Sunday, 14 August 2016


Exact at 10.26am BST, 5.26am EDT.

This Full Moon brings the potential for a breath of fresh air; a chance to step out of character and do things differently. It is also a Lunar Eclipse, which signifies the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one. It will represent a culmination or completion of something that started around the Eclipse of March 16 of this year.  The New Moon in Leo on August 2nd involved us reclaiming the parts of ourselves that we had lost along the way after the emotionally turbulent Moon cycles that came before it. This Full Moon is highly Uranian in nature, because not only is it an Aquarius Moon, but Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is also forming a supportive aspect to the Sun and Moon. This means that we should expect the unexpected and be willing to go with the flow of whatever comes our way. We have an opportunity to change things up and release ourselves from old patterns and habits that are preventing us from living our truth. We could well have some amazing insights and breakthroughs during this Moon, as Uranus is known for bringing epiphanies that come like bolts from the blue!

What would we do and who would we be if we had complete freedom and nothing was holding us back? What parental and societal conditioning is stopping us from truly being ourselves? Where in our life are we stuck or stagnant? What is our vision of our future? What unique gifts do we have to offer the world in order to make it a better place? These are all questions that could come up in a fairly emotional manner, as this is a Full Moon after all! We could well have a strong urge to bust out somehow and make a break for freedom in some area of our life. This is a moon for creative change and a time to truly let go of whatever is needed for us to be able to move on and start this new phase. We have a chance to really blast through some blocks and release ourselves from the shackles of the past so that we are free to create a future that is a true reflection of who we are becoming. Sudden events or chance encounters that seem to happen “to us” are actually symbolic of our own need to switch things up and take a different path.

The Sun is in playful, heart-centred and self-expressive Leo, who encourages us to shine our lights brightly and express all that we are. Leo reminds us that we are the creator of our life, the director of our own play and encourages us to follow our bliss and do what brings us joy. Leo makes us aware of our creative gifts and reminds us that we are all special in one way or another. The Moon is directly opposite the Sun in eccentric, visionary and humanitarian Aquarius, who asks how we can share these unique and special gifts with the whole and contribute to making the world a better place? It is quite possible that we will spend some time contemplating what we really want for ourselves during this moon and pondering our hopes and dreams. This could come from a place of discontent or feeling somehow stuck. We may be asking ourselves “Is this all there is?” and plagued by a strong sense that there must be more than this; a better life that is a true reflection of who we are becoming. Aquarius is very much about community, brotherhood/sisterhood, joining together to create a vision of a better world. This Moon could very well bring up some rather strong emotions that revolve around our need to follow our hearts and make much needed change in our lives.

Saturn turned direct on August 13th, so his energy is very strong at the moment. Life could have been feeling very real indeed recently and there could be some sadness and heaviness going around, especially as the Saturn Neptune square is building again. We could be experiencing a raging battle within us between fear and faith. On the one hand “what is” could seem rather bleak and challenging, but it is so very important that we hold on to faith and trust that it is all happening for a reason and that things can change in the blink of an eye. It is also important that we don’t dwell on what has been, or what might be, but rather focus on the here and now. The only thing we really have control over is the present moment! With Saturn now going direct we could become aware of what he has been trying to teach us since he went retrograde in March. He is always trying to teach us something to help us grow, though sometimes it does feel like he is the headmaster of the School of Hard Knocks!

The Saturn Neptune square feels a little like the battle between our ego and our higher self. Neptune, or our higher self, is aware that everything is perfect exactly as it is and is happening according to some kind of higher plan. Saturn, on the other hand, is that part of ourselves that suffers and feels pain, fear and anxiety, and tries to control everything. Neptune reminds us that we are not in control!  With the Saturn energy so strong at the moment it could be a bit hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, with the reality of our lives and the state of the world staring us squarely in the face. It seems also that certain structures (Saturn) that we relied on are dissolving (Neptune) and it is unclear as yet what will replace them. It is a time of shifts and changes and it is very important indeed to remain positive and not fall into fear. I know quite a few people whose mantra at the moment is “Faith and Trust, Faith and Trust!” All will be revealed in the fullness of time.  Jupiter is also aspecting the Sun and Moon, reminding us to stay positive and not allow the darker energies to take hold. He is sitting next to Mercury, urging us to keep an eye on the bigger picture.

