Friday, 13 April 2018

ARIES NEW MOON - 15 / 16 April 2018

Monday 16 April, exact at 2.57am BST, Sunday 15 April, exact at 9.57pm EDT

This Moon is a powerful one indeed, with some very volatile, revealing and potentially destructive energy involved. This New Moon is occurring in the first sign of the zodiac, and so it represents the beginning of a new phase of development. This is a time when we should leave whatever isn’t serving us behind in the dark of the Moon and set intentions for what we seek for ourselves moving forward. Whatever we are thinking, doing or contemplating during the New Moon has the potential to ripen and blossom as the Moon moves towards the full phase two weeks later. This New Moon is in Aries, the sign of independence, anger, assertion, honesty, enthusiasm, domination, courage, action, aggression; a sign that is very impulsive and tends to act first and think later. Aries is that part of ourselves that has the courage to try new experiences in order to find out who and what we are. He also demands freedom to follow his own path and has a deep fear of entrapment. Aries instinctually acts on his desires and is very adept at taking care of his own needs. This is the energy of this New Moon. Combined with the other planetary influences, there is an impatient and potentially explosive energy to this Moon that could set a ball in motion that might be hard to stop.

This New Moon is sitting smack, bang between Uranus, the Great Awakener, Rebel and Revolutionary and Eris, the goddess of chaos, strife and discord. Uranus has a very erratic, unpredictable energy that has the potential to bring sudden change and unexpected events that seem to happen “to us” but are in fact a reflection of a need within us to change the status quo and release stagnation or blockages. Of course, this also brings the possibility of sudden outbursts of anger, aggression or violence, as Uranus is in Aries, the warrior sign, after all! Whatever comes up during this time could surprise or shock us, but ultimately it will help blast us out of our ruts and bring everything out into the open. This is where Eris comes in, because she is the whistle blower and is ever ready to expose artifice and hypocrisy. Eris is well versed in the art of revenge and could help reveal the truth of the matter, bringing about a sense of poetic justice. With Eris revealing the truth and exposing our shadows for what they are, and Uranus bringing some kind of wake up call, it could be hard to hide during this Moon!

Just to add to the story, we also have Mars, Black Moon Lilith and Pluto joining forces in Capricorn! This is an ominous combination, as Mars is the warrior planet, while Black Moon Lilith has the capacity for volcanic eruptions of destructive anger, intense passion, emotional manipulation and disordered aggression. Pluto is the planet of power, transformation, death and rebirth, and in Capricorn has been slowly but surely exposing the rot within our power structures, destroying them as they stand so that something with more integrity can take their place. It’s a work in progress! It is interesting that this combination of such powerful energies is occurring in Capricorn, the sign of government, authority, society and rules and regulations. There is something quite primal about this mix of the God of War, the Dark Goddess and the God of the underworld! On a personal level this could bring some very raw emotions to the surface, including rage, jealousy or the searing pain of rejection. The darker side of our humanity could show itself during this time, but I suppose that it is less dangerous if it is out in the open, rather than sabotaging us from the unconscious realms!

Mars and Black Moon Lilith are very close together for this Moon, and this ferocious, raw, wild, passionate and potentially destructive energy will peak on Thursday 19 April. Mars then moves on and joins Pluto on 26 April, which could help us to have the courage and motivation to move past our limitations, aligning our personal will (Mars) with our higher will (Pluto). However, if could also bring acts of violence, fury, rage and aggressive abuse of power, causing us to act very compulsively, as if driven by an invisible force. Black Moon Lilith will finally catch up to Pluto on 18 May. The Dark Goddess and the Lord of the Underworld could definitely bring up some primal emotion, raw sexuality, power struggles and also potential empowerment. It certainly seems as if the dark could come out into the light during this time, exposing what might usually be suppressed or hidden below the surface, so it is important to practice self-awareness and be willing to be really honest with ourselves.

As I mentioned in my last post, Chiron the Wounded Healer is currently at the very end of the very last degree of Pisces, which is the very last degree of the entire zodiac, signifying the very end of a cycle of development. It seems to be a good opportunity to dive into our pain, face our shadows, confront our core wounds and do some honest, heart-felt self-examination and healing. Of course it is not easy to face the really painful stuff and find compassion and forgiveness; it is easier to blame others for our wounded natures, or stuff the pain away, numbing it with alcohol, food, drugs, cigarettes, anti-depressants, sleep, television or whatever else helps us not to feel. Pisces rules the collective unconscious, and so, as Chiron is reaching the very end of Pisces we could feel, all too acutely, the pain of the whole world and all of life; the humans, the plants, trees, animals. Humanity as a whole is deeply wounded right now. It is hard to deny it.

When a planet moves from one sign to the next there is generally a big energetic shift. This is even more so when it moves from Pisces to Aries, as it is shifting from the very end of the end to the very beginning. When Uranus moved into Aries, for instance, the tsunami happened in Japan. Pisces is a very peaceful, sensitive, empathetic sign, while Aries is a very dynamic, assertive warrior-like sign, so it will be interesting to see what occurs as Chiron moves from one sign to the other; from water to fire. This shift will happen on the 17th, literally the day after the New Moon!  Uranus is also approaching the end of his stay in Aries. This unpredictable, revolutionary planet will move into earthy Taurus on 15 May. It will be interesting to see what might happen in the last few weeks of the Great Awakener’s stay in this dynamic, aggressive sign. He certainly gave us a few shocks when he went into Aries, so we will see what unrest he can stir up now! While Uranus in Aries can bring freedom, rebellion and liberation, there is no doubt that there is the potential for unresolved or supressed anger being triggered or unleashed, sudden, selfish acts of reactionary aggression and provocation of war.

The Sabian symbol in which Black Moon Lilith and Mars are joining forces is very interesting. This is what Dane Rudyar says of the symbol for 18° Capricorn: “The Union Jack flag flies from a British warship.” The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order.
This symbol reflects conditions prevailing in the past when Great Britain‘s fleet was policing the seas under the international principle of the freedom of the seas. Times have changed, but the concept remains valid. Power is required to maintain social order and relatively peaceful interpersonal as well as international relationships. Alas, this power can easily be misused under the pretext of preserving “law and order.” Justice and compassion must balance social power, and especially the power of privileged groups. Where this symbol appears, the need for protection may be in evidence – or it may be a warning against using power for selfish advantage.
This symbol brings to us a realisation of the ambivalence of POLITICAL POWER, its value and its dangers.”

