo is in my house of health, and I have been putting off going to the dentist for many years now, to the point where I had been thinking about it every single day, and this weekend I have been given absolutely no choice but to face my fears and book an appointment with the dentist. To be honest I am kind of glad to be experiencing the pain, because it has forced me to do something about a situation that has been on my mind for so very long now! Now I just have to hope that my fears are worse than the reality! I am sure they are. This is a poignant example of the essence of this moon – and I do feel a little like the frog in the well, taking a leap into the unknown….I just hope that I don’t find TOO much that is rotten or decaying there! Tee hee! Hopefully I will rise up from this one not too much lighter in a literal sense, but without the nagging fear which has pervaded my life for so long! Wish me luck, and I wish you the same!

Much love

Sunday, 14 October 2012


 Tomorrow 15 October, exact 1.03pm BST, 8.03am EST!

Well, after the last few intense and challenging moons this one is quite straightforward and pleasant in comparison! The Sun and Moon have only one planet forming an aspect to them and that planet happens to be bountiful Jupiter who will probably help to amplify the energy of the Moon! The Uranus Pluto square which has been so prevalent this year is now waning and will not resurface until next May, so we have a bit of a respite! New Moons represent new beginnings – a time to sow seeds for the month ahead and set intentions for ourselves. It is a great time to take stock and decide what attitudes or patterns are best left in the dark of the moon, and what we need to develop in order to better ourselves and our lives. New Moons are not as emotionally turbulent as Full Moons, so it is easier to remain objective and do some conscious pruning of our inner landscapes.

This month the Sun and Moon are joined together in Libra, whose symbol is the scales. In keeping with this symbol, Libra represents balance, harmony, justice, beauty and peace, and is concerned with how we relate to one another. As such, how we relate is very much the theme of this New Moon, and any imbalances, inequality or injustice in our relationships may well be quite obvious at this time. People’s reaction to us can tell us so much about our inner landscape, as can our reaction to others. The people we surround ourselves with tend to act like mirrors, reflecting back to us the energy we are consciously or unconsciously giving out. For instance, if we are feeling insecure about something it is quite likely that someone will come along and say something which reinforces that insecurity somehow. They are merely mirroring back our own belief about ourselves! In the same token, the things that irritate us about someone else are often the parts of ourselves that we are not comfortable with, though it is often very hard to recognise and admit that to ourselves! We can learn so much about ourselves through our relationships with others, as painful as it can be sometimes! This is the essence of this New Moon – how we relate to others.

As I said, this is a pleasant moon with only one aspect to the Moon itself, and that is from Jupiter in Gemini.  This means that the Libran energy is not really interfered with or added to, making the New Moon quite purely Libran! Jupiter is the largest planet so he amplifies and expands the energy of any planet he comes into contact with, and in this case it is the harmonious, balanced and other-oriented Libra energy of the Sun and the Moon. As Jupiter is in communicative Gemini and is also aspecting Venus, the ruler of Gemini, it is quite likely that there will be a lot of chatter surrounding this moon as we think about and talk about our feelings and relationship to others. Venus takes the edge off any communication however, and as such this is the ideal time to discuss anything which may at other times be quite hard to bring up. A harmonious aspect from helpful Venus in Virgo to insightful Mercury in Scorpio will help us get to the heart of the matter without anyone getting too upset. Both Virgo and Scorpio are healing signs, albeit they take different approaches! In the meantime a positive aspect between adventurous Mars in Sagittarius and excitable Uranus in Aries will definitely add an element of enthusiasm, excitement and optimism to the picture which will increasing the tempo somewhat, helping us take risks and above all remain true to ourselves. This fiery combination will definitely help us say what is on our minds, as neither Aries or Sagittarius are known for holding back what they think!

There is also a lovely aspect between Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces to add to the mix which is Saturn’s first aspect to another planet since he entered the sign of Scorpio last week. And what a pleasant way to start his tour through this intensely emotional sign! The structure of Saturn combined with the flowing, dissolving energy of Neptune means that we have a chance to turn dreams (Neptune) into reality (Saturn), while at the same time dissolving old patterns which are no longer serving us. That is quite useful considering that new moons are all about new beginnings! At the same time Neptune may be breaking down barriers somehow and that includes barriers between what we consider to be reality and other dimensions. I have heard a few people reporting strange energetic experiences this week, and I can only assume that this is a result of this shape-shifting and mystical trine between Neptune and Saturn! All is not as it seems when these two planets meet! This aspect has been in effect for a week now and will continue for most of October.

