FRIDAY 28 DECEMBER, EXACT AT 10.21am GMT, 5.21am EST!

This is an emotionally charged Full Moon which may well involve confronting our pasts and laying them to rest. Not only is the Moon full in the emotionally sensitive sign of Cancer, but Pluto and Uranus are in on the act, creating the likelihood of profound emotional transformation, long-buried memories bubbling up to the surface, emotional eruptions and turbulence. What fun! Full Moons tend to bring to light anything hidden beneath the surface that we may need to pay attention to so that we can face up to it and let it go. Often things come to a head during a Full Moon as the pressure has been building since the New Moon two weeks before and simply demands to be released.  The tides swell when the Moon is full, as do our emotions, and as this particular Moon is in Cancer, whose ruler is the Moon herself, I think that this is going to be a pretty intense ride! Added to which it is occurring during a particularly emotional time of year, when we are spending more time than usual with our families!

While the Moon is full in emotional, sensitive, moody and family-oriented Cancer, the Sun is directly opposite in hard-working, responsible, disciplined and serious Capricorn. Full Moon asks us to somehow find a balance between the energy of the two signs in question. Cancer relates to our past, our childhood, family life and psychological roots and the emotional patterns that have come from it all. Capricorn relates to our ambitions and integrity; what we want to become and how hard we are willing to work to get there. Like the Mountain Goat, Capricorn climbs slowly but steadily to the top of whatever mountain (goal) he has chosen for himself. My sense is that this Moon is bringing memories (Cancer) from our past up to the surface so that we can examine and confront the emotions which come up with them, take responsibility (Capricorn) for our actions and deeds, and ultimately let go. Capricorn holds us accountable for our actions and wants us to be the best that we can be; to move forward on our paths with integrity. In order to be truly able to fulfil our greatest potential it is imperative that we purge the past, letting go of anything which may have unnecessary power and influence over our lives and emotional landscape. It is time to release ourselves from the shackles of the past so that we can make way for who we are becoming.

The Moon is aspected by a few of the outer planets, the most predominant being a tense T-square involving intense, transformational Pluto and volatile, unpredictable Uranus. Connected to the Sun and Moon, Pluto could stir up some very intense emotions, dredging up memories and events which are buried deep in our psyches or the family vaults. I have actually been experiencing this for the past few weeks; memories drifting into my consciousness which have been bringing up some very strong emotions. I feel like the key is to allow them to surface, acknowledge them and how they make us feel, and then let them go once and for all because they no longer serve us. In the meantime Uranus could provide us with some sudden shocks or upsets, particularly if we are not facing up to whatever may need to change in our lives. If we don’t make the necessary moves ourselves to clear stagnant energy or move out of our emotional ruts then Uranus has a tendency to create external events which force us to do just that! As Uranus helps clear the cobwebs of the past, the chances are that emotions may erupts suddenly as things come to a head, and as they pass away we will be left with more insight and a sense of clarity.

To balance the intensely emotional, turbulent energy of the T-square the Moon is also involved in a lovely grand water trine involving karmic and realistic Saturn and dreamy and compassionate Neptune. This will help us feel empathy and compassion for each other, aware that really we are all in this together, while at the same time being willing to work on healing whatever may come up at this time. Mutually receptive Pluto and Saturn form a supportive aspect with each other which becomes exact as the Moon becomes full, helping us focus on what needs to be done in order for us to move forward and step into our true potential as human beings. Indeed, the theme of the times is breaking down old power structures that are no longer relevant on a personal and global level and replacing them with something  that is a better representation of who we are becoming. Just to lighten everything up during this Moon, Venus and Mercury are both in jovial Sagittarius, so at least the way we relate and communicate with each other will have a hint of humour, combined with the ability to see the big picture. With the overall emotional intensity of this Moon, they are a welcome addition to the celestial stew!

This Full Moon seems to provide the perfect opportunity for an emotional detox, especially with penetrating Pluto the planet of detoxification so heavily involved in the picture! Whatever may have been lurking around, deep in our subconscious, may well come bubbling up to the surface or possibly even erupt, and we must let it do just that because as it hits the light of our consciousness it loses its power over us. Any painful memories from our past, feelings of guilt, resentment, loss, abandonment or betrayal that may come up must be confronted with compassion and then released. At this point the energy connected to the memories is just poison and is only holding us back from being the best that we can be. As this Full Moon falls smack bang in the middle of the holidays, when we are spending more time than usual with our families, it is not surprising that it happens to be in the family oriented sign of Cancer who has such a preoccupation with the past! Any resentments or gripes within the family should be brought out in to the open so that they can be healed. We may not have much choice anyway, given the intense, explosive energy surrounding the Moon and that the holiday season tends to be quite emotionally charged anyway. Just being around family has a tendency to bring up old stuff and emotional patterns, and this Moon will simply serve to reinforce this, giving us a wonderful opportunity to examine them in the light of the Moon and let go of them for good. I certainly intend to make the most of it, as it is an amazing opportunity to purge the past and create space for the memories of the future!

Much love



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