Friday, 11 April 2014


 Exact at 8.42am BST, 3.42am EDT!

This is an extremely significant time in our evolution. Our decisions and actions in the next few weeks could have a powerful impact on our lives and journeys for a long time to come. This month we have the culmination of the Cardinal Grand Cross, a total Lunar Eclipse and finally a Solar Eclipse! Eclipses are very fateful in quality and represent a pivotal point in our soul’s journey. They tend to stir things up which have been simmering away in our unconscious and cause a major shift as something ends, making space so that something new can take its place. The Full Moon signifies a time when things come to a head and the Eclipse means that the effects will be more far reaching and significant in terms of our life stories. Full Moons tend to reveal themselves in the realm of our relationships and none more so than this one as it is in Libra, the sign of “other”. In the meantime, the day before the Moon is full, Mars will finally join in the party for the upcoming Grand Cross. This is an action packed Full Moon, that’s for sure, with remarkable potential for change and transformation! Anything that we have been clinging to because it is safe and familiar will demand to be released in the coming month. This is not a time to play it safe. We are being asked to jump on our boards and ride the waves of change. Where we are going is unlike anywhere we have been before, which is exciting, exhilarating and also somewhat unsettling! It is important to ground ourselves and remain centred, alert and aware.  It might help to imagine that we are in the eye of the storm instead of being blown all over the place by the elements!

This Full Moon involves an opposition between the Sun in brave, forthright and independent Aries and the Moon in peace-loving, fair-minded and diplomatic Libra. As such we may feel a tug between the energy of the two signs but we must do our best to find the balance between them. Aries season is upon is and, like shoots coming up out of the ground, we are coming out of hibernation to greet the sun and start afresh. It is very much a time of new beginnings. Aries is bold action and a pioneering spirit, whose focus is very much on himself and his needs. Libra is very much concerned with peace, balance and harmony and will do what she can to make sure that all is fair and just. She is extremely adept at the art of compromise and always considers others when making any decisions. Especially as Mars, the ruler of Aries, is currently in Libra it is important to find a balance between the two signs and be brave enough to express our own needs within our relationships in a kind and loving manner. With so much change and upheaval in the air it is very important that we maintain some equilibrium and be considerate towards each other (Libra) while being absolutely honest about our feelings and desires (Aries).  As the Moon approaches its peak we may find the courage to ask questions or speak truths that we have been too afraid to bring up in case we upset the apple cart somehow.

The Cardinal Grand Cross, which will be exact on April 23rd, is a huge part of this Full Moon and will have a powerful impact on the world we live in and our own individual lives. Anybody with personal planets or angles between 10 and 16 degrees of the signs, especially the Cardinal signs, will feel its impact most powerfully. We are being asked to embrace change, step outside of our comfort zones and move towards a way of being that we have never experienced before. It is beautiful, exciting, disorientating, unsettling, enlivening, daunting and exhilarating all at the same time! It is a time when certain parts of our lives will have to be broken down (Pluto in Capricorn), which in turn can leave space for amazing breakthroughs and opportunities as Uranus in Aries “awakens” us to potentials we never knew existed before! We are being asked to be utterly true to ourselves in a way that we never have been before and to step into the mantle of our power with absolute integrity. Phew. This is no joke! It is going to be very interesting to see what happens globally in the coming weeks, socially, politically and even weather wise. There is something quite explosive about the energy of this Grand Cross. Pluto and Uranus do rule natural and man-made disasters such as earthquakes and volcanoes and as we all know, Mother Earth has reason to be angry with us!

Wherever Uranus is found in our charts will show where we might be in need of change and revolution. Uranus blasts through any blocks or stagnant energy and helps us come back to who we really are. He cannot abide comfortable ruts! Anything that doesn’t resonate with the truth of our being will be blown away in the blast. Pluto is tearing down any outworn structures we have in place in our lives, exposing whatever is rotten and eliminating it so that something better can take its place. This could be relationships, jobs, living situations, beliefs or attitudes; anything that we are clinging onto out of fear, because it’s safe and familiar. On a global level he has been exposing the flaws and corruption within our power structures and challenging the patriarchy. His ultimate goal is empowerment and integrity and we are very much being encouraged to live with absolute authenticity according to our soul’s true purpose. No biggie! Uranus and Pluto are continuing the process of profound shifts and transformation that began in 2012. This is the fifth out of seven squares between these two powerful agents of change and with the added ammunition of Jupiter and Mars this next one holds the potential for us to make a massive shift forward. Change, of course, can be very unsettling and quite uncomfortable!

Mars in Libra joins in on April 14th, the day before the Full Moon, urging us to have the courage to ask for what we really and truly want from our relationships so that they are a true expression of the people we are becoming. It is time to eliminate the bullshit, so to speak. Jupiter in Cancer could bring some rather big emotions to the surface and also make us quite aware of any old, emotional patterns which are no longer relevant in our lives. We shouldn’t be surprised if our family relationships are transformed by the energy of the Grand Cross, because it is very likely to bring old grievances, patterns and habits out into the open so they can be released, making way for a new way of relating.  It is not surprising that the changes and shifts we are currently experiencing could have a powerful impact on our emotions and family relationships (Jupiter in Cancer), our relationships (Mars in Libra), while transforming our sense of purpose and the way we operate in the world (Pluto in Capricorn) and radically changing our very sense of who we are (Uranus in Aries). I can’t emphasis enough how important it is to look after ourselves and stay grounded in the midst of such turbulent times.

