Thursday, 23 February 2017


Exact at 2.58pm GMT, 9.58am EDT.

This is a very powerful New Moon indeed and is also a Solar Eclipse, which gives it far more significance than your average New Moon. Eclipse season is a time of shifts and transformation, when we are made very aware of what needs to change and generally get a pretty big prod in the right direction! There is a sense of fate or destiny involved and wherever the New Moon falls in our chart will show the area of life that will experience the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one. This New Moon is activating the South Node in Pisces, which represents the past, the familiar, patterns and traits that we need to examine and transmute in order to move forward and evolve. We are getting to the end of the 18 month span of the Nodes being in the Virgo/Pisces axis, and so we may have to examine where we still have our head buried in the sand, in fantasy land, refusing to face ourselves realistically. The Pisces South Node points to where we have personal and collective blind spots, or are only looking at life and ourselves through rose tinted spectacles, refusing to see what is really going on. On both a personal and collective level it can show where we are deluded, or refusing to face our shadow. And we all have shadows, every one of us!

The Virgo North Node, however, asks us to be willing to face reality and do the necessary work on ourselves and to face our personal and collective shadow. Virgo encourages us to point the finger squarely at ourselves and recognise that the change that is needed on both a personal and global level starts with us taking a long, hard look at ourselves and recognising that what is happening on the outer is merely a reflection of our inner world. If ever there was a time to do some shadow diving, this is it! Pisces South Node can make it so easy to see ourselves as the victim, while Virgo North Node asks that we use the art of discernment and discrimination to recognise where we are deluded and to see the part we have played in creating our own reality. Virgo symbolises the need for self-improvement and can help us to see and eliminate any old mental, spiritual or physical patterns of behaviour that may be blocking our spiritual development. As Pisces represents the collective unconscious, the work we do on ourselves not only impacts us personally, but also benefits the whole of humanity.

Pisces is the very last sign in the zodiac and ultimately represents the capacity for unity, transcendence and oneness. In its highest form it represents an innocence, purity and unconditional love that is a reflection of the love of God, the Divine, the Creator or whatever you want to call it. Pisces is an incredibly compassionate and empathetic sign that has the capacity to help us to connect to one another in such a beautiful way, whereby we are relating to the divine within each other; our true spirit, or essence. This New Moon invites us to turn within, to meditate, pray, create and do whatever we can to connect to the higher part of ourselves. Pisces season is sleepy time; the time to reflect, contemplate life and existence, listen to the whispers of our soul and pay attention to what our dreams are telling us. We are reminded that we are all connected and that what happens to one happens to all. With Pisces this isn’t an abstract concept; it is reality. The intentions we set during this New Moon should come from the heart, not from the head. They should stem from a genuine desire for a deeper connection to all that is and to understand our personal and collective blind spots and send healing out into the world. Pisces reminds us that it’s not all about us.

While Pisces is a very gentle and compassionate sign, we also have quite a volatile combination of planets forming during this New Moon which could stir things up considerably and make us feel quite reactionary! We have Uranus, Mars and Eris forming a conjunction in Aries, opposite Jupiter in Libra and loosely squaring Pluto in Capricorn. It is this same Cardinal T-square that has been with us since the beginning of the year, stirring up the desire to make change both personally and collectively. It is a call to action! Now Mars has joined the party, and combined with Uranus, the Great Awakener and revolutionary and Eris, the goddess of strife, chaos and discord, he brings the possibility of a big shake up of the status quo, a desire to fight for the truth and even sudden outbursts of violence. A strong desire to be utterly ourselves could create conflict in our relationships, but could also help instigate necessary growth and help us move through any “stuckness” that we may be experiencing. It will certainly help get things out into the open and break out of unhealthy patterns! One thing to bear in mind is that this is happening during a Pisces New Moon, which is quiet, inward, sleepy time of the month. This could mean that the conflict and desire for change could be more internal than external.

However, it could also manifest as sudden outbursts of rage, a strong urge to stand up and be counted, bold and brave revolutionary action and an instinctual impulse to make change on a personal and collective level. Joan of Arc just popped into my head as an example of the mixture between the revolutionary warrior energy of Mars and Uranus and the gentle compassion of Pisces. Fierce compassion and martyrdom! We are invited to bravely face our personal and collective shadow and release ourselves from old, outworn ways of operating and archaic patriarchal conditioning that simply isn’t working for us anymore. However, as this old order is passing away and the feminine is rising to balance it out, it seems that things might have to get worse to get better. We are currently being confronted with all the distortion and exaggerated problems that the dualistic, patriarchal way of thinking and operating has brought us. All of the extremes of, guilt, shame, misuse of power, anger, misogyny, prejudice and hate is rising to the surface in no uncertain terms and we are not allowed to bury our heads in the sand and pretend it doesn’t exist anymore! At least we can see it all now. It’s not hidden.

This Moon invites us to recognise where it lies within ourselves and to be brave spiritual warriors and face our own shadows rather than projecting them onto others and putting the blame outside of ourselves. The inner work we all do now can have such an amazing impact on the collective. It is so easy to deny or hide from our own shortcomings, and we all have our blind spots, but we are being asked to shine the light of awareness on ourselves and recognise what work needs doing. This is an eclipse, remember, so whatever happens now will have more of a long term impact on our lives. This is the last eclipse in Virgo and Pisces, as the nodes are shifting into Leo and Aquarius in May, so this really is a good chance to see, once and for all, how we sabotage ourselves and refuse to see ourselves clearly. With this Eclipse we have a chance to shift forward into a new level of consciousness and it definitely helps if we are open, receptive and willing to look at ourselves honestly and without filters. We could potentially feel quite sensitive and a bit vulnerable during this time of shifts and change, so it is important to treat ourselves and others with sensitivity,tenderness, kindness and unconditional love. This is the gift of Pisces.