The symbol for Pluto is also interesting: By accepting defeat gracefully, a general reveals nobility of character.”
“The realisation that one may grow through defeat as well as, and perhaps more than, through success.
This symbol presents us with the possibility of turning apparent external defeat into an inner spiritual achievement. We have recently seen how totally vanquished nations (Germany and Japan) have leaped forward and achieved great economic success. Much depends on the quality of the will and the inner integrity of the person.
With this symbol we find what seems to be a paradox, but the spiritual life is always paradoxical. The great sinner can become the most renowned saint, and a medieval Pope a criminal. What matters most always is INNER STRENGTH.”

This Moon certainly holds the potential for the unexpected to occur. It feels like power and feelings we didn’t know we had could be unleashed, like a pipe or a dam bursting. With both Chiron and Uranus about to change signs, it definitely feels like we are going to experience a big shift, both personally and collectively. The darkness could come out into the light, no longer hidden by any kind of fa├žade. There is a sense of the truth being exposed, and it might not be pretty but it could be very liberating indeed! Mercury is also turning direct in Aries a few hours before the New Moon, so direct, honest communication is both essential and likely. Of course, the impulsive energy of Aries does mean that things could be said or decisions could be made that are rash, ill thought out and that we can’t go back on. However, at least the retrograde cycle will be over, which lessens the potential for miscommunication and misunderstandings to occur. Interesting times! Let’s see what the next few weeks brings us!

Much Love


Image: Moon Goddess Dark Chaos  by Immanuel Velikovsky

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

LIBRA FULL MOON - 31 March 2018

Exact at 1.36pm BST , 8.36am EDT.

We are well and truly in Aries season, with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus all currently in this assertive, honest, brave and independent sign! This week Venus and Uranus join forces in Aries, which could make relations with others somewhat erratic, unpredictable and potentially even shocking. This energy has been building since Monday and will be exact on Thursday, and could bring a strong need to assert our individuality within our relationships, or to bust out of routine or stagnation, or even to make a bid for freedom. This may cause considerable disruption to the status quo of our relationships, but equally it could bring a much needed breath of fresh air as we are able to see another way of approaching our relationships. Aries energy is very forthright and honest, and so we could find ourselves being able to express things to one another that may be a bit shocking at first, but will ultimately bring everything out into the open so that it is all “on the table”, so to speak.  Uranus has the capacity to revolutionise our relationships and look at them from completely different perspective. As such, this could be quite an exciting, enlivening and insightful time for the way we relate.

And with a Libra Full Moon, the emphasis is definitely on relationships at the moment. We have the Sun in Aries, a sign that needs the freedom and independence to develop our own sense of identity, sitting directly opposite the Moon in Libra, a sign that helps us to understand ourselves through the mirror of relationship. As ever, with a Full Moon we are asked to find a sense of balance between the energy of the two signs involved, rather than veering too far in one direction. Libra, represented by the scales, is a sign of psychological extremes and imbalances, and so this Moon could help us to see where we might be extreme or out of balance in our psychological make-up. Of course, our close relationships tend to make these imbalances rather obvious, as it is hard to hide when we are up close and personal with another human being!

Libra tends to highlight how we might project any needs that weren’t met in childhood onto our partner, so that co-dependency can easily occur, which can cause us to lose ourselves. With Libra there is a need to be needed, and to really listen to what the other person needs. Listening is such an important part of relating, as is the art of compromise.  Aries, on the other hand, demands freedom and independence to find out who we are and develop a solid sense of our own identity. It is very instinctual sign that gives us the courage and motivation to strike out on our own and actualise our own destiny. Obviously both signs have their limitations. It is important to learn to meet our own needs and not expect one person to meet them all for us. That is simply impossible! Similarly, it is important not to become so self-involved that we don’t acknowledge the needs of the other person. Aries energy can be quite selfish, which is important sometimes, but can easily go too far. It is such a delicate balance, achieving healthy relationships, and this Full Moon could definitely bring to the surface any imbalance between the need to be ourselves and the need to be in relationship.

The ruler of Libra is Venus, who will have just popped over into Taurus when the Moon is Full. Venus is very much at home in her own sign, and will encourage us to develop a healthy sense of self-worth and to make sure that we are self-reliant rather than depending on others to meet our needs. All of this Aries energy can help us to be really honest with one another and to say it how it is, rather than sugar-coating or hiding our true feelings from one another. It is a very good Moon for expressing our needs and being completely honest about where we are coming from, because Aries helps us to be brave and assertive, while Libra helps us to really listen to one another. It can also help us to initiate relationships or courses of action that we might usually be more cautious about. Of course, Aries can also bring up anger, arrogance and the urge to dominate, and is a rather impulsive sign, so we could find ourselves saying or doing things that we wish we could take back! This is especially true as Mercury, the planet of communication, is retrograde in forthright Aries right now. However, it is better out in the open, even if the truth hurts.

Mars, the ruler of Aries, is joining forces with Saturn in Capricorn for this Full Moon. Not only that, but both planets are challenging the Sun and Moon. This is an interesting combination, because Saturn represents control, limitation, authority, duty, discipline and can easily suppress our natural impulses. Mars represents assertion, anger, impulsiveness, action, desire and so we might experience suppressed anger in ourselves or others which could come out as seething resentment or rage. We could experience some kind of energetic force coming from an authority figure, or have to act out of a sense of duty. This combination is great for focused, disciplined, patient action and can bring amazing stamina, and also means that we could have the capacity to work very hard towards our goals during this time. Saturn and Mars also ask us to act from a place of integrity. However, it could also mean that we are forced to hold feelings or impulses in, or become involved in some kind of struggle for control or domination. It is important to be aware that often when we seek to control it is because we feel powerless in some way and are seeking to redress the balance or feel less insecure.

