Thursday, 24 July 2014

LEO NEW MOON - 26 July 2014

Exact at 11.42pm BST, 6.42pm EDT!

Well, all I can say is that this is a very welcome New Moon indeed in the light of the current global climate! New Moons are the time in the month when the Sun and Moon join together in the sky and we get to plant seeds for the month ahead, setting some healthy intentions for ourselves and leaving whatever isn’t serving us behind in the dark of the moon. You can’t have a beginning without first having an ending. This particular New Moon is in Leo and invites us to truly open our hearts and contemplate what we want to create for ourselves and indeed the planet. We are encouraged to let our inner child out to play and imagine that there are no limits to what we can create for ourselves! A beautiful addition to this particular New Moon is jovial Jupiter sitting right next to the Sun and Moon, bringing a wonderful dose of optimism and expansion to the mixture. Jupiter sees the bigger picture and really wants to help us move forward and grow, so he really is a wonderful planet to have on our side when we are setting intentions.  

Leo is ruled by the Sun and radiates light and solar energy out into the world. He encourages us to have the courage to shine brightly and show our true essence, not what we have been conditioned to think we are. Leo rules the heart and this New Moon is encouraging us to not only open our hearts but also to follow them, even if it involves taking a risk or two. Leo loves taking risks! Leo has a playful spirit and likes to follow his bliss and do what genuinely brings him joy. He is very creative and so we are asked to contemplate what we might like to create for ourselves if there were no barriers or blocks in the way. What do we truly want for ourselves? Who do we really want to be? Leo invites us to connect with our essence; the beautiful, pure spirit we were before all of the conditioning of our childhood and adulthood took place. This is a wonderful time to meditate and connect with the inner child, because he/she knows so much more than we do! I am sure we all know the cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz. What he was missing was a heart. That’s all he needed to find his courage. We have to have the courage to go after our most heartfelt desires now. This Moon, more than most, has the potential to deliver, but only if they truly come from our heart.

We have just come out of an incredibly intense Cancer season which has involved a lot of people delving back into the past and their childhoods and recognising how they have shaped our behaviour and emotional patterns as adults. There has been a lot of examination of the past and clearing the legacy of our ancestors. Some of it has been quite painful and emotionally intense.  My sense is that we are being asked to let go of the past, once and for all, so that we can move forward and forge our new identity and Self with a capital S! Leo is all about self-expression and creativity, which is very welcome after the emotional purging that many have experienced in recent times. Only once we let go of the past are we able to fully blossom and grow into our full potential.

 Jupiter left Cancer and moved into Leo on July 16th and before he did there was a massive amount of clearing of old emotional garbage. Now we have Jupiter in Leo for the next year and he starts his stay off with a conjunction to the Sun and Moon for this New Moon! This couldn’t be better, because it gives us the gift of hope and lord knows we need that right now! Jupiter has faith in a better future and in Leo he opens us up to joy, confidence, faith, enthusiasm and generosity of spirit. This gives our intention setting an amazing boost for this New Moon!  Jupiter is incredibly expansive and optimistic in Leo and encourages us to open our hearts and connect with our playful inner child. Not only that but he makes it easier to do so. He is the champion of the children and encourages us to do as they do and follow our bliss. He is the Great Benefic and reminds us that anything is possible if we just have the faith and belief in ourselves and the universe. Jupiter expands the energy of the sign he is in and I hope very much that he exaggerates the positive qualities of Leo rather than bringing out Leo’s potential to become an arrogant dictator, self-centred brat or insecure attention seeker! Let’s hope for the best here!   

Mars moves into Scorpio on Friday, leaving his opposite sign of Libra where he has been since December 7th 2013. It has been an interminably long stay, due to going retrograde in March. He is not at his most comfortable in Libra because he is the warrior planet and Libra is the sign of love and peace and has a terribly hard time making decisions! Mars is now entering Scorpio, where he is much more comfortable and powerful but also much more dangerous! Not only that, but he will be forming a challenging square to the Sun and Moon during this New Moon. Mars the warrior, in the sign of power and transformation, challenging Leo, the sign of authority, children, love and creativity. You put these two signs together and you surely have a battle of wills! Both like to be in charge!

On the one hand Mars in Scorpio could challenge us to get in touch with our emotional truth and what we really, truly want – our deepest, most heartfelt desires - and also help us act on them. Mars in Scorpio is deeply passionate, has amazing willpower, knows what he wants and could be somewhat single minded about going after it. On the other hand, in challenging aspect to the Sun and Moon, it could cause intense, heated emotions to come to the boil and intense fury and angry feelings to rise up from the deep. It could also produce a rather intense battle of wills. Mars in Scorpio can be quite vengeful, fanatical, distrustful, suspicious and downright cruel if he wants to be. Revenge is a dish best served cold as far as he is concerned and the Scorpion’s sting is deadly.

Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, is also a big part of the story during this New Moon and he is forming an exact opposition to Venus in Cancer. There are two different ways of looking at this aspect, and both are equally valid. Firstly, as Venus is the planet of love, attraction and relating, while oppositions tend to bring issues up in the realm of our relationships, we could find that people close to us mirror back to us the parts of ourselves we generally prefer to leave in the shadows. Pluto and Venus ignite our passions and force us to be emotionally honest and show the more vulnerable parts of ourselves. We could be asked to allow ourselves to trust and expose our tender underbellies to those we love. On the other hand, Pluto and Venus could cause the not so pretty aspects of relating to come to the surface, such as jealousy, rage, control manipulation and power games. Certainly this aspect has the power to transform our relationships and help us get to the heart of the matter. Pluto is quite black and white in nature; not many shades of grey. This could be a very intense time for our relationships, when we really relate on a soul level.