Much love


Photo: Maria Falconetti in The Passion of Joan of Arc

Thursday, 9 February 2017

LEO FULL MOON ? LUNAR ECLIPSE - 10 / 11 February 2017

Sat 11 Feb, exact at 12.32am GMT, Fri 10 Feb, exact at 7.32pm EST.

Well, Eclipse season is upon us, which means that this is not your ordinary, run of the mill Full Moon! Eclipses signify the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one in a certain area of our lives and tend to have a six month span of influence, until the next set of Eclipses come around. They have a deeper impact on our lives because they involve the Nodes of the Moon, otherwise known as the Destiny Line. The South Node represents what we bring into this lifetime in the form of karma, experience, skills, habits and patterns, while the North Node represents skills, attributes, experiences and qualities we need to develop in order to grow and evolve on a soul level. Ideally it is about finding balance; taking what we have learned from the South Node while being brave enough to give the North Node experience a try, even if it feels uncomfortable and unfamiliar! As such, Eclipses can signify a time of letting go of old habits and patterns and embracing new experiences or ways of being. This Eclipse will also have some resonance with whatever was happening 19 years ago, in 1998.

The Sun is currently in humanitarian, visionary and eccentric Aquarius, sitting right opposite the Moon in playful, expressive and creative Leo. The key to the Full Moon is to find a balance between the energy of the two signs rather than veering too far in one direction. Leo rules the heart and encourages us to act on our heart wisdom, getting in touch with the child within and following our joy. In Leo we are able to express all that we are and truly allow ourselves to shine. This Moon brings the potential for unlocking our unique gifts and taking charge of our destiny; actualising ourselves and developing the power of our will. While Leo has a clear sense of having special gifts, Aquarius encourages us to share those gifts so that they align with some kind of social need. While Leo represents the creative principle, Aquarius reminds us that creativity does not come from us, but rather flows through us. It comes from Source. There is certainly a very joyful, playful element to this Moon, whereby we are invited to connect to our hearts and also become aware of how our hearts are connected to other hearts, and indeed to the whole universe. It we practice getting out of our head and into our heart, we won’t be led astray.

There is an amazing geometrical pattern that is being formed by certain planets during this Moon that actually resembles the symbol of the heart chakra! The heart chakra is considered to be a gateway; the bridge or link between the lower, physical chakras and the upper, spiritual chakras. It connects our spirit with our bodies. When we open the heart chakra, or our love centre, we are able to move beyond the limits of our “self” and truly connect with others, our higher “Self” and the whole universe. As such, this Full Moon could also be a gateway to higher consciousness and may bring some kind of heart opening if we are receptive and ready. It certainly seems like the energy of the planets are inviting us to connect with our hearts and by so doing tune into the heartbeat of the universe. One triangle points towards the earth (matter), while the other triangle point towards the heavens (spirit). This is the Star Tetrahedron, or the Merkaba, which is a very powerful symbol that combines spirit and matter in the heart and helps us connect with our higher self.

The planets and luminaries involved in this six-pointed star are the Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, the Moon, the Vertex and Uranus. These are all in Fire and Air signs, so it feels quite dynamic. If you think about fanning the flames of a fire, or how the wind can cause a fire to spread, you really get a picture of enthusiasm, passion, movement and ideas and thoughts “spreading like wild fire”. The players include Jupiter in Libra, who is currently helping us grow through our relationships and helping us to form mutually beneficial, growth-oriented relationships and also the Vertex, which signifies fated events and meeting significant people that could have a big impact on our life. Combine that with the Moon in Leo, who is inviting us to connect with our heart centre,  and we have the potential for making heartfelt connections with others that could change our lives in some way. Indeed, something about this Moon has the capacity to move us to another level somehow.  As I said, it is a gateway of some description.  We have an opportunity to connect to our higher selves and the higher selves of others through the heart.

Uranus in Aries is also part of the star, helping us to wake up and release emotional blocks so that we can indeed open our hearts. He wants us to break free of past conditioning so that we are able to be simply who we are. Not who we have been told we should be. It’s hard to let go of the layers of conditioning that have been piled on us since we have been children and to have the courage to dance to the beat of our own drum. However, when we start listening to our heart and connect to our Higher Self, or God, or the Divine, or whatever you want to call it, all the rules we have grown up with somehow don’t seem to make sense anymore! Uranus invites us to go a little bit crazy and step off the well beaten path a bit. It seems we have an opportunity here for some kind of awakening, connecting with our joy, opening our hearts, joining with others in a loving way and connecting with our truth. Saturn is also involved in this process, making sure we stay grounded in reality and rewarding us for our discipline, faith and commitment to our spiritual path, whatever form that may take. Indeed, some kind of focused spiritual discipline could be very useful during this time to help us to connect to our higher selves.

This Moon is not likely to hit us over the head or give us a massive cosmic kick up the bum, like a Grand Cross or a T-square would! It is much more gentle in nature; it offers such amazingly beautiful potential and possibilities but it is up to us to make the most of it. We are being asked to make a commitment to our hearts, to dare to step outside of our comfort zones, to be willing to let go of old beliefs and be open to who knows what?! The beautiful yet terrifying unknown. This would be a good time to pray, or meditate, or have bodywork done, or dance, shake, sing, paint and allow our true selves to shine!! As the Moon becomes full, so will our hearts, until they burst open with the sheer joy of being alive! If ever I have seen a Moon that asks us to express what is in our hearts, this is the one! We are invited to take a leaf out of Leo’s book and try letting go of our adult inhibitions and let the child in us run the show. The child who follows the path of joy, who squeals with excitement, cries when scared or hurt, loves without reservation and expresses from the heart. This is the gift of Leo.