This energy is very prominent indeed during this Moon, and so we could feel quite frustrated, as if we are trying to push against something or someone that simply will not back down or soften. Indeed, we could simply be held back by our own limitations, or feelings of fear, inadequacy or futility. Saturn does have the capacity to bring out the darker, more fearful side of our natures, and with Mars involved we could be more prone to act on these impulses. People could act in quite harsh or ruthless ways, out of ambition or a need for hard control. Anything that is suppressed will surely have to explode at some point. The energy of the conjunction will peak on Monday 2 April, but will be very strong during the Full Moon. It will feel particularly acute for anyone who has personal planets between 5 degrees and 11 degrees of a sign. It will feel particularly acute for any one with planets between 5 degrees and 11 degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries or Libra.

Jupiter and Pluto are gearing up to form another harmonious aspect to one another, which has been building for a month or so and will be exact on 14 April. This combination will really help us to look at ourselves honestly and to do the necessary work on ourselves to help us grow on a deep, soul level.  Jupiter is in Scorpio, helping us to face the deeper, darker aspects of ourselves and reality, and combined with Pluto is helping us to bring things out from under the proverbial carpet that have hitherto been buried. This will help us all to become more transparent on a personal level and also collectively. Pluto is in Capricorn and has slowly but surely been exposing the rot within society and our power structures since 2008, and this aspect between Jupiter and Pluto will definitely help that process along, bringing what has been hidden out into the light of our awareness, no matter how shameful, sordid or corrupt it seems. Jupiter seeks the truth, and in Scorpio he isn’t afraid to go digging deep into the dark, murky undergrowth to discover the truth that lies hidden there. Long kept secrets could be revealed, and we may have to face considerable guilt or shame, but we will feel so much better for having got everything out into the open. This is a very opportune time to face our shadows.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is now in the very last degree of Pisces, which is the very last degree of the entire zodiac! This means that we are at the end of a cycle, and I do wonder whether we now have the opportunity to find some resolution around our core wounding, letting go of some of the pain we have carried around with us our whole lives and moving on.  Not only that, but Chiron helps us to connect with our higher selves and find hidden skills and talents we didn’t know we had. There is the potential for us being somehow released from the prison of our oldest wounds, but before we do we may need to dive more deeply into the origin of the pain, inviting it in so that we can fully experience it on every level. It’s time to open those sores up and pour salt on them! Chiron will pop over into Aries on the Aries New Moon of April 16, which is very exciting indeed! This should bring a considerable shift of energy, and in the couple of weeks leading up to it we may well feel more sensitive, open and raw than usual, and more easily triggered. We should use this time to really embrace and feel whatever emotions come up, no matter how vulnerable we may feel, and to do our best to be compassionate and forgiving towards ourselves and others, because ultimately we are all in this together!

There certainly is an interesting combination of energy surrounding this Moon! With the Aries/Libra axis in the hot seat, our relationships are certainly emphasised.  This is all the more so because it is a Full Moon, which tends to highlight relationships and bring buried tensions to the surface. Uranus and Venus seem to bring the potential for some kind of release and change within our relationships in the build up to the moon, while Saturn and Mars seems to be a very controlled, fearful and suppressing energy, and possibly causing us to feel as if we are under the control of darker forces.  Or else not act, out of fear. Jupiter and Pluto are helping to do some honest, heartfelt amazing soul searching and to bring the truth out into the open, no matter how dark or shameful it might seem. And all the while we have Chiron in the very last degree of the zodiac, making us feel much more sensitive and open, but also helping us to tap into our higher self and our super powers. It seems like we are being called to be very honest with ourselves and others right now and to do some great purging! This Moon could bring us some rather extreme emotions to the surface, which could make us feel somewhat out of balance, but I suppose that Saturn is there to keep it all under control and ensure that we come from a place of integrity. The best we can do with a Libra Full Moon is really, truly listen to one another.

Much Love


Artwork: Libra by Susan Seddon-Boulet

Thursday, 15 March 2018

PISCES NEW MOON - 17 March 2018

Exact at 1.11pm GMT, 10.11am EDT!

We are currently in dreamtime, as we are in the dark of the Moon at the very end of the astrological cycle. On the Spring Equinox this Tuesday 20 March, the Sun moves into pioneering Aries and a whole new cycle begins. This is a time of culmination and completion, when we are invited to leave behind whatever no longer serves us in the dark of the Moon and contemplate what we might want to create for ourselves moving forward. We are currently preparing to shoot out of the hard winter ground, but for now, while we are still underground, we are invited to contemplate and imagine what kind of flower or plant we would like to become once we emerge into the light. This New Moon is a time for us to rest, meditate, turn within and listen to what our dreams are telling us. Indeed, we might feel quite tired during this time, as our dreamlife is probably much more active and prolific than usual. We will be processing a lot in our dreams at the moment.  We are invited to let go and surrender to the flow of our lives, allowing the current to take us where it will. This is a time to listen to the whisperings of our soul, heeding our intuition and paying attention to the subtle messages that are all around us telling us where we need to go.

Pisces completes the circle. As such, this is a time for us to become aware of any dynamics that are old, outworn or unresolved in our lives and find some kind of resolution or acceptance, or simply let go of them altogether. Part of the Pisces mission is to dissolve any barriers preventing us from connecting directly with God, Creator or the Universe, so the veil between the mundane world and the world of spirit is much thinner at this time of year. As such, we may feel more sensitive, open and vulnerable, as Pisces is apt to make us feel a bit like a leaf being blown about in the wind, at the mercy of forces much larger than ourselves. This could easily cause us to feel overwhelmed and we could easily feel like we are victim of whatever situation we find ourselves in, as if it is out of our control. It is always important to remember, however, that we are the co-creator of our own reality, and as such we have to take equal responsibility for any dynamics that might be playing out in our lives and relationships. Pisces brings a tendency to just roll over and allow things to happen, which in the positive can be seen as an act of surrender or acceptance, but could also involve us playing the role of scapegoat, martyr or victim.