Mercury entered Aries on April 8th and at the moment the Moon becomes full the planet of the mind and communication will be sitting right next to Uranus in exactly the same degree of Aries. Mercury in Aries will help us be quite direct, forthright and to the point in the way we think and communicate over the coming couple of weeks. Aries is very impulsive so this could cause us to speak first and think later, which could be a good thing in some cases and not in others! He is very honest, to a fault, so this Mercury could definitely help us bring and grievances or niggles out into the open as the Moon becomes full. It could also help us to make decisions and have the courage to act on them. Combine this with Uranus, the Great Awakener, rebel and revolutionary and we have the potential to have some insights which literally come out of the blue and awaken us to new possibilities and potential that we hadn’t considered before. It could also make our thought process quite wilful and somewhat reactionary and we could be prone to being a bit more impatient and hasty in out thinking. Certainly our minds could end up racing, full of thoughts and ideas so that it could be hard to keep up, which means that it will be a bit hard to relax. There is a certain amount of nervous energy attached to this aspect methinks.

I was very happy to see during this Full Moon / Solar Eclipse, with all its unsettling, transforming energy and fateful beginnings and endings, that Venus, the ruler of Libra, is sitting in Pisces and smack bang in the middle of Neptune and Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Not only that but she is forming positive aspects to both Pluto and Jupiter! Yes! This is a beautiful reminder of the power of unconditional love and its ability to heal. Venus in Pisces is a love that knows no boundaries and doesn’t cling; she is the spirit of compassion and empathy, reminding us that we are all in this together. She is the essence of tenderness, sensitivity and divine inspiration and loves without thought of what she might receive in return. She truly knows how to forgive and accept people for who they are.  As she is forming a harmonious aspect with Pluto it makes me think that soulful, spiritual connection is possible during this Moon. It also reminds us that true power does not involve taking power away from or controlling others, but rather it comes from within. True power can actually involve being extremely gentle and kind and, above all, listening to and following our hearts’ wisdom. This could be a wonderful Moon for channelling whatever we are feeling into some form of creativity or for going out and soaking up the beauty and wonder of nature. It is truly a blessing that the ruler of this Moon is in such a receptive, intuitive and fluid sign as Pisces. It holds the promise of abundant sweetness, forgiveness, heart healing and unconditional love. Aaaaaaah!

There is a strong fateful quality to this Moon as it is sitting on top of the Nodal axis, which represents our soul’s journey. Eclipses involve a shift in energy and can signify an end of one cycle and the beginning of another. They can change the course of our lives if we allow them to. This Moon is very much about relationships so it is quite likely that the changes that are afoot will have a big impact on our close relationships and partnerships. There is a strong potential for fated encounters and new relationships forming at this time, with an equal possibility of letting go of relationships that have run their course. One thing is certain, we will be feeling a lot of pressure to be honest and direct about our fundamental needs within relationships and some may have to be reworked in order to be a more honest expression of who we are becoming. The same rules no longer apply when it comes to our lives and relationships and we are currently having to adjust and feel our way around this new way of being. During this Moon and over the following couple of weeks it is very important to be good to ourselves, eat well and, above all, keep our hearts and minds open. This really is time to heed our hearts’deepest desires and trust our instincts, leaving fear and hesitation in the dust. Let’s find our focus, take the plunge and ride the waves of change and not look back!

Much Love



Wednesday, 26 March 2014

ARIES NEW MOON - 30 March 2014

Exact at 7.46pm BST, 2.46pm EDT!

This is a very powerful New Moon for manifesting our desires and is linked to the Libra New Moon back on October 5 and the Capricorn New Moon on New Year’s Day of this year. All three New Moons involve the energy of the Pluto Uranus Square which now has extra potency because it is now being joined by Jupiter in Cancer and Mars in Libra to form an incredibly powerful Cardinal Grand Cross. This is a time of great upheaval and change, when we are being asked to step outside of our comfort zones, into the truth of all that we are. As such, this New Moon is incredibly significant, for not only is  the first New Moon of the astrological year in Aries, the sign of birth and new beginnings, but it is given extra potency and force by its involvement with the Cardinal Grand Cross. The intentions we set during this New Moon could be far reaching and have the ability to manifest in an incredibly powerful way. Between now and then it might be good to contemplate what we need leave behind in the dark of the Moon and what we truly want for ourselves in order to move forward with integrity. It is time to really trust our feelings because they are the gauge for what is and isn’t working for us. These are exciting times and it is important to go with the flow of events, trusting that we are being guided in the right direction.

The Sun and Moon are making their monthly union in courageous, impulsive and enthusiastic Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Aries is the pioneer, the one who will bravely go where no one has ever dared to go.  That is why this is such a pivotal moment, because this New Moon really does start the ball rolling for the upcoming changes that the Grand Cross will bring. We must take on the best of Aries during this time; boldness, courage, assertiveness, motivation and a pioneering spirit. The Grand Cross asks us to move away from safe, familiar territory and try something else on for size and I am sure that it is no coincidence that this powerful energy is building during Aries season! I think we are going to need a bit of Aries’ courage and motivation! Aries doesn’t know what fear is, so if we feel a twinge of fear (or excitement – it’s a fine line!) in our solar plexus we must merely acknowledge it, ask ourselves where it stems from and then move through it. It really is time to be brave and let love guide us, not fear. Aries is direct, forthright and honest because as he the first sign of the zodiac he hasn’t yet learned any guile. As such there is something quite fresh and innocent about Aries energy. Much like a new born child be wants to fully experience life and sees it all as an exciting adventure. This New Moon is most definitely the time to birth something new; a time for fresh starts and brave action when we must be absolutely honest with ourselves about what needs to change. Like shoots piercing out of the cold, hard ground after the long winter, we must open ourselves up and welcome in the light.