Secondly, on a collective level we have Pluto in Capricorn (the patriarchal power structures such as corporations and governments and anyone with masculine control) opposing sensitive Venus in Cancer (familial, maternal love, tenderness and nurturing feelings). This has been building during the week and is definitely showing itself in the global climate at the moment. The fanaticism of Pluto is rearing its ugly head in some of the powers that be, destroying the lives of families and children all over the world. What people are seeing in the news is breaking people’s hearts and bringing all of the maternal, protective qualities of Venus in Cancer to the surface. The insanity of these fanatical people in power is astounding and incomprehensible and is yet another reminder of how much we need to move towards a balance between the masculine and the feminine. This is a prime example of the masculine attributes of control and gaining power by taking it away from others taken to the absolute extreme. So, there is currently a face-off between the power hungry patriarchal structures (Pluto in Capricorn) and the soft, nurturing, tender, loving, maternal nature of the Divine Mother (Venus in Cancer). I know who I want to win.

What an intense mixture of energies we have during this New Moon! Luckily we have a Grand Water Trine between Saturn in Scorpio, Mercury in Cancer and Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in Pisces. This will really help us with our conversations and discussions, enabling us to speak our truth with integrity and compassion and really get to the heart of the matter without fuss or drama. We will be able to be sensitive to each other’s needs and feelings, while being able to talk about our fears and insecurities without fear of judgement. Chiron brings the spirit of empathy, forgiveness and compassion to the table and will mean that we are able to heal through our conversations with our loved ones. Mercury in Cancer will help us talk about our feelings and really connect with each other on an emotional level.

This New Moon may be in Leo, but there is also a massive amount of powerful, transformative Scorpio energy involved! Jupiter’s involvement is an absolute blessing and my vote is that we concentrate on his energy first and foremost. Jupiter in Leo wants us to have the courage and heart to become the kings and queens we are supposed to be rather than the slave boys or wenches we have been conditioned to think we are! He sees our essence, the spark within us, our divine potential, because he can see the bigger picture and also connects us to the Divine. He wants us to open our hearts and let them expand and see what happens when we walk around with an open heart. He wants us to remember who we really are, deep inside and let our inner child run and skip and play and create! We have been through a process of purging the past in recent times and now we get the chance to recreate ourselves and forge a new identity, free of the pain we have been dragging around with us for so long. If there is any New Moon on which to set an intention, this is the one! I would recommend writing down what we want to leave behind in the dark of the moon and then what we want to create, both for ourselves and the planet. Only heartfelt wishes will be heard!

Much love


Thursday, 10 July 2014

CAPRICORN FULL MOON – Saturday 12 July 2014

Exact at 12.25pm BST, 7.25 EDT!

This is an intense Full Moon, that’s for sure! For a start, it’s a Supermoon, which greatly increases its intensity and impact on our emotions and relationships. The Sun is still in Cancer, which means that the emphasis remains on family, childhood and the unconscious emotional patterns that we bring with us into adulthood. We also have a re-activation of the Cardinal Grand Cross, which gives a sense that we are being asked to dig deep within and face our shadows once and for all. It is time to clean out the family closet and bring whatever is hiding there out into the light. Whatever happened to us in childhood, especially anything before about 5 years old, is deeply embedded in our unconscious and is responsible for many unhealthy behavioural patterns which might hinder us from having successful relationships as adults. The Sun in Cancer, leading up to this Moon in Capricorn has been shining a bright light on our family relationships and making us all too aware of how they help or hinder us from being successful, effective human beings. Jupiter is coming to the end of his stay in Cancer as he moves into Leo on the 16th of July, so now is the time to do whatever we can to find some resolution within our family relationships and make peace with our childhoods.

Pluto in opposition to the Sun during and after the Cancer New Moon gave us the chance to face our shadows and bring out any poison that might be lurking there. Instead of having old wounds with nasty crap festering underneath them, we have had the chance to peel the scab off and scrape out the mucky stuff so that we are left with an open wound that actually has a chance to heal properly. My sense is that now it is the healing time, but it may involve some more truths coming to the surface. Whatever has been left unsaid should be aired now, once and for all. We are being asked to find the balance between Cancer’s need for emotional security and Capricorn’s need for security in the outer world. Unless we deal with our inner temple and clear up our old family karma then our life in the outside world will always be challenging. Cancer represents our foundation and is the springboard that launches us out into Capricorn’s domain of career, public status and, ultimately, our purpose or calling in life. It is time to make sure the foundation is solid and the springboard is working properly.

Saturn in Scorpio is forming a nagging inconjunct to Uranus in Aries during this Moon. This energy has been building since the middle of June and will be at its strongest around July 20th. Since October 2012 Saturn in Scorpio has been testing our deepest, most intimate relationships and, together with Pluto in Capricorn, has been bringing old, heavy dark karma our into the light, exposing the rot. Indeed, a great deal has come to light in the last couple of years, both personally and collectively. Jimmy Saville and the can of worms that was opened when his wrongdoings were revealed is a very good example of the energy of Saturn in Scorpio. Scorpio is not a light and fluffy sign and Saturn is a very serious, testing and challenging planet! Scorpio is all about sex, death, transformation, emotional truth, intimacy, our shadows, vulnerabilities and deepest darkest fears. Saturn has forced us to confront some or all of these issues in recent times and his aim is for us to master them.