Pisces definitely heightens our creative imaginations, which can be very helpful in terms of creating positive intentions for this New Moon and imagining the life we want for ourselves. Pisces is the queen of daydreams! However, it can also bring the potential for delusions and illusions, whereby we can’t see clearly at all, or only see what we want to see. In the extreme it can cause feelings of “madness”, as the barriers between reality and fantasy, the conscious mind and the collective unconscious, the mundane world and spirit world all dissolve and it’s hard to tell what is real and what is not. Indeed, who is to say what is real or not anyway!  Pisces likes to put the rose tinted spectacles on and is very idealistic, so disillusionment is always a possibility when reality kicks away the pretty illusion we have built around a person or situation! Of course, it is hard to face reality sometimes, and Pisces can make us very adept at burying our head in the sand and using escapist tendencies to avoid doing just that! It is important, during this Moon, to be aware of the possibility of things not exactly being clear.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is sitting right next to the Sun and Moon in Pisces during this New Moon. This could definitely bring out the compassionate, empathetic, tender, open-hearted aspect of Pisces and could make us feel quite open, raw and vulnerable. While our core wounds may feel a bit open and exposed, there is the potential for really connecting to one another on a deeper level and finding forgiveness and compassion for our flaws and inadequacies. It is so much easier to forgive others than it is to forgive ourselves, but it is so very important to find true compassion for our own shortcomings and learn to truly love ourselves, warts and all. Pisces brings the capacity for unconditional love, which has such power to heal! It helps us to really “see” one another, behind the walls, the masks and the defences. This New Moon could really help us to get to the heart of the matter.

Mars is challenging the Sun, Moon and Chiron, which on the one hand could mean that we are forced to be very honest about our vulnerabilities and wounded natures, while on the other hand could mean that someone does or says something that is hurtful or wounding. With Venus and Mercury currently joining forces in honest and forthright Aries, there could be the tendency to act/speak first and think later, which could very easily trigger our sore spots! However, although the truth can hurt sometimes, it is far better to be transparent in our relationships and operate from a position of authenticity, integrity and truth. This could be a good time for getting things out into the open, and while we might be a bit rash or blunt about it, we also have a chance to clear the decks and tell each other how we really feel. There is the possibility for us to trigger some heated emotions in one another, but it is important to remember that if someone causes us to feel defensive or angry then maybe they have hit on a nerve. It might be helpful to be aware of our actions and reactions during this time, because they could be very revealing. If we are brave and honest with ourselves, we have the potential for amazing healing to take place.

Jupiter in Scorpio is forming a harmonious, helpful aspect to the Sun, Moon and Chiron, which has been playing out over the course of this week. Jupiter is currently retrograde, and is working with Pluto to help us to face some of the darker aspects of our psyches that we might usually prefer to deny the existence of. We have a chance to dig deep and to be really honest with ourselves on an emotional level, recognising how the parts of ourselves that we keep in the shadows can so easily run the show and sabotage our lives and relationships. This is a really good time to broach subjects that are usually taboo, bringing some uncomfortable material out from under the proverbial carpet so that we can face it instead of pretending it doesn’t exist. We may have to face issues of power and powerlessness and also recognise how we might block intimacy through trust issues or not being completely honest and transparent with one another. Sometimes, paradoxically, the way to get our power back from another person is to make ourselves vulnerable; to be brave enough to speak our truth and express our feelings, even though it is uncomfortable and scary and we run the risk of upsetting them.

The Sabian Symbol for this New moon, at 27° Pisces, is: “The harvest Moon illumines a clear autumnal sky”, about which Dane Rudyar says: “This symbol brings us the message that the time has come to reap what we have not only sown, but also cultivated – or failed to cultivate”, describing this as a “karmic” moment – the seed of the new cyclic manifestation is already latent.”   There is a feeling of culmination to this symbol, which makes sense as we approach the very end of the astrological year and await the start of a new cycle. For now, it is sleepy time! We are like seeds, buried deep in the soil, preparing to germinate so that we can emerge from dormancy as the Sun moves into Aries on Tuesday! This is a time to surrender to the flow and let go of anything that needs to leave our lives so that we can make space for whatever awaits us around the next bend in the river. It is important to be attentive to the subtle signs and omens, listen to our dreams and be very gentle with ourselves. The time will come, soon enough, when we will know what we need to do. For now, all we need to do is just “be” and let our imaginations run free.

Much Love


Picture: To Sleep Until Spring, by Trudi Doyle

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

VIRGO FULL MOON - 1 / 2 March 2018

Exact Friday at 12.51am GMT, Thursday at 7.51pm EST

This Full Moon falls on the healing axis of Virgo and Pisces. As such, it has the capacity to be deeply healing for our lives and relationships. There is a huge amount of Pisces activity at the moment, with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Chiron the Wounded Healer all in this sensitive, impressionable, empathetic sign. As such, there is the potential for really connecting with others; seeing past their faults, “wrongdoings” and flawed humanity and connecting with their true essence and spirit. This, of course, can be very healing, as walls and protective barriers dissolve and open-hearted relating takes their place.  Pisces represents unconditional love, compassion, empathy and helps us to recognise that we are all in this together and come from the same melting pot.

All of this Pisces activity does also bring the potential for confusion and chaos, whereby what we thought was real turns out not to be so. Pisces does have the ability to create smoke screens and make everything a bit unclear and foggy! It blurs the line between the mundane world and the world of spirit, so all is not necessarily as it seems when Pisces is in operation. Pisces is the part of ourselves that prefers to see life through rose-tinted spectacles, which is all well and good until something knocks them off and reality hits us over the head! With all of this Pisces activity we are very likely to be having a very active dream life at the moment and they could be a source of amazing guidance if we pay attention to them.

The Moon is in Virgo, opposite the Pisces Sun and Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, so we are invited to find balance between the energy of the two signs rather than veering too far in one direction. While Pisces can quite easily cause us to go off into fantasy land, only seeing what we want to see, Virgo invites us to use the art of discernment and look at things in a more realistic light. However, one of the dangers of Virgo is for us to become so aware of our lacks, imperfections and faults that we analyse ourselves to death and are much too hard on ourselves. This is where some Pisces balance comes in, because she reminds us that we are perfect in our imperfection and are loved unconditionally by God, Creator, the Divine. Virgo represents the principle of humility, but takes too far this can cause feelings of inadequacy, shame, humiliation, inferiority and cause us to mercilessly criticise ourselves and our shortcomings, becoming our own worst enemy. It is all very well doing the work on ourselves and being willing to see how we can improve ourselves, as long as it doesn’t go so far that we take the blame for everything.