Uranus is sitting right next to the Sun and Moon in Aries for this New Moon which definitely adds some excitement and unpredictability to the picture! This combination could cause us feel quite restless and will make it very obvious where we are stuck and in need of change in our lives. Uranus is the Great Awakener and he certainly wants us to wake up and see things from a different perspective. It is time to take charge of our own destiny!  In Aries he wants us to break the chains that bind us and to dare to become all that we truly are. It takes courage to be truly ourselves and most of us have spent our lives as the person we think we should be because that it what our parents, schooling and life in general has taught us. It isn’t easy to break down old, ingrained patterns of behaviour, but that is exactly what we must do in order to move forward. If we don’t own up to what needs to change in our lives then Uranus tends to create external events which “happen to us” in order to force the necessary changes upon us. And things are most definitely changing; we are currently shifting into a new consciousness when the power is given back to the individual. Life will be very different in the coming years. Many of our lives already are. This process started in 2010 with a Cardinal T-square which was a catalyst for massive changes in people’s lives and if we look back to life then compared to now we can see a very big difference. I know I can.

Pluto in Capricorn has been shining a light into the shadows of the governments and corporations, revealing the lies and corruption so that we can see the underlying truth of all they are. At the same time the truth of all that we are is also being revealed, which is both beautiful and unsettling! Circumstances that we have just been putting up with are being put under scrutiny and we are being challenged to step up to the plate, to be honest about who we are and what we want and allow our true authentic nature to show itself. We are all more powerful than we know and it is a power that can be shared by all; it is not one that takes from others. That time is over. The more we fight against our truth the harder life will be. This is the 5th out of 7 Pluto Uranus squares since June 2012 so we should be quite familiar with this energy now. We already know what isn’t working and the new consciousness and way of being is slowly revealing itself to us. The system that we have been living under for so long quite obviously isn’t working anymore and the patriarchal structures are crumbling. The Pluto Uranus square has involved a process of revealing the flaws in the structure of the world we live in and slowly showing us a new way of being that is quite different to anything we have known before.

The Grand Cross is definitely the most significant part of this Moon, which feels like a trigger, or gateway, for the month ahead. April promises to be a very significant month indeed, both globally and on a personal level. Anybody with planets between 9 and 16 degrees of any sign but especially the Cardinal signs (which are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) will feel the energy of the Grand Cross most strongly. I have my Moon at 13 degrees Capricorn. Pluto is sitting right on top of it. Phew. I am intrigued as to what might unfold! My sense is that ultimately it will be incredibly empowering. Change is never very comfortable but it does bring with it a breath of fresh air and a feeling of excitement and exhilaration. It is most definitely better than a stagnant rut, that’s for sure! Some amazing things are on the horizon if only we are willing to step outside of our comfort zones and try out new ways of navigating our reality. It is far better to cheerfully embrace any changes that occur in the coming month rather than fearfully resisting them. Anything that passes away at this time is obviously not helping us move forward and grow so we must let it go with grace and dignity. This New Moon truly is an amazing time to think about what we really, truly want and need and to set some clear and positive intentions. We have much power to manifest – more than we know. Ask from your heart and you shall receive.  

Much love



Wednesday, 19 March 2014

SPRING EQUINOX - Thursday 20 March 2014

4.57pm GMT, 12.57pm EDT!

The Vernal Equinox is upon us; a day when we have a perfect balance between light and dark. Symbolically this represents equal part shadows (fear) and equal parts light (love). It is Yin and Yang, Night and Day, Masculine and Feminine. This marks the beginning of the astrological year because it is the moment when the Sun moves from Pisces, the end of the zodiac, into Aries, the beginning of the zodiac. Pisces season has been a time of surrender, release and letting go; it is dream time, the death of the ego and a time to go within. Pisces is the end of it all, the ultimate death, when we go back to source, floating around in the cosmic womb and become one with the collective unconscious. Now we have Aries season upon us which represents birth and new beginnings, when we boldly move forward and act on our desires. Like shoots coming up out of the ground, we have the courage to start anew and recreate ourselves. Pisces us the death of the ego, and in Aries we are born again, with a new set of desires and the impulse to start again afresh. When I contemplate the astrological significance of the Equinox I think of a baby coming out of the dark, warm, watery womb into the bright, loud world! What a shock that must be!

The chart for the Equinox holds within it the themes for the whole year, because this is the astrological New Year and whatever is found within the chart for that moment sets the tone for the whole year ahead. My overall feeling for this chart, both based on what the chart says and on the various conversations I have had this week, is that this is a time to focus on the group and to remember that we are all in it together. There is a beautiful Grand Water Trine in this chart which holds the potential for letting go of fear and healing the collective. The power of the group is truly remarkable and what can be achieved when people join together to help each other is absolutely phenomenal. This is a time to let go of the illusion of separation, because it simply isn’t true! The scientists agree –. we are all connected and the sooner everyone realises this and stops acting on selfish desires, the better this world will be. If you put a group of people together and they all focus on healing one person who has pain, not only does that person feel their pain diminish in a dramatic way, but other people in the group do as well! The power of intention itself is truly remarkable in what it can achieve, but the power of group intention is even more amazing.

While the Grand Water trine is wonderful, flowing, compassionate intuitive energy, we also have a Cardinal T-square between Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter which is impelling us to change and shaking up the structure of the world we live in. It is the perfect complement to the Grand Trine because a lot has to change before we are able to achieve the Aquarian dream of a global community, universal love and brotherhood of man where we all help each other and put personal desires aside! This T-square will push us out of our comfort zones and force us to face our shadows and undo our unconscious programming so that we can move forward and live up to our true potential as human beings. When we clear away the darkness we allow more light in.