Uranus in Aries is asking us to be utterly true to who we really are and not settle for anything less. He is the Great Awakener; the planet of sudden change and revolution who creates breakthroughs and gives us those “AHA!” moments. He cannot abide stagnation or playing it safe if it means not growing. He has been pushing us out of our comfort zones since March 2011 and, together with Pluto in Capricorn, has been demanding that we change our lives to that they are a better reflection of who we really, truly are on a soul level. We are being asked to step into our truth and not be afraid to express our selves. This also involves waking up to our truth and also stepping away from who we were brought up to think we were. Funnily enough, the truth of who we are is the child we were before all of the childhood and social conditioning took place. Uranus is the planet is Freedom, Brotherhood and Equality and in Aries he is demanding that we fight for the right to have it all!

Put these two energies together in nagging aspect and what might we be gett? We could be forced, in no uncertain terms, to face up to our shadows and show our vulnerabilities, no matter how hard it may be. Anything that has been swept under the carpet will be blasted away by Uranus as he forces the truth out into the open. Any old, heavy karma will be brought out into the light to be examined and released. We will be forced to examine ourselves on a very deep, psychological level and could have some amazing realisations and breakthroughs which help liberate us from the chains of the past. The process may not be comfortable, but what an amazing opportunity to clear away the cobwebs of old, buried trauma and move forward feeling lighter and freer than we have ever been before! It is no coincidence that this aspect is coinciding with the Cancer New Moon and Capricorn Full Moon with their emphasis on family, childhood and unconscious emotional patterns. We may have no choice but to face up to anything we have hidden away because it is too painful to face. It is going to cause more pain if we don’t bring it out into the light. Time to clear the decks!  As I said, this energy has been building since mid June and will be at its strongest July 20th.

The Sun and Moon are forming a square aspect to the Nodes of the Moon in Aries and Libra. The North Node is in Libra which means that we are currently being asked collectively to move from a more self-centred way of being to a more “other” based way of being. Aries/Libra is the relationship axis and of course it makes sense that whatever happened in our childhood would have a profound effect on our sense of self and identity (Aries) and our relationships with others (Libra). It is important to take a long, hard look at the relationships we had with our parents, especially our opposite sex parent, because that will have a huge amount of bearing on how we relate to our intimate partners. Mars is sitting right on top of the North Node, forming a Square to the Sun and Moon, which could bring things to a crisis point and force us to air our grievances and speak our truth. Mars will help us actively move towards creating successful relationships. Mars in challenging aspect to the Moon creates intense passion, emotional outbursts and very strong feelings, so this Moon could bring a lot out into the open, which is great! Better out than in! Fortunately, Mars is also forming an exact beautiful, harmonious trine to Venus which is really good for relationships and should help us say what is needed to be said in a pleasant way that takes into account the feelings of everyone involved.

After this Moon we are going to have a lot of shifting of energy, so it really is important for us to clear out the emotional closets now so we can move on to the second part of the year free of emotional clutter and debris. Mercury is now full steam ahead again after being retrograde and the pace has certainly picked up! He will move into Cancer on July 13th, giving us a chance to think about family and our emotional roots for a bit longer before moving into Leo on July 31st. Very fast moving! As I said, Jupiter is moving from Cancer into Leo on July 16th and will be joining up with Uranus three times in the coming year which will bring some amazing opportunities in whatever part of our charts the two planets are found.  Sudden opportunities, dynamic growth and expansion are promised when these two make contact, especially as they are both in Fire signs. This is very exciting indeed, which is all the more reason to lay the past to rest now. Venus moves into Cancer on July 18th, which holds the promise of harmonious family relationships and general sweetness, cuddling and nesting! Mars moves into Scorpio on July 25th, ending his impossibly long stay in his opposite sign of Libra. Mars is the co-ruler of Scorpio so he is very happy in this sign. So, a lot of change ahead!

The energy of this Full Moon is all pointing towards letting go of the past and releasing old trauma. It is time to face up to it all and recognise how our family and childhood has shaped us. Nobody has had a completely and utterly idyllic childhood; we have all suffered in one way or another and now is not the time to blame or feel shame. It is the time to let it all go. We must do whatever it takes to do this, whether it means confronting a family member, or seeking therapy, or whacking a mattress with a tennis racquet, or telling someone how much we love them, or even letting a parental or familial relationship go. Sometimes we must recognise that the relationship is quite simply not doing us any good. It is important to remember that on a soul level we chose the family we have in order to experience the necessary lessons to grow and evolve on a soul level. That makes us more responsible for our stories than we might think.  It is also important to remember that our parents are just human and did the best they could considering their own experiences in childhood. Forgiveness is the key. We must find love and compassion in our hearts and forgive ourselves and those who trespassed against us. Everyone is just doing the best they can with the tools they have been given.

Much love


I am bringing something out into the light on this Full Moon – my website! It has been around for quite some time but for some reason I haven’t actually told anyone about it! I suppose I still feel like it is a work in progress, or maybe I have been afraid of what it might bring. Well, I’m not afraid anymore and here it is. J  Maybe this will force me to work on it some more! 