Pisces urges us to have some compassion for ourselves and our loved ones, seeing the true beauty within instead of blaming, shaming or finding fault. We are all just flawed humans, with our wounds and imperfections, doing the best we can with the tools we have been given. All we can do is keep working on ourselves, and beating ourselves up or self-flagellating simply isn’t the way to go! Virgo can create crises that make us all too aware of where we are going wrong and what needs improving, but while a bit of self-analysis is helpful, it can so easily tip over into worry, anxiety, shaming and taking all the blame for something that maybe isn’t completely our fault. Virgo is very good at the art of discrimination, helping us to recognise where we may be deluded or under the spell of illusions. As such, this time could mean that the rose tinted spectacles come off and we are finally able to see ourselves and whatever situation we are in as they really are, rather than the fantasy we have created. This could be very helpful indeed.

With Jupiter in Scorpio at the moment, about to go retrograde on the 9th, we are certainly being given the chance to peel back layers of illusion and face up to the darker parts of our make-up that we would usually prefer to deny or that are simply hidden from our view, “eclipsed”, or some kind of blind spot. Jupiter is forming a minor, helpful aspect to this Moon, but more importantly he is currently in harmonious aspect to Pluto, the planet of soul, power, transformation and the ruler of Scorpio. This combination has the potential for a huge amount of soul growth if we are willing to delve deep into our psyches and be brutally honest with ourselves about what we find there. It may not quite fit in with the pretty picture we have painted about ourselves, but if we don’t face up and allow ourselves to see the truth then it will just be there, operating in the shadows, controlling the show. A great deal of emotional honesty is required here, but the rewards will be great. We will be better able to see the whole picture, rather than just the pretty parts.

Saturn, the Lord of Karma, is also forming a harmonious aspect to the Sun and Moon during this lunation, and over the past few days has been helping us to see ourselves in a more realistic light and to take responsibility for our actions. His presence further compounds the sense that layers of illusion are being peeled back and that whatever “spell” we have been under is lifting, revealing things as they really are rather than however it seemed. Saturn encourages emotional maturity and a willingness to be a grown-up and take responsibility for our part in whatever situation we find ourselves in, rather than merely seeing ourselves as a victim. This is not to say that we should judge ourselves too severely, or fall into the trap of self-flagellation and guilt, but rather that we should be willing to “own our stuff”. Saturn teaches us a lot about the law of cause and effect, so we could be better able to see how the past has served to bring about whatever situation or state we find ourselves in now. The layers are being peeled back.

An interesting configuration is forming for the Moon, which will be exact on the 4th of March and holds the potential for a great amount of either wounding or healing. It could go either way I suppose.  We have Mercury, Venus and Chiron the Wounded Healer all coming together in the same degree of Pisces, which could bring about conversations which have the capacity to really get to the heart of the matter, helping us to see each other as we truly are and allowing one another to see our true essence and spirit without any barriers or walls. There is the potential for such compassion, tenderness, kindness and true forgiveness, as we come from a place of unconditional love and open-hearted acceptance. Such amazing healing can come from this place, as the defensive walls melt away and we surrender to our true feelings, allowing others to see the tender, vulnerable parts of ourselves that we might usually be afraid to show. Of course there is the potential for our defences to be lowered so much that we allow others to say or do something to wound us, but that is the risk we always take in trusting another human being. Better to trust and be disappointed once in a while than never to trust at all.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon, at 12° Virgo, is: “After the wedding, the groom snatches the veil away from his bride”, about which Dane Rudyar says: “The Keyword is UNVEILING….. an unveiling of mysteries, long protected by secrecy”. This symbol brings the feeling of us no longer being unable to hide behind any veils, in the form of pretences, or delusions, or illusions. The act of snatching a veil away could force us to remove any walls or barriers between us that may be preventing from really seeing one another and seeing each other’s true essence; our truth. It also forces us to stop hiding from ourselves and removes any pesky blind spots. There is no hiding anymore. This symbol corroborates all of the other planetary energy of this Full Moon, reinforcing the sense that the layers are being peeled back and the veils of delusion and illusion are being lifted. What is being revealed to us is anything that has been shrouded because we have been unable to see it until now.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase each other
doesn’t make any sense.”
From “The Great Wagon” by Rumi.

Much Love


Picture by Mark Hansen

Sunday, 11 February 2018


Exact at 9.05pm GMT, 4.05pm EST

This New Moon brings a sense of hope with it and the potential for blasting through some blocks! The week or so after the Leo Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse has involved a certain amount of purging and letting go for many of us,  and has allowed us to become more aware of old patterns that no longer serve us so that we can release and liberate ourselves from the hold they have over us. This is a necessary process that we have been through, whereby situations, people or events have brought these patterns to our awareness so that we can clear them, once and for all. Patterns that have been repeating over and over, throughout our whole lives, sabotaging our lives and relationships, have been revealed and we will have been given the opportunity to truly see and understand their “roots”. We have been shown the truth beneath our deepest wounds so that we can actually understand where these beliefs and patterns come from. There is a sense that the time is now; it is time to let go. This is the gift of the very special energetic period between the Lunar Eclipse on 31 January and this upcoming Solar Eclipse. It is not necessarily a very comfortable process and in fact it can be downright painful, but it is necessary to clear the way for a fresh new start. It is time to forge a new path.

An Aquarius New Moon will do just that! Aquarius is a visionary sign, with humanitarian ideals and the capacity to help us make a break with the past so we can step towards a brighter future. Aquarius dares us to think outside the box and question how our parents and society have shaped and defined us. This enables us to embrace the truth of ourselves, our own unique essence, that lies beyond the layers of conditioning that we have received throughout this and other lifetimes. Aquarius is a liberating energy, forcing us to recognise the patterns of behaviour and relating that have been preventing our growth and to be brave enough to move beyond them, even if it means stepping outside the known and familiar. Aquarius represents the ability to detach and see things objectively, and sometimes this can literally mean having to detach ourselves from people, situations, our family or even society so that we can see more clearly. Aquarius is a reaction to Capricorn, with all its “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts”, conformity, conditioning and tendency to follow the rules. With Aquarius we throw out the rule book and dare to think for ourselves, questioning all we have been taught to believe about ourselves and forging a path that is uniquely our own. This is the energy of this New Moon.