Venus seems to be showing herself during this Moon as well. With Pluto, the planet of the soul and transformation, forming a positive aspect to the planet of love and relating, it is quite possible that we will relate to each other on a deeper level during this time and help each other to grow and move forward. It is a really good time for emotional honesty with our loved ones. This could also be a time when significant people cross our path who will go on to affect us quite a profound way. Venus is also conjunct the North Node of the Moon, which signifies the potential for some amazing soul growth in the area of our relationships. Alongside the Uranian, Eclipse energy it brings the possibility of chance encounters that change the course of our lives significantly. It is as if our relationships, whether long lasting or short lived, have the capacity to move us forward on our journeys and impact our lives during this Moon. In order to move forward we have to let go of something. There is no beginning without an ending.

I read somewhere that it is only when things become intolerable that humans initiate change, as we are so resistant to it in general. Maybe this is one of those times. It seems that this Moon could signify a change of direction and a much needed breath of fresh air to lift us out of the heavy Saturnian energy that has been around in the last while. Saturn has been making everything seem so very real and so an Aquarius Full Moon is exactly what we need to bring some change and excitement to the picture and help us envision a better future. As it is an Eclipse the changes will have far reaching effects and could signify a new chapter that we were not expecting! I would say that we should be open to whatever comes our way during this time and that we should also work on letting go of whatever isn’t making us feel good or is holding us back in some way. Above all, we need to remain positive. You just never know what is around the corner!

“Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours to see
Que sera, sera
What will be, will be”

Jay Livingston, Ray Evans (sung by Doris Day)

Much love


Picture: Unknown

Saturday, 30 July 2016

LEO NEW MOON - 2 August 2016

Exact at 9.44pm BST, 4.44pm EDT.

Well, if we have been searching for the light at the end of the tunnel then this Moon has the potential to provide it! The last month or so has been intense, to say the least, as the New Moon in Cancer and Full Moon in Capricorn involved some serious catharsis and clearing out, including  a massive shake up of our emotional security and foundation, both personally and collectively. Indeed, a healer friend of mine said that we should rename the Capricorn Full Moon “Heartbreak Moon”! However, when hearts break they break open, allowing amazing shifts to occur and this is a beautiful thing. The last month or so has definitely challenged our emotional foundation and forced us to take responsibility for our own emotional security. It has also allowed us to become painfully aware of our old emotional patterns formed in childhood, so much so that we have had the opportunity to greatly diminish their power and control over us and our relationships. It’s been emotional and extremely cleansing, but now we are in Leo season and it is time to reclaim ourselves and allow the inner child out to play! There is a definite sense of coming back to Self and as this is a New Moon we are invited to consciously reconnect with our inner divinity and higher self and set some positive intentions. It is time to let our light shine again.

Leo rules the heart and so this Moon will provide us with an opportunity to recharge the heart batteries, so to speak, allowing us to release anything that may be blocking our heart area and helping us to heal any heart pain we may have been experiencing.  Leo encourages us to listen to our heart’s wisdom and have the courage to follow wherever it leads us. This is a very playful, self-expressive and creative sign so this really is a perfect time to allow the inner child free reign to have fun! It is time to follow our bliss and joy, much as children do. Most importantly, this is a time to reconnect with Self and allow it to express itself in whatever way it wants to. It is time to remember who we are, at our core. Who were we before our life happened to us, with all of the many layers of patterns, beliefs and conditioning that have been heaped upon us along the way? This Moon invites us to connect to that spark again; that innocent child who had no fear or inhibition and didn’t hold back from expressing whatever was in his or her heart! It is time to open our hearts fully and not be afraid to express what is within them. The ruler of Leo is the Sun and so we are invited to bask in its warmth and allow our own light to radiate outwards.

The Saturn Neptune square is building again and will be exact on September 10. It is being activated by this Moon, with Saturn forming a supportive aspect to the Sun and Moon and Neptune forming a nagging aspect. Saturn urges us to look at the reality of whatever we are facing, while Neptune encourages us to put the rose tinted spectacles on and just see what we want to see. It’s ok to have hopes and dreams, but it is also a good idea to make sure that they have some basis in reality, otherwise we are simply setting ourselves up for disappointment and disillusionment. During this Moon it might be advisable to keep an eye on what is rather than the way we wish it was. Saturn is Father Time and he reminds us to be patient, as all will be revealed in the fullness of time. He also has a tendency to want to control the outcome of any given situation, seeking some kind of finite certainty, while Neptune reminds us that ultimately we are being guided by higher forces with a divine plan of which we are largely unaware. As such, it is better to just let go of control, surrender and trust that all is unfolding exactly as it is supposed to. If any fear or anxiety comes up, be mindful of it and focus on having faith, trust and unconditional love towards self and others.