Thursday, 26 June 2014

CANCER NEW MOON - 27 June 2014

Exact at 9.09am BST 4.09 EDT

This New Moon is somewhat of an emotional rebirth and is an opportunity to reset our emotional programming on a very deep level. New Moons are a time when we get to start fresh, leaving whatever isn’t serving us anymore behind in the dark of the Moon. Cancer represents our family and roots; our emotional body and the patterns formed in childhood. As such, this is a time of new beginnings in this area of our life; a time to plant healthy, new emotional seeds in order to replace any “familiar” patterns that have been holding us back from being successful in the truest sense of the word. Cancer represents the emotional base that we spring from in order to go out into the world and be an effective human being. Anything that happened in our childhood which is unusual, upsetting or disruptive will make that foundation much more shaky and thus make it harder to make our way in the world. We all need a sense of inner security and a feeling of safety in order to achieve our full potential and any emotional wounds that we are carrying will only be holding us back from being all that we can be. These wounds tend to solidify over time into ingrained emotional patterns which aren’t healthy at all. This New Moon gives us a chance to dump some patterns which are holding us back and replace them with some healthy new growth.

Mars is opposite Uranus, exact the day before the New Moon, which could make things fairly heated and volatile and could also bring anything that has been festering out on to the open within our personal relationships, whether it be family, friendship or intimate partners. This aspect brings the potential for the truth to literally erupt, which could definitely upset the apple cart. This could help us to confront anything that we have preferred to avoid, thus propelling us to blast through any emotional blocks or patterns that are impeding our growth. Mars and Uranus together definitely have the potential to bring any anger, rage or resentment up in quite an explosive manner but it will probably help clear the air and give voice to any grievances that we may have been harbouring. Better out than in, that’s for sure!

In the meantime, Pluto is forming an opposition to the Sun and Moon themselves which will also help us to face anything that has been lurking in the shadows and deal with any emotions that we have been denying, suppressing or repressing for a long time. Pluto forces us to be emotionally honest and some very raw, intense feelings could come pouring out in the next few days. If we think about this in the context of Cancer, which represents the family and childhood, this aspect has the potential to bring anything that has been lurking in the family closet well and truly out into the open. The deeper, darker emotions could well erupt, just like a volcano that has been simmering away for years. This is truly a wonderful opportunity to purge and to allow any unhealthy destructive emotions that are blocking us to be released once and for all. These two aspects have the potential to blast through some of those ingrained emotional patterns from our childhoods! It may not be pretty, but the sense of freedom that will be gained from it will be immense.

Luckily Neptune is forming a beautiful, harmonious, flowing trine to the Sun and Moon which will help soothe any turbulent emotions and bring a sense of catharsis to anything we might be dealing with. Neptune has the ability to see the bigger picture and remembers that we all spring from the same well. This will allow us to feel true compassion and empathy for each other and help us to act with loving kindness. Forgiveness is very important indeed and is essential in the healing process. Without it any destructive energy will only fester and grow. In order to truly let go of the emotional patterns and grievances from our past we must find forgiveness in our hearts, both towards those who have trespassed against us and most importantly towards ourselves. Forgiveness does not mean condoning what we or others have done. It simply means letting go of any anger or resentment for any wrongdoings or mistakes.  When it comes down to it, anger, guilt, blame and resentment hurt us more than they do anyone else! Neptune reminds us that we are all just human beings, doing the best we can to manoeuvre our way through life. None of us are perfect; we all have flaws and we have all made mistakes that we have ended up regretting. If you can honestly say you haven’t then you truly are an exceptional human being.

There is a massive amount of potential for this New Moon to be an emotional reset button and for us to truly let go of old emotional patterns which are quite simply not doing us any good anymore. Often we put them in place as children in order to protect us somehow, but as we move into adulthood they are not appropriate anymore. They go on to do more harm than good and certainly don’t help us in our relationships with those close to us. Often they are so ingrained that we are completely unaware of them, which is where the danger lies. This New Moon could definitely bring some very raw emotions up to the surface to be confronted and released. Cancer is the mother, the family, our childhood and our past, and we definitely have the chance to look back and lay some ghosts to rest; releasing  the hold they have over us. This process may not be easy, as facing up to the skeletons in the closet never is, but we have the chance to reprogram some childhood conditioning and give ourselves a greater chance to be all that we are capable of. The result will be a whole new start on an emotional level and a chance to move forward without the chains that we have been dragging around since childhood. The key is to allow the emotions to rise up, recognise where they are coming from, forgive ourselves and others and then just let go.

Much love



Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Exact at 5.11am BST, 12.11am EDT

I am currently travelling, in true Sagittarian style, so this post is going to be brief but hopefully thorough! This is a humdinger of a Moon, that’s for sure! We have a couple of potent aspects that are absolutely exact as the Moon reaches its peak, which very much intensifies the energy of the Moon. Full Moons tend to bring things to a head, especially in our relationships with others. This Moon is no exception, as we also have an exact opposition between Venus in Taurus and Saturn in Scorpio to contend with. This could make things very real in the arena of our relationships, testing their validity and also forcing us to confront our shadows and show our vulnerabilities. While it could be quite challenging and even somewhat painful for some of us, it will ultimately deepen our connection with our intimate partners and those close to us. The people around us are generally a reflection of our inner world anyway. Saturn tends to shine the harsh light of reality onto things, and in this case it is our relationships and sense of self-worth that is under scrutiny. This aspect does not allow for any superficiality, that’s for sure, and as Chiron, the Wounded Healer is very much involved with this opposition we have a chance to bring our fears and vulnerabilities out into the open to be healed.