All in all this is a very pleasant New Moon, with the emphasis on finding balance, compromise, peace and harmony on our lives. Wherever Libra resides in our charts is where we may have been feeling a little out of balance of late, and this Moon is a chance to restore some equilibrium in that area of our life as well as within our relationships in general. It is a great time to contemplate our relationships insofar as they mirror our inner state and to make sure they are equal, balanced and fair. We should be given an opportunity to set things straight with people in the best possible way, and to recognise how we are responsible for the interactions we have with people. I remember someone saying to me a long time ago, “If you have a problem with one friend so be it. If you have a problem with another friend, start to wonder. Any more than that and you need to take a long, hard look at yourself!”  Personally I think that each person that we meet along the way reflects one part or another of our inner selves. There is a reason they cross our paths or are part of our lives. Sometimes we like what we see in the mirror, and other times it is really hard to accept what we see there!

Much love



Thursday, 4 October 2012


Saturn enters Scorpio tomorrow Friday 5th October where he will remain for just over 2 years, until December 2014. 

Saturn is the wise old man - the planet who challenges us and presents us with major life lessons in order to help us evolve and grow. Wherever he is found in our charts represents the area of life we initially feel most lacking and inadequate and also where we have chosen the biggest lessons in order to grow. He doesn’t make it easy for us but, as we all know, the greatest growth comes from the lessons we have had to learn the hard way! Saturn is the planet of responsibility, commitment, structure, limitation, perseverance, restriction and discipline and is otherwise known as Cronos – Father Time. Thus, over time he creates the challenges and teaches us the lessons which ultimately help us grow wiser and more accomplished. Only that which truly serves our highest good will stand the test of time, as Saturn genuinely wants us to be the best that we can possibly be. We just have to be patient and work for our rewards, and might have things taken away from us from time to time in order to fully learn and evolve into our full potential. I can’t help but think of Yoda, and Mr Miyagi from  Karate Kid , who are great examples of Saturn it his best.

For the past three years Saturn has been travelling through the sign of Libra, teaching us the lessons of truth, justice, integrity, diplomacy and compromise while testing the validity of our relationships and making sure that they are a true reflection of who we are. Strong relationships which give us the freedom to be exactly who we are have become more committed, while those which are restricting or limiting our souls’ growth have buckled under the weight of Saturn’s serious and heavy influence. Now he is moving into soulful Scorpio, the sign of transformation, regeneration, intimacy, purging, sharing and healing who likes to delve below the surface of things in order to find out what is hidden there. Saturn in Scorpio will be asking us to dig deep and face our fears, letting go of any attachments which may be holding us back from achieving our true potential. The test of Saturn in this deep, emotional sign is for us to plunge into the depth of our psyches and face up to what we fear most, for fear is the opposite to love and holds us back from being the best that we can be. Saturn will create the lessons which will help us let go of attachment to security and the status quo and take the plunge, going after our true desires. Any attachments to money, resources, control, power or sex are going to be challenged over the next couple of years and we will be forced to let go of the old way of thinking and make way for something new to take its place.

The Pluto / Uranus square has already been shaking things up both globally and personally, breaking down power structures and forcing us to live our truth and realise our full potential, and now Saturn is adding himself to the transformational stew! Pluto is in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn, while Saturn is in Pluto’s sign of Scorpio, which means that they are in mutual reception. When planets are in mutual reception it dramatically increases the power of the shared energy. In this case the shared energy is transformation and the breakdown of power structures. Saturn asks us to confront the Scorpio issues of power and powerlessness, while Pluto is digging deep and exposing the rot in our power structures. The overriding theme is definitely transformation, and it is certain that we are being asked to shed anything which is stopping us from moving forward and realising our full potential. This process may not be very comfortable as letting go of familiar patterns and behaviour is often quite scary, and it takes a while to settle into the new way of being, but ultimately we will be so much happier and more fulfilled.