In the meantime, two hours before the New Moon is exact, Mars will finally leave Scorpio and move into optimistic, confident and adventurous Sagittarius! This will surely signify a big shift for us all! In Scorpio he has been bringing up so much anger and rage, as it seems as if almost every day another horror has come to light in the world recently. I sincerely hope that this all starts to ease off now. There were some very positive aspects to having Mars in Scorpio, for it gave us the will and courage to face our shadows and to transform and grow beyond our limitations, destroying old patterns and beliefs. There has been much purging and clearing out, as we have had to face some rather uncomfortable emotional truths. However, I for one am very happy that he is moving into Sagittarius, as he is quite at home there and should give us a boost of confidence and forward moving energy. It’s time to lighten up a bit! Mars in Sagittarius likes to have fun and looks on the brighter side of life, so this is a great complement to the energy of this Leo Moon.

Something to be aware of during this Moon is that Black Moon Lilith is forming a square to the Sun and Moon, which could mean that we have to deal with some turbulent feelings, such as jealousy, passion and rage, which we may find it hard not to act on. Black Moon Lilith is the rejected, cast out, wild feminine and she is in Scorpio at the moment so there is the potential for some rather destructive, intense, raw emotions to surface as we approach this New Moon. Ultimately, however, this will be very empowering and help us to really let go and move forward. Better out than in! Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio is a powerful, very visceral, primal feminine energy that has the capacity to cut through to the core of any situation and reveal it for what it is. We shouldn’t be surprised if things come up from the shadows that we would usually prefer to avoid or not face, either in ourselves or others. This aspect brings the potential for brutal honesty and more catharsis and letting go.  

It seems that this Moon could be quite empowering, as we are given the opportunity to reclaim any parts of ourselves that we have lost along the way. We are invited to find some way of expressing all that we have been through in the past couple of months. Leo encourages to sing, dance, play, stomp and create, giving us an avenue to release any feelings or emotions we may be experiencing so that they don’t get stuck in our heart centre. The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is 11° “Children play on a swing hanging from the branches of a huge oak tree.” There is a feeling of playful spontaneity to this picture, as well as a sense of being somehow protected and guided by the ancient wisdom and strength of the old oak tree. We may be freeing our inner child, but we also have the benefit of all that we have learned about ourselves in recent times. This Moon offers us a glimmer of hope and an opportunity to really connect to our hearts and follow the path of joy. There is something very empowering about the particular combination of planetary energy, as we are invited to reclaim our true, core self. Leo invites us to allow our light to truly shine, brighter than it ever has before!

Much love


Picture: Unknown

Monday, 18 July 2016


Exact 11.56pm BST, 6.56pm EDT!

The Cancer New Moon two weeks ago involved many of us experiencing a considerable wobble in terms of our emotional foundation, while  this Full Moon seems to be asking us to take a step back and look at whatever is going on from a different angle or perspective. It holds the promise of shaking up the status quo and helping us undo old programming, releasing us from the shackles of the past and from the residue of any unhealthy parental and societal conditioning. Uranus, the Great Awakener, who is well known for challenging the rules and rattling the cage, is a big player in this Moon as he is challenging both the Sun and Moon. The Sun is in Cancer, the sign of the home, family, our roots and our emotional security. Cancer represents our emotional patterns and tendencies that we have picked up in childhood, so any challenge to this area of our lives could be very unsettling. However, while our sense of emotional security could be shaken somewhat, we also have a chance to step outside of ourselves and recognise any sabotaging behaviour so that we can break free of it once and for all. It’s hard to release these entrenched emotional patterns while they remain unconscious, but this Moon has the potential to bring them out into the light of our awareness. They might explode out, as this is Uranus and a Full Moon we are talking about here, but it is so much better for them to be made conscious!