Indeed, the potential for healing during this Moon is immense. We have the chance to bring up some deep, emotional wounds and old, entrenched trauma and let go of them once and for all. It is important to remember that which certain experiences in our lives have been very painful, they have, for whatever reason, been essential for our soul growth. They have made us who we are today and it is important not to have regrets because that is just a waste of energy. This Full Moon offers an opportunity for some very deep healing and allows us to move past our wounds and allow compassion and forgiveness to wash them away. So often the wounds we have received in the past end up colouring our behaviour in the present, and at a certain point they no longer serve us anymore so it is important to let them go. What once served as much needed protection can go on and cause us to be destructive and hurtful to ourselves and others. Old emotional wounds, trauma and insecurities which no longer have their place can be brought out into the light during this Moon in order to be released, and while the process may be quite painful as we face our shadows and fears, ultimately it gives us a chance to be liberated from their shackles. As I said, the aspects between Saturn Venus and Chiron will be absolutely exact as the Moon is exact so there is a definite sense of things coming to a head.

This Full Moon involves an opposition between the Sun in versatile, communicative Gemini and the Moon in adventurous, optimistic and freedom loving Sagittarius. The key to a Full Moon is finding balance between the energy of the two signs but that isn’t always easy as emotions tend to run high and exaggerate the differences.  Sagittarius wants us to expand and grow; to raise our consciousness and broaden our horizons. He rules our higher mind, belief system, spirituality and our connection to the divine and is highly intuitive, while Gemini rules our rational, logical mind. Gemini rules the city and likes to be around a lot of people, while Sagittarius rules the countryside and seeks a deeper connection through communing with nature. Gemini is very adapt at the art of communication while Sagittarius is known for being rather blunt and can suffer from Foot in Mouth syndrome! Somewhere in the middle is the way. Sagittarius stands for the truth, but the truth can sometimes be hard to hear sometimes! When the Full Moon is in Sagittarius there is generally a very buoyant, optimistic, jovial, dynamic energy which can definitely take us for a ride! During this particular Moon the rulers of both Gemini and Sagittarius, Mercury and Jupiter, are both in sensitive, nurturing and emotional Cancer so this could be sensitive,  emotional moon indeed! Sagittarius Full Moons are generally very fun, but this one has some rather deep and emotional undertones.

Another aspect that I feel I must mention is a Mars Pluto square that will also reach a peak just after the Moon is exact. After that he will go on to oppose Uranus, so he is basically re-activating the Pluto Uranus square. We may revisit some of the same energy that came about at the end of April when so many people experienced a big shift in consciousness. I know I haven’t been the same since then! Something definitely changed within me at that time.  Mars in aspect to Pluto can create power struggles and clashes with authority. As Mars in the planet of war and Pluto is the planet of soul power, this aspect does have the potential to create some intense conflict. Pluto can be somewhat obsessive and intense and Mars is also the planet of sexuality, so there is also the possibility of some rather extreme sexual tension. This is quite an explosive, volatile aspect and could definitely bring any hidden tension out into the open. On the one hand this could be an amazing boost of energy and motivation and help us move past some blocks. On the other hand it could bring up some deeply buried anger and aggression and create some rather volatile situations. It is important to remain mindful during this time and be aware that some rather irrational emotions could rise to the surface.

I sense that this is a very significant Moon indeed. It is a truly wonderful time to revisit old trauma and release it, which is exactly what I have already planned to do! It’s amazing how life works out sometimes. Sagittarius will help us see the bigger picture and understand how everything that has happened to us so far has helped us to become the person we are today. Saturn, Chiron and Venus will help us heal issues of self-worth and make any problems in our relationships very obvious. Mercury is also retrograde in Cancer at the moment which is causing us to revisit old memories and look back into our emotional past. It is also hindering communication somewhat and making people a bit oversensitive. There is quite a retrospective feeling around and this is an ideal time to examine and let go of the past. The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon is “A Group Of Immigrants As They Fulfill The Requirements Of Entrance Into The New Country”. This brings with it the hope of being able to bring about a new way of being and a start a new life. So, as we go back and release the past and the hold it has on us it will allow us to move forward and forge a new path. What a wonderful opportunity we are being given here!

Much love



Monday, 26 May 2014

GEMINI NEW MOON – 28 May 2014

Exact at 7.43pm BST, 2.43pm EDT!

Compared to the intensity of the past few moons this New Moon provides some welcome light relief! The energy of the recent Cardinal Grand Cross is now waning and the Pluto Uranus square won’t be back until October, so we have a respite from the transformation, upheaval and crisis that comes along with it. It has brought some amazing shifts and growth but it is nice to have a bit of a breather! New Moons are a time in the month when seeds are planted and whatever is going on at this time will tend to set an energetic  ball rolling which will play out over the course of the month. It is an ideal time to set some conscious intentions for ourselves, which also involves thinking about what we need to leave behind in the dark of the moon. It is a time of new beginnings and you can’t have a beginning without first having an ending. In order to move forward and grow we have to let go of certain patterns, behaviours and habits which no longer serve us. This is an ideal time to release and renew!

The Sun (our conscious will) and the Moon (our unconscious, instinctive self) are forming their monthly union in the versatile, communicative and curious sign of Gemini. Gemini is represented by the Twins, Castor and Pollux, one of whom is mortal and the other who is immortal. As such we have two ways of looking at things; from the higher, infinite, soul perspective or from the more human, finite perspective. A Gemini can often be found in two minds because of this ability to see things from more than one angle. Gemini is a very inquisitive and sociable sign and loves collecting information so he can pass it on to others. Communication is a big part of the Gemini experience and helps us to connect with other people of like mind, though taken to the extreme can mean gossiping or superficial chatter. Gemini is incredibly adaptable and malleable and makes an amazing mimic, though taken too far can mean that he loses himself through trying to be what he thinks other people want him to be. An important part of this New Moon could be recognising how we might sacrifice our true selves in order to fit in or make other people comfortable.