The energy of Scorpio represents shared resources and merging, whether that be physically, materially, spiritually or emotionally, so on a global level we may have to take a long hard look at how we share resources, and on a personal level, how we share our bodies, money, talents and intimacy. Saturn in Scorpio wants us to let go of the so called security of self-sufficiency and commit on a very deep level. Merging with another is Scorpio’s goal, whether that be through sex, healing, marriage or business partnership. As such, it is quite likely that Saturn will be challenging us in these areas over the next few years, as well as forcing us to dig deep and face up to any fears, attachments and behaviour that may be holding us back from true happiness and fulfilment. It is likely that we will have to confront that which we are most afraid of, and Saturn will provide the necessary lessons to allow us to do just that. It is important however we must confront the darker aspects of ourselves in order to allow the light in! Often those things we are most afraid of lose their power when we bring them out from the shadows and into the light.

Pluto and Saturn are going to be working in tandem in the next couple of years, asking us to confront our shadows and exposing the flaws in our power structures, forcing us to consider a new way of existing that is an expression of our true desires, not simply safe and secure in its familiarity. The two planets will add some fuel to the fire on the Winter Solstice this year when they form an actual aspect to each other as part of a formation known as the Finger of God. This Winter Solstice is definitely going to be a powerful one, that’s for sure, and will turn up the transformational dial an extra notch in case it wasn’t  up enough already! I will be very interested to see what the next couple of years bring, for it certainly feels like the end of an old order and the beginning of a new one, and this applies to us on a personal level as well as collectively. We won’t be the same at the end of all of this, but I am sure we will be more fulfilled and empowered than we have ever been before, and only that which has withstood the test of Saturn will remain. 

Much love


Thursday, 27 September 2012


This Sunday 30 September, exact at 4.19am BST, Saturday 29 September exact at 11.19pm EDT. 

The energy with be at its strongest Saturday night in both time zones.

This is an incredibly potent Full Moon with amazing potential for change and transformation. The energy is akin to purification through fire, with the Aries energy blasting through any part of our lives which may be stagnating or holding us back from growing into our true potential. The Sun and Moon are lining up directly with the Uranus Pluto square, forming a tense T-square which will create some major shifts and propel us out of our comfort zones towards greater self-expression and freedom. This Full Moon makes the Uranus Pluto Square much more personal and emotional, forcing change at a core level, and has the potential to knock us off balance for a little while until we adjust to the changes. Without change we can’t grow, but it can also be quite unsettling as we face the unknown and parts of ourselves we never knew existed. It is important to remain self-aware and flexible during this time, ready to ride the waves of change, because resistance will do us no good whatsoever! Our world is changing, making way for a new way of being, and either we change with it or get left behind.

This Full Moon lights up the Aries/Libra axis, which represents the polarity of Me versus Us, or I versus Other. A good way to understand the energy of Aries is to think of a shoot forcing its way through the hard ground at the end of winter, not knowing what might be on the other side but going for it anyway! Aries is the pioneer and the warrior, and as such this moon is asking us to follow our instincts and meet our challenges head on and not be afraid to risk confrontation in order to be true to ourselves. It’s prompting us to stand up for what we believe in, to follow our passion and not be afraid to take chances, even if that means starting fresh. The cardinal energy of the Moon and the T-square means that new beginnings are a big possibility, and things may just have to come to a head in order for us to move forward and grow. Aries jumps first and thinks later and methinks that with this particular moon, if we don’t get up the courage to jump then we might be pushed!

It is important be aware of ourselves and how we communicate at this time, as this Moon is quite volatile and heated in nature. This is where Libra comes in with her need for balance, fairness, justice and harmony. We must take a leaf out of her book and make sure that despite everything we are considerate to the feelings of others. There is a big difference between honest, direct communication, thus standing our ground, and reacting from fear, anger and rage, thus hurting others. We must be aware of the potential for emotional confrontation as the moon brings up repressed, pent-up fear or anger which, as we all know, can so easily be projected onto those closest to us. Our intimate relationships may well feel the brunt of the Aries’ energy, as Venus and Mars are very much part of the picture of this moon and Mars is doing the Moon’s bidding in Libra, the sign of relationships. This could be a great time to clear the air, and could even mean being brave and letting go. On the other hand this Aries energy could give us the courage and motivation to confront our fears and truly express how we feel so that we can move beyond stagnant or stuck situations or relationships. There is definitely an element of adventure to this Full Moon, and the opportunity to boldly step past our fears, moving out of our comfort zones and embracing the excitement of the unknown, not knowing exactly what awaits us on the other side. This is the stuff of real growth, rather than staying stuck behind with the illusion of safety and security!