As I mentioned in the Leo Full Moon post, Eclipses represent a key moment in our destiny, because the Nodes of the Moon are activated. The South Node, which represents our past, the familiar, the known and tends to play out in our childhood and early life, is currently in Aquarius. Aquarius also correlates to our long term memory, which can hold within it either memories of skills and talents that we have not yet tapped into, or trauma. It is possible, therefore, that this Eclipse season could bring up old trauma for us to recognise and release. We have all experienced trauma in this and other lifetimes, in varying degrees of intensity, and this will have played a big part in forming the beliefs, emotional patterns and sabotaging tendencies that tend to repeat and play out in our lives and relationships. When we experience trauma we can often leave parts of ourselves behind, for a variety of reasons. We are currently being given the opportunity to go back and find these split off, buried parts again. These parts of ourselves and our memory that have been stuffed away, repressed, suppressed because they are too painful to face now have a chance to come forward into the light of our consciousness. We are ready, and if we don’t do it now then they will continue to run the show from deep within our subconscious.

Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is forming a harmonious aspect to the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Juno, the goddess of partnerships. Uranus is the Great Awakener, and can bring some “aha” moments, epiphanies and revelations, while releasing old memories or energy that has hitherto been blocked. In fact, Uranus can help clear any blockages we might have, bringing much needed wake up calls that help clear old, stagnant energy and  liberate us from anything from our past that it preventing growth. He can help us to remember, realise and understand. He can also help us to free ourselves from limiting or restricting patterns, situations or relationships that are preventing our growth. Uranus offers us a different perspective; one that we may not have considered before. He helps us to step outside of our comfort zone into uncharted, unfamiliar territory. He challenges our beliefs and allows us to see where they have come from and how they don’t serve us anymore. He has the capacity to really shake things up and rattle our cages, encouraging us to get out of our ruts.

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, is currently in Scorpio and is challenging this Moon. This could force us, in no uncertain terms, to face our demons and bring whatever is lurking under the proverbial carpet out into the light. Jupiter tends to exaggerate or magnify the energy of the sign he is in, and in Scorpio’s case it is all the dark parts we don’t want to face; anything that is taboo and has hitherto been shrouded in secrecy, not mentioned, not admitted to, not owned. Scorpio demands emotional honesty, even if it involves confronting material that painful or shameful. Jupiter is currently helping us recognise where we have been let down, betrayed, abandoned; where we have experienced loss and where we find it hard to trust. Jupiter helps us to grow and expand our horizons by facing up to, once and for all, any material that we have kept shrouded in darkness, hidden in the shadows either because it was too painful to face or we were too ashamed or frightened to go there. Jupiter’s strong presence during this New Moon holds the promise of deep transformation if we are willing to be brave, open and honest enough to dive into the shadows to dig up whatever treasure is lurking there.

It is interesting to note that Juno, the asteroid that represents the partnering energy of intimate relationships, is once again present during this lunation. She is sitting right next to the Sun and Moon, and Mercury too. She seems to have been following us around in recent times! This brings our intimate relationships into the foreground once again, forcing us to recognise how old trauma and the patterns that come from it tend to play out in the dynamic between ourselves and those we are in close partnership with. Mercury in Aquarius could help us to figure things out, think things through, see old material from a different perspective and also communicate what we have learned. This could be a time of great insight, whereby we have the potential for some amazing revelations that could revolutionise our lives and relationships. We could be forced recognise where we might block intimacy, though fear of abandonment, trust issues or other reasons that we find it hard to face. Old material could come to the surface that helps us to understand why we keep repeating the same patterns over and over again.

This Moon definitely has some challenging energy to it, but its overall message is one of hope. The fact that Uranus, the ruler of the Moon, is helping us out is a good sign! We are being given the chance to liberate ourselves from the shackles of the past, to dive into the deepest, darkest recesses of our psyches and release whatever we have hidden there. It’s really worth doing the work now, because if we don’t we will just keep on repeating the same patterns, over and over again. We should make the most of any opportunity we get to break the cycle, and this Eclipse season and New Moon is certainly giving us an opportunity to do just that! It is exciting and scary all at the same time, but that’s life, right? We need to embrace the light and the dark, because there is no light without shadow. We all have our demons, and if we don’t face them then they continue to run the show from the side lines  This Moon offers us a chance to liberate ourselves from the past and step forward into the light, but not without first taking a journey into the past to dig up some buried treasure.

Much love


Picture: Buried Treasure - Unknown

Saturday, 27 January 2018


Exact at 1.26pm GMT, 8.26am EST

This Full Moon is an extremely rare celestial event, as it is a super blood blue moon and also a total Lunar Eclipse! Phew!  Supermoons have more of an impact on our mind, body, emotions and spirits than your average moon, as it is closer to earth. This is the first time in 152 years that we have had a supermoon combined with a Lunar Eclipse, so this is rare indeed! Eclipse season is now upon us, which brings the potential for big shifts, helping us to release whatever isn’t serving us and start a new chapter. The reason Eclipses have such a big impact on us is because the Sun and Moon are triggering the nodes of the moon, which represent our destiny. As such, this Full Moon will feel more fateful and will have more of a long term impact on our lives and destiny.

The South Node, by sign and house, represents our past; our familiar patterns and habits; energetic patterns that we have brought from past lives that repeat and play out in our early life. The North Node of the Moon, by sign and house, represents qualities we need to develop in order to evolve and grow. The North Node may feel quite uncomfortable at first and we may resist it, but sooner or later we are urged to take the plunge and embrace its energy so that we have more of a balance between the two nodes. We can either go willingly or something can happen that forces us in that direction! We don’t have to leave the energy South Node behind altogether, as it has helped us to develop some valuable skills, but it does help to let go of any habits or patterns that are holding us back or preventing us from growing. A Lunar Eclipse activates the Nodes and as such it represents a key moment in our destiny and a chance to leave the past behind us so we can move forward to the next level.