Gemini possesses a lightness of being and a playfulness which makes him a delight to be around. He likes to keep himself busy and bores easily if he doesn’t keep up his interactions with the environment.  As such, Gemini season can be fairly fast paced, with more social interaction and communication than usual. It is important for us to embrace the spirit of Gemini around this time and remain open and inquisitive, asking a lot of questions. It is a good time to connect with other people and empower ourselves with information. This New Moon is a wonderful opportunity to contemplate how we might hold ourselves back through negative thought patterns and outworn beliefs. No one knows better than Gemini how powerful the mind is; the way we think has such an amazing effect on the nature of our reality. What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve! The more we think something, whether it be positive or negative, the deeper it goes into our consciousness and influences our whole life, body and soul. This could be an amazing Moon for reprogramming our minds and creating new, positive thought patterns to help transform our lives in a positive way. It truly is amazing the power we all have to change our lives. All it takes is being aware of the way we think.

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is forming a lovely, flowing aspect to Venus during this Moon which will help us to communicate with each other in a kind and harmonious manner. It should keep our interactions quite light hearted, caring and pleasant and will help us to compromise and clear up any misunderstandings with our loved ones. This combination definitely makes us feel more positive and sociable and could be really good for networking and making new friends. The two planets are both at the end of their signs, getting ready to shift into another sign. This could bring a sense of completion.  

Mercury is about to leave Gemini and move into sensitive, feeling, emotional Cancer, so our thinking is likely to become more subjective and coloured by our emotions. We should also be able to reach each other on an emotional level when we speak or write. Mercury is also getting ready to go retrograde, so we have that to look forward to! Venus is about to leave impulsive, spontaneous and forthright Aries and move into her own sign of Taurus, where she is very much at home. Venus in Taurus is very sensual and enjoys the earthly pleasures such as sex, nature, food, touch and physical closeness. She is capable of true devotion and is very faithful and loyal. This could be a good time to enjoy the physical pleasure of life and show our love in tangible ways.

Mars in Libra is forming a lovely, flowing aspect to the Sun and Moon which will also help to open us direct, open and honest communication within our relationships. This will allow us to speak our minds and get our point across in a palatable way. Mars will also give us the courage, motivation, energy and drive to act on our desires and we should be feeling pretty good about ourselves and life during this Moon. It is definitely a good time to set some positive intentions that we can then also act on.

The only challenging aspect to this New Moon is from Neptune in Pisces, which could leave us feeling a bit lost, confused and quite open. Neptune is the master of illusion and deception so we might have to deal with deceit, whether it is ours or others. Possibly we are lying to ourselves about something, or wearing rose-tinted spectacles which allow us to ignore the facts and dwell in a fantasy land of our own making. Possibly we are in denial about something. Neptune can definitely make things quite unclear and leave us not exactly knowing where we are going or why. He can also open us up so wide that we become overwhelmed with compassion and empathy. He is not the best at boundaries! This New Moon could be a really good time to meditate or practice mindfulness. If we feel confused, lost or unclear it may be a good opportunity to stop and listen to the whisper of our soul, because we do know the answers deep inside. Neptune and Pisces represent the right brain which is very intuitive and imaginative and connects us to all that is, while Gemini is the left brain and helps us makes sense of whatever our come up with and turn it into something tangible.  In an ideal world we should have a nice balance between the two. Neptune is also about to go retrograde, so his energy is amplified at the moment. This is a good time to be still, turn in and listen to our hearts.

This is definitely a throat chakra centred New Moon. It seems like an ideal time to contemplate changing the way we think about things. If there is something that you have been dealing with for a while now but you don’t seem to be getting anywhere with it, the Moon could be the perfect time to consider a different way of approaching it and come up with a new set of thought patterns. What we think and say has such an enormous impact on our emotional and physical reality. We all have a whole host of negative thoughts and beliefs running in the background that we are not even aware of. This could be an amazing opportunity to empower ourselves by, quite literally, changing our minds. At the same time we should use this time to be very aware of how we communicate with others. Gemini season is a very social and communicative time when we have a lot more interaction with the outside world and indeed our loved ones, so it is important to make sure we speak our truth in a sensitive and empathetic manner. Certainly the way we think and communicate will come under scrutiny during this Moon and it is important that we are clear about both. The mind is an incredibly powerful tool if used correctly and can be so very destructive if used without conscious awareness. We have so much more power than we realise!!

Much love



Monday, 12 May 2014

SCORPIO FULL MOON – Wednesday 14 May 2014

Exact at 8.16pm BST, 3.16pm EDT.

This Full Moon is an ideal time for letting go of anything that is holding us back from being all we can be. Scorpio is the energy of transformation, of death and rebirth, and asks us to release ourselves from any limitations, whether that be beliefs, relationships, jobs, fear of intimacy, fear of success. We might be very aware of what needs to change at this point. We are coming out of a very intense time with the recent Cardinal Grand Cross and Eclipse season and now we are assimilating and integrating the changes that have occurred both internally and externally. We have just been through a profound shift and it will take some time to sink in methinks! We are currently downloading new information into our energy fields, which could make us feel a bit more tired than usual.