As I mentioned before, this Full Moon is activating the Uranus Pluto square which is so much a theme of the times. The Moon is joining forces with unpredictable, rebellious and revolutionary Uranus who is currently fighting for our personal freedom and the right to be who we really are deep inside. Combined with the emotional nature of the Moon he could cause emotions to rise up suddenly and without warning, making us very aware on an emotional level where we are stale or stuck. We are being asked to think outside the box and concentrate on what we truly want for ourselves. It’s very simple – if we are doing what is right for ourselves then things should be gradually falling into place, with the omens in our favour. However, if we are meeting resistance and feel like we are butting out head against a wall then something obviously isn’t working and we must give up and let it go. Uranus is currently engaged in a battle with Pluto in Capricorn, and between the two of them they are digging out the rot, finding out what is out of balance in our lives and breaking down structures and patterns which no serve our highest truth. It has been quite a ride since these two started their battle! We are being asked to find our true path and follow it, rather than being and doing what we think we ought to. That simply isn’t going to work anymore, and it is quite likely that this Moon will give us quite a push in the right direction!

Bear in mind that the energy of this moon and the Pluto Uranus square applies globally as well as personally, and could add some emotional drive and power to the already evident sense of dissatisfaction and unrest of the times. People have had enough of the imbalance of the distribution of wealth and power, and the power structures such as corporations, governments and banks are being confronted and challenged all over the world as people stand up for their right to freedom and justice. This Moon could well add some fuel to the already burning fire, so I will be interested to see what comes up in the news this weekend. The energy of this Moon also brings with it the possibility of Mother Earth getting in on the act, as both Pluto and Uranus rule natural and man-made disasters and Aries is known to be quite aggressive.

This Moon has so much potential for transformation and growth, and could well provide us with a good old-fashioned kick up the arse when it comes to living our true potential! We are being asked to stand up for ourselves and not be afraid to ask for what we want, which will be very empowering indeed. We are being asked to take on our own power in the truest sense of the word, and that does not include power over others, but rather an acceptance of who we have always been deep inside. We must remember that we have the power to create our own reality and so must very aware of our thoughts and beliefs, as they hold energy. Imagine a positive outcome and that is what we will get! If we allow our fears to get the better of us and envision a negative outcome and it is very likely that it will become reality! We must embody the bold, daring energy of Aries at this time, as this provides us with a truly wonderful opportunity to blast away old emotional patterns with the purifying energy of fire. It is possible that this will feel quite painful and uncomfortable at first, but as the fire goes out and the ashes settle something new will be born…..and there we will be, standing in the truth of who we are, feeling more alive than ever before!

Much love


Thursday, 13 September 2012


Exact at 3.15am on Sunday 16 September BST, and 10.15pm on Saturday 15 September EDT!

Well this New Moon feels incredibly appropriate for the sign of Virgo as it is incredibly pure in nature! While the recent Pisces Full Moon was incredibly busy, with the moon connecting to all of the other planets, this Moon is very simple and straightforward in comparison! It provides us with a great opportunity to centre and ground ourselves in preparation for another onslaught of change and transformation as Pluto turns direct and forms the second exact square to Uranus a couple of days later! Not to mention that Mars is currently in Pluto’s sign of Scorpio forcing us to confront the deeper, darker side of our lives and relationships. A double dose of Scorpionic, soulful, transformational energy is in the air at the moment, and there’s more to come when Saturn enters Scorpio next month! Phew! New Moons represent the beginning of the lunar cycle, when the Sun and Moon form a union in the heavens and allow us to plant seeds of intention in fertile soil for the month ahead. It is an ideal time to leave anything that may be holding us back in the dark of the moon and walk towards the light, starting the month as we mean to go on. After all, with every new beginning there must also be an ending. That is the nature of life.

Virgo is an earth sign and represents purification, humility, and the spirit of service. She seeks to perfect and improve herself, and to hone her skills and talents so that she can be most useful and effective. Through Virgo we learn to truly enjoy the process itself rather than merely seeing it as a means to an end. One of Virgo’s most important qualities is the ability to discern what is happening in the moment and find a solution to it, and this is what makes her so very helpful and useful. She likes to understand how systems work inside and out, and that includes the human body which is of great interest to her. Many nurses and healers are Virgos, for they have a combination of an awareness of the body, attention to detail, humility and a desire to serve others. Virgo seeks to balance mind, body and spirit, for she understands that if we take good care of the body through healthy routines and lifestyle our minds are much clearer, energy levels are higher, not to mention our self-esteem and confidence! If the Virgo energy is taken too far, however, it can mean getting too bogged down in details and perfectionism which can result in worry, anxiety and hypochondria as well as a tendency to criticise or fuss over people.