This will be the fifth out of seven Pluto Uranus squares since 2012, so we are pretty used to this energy by now! It just has to be drummed into us a couple more times before the process of transformation and revolution on a global and personal level is complete. We are currently heading for a monumental shake up when Mars joins in the T-square in April and forms a Grand Cross, so we can expect things to come to a head both collectively and personally in the next month. On a global level we are certainly seeing the build-up of pressure and as what happens to one happens to all we can expect to feel the pressure for change on a personal level as well. Pluto and Uranus also rule natural and man-made disasters, so this could be a possibility in the coming months as things reach boiling point. Mother Nature is just as mad as some of our nations and rightly so!

Mars, the ruler of Aries, is currently retrograde in Libra, sitting right next to the North Node, which makes me think that this year may be very much relationship oriented. The retrograde motion means that we could go back over our relationships in order to redefine them and do the work necessary to make them function better. Old relationships could be renewed and current ones could have new life breathed into them. What we think we want from our relationships and what we really need could be two different things altogether! Certainly we are being asked to find balance, harmony, compromise and cooperation and with Venus, the ruler of Libra, in Aquarius we may approach our relationships from an entirely different perspective and try out new ways of being in our relationships. Aquarius likes to experiment and is far from conventional! In general, Aquarius reminds us that acting with self-centred, narcissistic motives simply isn’t the answer. One for all and all for one! Now is not the time for selfishness and going it alone. We must all join together and help each other. Everybody feels better when we do! An act of kindness not only affects the person we are helping, but it actually makes up feel better than anything else possibly could. It makes us feel good about ourselves, and that is absolutely priceless.

Another very noticeable part of the chart for the astrological New Year is that not only is Mercury, the planet of mind and communication, in intuitive, compassionate and empathetic Pisces, but he is also sitting right next to Neptune, the ruler of Pisces! This gives a double dose of Pisces energy and signifies that we should make sure that we turn inward as much as possible, trusting our intuition and allowing ourselves the time to meditate and also to listen to our dreams. If we honour our dreams and keep a dream diary we find that we are rewarded in kind and receive more and more messages from our unconscious mind. Pisces also has the power to manifest, seemingly out of nowhere, purely by the power of the imagination. What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve! We must practice mindfulness at this time, because thoughts have energy and so we must be more aware of our thought processes because they have the power to either create or destroy. Pisces is universal love and so we are asked to train ourselves to act and react with love, not fear. Take a step back and notice when you are reacting with fear and you will do so less and less. We might find that we become more and more empathetic on a collective level in the coming months and the more compassion we have for others the more connected we feel and the more likely we are to reach out and lend a helping hand.

This is an extremely powerful Equinox. As it is the astrological New Year it is an amazing time to set some intentions for the year ahead and honour the moment with ritual or a ceremony of some kind. It doesn’t have to be anything too complicated, but I do feel that it is important to acknowledge this particular Equinox. It is the birth of a new year and so we should start as we mean to go on. The energy at the moment that the Sun moves from Pisces into Aries is actually palpable if you take time to be still and notice it. We are moving from the unconscious realms of Pisces into the Aries season of conscious action and desire and methinks that our intentions should come from a place of love and hope for the future. If you can, gather with as many people as you can in that moment and all hold hands. Even if you are at work you can take time out to honour the shift. Set the intention for a world ruled by love, not fear. You will feel the powerful energy of the group in that moment, I guarantee! The power of love is truly a beautiful thing and has the potential to move mountains.

Much love



Wednesday, 12 March 2014

VIRGO FULL MOON - Sunday 16 March 2014

Exact at 5.08pm GMT, 1.08pm EDT

This is an interesting Moon with a lot of potential for healing and letting go. I have been struggling a little bit to figure out exactly what the overall message is this month and I have suddenly realised that this is the point – we are not supposed to know exactly why and how things some things happen! My sense is that this Moon is about letting go of the need to understand why certain things occur in our lives and simply allow it all to unfold as it will. There is a higher plan which may make no sense but is definitely for the highest good of ourselves and the whole. Of course, this is still a Full Moon and whatever may have been bubbling away in our unconscious over the course of the past couple of weeks will now come up to the surface, made glaringly obvious by the bright light of the Moon. Full Moons involve an opposition between the Sun (our conscious will) and the Moon (our unconscious, instinctual self) and so we are asked to find some balance between the energy of the two. Oppositions also tend to play out in our relationships, so during the Full Moon we might find that our partners, friends or family members mirror back to us whatever is going on internally. Full Moons cause our emotions to swell up like the tides and can create some kind of crisis as everything comes to a head, which then leads to release and renewal. This Moon is no exception and brings great potential for purging and purification.

This month the Moon is in humble, health-conscious and helpful Virgo while the Sun is in intuitive, compassionate and dreamy Pisces. This combination is called the healing axis. One thing that these two signs definitely have in common is that they genuinely want to help people and to be of service in some way. They just have different ways of going about it. Virgo can be quite critical of herself and others and is very much geared towards self-improvement and purification. In the extreme this can lead to worry, nit-picking and perfectionist tendencies. Pisces, on the other hand, accepts all that is and just goes with the flow of the river. Pisces rules chaos, while Virgo seeks order. Pisces is the dreamer and creates illusion which could lead to disillusionment while Virgo is a practical realist who can pin point what is really going on and bring us plummeting back down to earth. Pisces is the queen of meditation and dreams while Virgo gives us the ability to create healthy routines and interpret those dreams.  Virgo is very aware of the body and focuses on the details, which is very good for diagnosis. She refines her skills in order to able to help and heal. Virgo would make an amazing surgeon, for instance, because it is such precise, detailed work. Pisces on the other hand has a sixth sense about what is needed. She listens to her inner voice and is simply guided to wherever healing is needed. She also has the gift of faith. Sometimes people heal miraculously, and that is where Pisces comes in. Put the two signs together and you have a dynamic healing team!