Much love



Wednesday, 25 January 2017

AQUARIUS NEW MOON - 27 / 28 January 2017

Exact at 12.07am GMT, 27 January, exact at 7.07pm EST.

This is the first New Moon of 2017 and marks the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Rooster. The Year of the Fire Monkey was a challenging and unpredictable year for many and 2016 was also a number 9 year in numerology which symbolises a time of endings and a clearing out. 2017 is a number 1 year, which symbolises a fresh start and new beginnings, and what better way to start than with the colourful and eccentric Fire Rooster! This is a Yin Fire Rooster year, which may well rouse us all into humanitarian action in a quite yin, or feminine way. We have already got a taste of the potential of this year with the Women’s marches last weekend, which were well organised, very well attended and, above all, peaceful.  The Rooster calls for us to get organised and join together in a heartfelt, enthusiastic way through collaboration and group effort. The Yin energy definitely gives this year a feminine quality and urges us to listen to our intuition, and follow our hearts. It also calls for great honesty in our relationships. The Rooster heralds the dawn of a new day and calls for us to “wake up” and recognise what needs to change and transform in our lives. She will also help us to pull up our sleeves and actually do something about it!

The Sun and Moon are forming their monthly union in rebellious, humanitarian and eccentric Aquarius. We are coming out of Capricorn season and the Cancer Full Moon symbolised a time of big shifts and changes, especially when it came to our emotional patterns and habits. Aquarius is a reaction to Capricorn. Capricorn likes structure and following the rules, and symbolises parental and societal conditioning. It is the sign of “shoulds” and “should nots”. Aquarius says “Who says we “should” do anything? What do you WANT to do?” Aquarius breaks all of the rules and dares to think outside of the box, even if this sets him apart from the mainstream somewhat. He doesn’t subscribe to what other people think or do. He thinks for himself, even if it gets him in trouble or shocks people. This is the sign that has the power to release us from the chains of parental conditioning and help us break free from anything in our past that binds us. We have the opportunity to move past anything that is blocking us from our true selves. It is so easy to be slave to old habits, patterns and ways of relating, and Aquarius helps us break out of our ruts and stifling routines. He allows us to take a step back to look at things from the bird’s eye perspective so that we can experience breakthroughs and “aha!” moments as we recognise where we are stuck and what needs to change.

Aquarius is the visionary, who can see a better way for a brighter future.  As such, our intentions during this Moon should reflect our core truth, rather than what we think we should be. What do we truly want for ourselves? What is our vision for a better life for us and the world? How can we use our unique gifts and talents to make a difference? Aquarius reminds us that we are all part of this world and have a unique part to play. Interestingly enough, Aquarius rules the World Wide Web, which does connect people in a powerful way and makes this world we live in far more of a global village than ever before. It brings the potential for important messages and information to spread like wildfire, in ways that would have been unfathomable before we had the internet. Obviously it also has its darker side and shadow, but its capacity to connect people from all parts of the global and all walks of life is definitely a reflection of the Aquarian ideal of brother/sisterhood, liberty and equality. Aquarius reminds us that we are not all isolated human beings and urges us to participate and give something back to the community we live in.

The New Moon is sitting smack, bang in the middle of a challenging square aspect between Venus and Saturn. Venus is in Pisces at the moment, helping us to see the best in our loved ones and relate to their true spirit or essence; their divinity. This is the combination of unconditional love and can bring a certain sweetness and willingness to give to others.  However, this may also mean that we are somewhat blind-sided by their more human, wounded side, and this is where Saturn comes in. Saturn will peel back the layers of illusion in no uncertain terms, making us all too aware of our lovers’ flaws and where our relationships themselves are lacking or falling short somehow. He shines the harsh light of reality onto the way we relate to ourselves and to our loved ones, but the good news is that his energy also helps us to put in whatever work is necessary to improve our relationships. It is also possible that our beliefs about relationships could be challenged during this time, as we are forced to look at them from a different perspective.

Venus is also sitting next to Chiron, the Wounded Healer, so it is quite possible that our old wounds could be triggered so that we can become more aware how they are running the show and sabotaging our relationships.  It is important to be willing to take responsibility for our own wounds and vulnerabilities rather than reacting defensively or blaming the other person for “making” us feel the way we do. It is our old baggage, so we must own it; it’s just that some way that the other person acts may tend to hit upon our tender, wounded areas and makes us react. We should see this as a gift, because we have a chance to see it, recognise it and clear it, even though what we see might not be very pretty! Overall, this combination of Saturn, Chiron, Venus and the Aquarian Moon can help us to see ourselves and our relationships with clarity and compassion and make some tremendous shifts out of old, outworn beliefs and patterns. We should be able bring our wounds and vulnerabilities out into the open so that whatever is blocking us can be cleared without blame or shame.

Uranus, the ruler of the Aquarian Moon, is still forming a dynamic cardinal T-square with Jupiter and Pluto. This combination of energy can bring about amazing growth and change. Jupiter in Libra helps us to form mutually beneficial, growth-oriented relationships and believes in fairness and justice. Add that to the powerful combination of Uranus and Pluto, who together have the capacity to break down the structure of our lives so that something new can take its place, and we have an amazing recipe for the peaceful protests that we experienced this weekend! People joining together in peace and harmony (Jupiter in Libra) to fight for the truth and personal rights (Uranus in Aries) against the powers that be (Pluto in Capricorn)! This T-square brings the potential for revolution and transformation on both a personal and collective level. It brings the potential for powerful transformation and transcending limitation if we are willing to be honest about what needs to change and willing to try a radically different approach. It makes sense, right? If the old way simply isn’t working, then we have to come up with something we haven’t tried before. This may involve stepping out of the comfort zone somewhat, but what is the alternative?