This New Moon calls for us to harness the energy of Virgo and look for ways to improve our day to day lives. In the midst of the change and turbulence of recent times it is very important that we take care of our systems, partly because change can be quite hard on the body and partly because the purer we are physically the better we can align with higher vibrations. I think the sayings “Cleanliness is next to godliness” and “You are what you eat” must have come from Virgos! We can use this Moon to create new exercise routines, change our diets, have a good clean-out, make sure we get enough sleep, meditate etc – it is all about purification and self-improvement in  very practical ways! Change and transformation can certainly cause anxiety and worry which is the other side of Virgo, as we are currently being forced to move out of our comfort zones into unchartered territory. This would be a really good time to seek out complementary therapies or to practice yoga or meditation – all of which would calm and heal the mind and body. Virgo rules the Solar Plexus, which represents our personal power and self-confidence, and I am sure none of us are strangers to that feeling we get when we are fearful or worried….that fluttering in the stomach or even feeling nauseous. It is very important that we nurture our mind, body and spirit at this time so that we can increase our feelings of confidence and self-worth and combat anxiety or fear so that we are ready to rise up and be the best we can be..

Two days after this Moon, on the 17th of September, Pluto, the planet of change and transformation turns direct after going backwards for six months. When a planet turns direct its energy is intensified and in Pluto’s case he is currently in Capricorn, digging deep and rooting out whatever is preventing us from taking full responsibility for our lives, living with complete integrity and standing fully in our power. He’s not asking much of us at all! After he goes direct it is likely that we will take a giant leap forward both personally and collectively whether we like it or not, especially as two days later he will then form the second of seven exact squares to Uranus in Aries! Squares create crisis in order to promote growth, and this one is asking us to get off the fence and truly stand for what we believe in. What is our gift to humanity? What really makes us feel good about ourselves? What would we be doing if money wasn’t an issue in our lives? An interesting question indeed! How does that line up with what we are doing now? Are we on the right path? Pluto and Uranus will probably plonk us smack bang on the right path if we haven’t been making the effort to find it ourselves! The more we resist change and transformation, the harder it is. And let’s face it, change is quite an uncomfortable process, as we tend to be creatures of habit whether the habits are healthy or not!

That is where this New Moon comes in. It is a wonderful opportunity to set intentions and meditate on what we might want for ourselves and what we may wish to leave behind. Our thoughts carry great power at this time and our intentions really do have the potential to bear fruit later on. The most important part of the process is that we are forming a vision of what we want for ourselves and are opening ourselves up to guidance from the Universe. New Moons help us to remove old patterns and create new ones in their place, and in Virgo the emphasis is on self-improvement, healing, purification and practical solutions to problems. Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication is sitting right next to this New Moon helping us do what Virgo does best – to distinguish and understand what we need to change in order to move forward and then figure out a way to do just that! One thing to remember – this is not about trying to achieve some unattainable perfection, but just to work on being the best that we can be. As far as the universe is concerned, we are already perfect!

Much love


Thursday, 30 August 2012


ONCE IN A BLUE MOON…… Friday 31 August, exact at 2.38pm BST, 9.38am EDT!

This Full Moon is a Blue Moon, which means that it is the second Full Moon in the same month. And not only is this one unusual but it is also powerful! Full Moons represent the culmination of the Moon cycle when whatever has been building emotionally comes to a head and we start to see the results of whatever energetic ball was set in motion during the New Moon two weeks before. On another level it is the end of a six month cycle that started with the Pisces New Moon on February 21st, which was an amazing time for looking within, healing old wounds and accepting ourselves and others in a truly compassionate and forgiving way. Now we get to see how far we have come since then. This is an incredibly active Full Moon because the Sun and Moon are forming a connection to every other planet, which means that many aspects of our lives will be affected.