Virgo likes to analyse and understand what is going on while Pisces knows instinctively that everything happens for a reason and while it may be a complete mystery to us on a conscious level there is a higher plan at work which is ultimately for our highest good. While we may consciously seek or think we need certain things, believing they are good for us, they may in fact not fit into the bigger picture. They may not actually be helping us to grow and evolve into our highest potential in this lifetime. As such they must pass away or remain out of reach and, as painful as it may be, Pisces asks us to accept and surrender rather than fighting it or trying to hold onto something which is holding us back. It may not make sense to us at all, but it would make perfect sense if we were able to see the overall purpose of our lives! This is where Virgo comes in, as she has the gift of discernment – the ability to understand what is good for us and what simply isn’t working anymore so we can let it go. Virgo and Pisces are a good team, because if you go too far toward Pisces you could end up feeling quite confused, muddled and overwhelmed by the chaos, while going too far in the direction of Virgo could take the magic out of life and make it too dull and routinised. A balance between the two is ideal. The overall theme here is acceptance; remembering that we cannot control everything and must just allow things to unfold as they will. This Moon could well create a crisis of some description, but we must just surrender to it and know that everything happens for a reason.

Mercury will help us to see the bigger picture during this Full Moon because he is approaching the end of his stay in detached Aquarius, the master of objectivity and looking at things from a birds eye perspective. Not only that, but he is forming an absolutely exact aspect to the Nodes of the Moon, which could allow us considerable insight into the “bigger picture” of our lives and relationships because the Nodes represent our past and our future on a soul level. This will allow us to gain some understanding of how the past is shaping us and what might be preventing us from moving forward and achieving our full potential in this lifetime. We could get glimpses of our higher purpose and how things all fit in, and with Mercury in Aquarius this could come in the form of sudden insights and realisations that come like bolts out of the blue. We may have a fated encounter with someone we have "known" before. Mars is also aspecting Mercury which will encourage direct, open and honest communication leading up to the Full Moon. Mars and Mercury are both challenging the Sun and Moon, which means that whatever does come up may produce a healing crisis of some kind. This is an ideal opportunity to heal and let go of anything that is blocking us from having healthy relationships with ourselves and others.

Venus, the planet of love and relationships, is also in Aquarius and not only that but she is forming a supportive aspect to Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius. This provides a double dose of the same energy: the chance to look at our relationships in a truly objective way, a striving for freedom and the ability to be ourselves within our relationships and also the possibility of sudden changes for the better in our partnerships. As the Nodes of the Moon are also in Aries and Libra, the relationship axis, I sense that we will have a few epiphanies regarding our relationships past, future and present in the next few days. We may reach a new level of understanding which is profound and quite unique and very different from the way we may have approached our relationships before now. We may somehow reach a new understanding of how our relationships fit into the big picture.

Saturn in Scorpio is supporting the Sun and Moon during this Full Moon. He has been forcing us to confront our shadows in recent times and particularly in the past couple of weeks as he turned retrograde. He challenges us to plunge into the darker parts of ourselves and find what is hidden there so that we can find the treasure that is hidden beneath. Pain isn’t much fun but it can also be our biggest teacher. Combined with Virgo and Pisces we are encouraged to purge and purify and this is the perfect time for detoxifying the mind, body and spirit. We have been forced to face up to our deepest fears since he has been in Scorpio and this Moon could be a perfect opportunity to let some of those fears come up to the surface and view them consciously and objectively. Then they will lose their power over us.

Saturn’s involvement with this Moon is encouraging us to be conscious and present; to recognise our fears, insecurities and unhealthy behaviour patterns and then release them. Instead of them ruling us and wreaking havoc in our lives and relationships we could practice Virgo’s discernment and Pisces’ ability to surrender and let go. We are so often ruled by fear, which all stems from old trauma which is still stored in our energy system, creating blocks that prevent us from functioning properly. The ability to recognise when we are feeling fear or a negative emotion could be a massive step forward because then we can just let it go instead of it producing negative reactions such as anger, defensiveness, jealousy, insecurity etc. It does involve being very present and conscious but will be so worth it in the end! Fear is the opposite to love, so if we let go of the fear we allow love to flow more freely.

The Virgo Full Moon brings tremendous healing potential and could provide us with the opportunity to understand ourselves and our patterns much more clearly. The process may not be comfortable and, as I said, we could possibly experience some kind of crisis, but it is all for our highest good and will help us to grow and move forward. We are building up to the Grand Square in April and are currently receiving an enormous amount of planetary support to release old patterns and give us the courage to change and reach our full potential. Of course, change can be very uncomfortable and even painful, but without it we would just be stuck and stale. This Moon invites us to become the observer of ourselves; to notice our feelings, reactions, fears, thoughts and to realise when we are worrying about the future or dwelling in the past. We are invited to take a step back and just watch. Most importantly we must remember not to try to control things too much or overanalyse whatever comes our way. It is all happening exactly as it should. What we think we need and what we actually need could be two entirely different things and it is much better to just accept it all, the pleasure and the pain, knowing that eventually it will lead us to where we are supposed to be. It’s not meant to make sense. Just keep the faith!