The good news is that we have a beautiful Grand Water Trine to help us along, strengthening our intuition, increasing our compassion and empathy and generally soothing us after the intensity of the past few months. This Grand Trine is very much part of this Full Moon and brings a wonderful mixture of the healing nature of Chiron, the faith, growth and expansion of Jupiter and the stability and realism of Saturn. It can really help us move forward and grow in a concrete way. Our intimate and familial relationships can benefit greatly from the healing nature of this trine but it is important to remember that it is easy to take trines for granted because they are very gentle in nature.  They don’t push us in quite the same way as squares and oppositions do. The Grand Trine reaches a peak around the 20th of May and anybody with planets or angles between 16 to 20 degrees of the signs, especially Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, will feel its effects most strongly.

The Sun is currently in earthy, sensual and fertile Taurus, sitting directly opposite the Moon in intense, passionate and transformational Scorpio. Full Moons tend to highlight any imbalance between the energies of the two signs and the key is to find the healthy middle ground. Taurus represents our need for security and if this is taken too far it can mean that we find it hard to make necessary changes because it means upsetting the status quo, no matter how uncomfortable that might be. Security takes precedence over growth and Taurus can “put up with” situations long past the point that they are healthy. Scorpio, on the other hand, is the energy of transformation and has a strong need to shed its skin periodically in order to move forward and be born anew. Scorpio digs deep below the surface and drags out the dirty secrets, uncomfortable truths and anything else that might be lurking in the shadows. She demands emotional honesty, no matter how uncomfortable or painful that may be. Taurus is the sign of values and self-worth and shows what talents and skills we have in the tool kit that make us feel good about ourselves and attract love and abundance into our lives. Scoprio represents our desires. This Moon may highlight the way we hold ourselves back from having all that we deserve or desire through fear or a lack of belief in our own worth. It has the potential to bring our fears and limiting beliefs to the surface to be examined and released. We will see what comes rising up from the deep as the energy reaches its peak on Wednesday!

Venus, the ruler of the Taurus Sun, is a big player in this Full Moon and is forming an exact, challenging square aspect to Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio. This has the potential to bring anything that has been simmering below the surface of our relationships bubbling up to the surface.  Pluto does have quite a volcanic energy and in Capricorn he demands authenticity, empowerment and integrity.  Where are we giving our power away and where are we disempowering others? It is important to be aware of the potential for the extremes of emotion to rise up within our relationships during this Moon, which could include rage, jealousy, obsession, suspicion, betrayal and intense passion. Pluto leaves no stone unturned and in connection to Venus could mean that the dirty laundry gets hung out to dry, so to speak! This Moon could certainly have a profoundly transformational effect on our relationships, that’s for sure.

Just after Venus squares Pluto she then moves on to a conjunction with Uranus, who demands that we are utterly true to ourselves. Any relationships that are not a reflection of our truth are going to wither under the pressure of the Pluto Uranus square and even those that aren’t could receive a good old fashioned shake up! Uranus cannot abide stagnation and will do whatever he can to clear away anything that might be preventing us from being all that we can be. This is a great time to get rid of any unnecessary weight or baggage; clearing the decks, so to speak. As Venus is the ruler of Taurus it also represents our values, self-worth and how we attract money and love into our lives, so we could experience this energy as an overhaul of our value system and the way we think of ourselves. It may become glaringly obvious how we hold ourselves back from love, intimacy and abundance through fear or a lack of self-esteem.

Venus is currently in Aries, the sign ruled by Mars, while Mars is in Libra, the sign ruled by Venus. They formed an exact opposition to each other on Sunday and the energy will still linger for this Full Moon. They are getting a taste of each other’s energy and could bring about a positive change in the way we relate to one another. Venus in Aries encourages us to go out and get what we want and not be afraid to assert our needs in our relationships. Aries is brave and impulsive and not afraid to try new things, so this Moon really could be a game changer in the way we relate to each other. Don’t be afraid to speak up and try something new on for size! This applies whether you are single or in a relationship. Aries is the sign of the pioneer and will boldly go forth where others fear to tread! Luckily Mercury is forming a positive aspect to both Venus and Mars, which will definitely help us speak our minds and keep conversations flowing. It should help us both assert ourselves and listen to what the other person is saying. Mars finally goes direct on the 19th of May! This is wonderful news, and should give us more energy, drive and motivation to move forward with our plans and dreams.

Saturn is sitting right next to this Moon in Scorpio, opposite the Sun. This aspect was exact on Saturday but it will be present up to and during the Full Moon. Saturn makes us very aware of what is lacking in our lives. It is possible that we could feel a little low and we should do our best not to focus on our fears, insecurities and limitations. It may be all too easy to dwell on what is missing from our lives but, rather, we should utilise the energy of the Grand Trine and think about what we need to do to bring what we want, need and deserve into our lives. We could experience quite a profound sadness and sense of loss as we realise what we really desire, but instead of drowning in the emotions we should merely use them to recognise what we need to let go of and what we need to find in order to bring us closer to it. Saturn shows us the cold, hard facts and they can be hard to bear sometimes, especially in such a deeply emotional sign as Scorpio. This is a good time to confront our shadows and acknowledge how we hold ourselves back from having what we truly want for ourselves. Often what we want the most is also what we fear the most and it is this  very fear that blocks us.