The Sabian symbols for Saturn, Uranus and Pluto at the moment are very interesting and revealing, given the current social climate. Uranus, at 21° Aries, is: ”A pugilist enters the ring.” Dane Rudyar describes it as ”the release and glorification of social aggressiveness….. an eagerness for social fame and social power…. man’s deeply rooted feeling of admiration and envy for whoever can generate OVERWHELMING POWER.” Pluto’s symbol, at 18° Capricorn, is: “The Union Jack flag flies from a British warship”. Rudyar speaks of “a realisation of the ambivalence of POLITICAL POWER, its value and its dangers”. Saturn’s symbol, at 25°Sagittarius, is: “A chubby boy on a hobby-horse.” Dane says of this symbol: “The anticipatory enjoyment of powers one can only as yet dream of utilising.” These symbols are all very evocative! These slower moving planets tend to represent the current climate, or the theme of the times.

The symbol for the New Moon itself, which represents the potential for the month ahead, is 9° Aquarius: “A flag is seen turning into an eagle.” The flag is symbolic of a nation or country’s spirit, while the eagle is the physical manifestation of spirit or of an ideal. This symbol speaks of plans and dreams taking shape in reality and being given living substance and wings; acting out a vision; soaring power. This is an interesting symbol to interpret, because on the one hand it could be seen as the leader of a country (the flag) “soaring” to power and making their visions come true, while on the other hand the flag could represent whole nations of people standing up for their beliefs and ideals. The eagle encourages us to take on our power and walk our talk. It shows the potential for transformation and ascension and for making our dreams into reality. It is time to let our dreams take flight.

This Moon certainly holds the potential for change, growth and expansion! It would seem that what needs to change will become glaringly obvious and it is up to us how we handle what comes up. We can either resist and defend, blame and shame, or we can come together in the spirit of finding a solution and taking responsibility for the part we have played in the current dilemma. A problem shared is a problem halved! We have a chance for some amazing shifts to take place during this time, both personally and collectively. The two are always so closely linked anyway, as our individual lives are so often a reflection of the energy of the times; a microcosm of the collective macrocosm, so to speak.  As above, so below. As within, so without! Aquarius knows this all too well! If we are willing to be honest with ourselves and others about what simply isn’t working, and also admit our vulnerabilities, recognise our wounds and soft spots and have a sincere wish to do the necessary work to move through whatever comes up, then this New Moon can really help us release ourselves from some age old chains and shackles! It’s up to us if we are willing to step out of our safe, secure way of doing things and try something new on for size! This is the gift of Aquarius.

Much Love


Picture:  Mural at Tsogyelgar

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

CANCER FULL MOON - 12 January 2017

Exact at 11.33am GMT, 6.33am EDT.

Well, this is a big moon to start this year off with, as we have a Cardinal Grand Cross to really push us to get things going! Cardinal signs are initiators, with an energy that starts things off with a burst of enthusiasm. The follow through may leave something to be desired, but there is definitely an urge to push forward and make things happen. The Latin word “cardinalis” means principle, or pivotal. The areas of life involved in this Grand Cross are very personal indeed, as we have Aries (who am I and what am I doing here?), Cancer (family, home, roots, childhood emotional patterns), Libra (relationships with others) and Capricorn (parental authority, external authority, societal conditioning, our reputation and work in the outer world, career etc). Obviously what happens in our childhood (Cancer) and how we are conditioned by our parents, teachers and society, (Capricorn) will have a direct bearing on our self-image and how we meet the world (Aries) and, of course, how we relate to our partners (Libra). How many of us end up marrying our mother, or transferring our father issues onto our partner? This Grand Cross will very likely highlight some very personal, intimate aspects of our lives and psyches, especially for those who have personal planets on or around 22 degree of a sign.

As ever, the Full Moon brings to a head anything that has been simmering away below the surface of our consciousness in recent times. It brings to fruition whatever energetic seeds were planted during the Capricorn New Moon on December 29th. The Moon rules Cancer, so she is very much at home in her own sign. Cancer is a very emotional sign, so we should be prepared to really feel our emotions during this Moon, whatever they may be. It is quite possible that issues of emotional security could come up, as well as the recognition of how our family and childhoods have shaped our adult lives. So often, those closest to us trigger powerful emotions in us by behaving in a similar way to one of our parents, which can cause us to react in a defensive, childlike, irrational manner.  As a friend said the other day, the majority of our responses to life and relationships stem from the early relationship with mummy and daddy. Cancer is mummy, representing how we were nurtured and our emotional responses. Capricorn is daddy, representing parental authority and how we are taught (or not taught) to function in the world. Cancer can get completely consumed by emotions so that they end up running the show. Capricorn urges us to rise above our emotions and just get on with it (stiff upper lip), but this can lead to suppressing the emotions, which isn’t healthy either. A nice balance between the two is what’s needed.