Much love



Thursday, 27 February 2014

PISCES NEW MOON - Saturday 1 March 2014

Exact at 8am GMT, 3am EST!

This is a very well supported New Moon in the midst of an unprecedented amount of planetary shifts this week! Four planets are due to either turn retrograde or direct, one after the other, and the differing energies could pull us in all sorts of different directions! As Mercury turns direct both Mars and Saturn go retrograde, while later in the week Jupiter turns direct after being retrograde since the 7th of November. When planets get ready to go direct or turn retrograde they stand still for a while, and as they do their energy is much stronger than usual. As such, this will not be a simple, straightforward New Moon. Nevertheless, this is still a time of endings and beginnings as we leave whatever isn’t serving us behind in the dark of the Moon, letting go and then forming a new set of intentions based on our deepest desires and wishes for ourselves. Whatever we think or feel at this time sows the seeds that will grow over the course of the month until they come into full bloom with the Full Moon. This particular New Moon invites us to be still and listen to the quiet voice within, inviting its guidance and inspiration. Pisces season is upon us and it is definitely time to rest and turn inwards, preparing us for Aries season when we “spring into action!”

The Sun and Moon are forming their monthly union in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. I am reminded of the yoga pose, Savasana (Corpse Pose) where you lie on your back in complete surrender and stillness before rolling over and being born anew. This is where we are in the yearly cycle. Pisces asks us to surrender to spirit; to trust our intuition and let go of control, allowing ourselves to be guided by unseen forces. Pisces defies logic and dissolves boundaries, asking us, ever so gently, to let go of our doubts, fears, guilt, anger and any old conditioning and patterns that might usually define us and replace them with love and tenderness. It is time to really let go and breathe a huge sigh of relief as we do so! Pisces represents unconditional love and is the spirit of selflessness, compassion and true empathy. She reminds us that we are not separate, but are all from the same melting pot. What happens to one happens to all. During this New Moon it is important to pay attention to our dreams as they may have important messages for us. Music, dancing, creative writing or artwork, energy work, meditation and going for walks in nature are all wonderful ways to tap into source and gain some understanding of what our higher self is trying to tell us. It is time to rest, relax and switch off our logical, rational minds and be open to our heart wisdom. Pisces has the magical ability to make dreams come reality through the power of the imagination, and this New Moon is the perfect time to harness that power!

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is sitting on one side of the Sun and Moon and Neptune is on the other side. This brings the potential for some amazing insight into where we are wounded and what we might still need to heal in our lives. It is quite likely that we will be more open than usual to impressions, messages from the universe and the thoughts and feelings of other people. Our compassion, intuition and connection to others will be greatly heightened as Neptune dissolves the ego and alongside it dispels the illusion of any boundaries that separate us. This really is a time to be kind to both ourselves and our fellow man and woman.

In the meantime Jupiter, who is very strong because he is sitting still waiting to turn direct, is forming a very supportive aspect to the Sun and Moon, giving us the gift of faith and bestowing a sense of optimism and humour upon the whole picture. It is important not to take everything too seriously and jolly Jupiter is good at reminding us of that! His involvement in this Moon gives us the opportunity to really grow and move forward on an emotional level and he makes us aware that all that happens to us brings a potential for growth beyond previous limitation.  He also asks us to drop any pretence and allow ourselves to show how we really feel. It is time to lose the masks. He reminds us that anything is possible and helps us to see the bigger picture as we think about what we might want for ourselves in the month ahead.

Pluto in Capricorn is also supporting this Moon, helping us to dig deep inside our souls and find what matters most to us. He wants us to stand in our power with integrity and will root around in our unconscious until he finds what stops us from doing just that. He adds soul power and the gift of emotional transformation to the overall picture of this Moon.

Venus and Mars are gearing up to have another cosmic confrontation as they form the second square to each other, the last bout having occurred during the Cancer Full Moon on the 16th of January. We may be revisiting something that happened then. This could bring out hidden tensions in our relationships, possibly causing arguments but also allowing us to clear the air.  When the cosmic lovers challenge each other in the heavens it could ignite our passions and cause considerable sexual tension, whether we are single or in a relationship. It could also be really good for putting a fire in our bellies when it comes to creative or artistic pursuits! Any frustration, tension or anger that has been suppressed within our relationships could come bubbling to the surface so that it can be talked about and hopefully resolved. Just remember that Mercury could still be making communication a bit wobbly! The battle could also be internal, as the feminine within us (Venus) may be at odds with our assertive, masculine self. We may feel a bit of a push/pull between wanting to forge forward (Mars) and sit back and wait to see what might come our way (Venus). This aspect will be exact on Monday 3rd March, so the energy will be building over the weekend.

Mercury is finally turning direct a few hours before the Full Moon and his energy will be at its strongest during this time, so watch out for another bout of confusion, miscommunication and travel delays!  Combined with the Pisces New Moon we could find ourselves quite spaced out and dreamy this weekend! As Mercury starts moving forward again we now have a chance to look back on what has come to light during the retrograde period. What insights have we gained through looking back? What have we had to revisit for a second time in order to gain more clarity?  What has come up from our past to be examined? He is now working his way back towards his third square with Saturn, the first of which was on 24/25 January, the second of which was at the beginning of last week (18/19 Feb) and this one will be exact on March 11th. This makes communication quite challenging and stilted and could send us into a bit of a dark head space. Whatever we were dealing with for the first two passes could come up again one last time and hopefully this time we will have more understanding and be able to find resolution.