This is powerfully potent Moon indeed. This could be a good time to be really honest with ourselves and think about how we hold ourselves back from what we really want. Scorpio asks us to take a long hard look at ourselves, even if we don’t like what we see. She isn’t afraid of the shadows; those parts of ourselves we usually keep hidden from view. The more we can allow ourselves to truly trust others, allowing ourselves to share our fears and vulnerabilities, the closer and more intimate our relationships will become. Not only that, the better we will know ourselves and the more understanding we will have of how we sabotage ourselves.  We really are our own worst enemies half the time! This seems like the kind of Full Moon that will strip the veil of illusion away and, like the snake shedding its skin, we will emerge shiny and new, minus some dead weight. This isn’t the time to stay safe and comfortable. This Moon won’t allow that. This is the time to face our fears so they can be released, once and for all. 
Much love



Monday, 28 April 2014

TAURUS NEW MOON / SOLAR ECLIPSE – Tuesday 29 April 2014

Exact at 7.18am BST, 2.18am EDT

This is a powerful yet gentle New Moon, which is more than welcome after the intensely transforming energy of the last Full Moon and the Cardinal Grand Cross which culminated this week. Almost all of the planets and luminaries are currently in earth or water signs, which means that the energies around at the moment are particularly feminine, or yin, in nature. This means that it is more likely that we will be more receptive and emotionally in tune with each other over this moon and encourages us to tap into our more feminine traits such as intuition, nurturing, caring, gentle tenderness and kindness.

It is also a Solar Eclipse, which means that we are currently going through a shift of awareness or consciousness. Changes or events could occur that seem to come out of the blue but have probably been brewing for a while below the surface. Eclipses are a time of endings and beginnings which have a profound effect on our lives. They represent a time for releasing anything that isn’t serving us on a soul level and whatever happens around this time can have a far reaching effects. Eclipses have 19 year cycles and the last time that an eclipse occurred in the exact same degree of Taurus was April 1995, so there is a connection between whatever happened then and whatever is happening now. History may be repeating itself somehow, or this time might signify the next level of growth or development in an area of your life that you can trace back to that time. The energy of that time might have a resonance with whatever is happening now. This is a very fateful and karmic time indeed.

The Sun and Moon are forming their monthly union in down to earth, practical and sensual Taurus. She is Mother Nature herself. Taurus is the sign of the material realm and represents our relationship to the physical world, or values and our sense of security. This Moon will call into question what we consider valuable and our attitude towards money and material possessions, as well as our connection to the Earth. Self-worth is the realm of Taurus and however we feel about ourselves is very much reflected by what and whom we attract into our lives, whether that be money or love. It is quite likely, during this Moon, that issues of self-worth and values will come up in one way or another. Mercury is sitting right next to the Sun and Moon in Taurus, which means that we may well find ourselves chewing the cud, so to speak, and thinking things through very carefully indeed. It is a good time to contemplate our connection to the physical world and whether we are too attached to the material world or too disconnected from Mother Earth. It is also a good time to think in a down to earth, realistic fashion about what we attract into our lives and why, as well as what we really and truly want for ourselves. Taurus gives us some very fertile soil to plant some seeds that have a good chance of taking root and coming to full bloom. We just have to make sure that anything we start now is based in reality.

The Grand Cross is now waning, and while its energy still lingers, the effects will slowly pass away now. Pluto and Mars are both forming an aspect to the Moon, however. Pluto, the planet of soulful transformation, will add some weight to any intentions we set in the coming days and reinforces the feeling that this New Moon will have quite an impact on our souls’ journeys. The ruler of this Moon, Venus, is still in Pisces which reminds us that we are all connected – humans, animals, plants, trees, oceans, rivers, planets and stars. Anything we do has a ripple effect that has an impact on the whole. Venus in Pisces is compassionate, gentle, kind and extremely empathetic. She feels another’s pain as if it were her own. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, is forming a harmonious aspect to the Moon, which also brings unconditional love and a sense of truly being connected to one another. Mars in Libra is forming a niggling aspect to the Moon, which brings relationships into focus and means that we could feel a strong need to put our cards out on the table, though hopefully in a way that is gentle and kind.

There is a Grand Water Trine forming in the wake of the Grand Cross which is very beautiful and healing and will help mop up any debris which might be hanging around! It involves Chiron, the Wounded Healer, Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer. This brings with it the possibility of healing family relationships and our connection to power and authority. In the element of water it is an intuitive, emotional energy that gives a feeling that anything is possible. This connection between Saturn and Jupiter brings the potential for realistic growth and can greatly expand the boundaries of our consciousness. This Grand Trine combined with the New Moon holds the promise that whatever intentions we set have a chance of blossoming into something great as long as they have a basis in reality. Jupiter in Cancer is part of both the Grand Cross and the Grand Trine, reminding us to follow our heart’s wisdom. The heart is so much wiser than the brain anyway! This Grand Trine truly is a beautiful thing to follow the Grand Cross, as it definitely softens the blows with its healing, intuitive, kind and compassionate energy.

Overall this New Moon is ripe with possibilities and fertile soil for us to manifest some realistic dreams. We just have to have a long, hard think about what we truly want.  There is some very gentle, kind, compassionate energy surrounding this Moon that reminds us that we are all very much connected and what happens to one happens to all. This includes the Earth, and this really is a wonderful time to go out and commune with nature, as it has so much to teach us. It is certainly where I feel most connected to the Universe and all that is. Whatever happens over this period of time will very likely to be quite significant and will affect our lives for a few months to come, though it may take time for us to fully realise what it is exactly.

Solar Eclipses are like magnified New Moons and can signify fated and karmic beginnings and endings. This one is no exception. We are experiencing a consciousness upgrade and something is now passing away so that we can move forward to the next phase. What it is will reveal itself in the fullness of time. We may just need to practise using one of Taurus’s greatest traits…patience.

Much Love