When the Moon is at its fullest it sits directly opposite the Sun, asking that we find a balance between the energies of the signs which hold the Sun and Moon. This month the Moon is in sensitive, intuitive and empathetic Pisces while the Sun is in humble, organised, and health conscious Virgo, where he will be for the next month. Virgo season comes at the end of summer when kids and adults alike are going back to school and we are all starting to come up with healthy routines for ourselves, getting organised and ready to buckle down to some work now that play time is over! I know that I have caught the Virgo bug in the last week; I have changed my diet, started a dream journal (very Pisces!), and organised every aspect of my life and environment, and it has all felt quite effortless! August Leo time was a lot of fun, but now it is time to get back on track.

While Virgo analyses, organises and discriminates, coming up with practical plans and healthy routines, Pisces reminds us to keep an eye on the big picture and to make sure that we retain a sense of the magic in life, working towards goals which truly inspire our passion and joy. Pisces lets us know that we can make our dreams into reality with the power of positive thought - that our thoughts have the potential to manifest in our outer reality, for good or ill. Repeating affirmations out loud can attract the energy we wish for ourselves, while feeling bad about ourselves or thinking negatively can cause people to mirror our thoughts and send bad energy right back at us. We literally do “get what we give”. Pisces reminds us that we have all come from the same energy source so what happens to one happens to us all. She is the dreamer of dreams who understands the big picture while Virgo takes care of the nitty gritty details. Virgo and Pisces are known as the healing axis of the zodiac, as Virgo is humble, health conscious and likes to serve others while Pisces is intuitive, empathetic and compassionate, helping us to understand how the body and the spirit are connected. Combine the two and you have quite a “holistic” approach to health and overall well-being!

In the meantime all of the other planets are involved in this Moon in one way or another! It’s quite a party, that’s for sure! Pluto is forming a positive aspect to the Sun and Moon, asking us to fully release anything that no longer truly resonates with us, stepping into the truth of who we really are deep inside. He also allows us to take a long hard look at what is holding us back from realising our true potential, and it is only F.E.A.R – False Energies Appearing Real. It is time to slay the dragon, breaking down the blocks we have created to hold us back, for we are the creators of our own reality and as such we have absolute power to change it if we wish. Unpredictable Uranus is challenging the Sun, telling us to expect the unexpected and just ride the waves of change as they wash over us. Luckily fearless Mars in Scorpio thrives on a good challenge and he will help us to be emotionally brave and find the passion, motivation and drive to break down our blocks and barriers and move forward!

The Moon is sitting right on top of the spiritual conjunction between sensitive and empathetic Neptune and Chiron, the Wounded Healer. This provides us with a wonderful opportunity to bring our wounds to the surface and review them without the usual guilt or shame, understanding and forgiving ourselves and others in the spirit of true compassion and acceptance. If we truly accept and embrace who we are, warts and all, then we will feel a weight lift and life will begin to flow much more smoothly and joyously! We are the creators of our own reality and can choose whether we live in heaven or hell. It is all a question of attitude. Forgiveness and acceptance of ourselves and others is the key to a much happier existence!

Jupiter on the other hand is forming a challenging aspect to both the Sun and the Moon, and as he is the biggest planet in the Solar system he is quite likely to magnify or exaggerate the emotional energy of this Full Moon! Jupiter in currently in communicative Gemini, so it is possible that there might be a bit of Foot in Mouth Syndrome going around as well as a tendency to worry or feel slighted by real or imagined injustices. Serious Saturn is in the final throes of his long stay in the relationship-oriented sign of Libra and will be forming a challenging connection with Libra’s ruling planet, Venus. This could put a bit of a damp cloth over the whole affair, testing our intimate relationships and exposing their flaws and wounds so that they can be either healed or let go of once and for all. The spirit of the Moon could help us to understand how our relationships fit into the bigger picture of our lives, while Saturn brings a “make or break” quality to the table. Phew.

Overall this Full Moon is a bit like a reset button, offering us a marvellous opportunity to see the proverbial wood for the trees and to blast through the blocks we have placed in front of ourselves in order to prevent our growth. Virgo season helps us focus on creating healthy and efficient systems and routines for ourselves, for if we organise ourselves, exercise and eat well then we think, feel and function so much better! You may find that this is all happening quite naturally anyway, which is the way it should be. It shouldn’t feel like a chore – we should do it because we genuinely want to feel better. There is so much change going around at the moment that it’s hard to keep up, but Pisces asks us to let go of any Virgo tendency to feel anxious or worry about what will happen next and simply surrender, going with the flow and accepting what is. Everything will happen just as it is supposed to, so acceptance is much better than resistance! This Full Moon may well provide some real insight into the bigger picture and how we fit into it, so it is important to remain open and receptive, and let our feelings flow. Pisces wouldn’t have it any other way!