There is so much happening during this Moon! Just as Mercury turns direct, Mars goes retrograde! On the 2nd of March Mars starts moving backwards and as he does so we could experience some Martian energy such as anger, frustration or impatience coming up. Mars is in peace loving Libra, however, so it is unlikely to make us overly aggressive or direct because Libra is far too diplomatic, peaceful and concerned about what other people might think! Mars will be retrograde until May, so this is a time to take a step backwards and conserve energy rather than jumping forward with plans. Mars is assertive, active energy and gives us the desire and motivation to get things done, but while he is retrograde that energy turns inward. We could see this as preparation time while we get ready for whatever lies ahead of us in May when Mars turns direct. Then it will be full steam ahead and we will really be able to move forward with our plans. First Venus, then Mercury, now Mars have been retrograde, one after the other, which gives a feeling that parts of our lives are currently on hold. All will be revealed in the fullness of time, but for now we have to be patient and continue to do the inner work that will help us move forward in the outer world soon enough. Mars is retrograde in Libra, the planet of relationships and “other”. As such we may feel called to reassess our relationships and clear the air somewhat. What has happened since December that might need revisiting? What needs to change? Basically, Mars will bring his direct, honest approach to the realm of our relationships and allow us to cut through the crap!

Saturn is also turning retrograde, on Monday the 3rd of March, causing yet another shift of energy!  As he does so we may be forced to face our fears and could experience a good dose of reality, whether we like it or not! Saturn is the teacher; the strict parent who challenges us to confront ourselves and become the best that we can be. While he is going backwards we will be asked to think about our commitments and responsibilities and decide whether they feel confining and limiting or whether they are helping us to grow. This period of time is ideal for confronting our shadows and seeing where we hold ourselves back through fear and old, outworn emotional patterns. Whatever we find during this process may not be pretty, but once we have brought the shadows out into the light they lose their power over us. We all have shadows, but it is far better to be aware of them rather than them ruling  our lives unconsciously.

On the one hand we have a very well supported Pisces New Moon asking us to rest, surrender, turn in and listen to our inner voice. Unconditional love, empathy and compassion is the theme of the Pisces season. Imagine that we are floating around in the cosmic womb, preparing to be born anew! On the other hand we have a lot of planetary shifts that could pull us in all sorts of different directions over the course of this week, such as the mental confusion of Mercury, the angry frustration of Mars and Saturn forcing us to face our fears, shadows and vulnerabilities. All the while, Jupiter is shining his light of faith and optimism onto the whole picture, reminding us to have a sense of humour about the whole thing. Pisces wants us to go with the flow and to be absolutely present; not focusing on the past and what has already passed away, not worrying or fantasising about the future, but right here, right now, aware, alert, listening. When we do this we are given some very subtle messages and cues that guide us along our path. This is the time of year to nurture our inner spirit and listen to our dreams, and if that means sleeping a bit more than usual, then so be it!  This is the end of a cycle and it is important to be good to ourselves right now so that when Aries season comes around we are ready for action. Until then we must let go of any need to control the outcome and simply go with the flow of the river, trusting that everything is unfolding exactly as it should.

Much love



Sunday, 23 February 2014


This is a weekend that has the potential for amazing shifts and incredibly deep healing. I know I have been experiencing its effects in quite a profound way! Uranus and Jupiter are gearing up to a square which will be exact on Tuesday, which could involve abrupt shifts which take us out of our comfort zones onto uncharted waters but which brings the potential for amazing growth and heightened awareness. We might have some very profound realisations which could be quite uncomfortable but very revealing indeed.

At exactly the same time Pluto is moving towards an exact sextile with Chiron the Wounded Healer (also exact on Tuesday) which brings the potential for some incredibly deep healing that really gets to the heart of the matter. Pluto digs around and finds all of the really deep stuff buried in our subconscious, while Chiron allows us to accept, forgive, understand and have compassion for ourselves and others. We may have to confront some things that we might prefer to leave buried, but really they are no longer serving us so it is time to bring them up, look at them and let them go. This is all very exciting stuff, as it really is healing the depths of our soul. Of course it could also be quite unsettling and possibly painful, but then the greatest growth often is!

Much love


Wednesday, 12 February 2014

LEO FULL MOON - February 14 2014

Exact at 6.53pm EST, 11.53pm GMT!

Well, this is a lively, energetic and colourful Full Moon, that’s for sure, with a hint of Saturn’s realism to make sure we don’t go completely over the top! It is interesting that it falls on Valentine’s Day, as Leo rules the heart, romance and following one’s bliss! Full Moons are a time when whatever has been building since the New Moon comes to fruition. Anything that has been bubbling away down below in the unconscious tends to come to the surface, illuminated by the light of the Moon. As the tides swell so do our emotions and it all comes spilling out! The Full Moon is the time of the month when the Moon (emotional unconscious) sits directly opposite the Sun (conscious will) and we become acutely what might be out of balance in our lives. Oppositions also mean that whatever we are dealing with will tend to play out in the realm of our relationships, as people often mirror back to us whatever we are feeling on an internal level. This particular Moon has two dynamic T-squares creating tension and pressure for us to shift and change, as well as a big, beautiful boost of energy and passion from Mars in Libra! As Full Moons go this is likely to be rather a big one, as Leo doesn’t like to pass by unnoticed and certainly doesn’t do things by halves!

The Moon is in playful, dramatic and heartfelt Leo, while the Sun is sitting directly opposite in unconventional, intellectual and humanitarian Aquarius. As such we are being asked to find some balance between the energy of the two signs. Leo reminds us to nurture self-love, which is so very important, for if we don’t love ourselves how can we truly love anyone else? The Moon in Leo encourages us to let our inner child out to play; to express ourselves and follow what truly brings us joy. Leo is the sign of romance, self-expression and creativity and urges us to let loose and have some fun! If you think about how children play and interact with each other; they sing, skip, play, dance, run, cry, shout, scream and hug without holding anything back!  This is the essence of Leo: expressing oneself with heartfelt abandon. The inner child is our true essence and spirit, so when we honour it we are truly listening to the voice of our soul.