This Moon could definitely bring our old, ingrained “familiar” patterns to the surface for us to look at, and this is where the balance of Capricorn comes in. Capricorn urges us to take responsibility for ourselves. Other people may trigger us, but we are responsible for how we act and react. They are just being themselves, but by doing so they sometimes touch a sore spot in our psyche; an old, unhealed wound. It’s not their fault, per se. Blaming another is not the way to go. It is far better to be willing to recognise and own the wound that is being triggered. And to be aware that on a deep, unconscious level we have brought these people into our lives because they represent something that needs healing in ourselves.  Our souls have also chosen our parents and the society we were born into in order to learn particular lessons so that we can grow and evolve. We are ultimately responsible for our whole experience in this life, even though it may seem like things “happen to us”! This can be a tough concept to come to terms with, especially when the childhood was particularly difficult, painful or challenging. However, there is also a certain comfort in it. This Moon invites us to take a moment to really feel whatever we are feeling, without judgement, blame, shame or guilt. Our emotions have so much to teach us if we only let them!

The players involved in the Grand Cross are the Moon in Cancer, Jupiter in Libra, the Sun/Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus/Eris in Aries. Uranus in aspect to the Moon could make our emotions quite erratic, making us feel somewhat unsettled and shaking us out of our safe, familiar patterns. He has the capacity to release us from the past and help us move past anything that may be blocking us from growth.  We could find ourselves having some wonderful epiphanies and breakthroughs when it comes to our family and relationship patterns. Alongside Eris he will poke and prod us to be truthful with ourselves and others, encouraging us to be sincere, authentic and true to ourselves rather than holding back what we really feel simply for the sake of peace and harmony. However, Jupiter in Libra can show us how to be being considerate, loving and kind at the same time as being truthful and authentic .  The truth doesn’t have to be hurtful or cause arguments! Jupiter represents our beliefs and as he is in the sign of relating we could find ourselves questioning beliefs on how to relate to loved ones that probably stem back from childhood and beyond. Beliefs create patterns and ways of being, and then they get stuck, but we have a chance to dislodge a few during this Moon simply by them being bought to our attention. Whatever becomes conscious loses its power over us.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and in aspect to the Moon he could exaggerate and blow our emotions out of proportion. This is a good opportunity to really feel them, however, and recognise certain triggers and wounds. Pluto is loosely involved in the Grand Cross, urging soul growth and transformation and urging us to be true to ourselves and our path. He could help us to recognise how we wield power in our lives or give it away. Pluto is the god of the underworld and he encourages us to dive below the surface and confront our shadows and those parts of ourselves that we would rather not own or admit to. It’s easier to pretend they aren’t there, but then they continue to run the show and prevent us from having healthy relationships. It is much better to be brave enough to look in the ugly mirror and take responsibility for what we see there.

Saturn is also involved with the Moon, helping us to commit to make changes and also to take responsibility for ourselves and our part in our relationships. He is tugging away at the Moon, which could make our emotions feel a bit heavy, but is helping Jupiter and Uranus, which could make us feel like anything is possible if we are willing to put in the work. Last year involved a lot of clearing out, while this Moon and its Cardinal Cross brings a sense of new beginnings and the potential to move past and through whatever might be blocking us from true fulfilment in life or sabotaging our relationships. Saturn is sitting right next to Juno, the goddess of marriage and partnership, which brings a sense of commitment and stability to our close relationships and a willingness to work through whatever sticky stuff might come up during this time.  

Neptune and Venus are also joining forces in Pisces for this Moon, bringing the potential for some heartfelt, empathetic and compassionate relating whereby we really connect with one another’s true essence and spirit. Not to mention that Neptune and Pisces remind us that we are all one anyway, connected by an invisible, energetic web that means that I am you and you are me and what happens to one happens to us all. This combination of planets is the recipe for unconditional love. It can also mean that we put the rose-tinted spectacles on when it comes to our relationships and only see the best of the other person, or what we want to see. However, this definitely adds some kindness, gentleness and sweetness to this Moon.

It does feel like this Moon could be somewhat pivotal and brings the opportunity for us to initiate some creative change in our lives and relationships. As I said, the Moon is very happy in her own sign, so hopefully it won’t be a turbulent Full Moon, despite the presence of Uranus and Pluto. The Cardinal Cross could simply be a nice boost to help us to see where we might be stuck or not quite being honest with ourselves. Old patterns and responses may be brought to our attention somehow, but we should see it as a gift and really embrace the Cancer energy by fully feeling whatever emotions are brought to the surface. Capricorn then urges us to take responsibility for them rather than simply reacting defensively. What is my stuff and what is yours? It’s not easy to recognise our own patterns and ingrained beliefs because they were formed so long ago that they are utterly unconscious, but if we are open and willing to grow, what amazing self-knowledge can be gained from just sitting with and observing whatever comes up. There is no doubt whatsoever that our emotions have something to teach us if we only honour them rather than pushing them away or blaming them on someone else. This is the gift of Cancer.

Much Love


Picture: Dark Water Swim – Jennifer Walton

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

CAPRICORN NEW MOON - 29 December 2016

Exact at 6.53am GMT, 1.53am EST.

This New Moon allows us to look back over this year we have just had and to contemplate what needs to change in our lives and what we might want or need for ourselves moving forward. Retrograde Mercury is sitting right next to the Sun and Moon in serious, structured and disciplined Capricorn, so this is a good moon to review and reflect on what has led us to this point. This has been quite an intense year for many, so it is not surprising that this New Moon would have a certain retrospective element to it. We have a chance to release old habits and patterns to make space for new ones to come in and to do some serious contemplation on how and with whom we would like to move forward. It’s a perfect Moon for New Year resolutions! Capricorn likes to make long term plans and goals and is adept at the art of discipline and commitment, so whatever decisions we make for ourselves during this time have a good chance of actually sticking! As ever, it is important to remember that New Moons are a very potent time for setting intentions, so be careful what you wish for! In my experience, what we ask for can be taken quite literally so it would be advisable to use the Capricorn energy to carefully pick our thoughts and the words we use to set our intentions. Ask with our hearts, not our heads.