Much love


Thursday, 16 August 2012


Friday 17 August, exact at 4.54pm BST, 11.54am EDT!

This New Moon brings with it amazing potential for manifesting dreams! The New Moon represents a very powerful moment in the lunar cycle when the Sun and Moon unite in the same sign, giving birth to the emotional tone of the month ahead. We are given the opportunity to look within and take stock of our lives, and contemplate what we really want for ourselves. It is a time for planting seeds and setting intentions which allow us to leave old patterns in the dark of the moon and create new ones in their place. As the sign of Leo is the ruler of creation, this is a particularly potent New Moon for creating and recreating ourselves! What are our hopes, dreams and passions, and how can we actually bring them into reality? What unique and special gifts do we have to offer? What is the true and authentic expression of who we are? What were we born to be?

The sign of Leo represents creativity, romance, warmth, loyalty, self-expression and confidence, and asks us to consider what makes us special and unique. Leo is the king or queen of the sandbox and encourages us to play and express ourselves, connecting with the innocence of our inner child and discovering what truly brings us joy. Leo’s ruler is the Sun which represents our spirit and is one of the most important parts of our birth charts, showing the central theme of our lives, where we are likely to shine brightest. This sign rules the “self” – self- expression, self-love, self-actualisation, self-confidence, self-consciousness and in the extreme, selfishness! As Leo also rules the heart, this Moon offers a perfect opportunity to really listen to our hearts, for whatever intentions we set must truly be heartfelt or there is no chance of them actually manifesting.

Over the past year or so many of our lives have changed so much as we have been forced to let go of old patterns, eliminating anything which isn’t serving our highest good whether that be relationships, jobs, living situations or unhealthy habits. Many of us have continually had to step out of our comfort zones in order to recreate ourselves and form lives which are a true reflection who we actually are. It has been intense couple of years, and at times very uncomfortable and painful, for while the old way of being may have been wrong for us it was at least familiar! By now most of us have some idea about the lessons we have been learning and some understanding of what we are striving for. This New Moon offers us an opportunity to have some fun, relax and play a little so that we have a chance to remember what truly makes us tick. It truly is a time to follow our bliss and see where it takes us, for if we do what brings us joy (Leo) and ignites our passion then we are closer to achieving our true potential as human beings.

This week has included a Mars/Saturn conjunction bringing the stuff lurking in the shadows of our psyches to the surface, and as the conjunction is in Libra it is likely to be our relationships which have borne the brunt of whatever has been suppressed. Venus in emotional Cancer has also been forming a tense T-square with soulful and intense Pluto and erratic and unpredictable Uranus, creating yet more tension and disruption in our intimate relationships.  It is quite likely that anything we may have been suppressing has been forced out into the open whether we like it or not! As Saturn is getting to the end of his stay in Libra where he has been testing the validity of our relationships, I can’t help thinking that this might be the final push to resolve relationship issues and make sure they are truly meeting our needs before he moves into intense and transformative Scorpio in October. Phew…. interesting times ahead, that’s for sure, as the Uranus and Pluto are also gearing up for their second exact square in September! What joy! All the more reason to take advantage of the playful nature of this New Moon!

The Sabian symbol for last month’s New Moon in Cancer was “A violent storm in a canyon filled with expensive homes”, whereas this one is “As the light breaks through the clouds, a perfect rainbow forms.” Yeah! It does seem to follow on nicely, and provides some respite from the emotional turbulence of last month’s Moon! As Leo rules gold, maybe this New Moon is an opportunity to find the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Relax, play, sing, dance, cavort and frolic over the next couple of days, and reconnect with your passion and joy! Bask in the sun like a lazy lion or meditate on a bonfire or candle flame, and imagine the Sun’s energy entering your heart and radiating outwards. Make an effort to push your shoulders back and open your heart centre and to communicate in a heartfelt way. This is the true essence of the Leo New Moon….getting in touch with the innocent honesty of our inner child for that is who we really are.


Much love