The Moon is in Capricorn, the sign directly opposite Cancer. While Cancer rules the home and family, Capricorn represents outer authority and the conditioning we received from authority figures such as our parents, school teachers and society in general. There are certain rules and regulations that we would have had to abide to in order to survive in this world and “fit in” to the mould. This is where Uranus comes in. He encourages us to break all of the rules and start a revolution! Try something else on for size! On a personal level this could mean that we have a chance to step outside of our comfort zones and undo some old, outworn programming, challenging the structure of our lives and family in order to be more true to ourselves. On a collective level is means that we challenge the powers that be and question their authority over us. Capricorn rules the governmental structures and external authority, while Cancer rules our homeland and sense of security, and Uranus in Aries is not afraid to rattle the cage to create much needed change. He is not called the Great Awakener for nothing, as he has the power to open our eyes to a new way of seeing things, which of course could make us feel a bit unsteady initially, until we find our feet.

As such, we shouldn’t be surprised if we received the odd shock or two, as old beliefs and patterns are made more conscious. The Sabian symbol for the midpoint between the Sun and Moon is Libra 27° “An airplane sails, high in the clear sky.” This brings the possibility of being able to see things more clearly, from a higher perspective. Dane Rudyar says of this symbol that it gives us the chance to “gain a new perspective on human problems and reach freedom and peace in a supernal realm of being.” He speaks of “Transcendent Realisation.” As such, it is quite possible that we will have some epiphanies in the coming week, as our perception of reality is challenged somewhat! It’s always good to get a bird eye perspective and to look at things in a more objective light.

Pluto, the planet of the soul and transformation, is also in Capricorn, where he has been since 2008 and will remain until 2023. Pluto has a detoxing effect on whatever sign he is in, and in Capricorn he has been exposing the rot within the power structures of this world we live in. It has become glaringly obvious that the old way of governing simply doesn’t work anymore. He then destroys whatever isn’t working so that eventually something more appropriate can take its place. We are half way through the transit of Pluto through Capricorn. It definitely feels like we are in the midst of the darkest hour, when so much is being destroyed and the fire rages all around us! Hopefully soon the Pheonix will start rising from the ashes. I can only assume that slowly but surely, over the next few years, solutions will start to reveal themselves and a new world will come into being. We will then have Pluto in Aquarius, which brings new vision for a world based on liberty, equality and brotherhood/sisterhood. That’s something to look forward to!

Mars is still in Scorpio, where he will be until the 2nd of August, when he will leave this intensely emotional sign for good and move forward into Sagittarius, where he is quite happy and confident! This last couple of weeks has shown what Mars in Scorpio is capable of, as we have been witness to back-stabbing, violent and vengeful acts, people’s version of the truth spurting out in all kinds of ways and unholy rage! It has not been pretty and I am actually quite looking forward to him leaving Scorpio! On the other hand, he has also given us the courage, desire and bravery to face the parts of ourselves that we might usually prefer to avoid or deny. The good news is that he is forming a harmonious aspect to both the Sun and the Moon, helping us to do some  more deep sea diving and confront our shadows. It’s not pretty work, but it is oh so rewarding, as we have a chance to eliminate anything that might be preventing us from experiencing true honesty, openness and intimacy with our loved ones. It’s hard to own the dark parts, as it makes us feel quite vulnerable, but if we don’t then we are denying others the gift of really knowing us, warts and all.

Full Moons always have a tendency to bring things to a head and this one is no exception! Whatever may have been simmering below the surface could come exploding out, making the unconscious conscious. It may not exactly be rational, but once it’s out then maybe we have a chance to understand or make sense of it. We have an ideal opportunity to recognise our sabotaging patterns, and what better way than when they are hanging out for all to see?! Tee hee!  Capricorn asks that we grow up and take responsibility for our part in the story and reminds us to act from a place of emotional maturity. It is always important to remember that people and situations come into our lives in order to help us grow, and while we may not be conscious of it, our souls have set these situations and relationships up for our greatest good and growth. This includes the families we have been born into and the relationships we form along the way. On an unconscious level we have chosen them all because they have something important to teach us. In this sense we are responsible for everything that has and will happen to us. This Moon could force us to own some parts of ourselves that we are not particularly comfortable with, but once the conscious is made conscious it loses its power. We are not children anymore, we are adults. It’s time for the old stories to fall away.

Much love


Artwork: The Awakening by Autumn Sky Morrison

Thursday, 30 June 2016

CANCER NEW MOON - 4 July 2016

Exact at 12pm BST, exact at 7am EDT.