The New Moon is also supported by Mars and Neptune, who are joining forces in Pisces and not only that are also sitting next to the South Node of the Moon, which represents our past. This brings even more of a sense of looking back and releasing old patterns. While Capricorn likes to be in control of the outcome and can even be a bit rigid, Mars, representing our actions and desires, and Neptune, the planet of oneness, unity and connection to all that is, both  remind us to loosen our grip on the reins somewhat. Mars and Neptune together represent intuitive, inspired action and encourage us to trust our instincts and allow ourselves to be guided by something bigger than ourselves. They remind us to remain flexible and simply let go of any resistance to what we want; to seek the path of least resistance, so to speak. If we have to fight and push to achieve our goals then it is quite likely that they are not quite right for us, whereas if the path opens up before us with no effort then we are most likely moving in the right direction.  Sometimes it is best not to get too attached to a specific outcome but rather to have an idea of which general direction we are going. Instead of fighting the current we are encouraged to let go and go with the flow.

The ruler of Capricorn is Saturn, who is very active during this Moon. He is forming a supportive trine aspect to Uranus and a challenging square aspect to Chiron, and both of these aspects are coming to a head around the time of this Moon. The trine to Uranus gives us an opportunity to come up with some new solutions to old problems and to release ourselves from old, stuck patterns and conditioning that have dominated our lives for far too long. Obviously, this can feel a bit uncomfortable, as we are very used to these patterns and ways of behaving. They are very familiar, but are also holding us prisoner and often affect our lives and relationships in adverse ways. Uranus, otherwise known as the Great Awakener, is stationary during this Moon, getting ready to turn direct after having been retrograde since 29 July. As such, his rebellious, electrical, changing energy will be very strong indeed. It is quite possible that we will feel a strong urge to bust out of our moulds and break the rules somehow, whether these rules are imposed on us from without or from within ourselves. Uranus likes to shake things up a bit and release us from our cages so we are free to be exactly who we are, rather than what we have been told we “should” be.

At the same time as Saturn is working with Uranus to release us from old patterns, he is also in challenging aspect to Chiron the Wounded Healer, making us all too aware of how these old patterns are hurting and hindering us. The energy of the Saturn Chiron square has been quite heavy and has brought our vulnerabilities to the surface in no uncertain terms in recent times. Saturn has a testing quality to him, and so this month has been quite a trying and even painful time for those lucky enough to have this square aspecting their personal planets! The expression “no pain, no gain” comes to mind here! Any old, ingrained, chronic beliefs and behavioural patterns have been brought to light so that we and our loved ones can scrutinise them and we can be more aware of how they are running the show. We all have our shadows and our Achilles heel, and it will have been hard to hide them from the harsh light of Saturn’s glare in the past few weeks. However, what a gift! If we are willing to face ourselves honestly and do the inner work, this will have been such a valuable time.  This energy peaks exactly on the New Moon.

This is a good New Moon to end 2016 with. It gives us a chance to gently reflect on the year we have had and to look forward to what we might want for ourselves for 2017. It has been a tough year for many, both personally and collectively, but there is always so much potential for growth within the challenges we face! The aspects to this Moon are gentle and supportive, so we have the opportunity to review this year and take what we have learned so that it can help us to move forward with greater wisdom and strength. Capricorn is a very patient and persistent sign who sets his eyes on what he wants and moves steadily upwards towards the final destination. We are just reminded not to be too rigid or set on a specific goal, but rather we should trust our intuition and hunches to send us in the right direction. Even when things seem to go against us it is important to have faith and trust in the bigger picture and a grand design that will reveal itself in the fullness of time. We are not in control! Our thoughts and words carry considerable weight during this Moon, so it is important to be conscious and aware of any intentions we are setting, whether they are deliberate or not.

Wishing you a truly wondrous 2017!

Much Love


Picture: Mystical Illustrations by Alexander Jansson

Saturday, 10 December 2016

GEMINI FULL MOON - 13/14 December 2016

Exact at 12.05am Wednesday GMT,  exact at 7.05pm Tuesday EST.

There is a lot going on during this Full Moon, which is quite appropriate considering the Moon is in Gemini, who likes to have his finger in many pies! The Sagittarius New Moon involved us separating truth from illusion and trusting what our gut instinct was telling us versus the lies that we can so easily tell ourselves. There was a sense that we were dealing with a situation that we had already experienced but had somehow messed up or failed at before, and that we were being giving the opportunity to do it differently this time. This will have been playing out over the last couple of weeks and so whatever was planted then will now be coming to fruition, or coming to a head. Full Moons have a tendency to bring whatever has been bubbling away below the surface out into the full light of our awareness. This Moon is no exception! There is some very heavy, challenging energy surrounding this lunation, though luckily we also have some very positive, supportive energy to help us along.

The Sun is in optimistic, philosophical and adventurous Sagittarius, sitting directly opposite the Moon in curious, talkative and restless Gemini. The key to the Full Moon is to somehow find the balance between the energy of the two signs and not veer too far in one direction. Sagittarius rules the higher mind, our intuition, our gut instinct and seeks the truth at all costs. Gemini rules the left brain, our more rational, logical side and can also bring duplicity. It is so easy to tell little white lies to ourselves and others in an attempt to hide from the truth of the matter. Gemini is adept at the art of storytelling, and can talk a good talk, but those stories can easily “spin a yarn” and take us far, far away from what we are really trying to say, or what we really feel. Gemini likes to put labels on things in order to make sense of itself and the world and can easily amass a whole lot of meaningless data in the process. Sagittarius encourages us to see the bigger picture and to get in touch with our true instincts. As this Moon is a continuation from the Sagittarius New Moon, it seems important to confront some kind of truth, in ourselves or others, despite the temptation to rationalise our emotions and skirt over the surface of the matter with words or stories that mean nothing. It’s time to dig deep and face ourselves.