The Sun in Aquarius is in perfect balance to the Leo Moon and where Leo is led by the heart, Aquarius is led by the head. Leo is apt to attach quite quickly and is generally found at the centre of things while Aquarius tends to be more detached and is more likely to observe things from the bird’s eye perspective. Leo is subjective, Aquarius is objective. Leo radiates warmth, generosity and love, Aquarius is cool and friendly. Leo is the king or queen who rules magnanimously and with authority, Aquarius is the champion of the common man – the humanitarian visionary who longs for a world of equality, brotherhood and freedom. Leo is creative, dramatic and expressive while Aquarius is more of a mad scientist or nutty professor. Leo shows where we can shine and what unique, special talents we might have, while Aquarius shows how we can each use those gifts to help make the world a better place. Leo reminds us that we each have a special role to play in life and Aquarius shows us how we can collaborate and contribute to the collective instead of just serving ourselves.

While this Full Moon has the potential to bring a lot of romance and fun (Leo) and help us connect with like-minded people (Aquarius), we have Saturn in Scorpio forming a challenging square to both the Sun and Moon putting a bit of a dampener on things. Saturn is like the strict parent shining a rather harsh light on the whole affair and forcing us to be emotionally honest and accountable for our actions. He is a beacon of authenticity and integrity, making sure that whatever we do is also for the highest good of all concerned. He reminds us that we still have some inner work to do before we can fully relax and enjoy the good times. He truly wants what is best for us but makes us all too aware of where we are out of balance; where we might be going too far in one area of our life at the expense of the others.  He points out our blind spots. His energy isn’t too strong during this Moon because it is a waning aspect, but nevertheless he could cause us to put the breaks on full expression. He is a reality check, making sure we are being true to ourselves and our path. He is getting ready to go retrograde so he has slowed down considerably in recent times, to the point now where he at an absolute standstill. I sense that we are being asked to be patient. Father Time is standing still, asking us to continue to delve deep and do the inner, soul work and soon enough we will see the results in the outer world.

On the other hand we have Mars in Libra forming an almost exact, flowing, supportive aspect to the Sun and Moon! This combination brings high energy, enthusiasm, passion and motivation to the picture and helps us to find the self-confidence and assertiveness needed to express how we truly feel. This is helpful for any declarations of love and is also a wonderful boost of sexual energy and passion! So while Saturn may force us to be very real and to look before we leap, Mars provides some very spontaneous, uplifting energy and helps us to be brave enough to express ourselves emotionally. It seems like it might be a great time to tell people exactly how we feel in an honest, direct and open way. The inner child in us all could also have an extra skip in her step during this Full Moon!

Something to be aware of is that Mercury is still retrograde and is sitting right next to the Sun in Aquarius during this Full Moon, so communication could get a little skewed and misunderstandings could occur. It is also likely that we will receive some revelations, epiphanies, insights or messages during this time that could be very helpful indeed. While Mercury is retrograde we tend to find communication and travel a bit more challenging but there are usually plenty of hidden gifts as well. Certainly this Moon will involve a lot of chatter and communication with Mercury in such a prominent position, though hopefully it will be of the right brained, intuitive variety. We must remember to listen, however. When the Mercury is this close to the Sun it can make it hard for us to stop talking and thinking enough to actually hear what is being said. It is also possible that with the Moon sitting opposite this Sun/Mercury combo we might experience a bit of a battle between our emotional, gut instincts (Moon) and our logic and reason (Mercury). Our heart might want us to do one thing and our head might try to talk us out of it!

The other big energy involved in this Full Moon is the ongoing T-square between Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter. This is the backdrop of the times and will be with us until it all comes to a head in April. This is a time of upheaval, change and massive shifts forward. We are being pushed out of our comfort zones and being forced to find new ways of doing things, which is slightly unsettling yet exhilarating. These shifts can be quite uncomfortable as we let go of old, familiar patterns that we have grown so used to, but this is a time of amazing growth and evolution. We can’t stay as we were because that just doesn’t work for us anymore. The only way is forward and while we are venturing into unchartered territory I have faith that we will somehow be shown the way. Where we are going is unlike anything that we have experienced before. We are being asked to shed anything that doesn’t serve us and to be utterly true to ourselves. Whatever we let go of at this time may cause pain or discomfort but will also give a sense of freedom and integrity. It has to go so we must not cling to it. It is only holding us back from finding our full potential.

This Full Moon definitely has the potential to be very joyful, heartfelt and fun! While Valentine’s Day is basically a Christian tradition that has unfortunately become very commercialised in recent times, it is nevertheless important to remember the intrinsic message of the day and that is of the healing power of love. Leo teaches us to love ourselves first and then radiate it outwards and Aquarius makes sure that everybody receives it, no matter who they are. The Leo Full Moon reminds us of who we really, truly are. Our inner child is our essence, our spirit, our heart wisdom. It is who we were before we learned the rules of adulthood. As such, we should let go of any cynicism or reserve and allow ourselves to fully express who we are and what we truly feel. Let the tears and laughter flow as children do and don’t be afraid to speak your truth. Just make sure it is truly coming from a place of sincerity and love. Then you can’t go wrong. And remember, the inner child in us knows where we are going and she’s not afraid. Listen to your heart.

Much love