The Sun is right next to the South Node in Aquarius during this Full Moon, while the Moon is next to the North Node in Leo. As such, on a collective level we are being asked to find balance between the energy of the two signs, while veering towards developing some Leonine qualities. Over the past month we have had two very intense, emotional moons in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn, which represent our childhood, emotional patterns and parental conditioning. These moons have helped us to clear the decks emotionally, facing up to any emotional patterns or habits that simply don’t work for us anymore. Now we are in Aquarius season and we have a chance to free ourselves from these old, outworn patterns, liberating ourselves from the past and letting go of any limiting stories or beliefs that hold us prisoner and prevent us from moving forward. This is a time of reckoning! The past is the past and now it is time to create a new future and do things differently. We are not these old stories; we are so much more! It’s time to break the loop! Leo and Aquarius help us to detach from our “stuff”, release old baggage and recreate ourselves, paving the way towards a better and brighter future. These last two moons have been very important, as we have been forced to face up to some pretty heavy emotional material, but now it’s time to let it all go and walk towards a place we’ve never been before.

We have a lot of Aquarius energy at the moment, with the Sun, Venus, Juno and the South Node all in this visionary, unconventional, humanitarian sign. Venus is the goddess of love and represents how we relate to ourselves and others. Juno is the goddess of partnership and intimate relationship. Goddess energy seems to be playing a very big part in this Full Moon! The Aquarius energy is asking us to try a different way of being in relationship, releasing ourselves from old patterns of relating and trying something new on for size. Aquarius demands the freedom to be ourselves and encourages fairness and equality. We are being urged to step outside of the box and allow a new way of relating and partnership to emerge which will allow greater freedom of expression, free from our old, patriarchal conditioning.  It seems that we are being asked to make the rules up as we go along. We have never been here before. This is unfamiliar territory. The old rules don’t apply.

Interestingly enough, we have another goddess sitting in exactly the same degree as the Leo Moon! Lots of female goddess energy influencing this Eclipse! Ceres, the goddess of nurturing, fertility and motherhood, is helping pull us forward on our path, towards our North Node. In Leo she asks that we nurture creativity, both in ourselves and others. We are encouraged to nurture each other by acknowledging how special and unique we all are and encouraging one another to follow what brings us our greatest joy. A seed is being planted at the moment, representing our hopes for a better future, and it is very important that we tend to it and help it grow. We are  currently going through a process, which started in 2008 with Pluto moving into Capricorn, of aligning what we do in the outer world with our true soul purpose. More and more people are finding it hard to get ahead in careers that hold no meaning for them. The Leo North Node will certainly help us along with this process and develop and nurture our own unique purpose! Leo asks that we learn to follow our joy and create the life we want for ourselves, based on Aquarius’s vision, taking control of our own destiny. It is time to allow our true nature to radiate out into the world without holding back! This Eclipse definitely has the potential to help us to shift forward. A new chapter is beginning.

Something to bear in mind, during this Moon, is that Neptune in Pisces is forming a nagging aspect to the Moon, which could make us feel acutely sensitive. Neptune doesn’t know the meaning of boundaries, and so we could find ourselves very emotionally absorbant, taking on other people’s emotions as well as our own. Full Moons are emotional enough as it is, and Neptune’s influence could bring considerable fluctuations in our moods and may even bring some disillusionment or sadness. Ultimately, whatever comes up could be very cleansing, so we should just allow whatever emotions arise in us to express themselves and treat ourselves and others with compassion, empathy and unconditional love, which are Neptune’s superpowers! It is important to be aware that our emotions could run away with us, which might make it hard to recognise what is real and what is illusion. There is definitely the potential for mixed messages and emotional confusion here, as well as deep compassion, emotional sensitivity and empathy. Whatever comes up could really help us to better understand ourselves and our loved ones, as we will see through to their heart rather than their emotional armour and the walls they have erected as protection.

The Sabian symbol for the North Node of the Moon is very hopeful indeed! 15° Leo: “The storm ended, all nature rejoices in brilliant sunshine” which Dane Rudyar describes as “the surge of life and love after a major crisis. How brilliant the light after the long “night of the soul”! The battered, but unconquered consciousness finds itself exalted in the marriage of sunbeams and rising sap. This indeed is “Release” – light and life singing in the cleansed and refreshed mind, flooded for a while by the waters of feeling.” This symbol speaks of “the joy and power of new beginnings”. The ruler of Leo is the Sun, whose symbol, at 12°Aquarius: “* On a vast staircase stand people of different types, graduated upward.” This symbol refers to “the ascending process of evolution of life forms and consciousness. Each person should be aware of the level at which he (or she) stands, even as he strives to move toward a higher one. He should look up for inspiration and examples, while helping the human beings of the next lower to reach up”. This symbol is certainly very hopeful, bringing the sense that this Eclipse can help us to take a step upwards in our growth, even though that might look different for each of us. Onwards and upwards!

This Full Moon/Eclipse certainly has an air of hope about it! Leo and Aquarius represent creativity and new vision, releasing us from old, outworn emotional patterns and conditioning. This year has certainly started off with a bang, as these past couple of moons have put a lot of people through the emotional wringer, but it is all part of the process. It is important to recognise what binds us before we can liberate ourselves from it! There is a sense of trying something new on for size and walking down an unfamiliar, untrodden path. This is the beginning of a new chapter and we are being asked to bravely walk towards our North Node, wherever that falls in our individual chart. Whatever sign and house our North Node is found in is what we are being asked to develop and nurture now. We have a chance for a big leap forward with this special “once in a blue moon” eclipse! Eclipses have 19 year cycles, so whatever occurs around this time will have a resonance with whatever was happening in January 1999. Possibly this is the next phase of something that was developing within us then. Certainly the message of this Moon is full of hope and promise, encouraging us to let go of our old stories, follow our joy and allow ourselves to shine the truth of our being out into the world!

Much Love


Picture: Mammatus by Ryan McGinnis

Thursday, 11 January 2018

CAPRICORN NEW MOON - 16 / 17 January 2018

Wednesday  17 Jan, exact at 2.17am GMT, Tuesday 16 January, exact at 9.17pm EST!