The square between Saturn and Chiron the Wounded Healer is a very big part of this Full Moon, because Saturn is sitting right on top of the Sun and opposing the Moon, while Chiron is forming a challenging square to the Sun, Saturn and the Moon. This is some very heavy, karmic, soul searching energy to contend with here that could be quite painful to face! Saturn and Chiron can force us to confront the darker side of life and our psyches and we may feel acutely exposed and vulnerable during this time, as Saturn shines the harsh light of reality on our wounds, flaws and insecurities. It is possible that we will come face to face with our shadows, or have our blind spots pointed out in no uncertain terms. It is time to accept responsibility for our shortcomings and patterns and in the meantime find true compassion for ourselves and others.

This is not a time to be proud, or defensive, or self-righteous. It is a time to have integrity; to be willing to face ourselves bravely and honestly and to do the much needed work to move past patterns that we may think we had overcome already. If we are open and willing to face and accept what we are being shown, as uncomfortable as it may be, then we have the potential for amazing growth. Things may seem a bit bleak and dark for a while, as we face up to some hard truths and have some tough pills to swallow, but there is amazing potential for some deep healing of old, entrenched patterns here so that we don’t have to go there again. This energy will feel particularly acute before and during this Moon, but will continue to build until December 29th when it will peak.  This could put a bit of a dampener on the joviality and jollity of Sagittarius season, especially as Saturn is in Sagittarius. I have faith that the optimistic Sagittarius spirit will prevail, however! The Saturn Chiron square will also be around, off and on, during 2017 so this won’t be the last we see of it by any means.

Mercury is the ruler of the Gemini Moon and so he is a big player here. He is also in the shadow zone at the moment, getting ready to go retrograde on December 19th. During this Moon he is joining forces with Pluto, the planet of soul, power and transformation. This also brings the potential for us to face some hard, emotional truths and also to transform the way we think. Gemini is a very chatty sign, and with Mercury in Capricorn combined with Pluto I would expect any conversations we have to be very deep, soulful and penetrating in nature. We won’t be satisfied with superficial answers or explanations and will demand the truth from one another. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere to hide during this Moon! We are digging deep into the shadows and facing ourselves squarely in the face, even if we don’t like what we see! Mercury and Pluto will meet again on January 29th, after Mercury goes direct again.

The good news is that we also have a beautiful, supportive Grand Air Trine between the Moon, Jupiter and Mars which will help matters enormously. Jupiter in Libra will help bring justice, fairness and growth through our relationships and in aspect to the Moon will bring a certain tolerance and generosity of spirit to our dealings with one another. We will have a genuine desire to help one another grow and learn. Mars in Aquarius can help us to be brave enough to step out of our comfort zones and move past our blocks and old conditioning. Mars and Jupiter in positive aspect bring self-confidence, a willingness to dive in and faith that we are being led in the right direction. Mars and the Moon will help us to be honest about our feelings and not hold them back. Uranus in Aries is also forming a positive aspect to the Sun, Moon and Saturn, helping us to release ourselves from the past and free ourselves from any old patterns or parental/societal conditioning that might be stopping us from being truly ourselves. Together with Mars in Aquarius there is a sense that we will experience a blast of fresh air that will breathe new life and excitement into our lives and help free us from whatever we might be clinging to for the sake of safety and security.

This Moon may involve some quite heavy energy but what potential for growth! It is very important indeed to be able to take a long, hard look at ourselves and accept responsibility for our part in whatever we are faced with at the moment. As long as we put the blame outside of ourselves we are denying ourselves the potential for learning and growing. We have a part to play in every single experience and we always have a choice in how we react and respond.  It seems that it will be hard to hide from the truth during this Moon, try as we might. Integrity seems to have a big part to play here, as we are being called to be honest, upright and to stand by our principles. Integrity is about choosing truth over comfort and making sure that the things we say and the things we do are in alignment. It’s about doing what’s right rather than what’s easy. Whatever hard truths we have to confront during this time will ultimately free us, as long as we are willing to own them. People with personal planets or angles between 18 and 26 degrees of a sign, especially Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces, will feel the energy of this Moon more acutely than others.

Much Love


Picture: Hiding the Truth – Maureen Haschke

Saturday, 26 November 2016

SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON - 29 November 2016

Exact at 12.18pm GMT, 7.18am EST.

Well, we are now out of Scorpio season, with all of the emotional intensity, letting go and purging that it brings! Sagittarius season is now upon us, bringing a bit more humour to the picture at least! One of the beautiful aspects of Sagittarius is the ability to see the positive potential for growth in every situation, no matter how painful or challenging. Scorpio season will have brought up issues of trust, intimacy, power, powerlessness, death/rebirth, transformation and vulnerability, all of which cause us to dig deep beneath the surface in order to understand ourselves, our loved ones and life itself. This is where we join forces and merge with others, experiencing a “death” of our separate self. Scorpio is where we literally experience energy, the pain of loss and the power of magic and things unseen and we start to question “Why?” This then leads us to Sagittarius, who takes it a step further so that we look for higher meaning in life and contemplate what we believe in, what our faith is and where we fit into this cosmos of ours. Sagittarius invites us to trust our gut, strengthen our intuition and develop our faith and connection to the Divine, Universe, God, Higher Self, or whatever we choose to call it!