As Capricorn New Moons go, this one is particularly Capricorn in flavour! We have the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto all in this earthy, responsible and disciplined sign. New Moons are a time when we let go of whatever isn’t serving us, leaving it behind in the dark of the moon and shedding old patterns, beliefs and habits. It is an incredibly potent time energetically, which gives us an opportunity to set positive intentions for ourselves  so that whatever is bubbling away in our subconscious has the potential to blossom and grow over the course of the month until it comes to full fruition around the time of the Full Moon. This Moon has a powerfully transforming quality to it, as Pluto, the planet of soul and transformation, is very much a part of the picture and so is Uranus, the planet of sudden change and wake up calls. This truly is a Moon of endings and new beginnings, which is calling for us to step out of our safety zone, letting go, allowing in change and embracing a new perspective.   

Capricorn asks us to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions. In its highest form it brings emotional maturity and a willingness to be reflective and do the inner work that will allow our inner and outer life to change in a positive way. Capricorn can help us to change or eliminate any part of our consciousness that might be too rigid, outdated or is preventing us from growing. Capricorn also represents our parental and cultural conditioning, and  we all know that it is very hard to undo old, familiar patterns that have become crystalised and set in over the years. However, with Pluto and Uranus so heavily involved in this Moon, we are currently being asked to do exactly that. It’s time to be accountable and to recognise how we are holding ourselves back from realising our full potential. Any outworn structures in our lives need to be broken down so that something new can take their place. This whole month seems to be a time of shifts and transformation, so it is important not to cling too tightly to what needs to go. All will be revealed in the fullness of time. That is another gift of Capricorn – patience!

Capricorn encourages us to step up and be counted, taking on our own authority and becoming responsible for the gifts we have been given, finding our rightful place in the world. With Capricorn we develop structure, discipline and the ability to commit to whatever path, relationship or course of action we have decided on.  With Pluto and Uranus challenging the Sun, Moon and Venus, it is quite possible that we could experience a shake-up within our emotional lives, our relationships and our sense of purpose in life. There is an echo of the Pluto Uranus square that was so prominent for so long, breaking down outworn structures and forcing us to be absolutely true to ourselves and our soul’s journey. We may be encouraged, or even forced, to let go of anything that might be impeding our growth and preventing us from living from a place of integrity and authenticity.  Integrity is a big one for Capricorn. It involves being honest with ourselves and doing what we know is the right thing to do, even if it causes pain or discomfort.

The Mars Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio is waning now, but with Mars forming a positive aspect to this Moon and Jupiter to Pluto, it still has a big part to play. The combination of Scorpio and Capricorn feels very karmic, and we are continuing the theme of the Cancer Full Moon, which has been helping us to be brave enough to face those parts of ourselves that we are not proud of.  There is the potential for amazing soul growth this month, as we dive into our shadows and fearlessly face what we find there. This can bring considerable psychological insight and help us to recognise aspects of ourselves that we have hitherto denied or suppressed. What a gift we are being given here, in this first month of the year! It is as if we are being given the opportunity to clear the decks so that we can become more aligned with our true nature. It involves us having to be very honest with ourselves, and possibly even making some difficult or painful decisions, but if we can do this then we could be opening ourselves up to something that could surprise and amaze us!

There are a few interesting Sabian symbols in this Moon, so I will describe them each briefly. Firstly, Jupiter, at 20° Scorpio: “A woman draws away two dark curtains closing the entrance to a sacred pathway” about which Dane Rudyar says: “Courage is needed to go through the veiling darkness – the courage to venture beyond the familiar and the traditionally known, to PLUNGE AHEAD INTO THE UNKNOWN.” And Mars’s symbol, at 25° Scorpio, is an incredibly powerful one: “An X-Ray Photograph” which Rudyar describes as “The capacity to acquire a knowledge of the structural factors in all existence. The true philosopher is able to grasp and significantly evaluate what underlies all manifestations of life. His mind’s eye penetrates through the superficialities of existence and perceives the framework that gives an at least relatively permanent “form” to all organised systems. Thus, if the structure is weak, deformed by persistent strain, or unbalanced, the basic causes of outer disturbances and dis-ease can be discovered”. This symbol certainly gives the sense that we will be able to see beneath the surface of reality and gain considerable insight as to what might be out of alignment!

Chiron the wounded healer is forming a positive aspect to the New Moon, bringing the potential for healing, compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and others. Chiron not only promotes healing but also helps us to embrace our Higher Self and abilities. The Sabian symbol for Chiron, at 25° Pisces, speaks for itself: “Watching the very thin moon crescent appearing at sunset, different people realise that the time has come to go ahead with their different projects.” The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon itself, at 27° Capricorn, is “Pilgrims climbing the steep steps leading to a mountain shrine”, about which Rudyar says: “The shrine is built by the unceasing dedication of perhaps generations of men. The pilgrimage is hallowed by the devotion of many, even though each person finds on his own mountaintop what to him seems a unique and transcendent revelation.” This symbol has an upreaching quality about it and a sense of a rise in consciousness, as well as being  a reminder for us to keep striving to do better and follow our true path and vision. As Rudyar says: “It is man’s supreme task to rise like fire, impelled by a vision he shares with his companions.”

This New Moon definitely has a karmic feeling to it, bringing with it the potential for tremendous wake up calls and transformation, as well as the possibility of letting go of anything that might be holding us back from our soul growth. There is an interesting configuration between Jupiter, Pluto and the Vertex – a Yod, or a Finger of God. Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion is joining forces with Pluto, the planet of soul, power and transformation, bringing the potential for soul growth and helping us to move forward on our path with faith, honesty and integrity.  They are both pointing the Finger of God at the Vertex, which symbolises a karmic or fated connection and can signify a major turning point, when an important event can occur or someone significant can come into our lives. The Vertex is thought by some to be a point of “wish fulfilment”. The Yod itself also has a fateful, karmic quality to it. It’s interesting to see this on what is already such a powerful and potentially transformative New Moon!

Much Love


Painting: Path to the Mountaintop – Joseph Parker