As such, this New Moon could make us question our beliefs and our hunches. The Sun and Moon are forming a square to the Nodes of the Moon, which indicates that this is a very significant Moon on a deep, soul level. Squares to the Nodal axis represent skipped steps, so there is a sense that we have been here before and somehow messed up, so now we are back experiencing the same issue again in the hope that this time we can do it differently. Maybe this time we can step past our old, familiar patterns that don’t do us any favours and try something new on for size! With the Sun and Moon in Sagittarius and sitting smack, bang on top of Juno, the asteroid of marriage and partnership, the old patterns to overcome will most likely relate to our beliefs about ourselves, our relationships and life itself. These attitudes and beliefs are often so entrenched that it is quite difficult to change them, but this is our chance! These beliefs could range anywhere from “I’m not good enough” to “Everyone I love leaves me in the end” to “I’m not worth loving”, to “I can’t make a relationship work” and they will have all come from something that happened to us along the way, whether it be a parent leaving, or a relationship not working out, or even a throwaway comment made by someone we trusted and respected, such as a parent or school teacher.

The South Node of the Moon, representing the past patterns, attitudes and beliefs, is in Pisces, sitting right next to Neptune, Pisces’ Ruler. This is a double whammy of sensitive Pisces energy! We might want to examine how we keep ourselves small and in victim mode through our beliefs about ourselves. Victim mentality disempowers us, because it means that we blame something or someone outside of us for whatever is happening to us. As Richard Bach says, “If it’s never our fault, we can’t take responsibility for it. If we can’t take responsibility for it, we’ll always be its victim.” All this does is keep us stuck in our own little pity party, preventing us from taking positive action and actually making changes. It is very important during this Moon to have a long hard look at how we might tend to disempower ourselves by believing that we have no control or are at the mercy of something or someone else, rather than taking responsibility for our part in whatever is happening. How are our beliefs about ourselves keeping us small and disempowered? How would a simple attitude adjustment make a difference? What if we do have the power to make a different decision?

The North Node in Virgo represents the potential for soul growth and is the resolution to the square from the Sun and Moon. Virgo is quite practical and no nonsense and likes making healthy routines that build skills and self-confidence. This can help balance the Pisces tendency to feel overwhelmed. VIrgo is practiced at the art of discernment, which can help us to separate truth from illusion or delusion. Pisces, in its negative state, is well versed in the art of self-deception and sabotage and it is so very easy to lie to ourselves and bury our heads in the sand. Virgo will have none of that and will help us to see where we are putting the blame outside of ourselves instead of taking a long hard look inside! Virgo can also help us discern whether we are experiencing the fear, paranoia and anxiety of the Pisces South Node experience or whether it is simply our Sagittarius “gut instinct” giving us valuable warning signs. Is it fear coming from old, outworn, sabotaging patterns or beliefs, or is it our intuition warning us that we are not obeying our higher self? Have we gone against our gut reactions in the past, to our detriment? Possibly we are now being invited to obey them and create a different story for ourselves.

Jupiter, the ruler of this Sagittarius Moon, is forming a challenging, square aspect to Pluto, the planet of soul and transformation. This aspect is still very strong but was exact on Thursday evening and coincided with Venus (relationships)and Pluto joining forces in Capricorn. Not only that, but Jupiter is in Libra, the sign of relationships. This has the capacity to bring deep transformation of our faith and beliefs. We may be forced to confront any beliefs about ourselves and the way we relate, as well as realising some very uncomfortable truths that are hard to hide from. We could also come up against other people’s deeply held convictions and beliefs, which could be a bit challenging, as they may express them with considerable force! We could have a crisis of faith. Ultimately Jupiter wants us to grow and expand, while Pluto can represent a big, cosmic kick up the bum if we are going against our truth and purpose. Put the two of them together and we might be forced to dive into the shadows and own up to whatever muck we find there! However hard it may be to face, there is always a hidden treasure when it comes to Pluto. We can be sure that this will bring enormous soul growth if we are willing to step out of south node victim and own our stuff. We are invited to step up and step beyond old patterns so that we can stand fully in our power.

There is more, of course, but I won’t go into it too much as I have already gone into detail in the last post on the Taurus Full Moon. The Chiron/Saturn square is still building, which could make everything feel a bit heavy but will bring great rewards if we are willing to actually acknowledge and own our limitations and vulnerabilities. The Uranus/Saturn trine is also building, helping us find new solutions to old problems and break out of old conditioning so that we are free to be exactly who we are. In terms of the world we live in, the old systems/structures are so obviously breaking down at this point that it is obvious that something new must take their place, so this trine can help us envision what that might be. If things aren’t working then we just have to find a new way of being! It is quite likely that it will come from the ground up. We are all responsible. There is also a sense of old beliefs being broken down, which is very much in keeping with this New Moon.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is “Within the depths of the earth new elements are being formed.”  Dane Rudyar describes this as “The alchemical fire which both purifies and transforms the very substance of man’s inner life.” This New Moon certainly brings the potential for some profound changes and shifts within us that may not be obvious on surface level but could bring enormous growth on a soul level. Both personally and collectively, things are moving, shaking and rumbling from deep within! As with all New Moons, this is a time of endings and beginnings and this one gives us the chance to leave the old beliefs and patterns behind in the dark of the moon and set some positive intentions that involve walking down a different path, creating a different story for ourselves and not looking back! In some way, shape or form we have been here before. This time we do it differently.

Much Love


Picture:  Hale Mau Mau by Ogura Yonesuke Itoh