This New Moon has the power to transform our inner lives and relationships, which could rattle our sense of emotional security somewhat. The Sun and Moon are flanked by Mercury and Venus in Cancer, the sign of the home, family, our childhood and ancestral roots, all of which are very personal indeed. Cancer also represents our homeland, and I for one can definitely say that my country is experiencing quite a wobble right now! People’s sense of security has been severely threatened by recent events and it seems that a time of upheaval and transformation is inevitable. Cancer symbolises our inner world and the emotional patterns we have formed in childhood in order to feel a sense of safety and emotional security. As we move into adulthood these patterns can wreak havoc in our relationships as they unconsciously play out over and over again until we become conscious and aware of them.  This Moon could make us all too aware of these patterns, which on the one hand could be rather uncomfortable while on the other hand gives us a chance to transmute them so that they lose their power over us. It certainly feels like our foundations are being rocked at the moment, as many feel like they are standing on shaky ground.

The Saturn Neptune square is being activated by this Moon, making the energy of the square quite prominent both personally and collectively. Saturn could make us feel quite fearful and somewhat apprehensive and pessimistic while Neptune, who is forming a positive aspect to the Sun, Moon and Mercury, asks us to have faith and trust that somehow we are being guided in the right direction. Saturn’s nagging, challenging aspect could make us feel divided, separate, gloomy, judgemental, despondent, and force us to confront some potential realities we would rather not face. Saturn aspecting the Moon can easily make us feel quite cut off from one another, highlighting our differences and making us feel quite alone. In challenging aspect to Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication, he can cause us to see the darker side of reality and feel quite depressed.  In Sagittarius he can make us far too rigid in our beliefs, so that we find it hard to back down. We may also find that what we thought was true is in fact not true at all. Walls of illusion come crumbling down.

Neptune reminds us that, despite any apparent differences, we are all from the same melting pot and so we must be kind and gentle with one another, especially in times of adversity. Neptune helps us to connect with one another on a deeper level and to see the true spirit within each of us rather than the masks we can so easily hide behind. Neptune helps us to trust enough show our vulnerability and also have compassion and empathy for one another.  On the other hand, Neptune can also cause us to fall into the role of being the victim, while Saturn in Sagittarius asks us to pull our socks up and take responsibility for the part we have played in our own story.  He also reminds us to keep an eye on the big picture. The Saturn Neptune square is an ongoing battle between fear and unconditional love, between judgment and acceptance, between hard control and surrender/going with the flow, between separation/division and One Love. These are not easy times, but we can only hope that something good will come out of it all. It is very important not to succumb to fear. Sometimes things have to swing really far in one direction in order for us to find balance.

Pluto in Capricorn is also forming an opposition to the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus. The planet of the soul and transformation is a very big player in this New Moon. Not only is he aspecting Venus, the planet of relating, but oppositions tend to play out in our relationships. The transforming energy of Pluto in Capricorn exposes the flaws and rot in the structure of our lives, then destroys whatever isn’t working so that we can then rise like the Phoenix out of the ashes, reborn and renewed. Pluto is the planet of the soul, so he tends to push us out of stagnation and gives us a bit of a cosmic kick up the bum so that we remain true to ourselves and our journeys. As the planets under fire are all in Cancer, it is quite likely that we will experience quite a wobble as our emotional security is threatened and we have to face up to any emotional patterns that may be undermining us. Cancer represents our tender underbelly, so Pluto’s transforming energy could cause us to feel quite vulnerable and force us to face some rather uncomfortable emotional truths!

Pluto is also the planet of power, so issues of power and powerlessness could well come to the surface during this time. We may become very aware of where we give our power away and also where we are holding too much power, which can be equally uncomfortable. This could be a good time to redress the balance somehow, through conscious intention. On a collective level we are dealing with the exposure of what simply isn’t working any more within the power structures that rule us, and are facing the destruction of these failing structures and systems so that something more appropriate can take their place. What that is exactly is uncertain as yet, which is highly unsettling as our sense of security on every level is being shaken and rattled. Again, instead of falling into fear it is important to have faith and trust that somehow we are heading in the right direction and to remember that Pluto doesn’t destroy anything that is still needed, only that which is rotten or obsolete. Pluto entered Capricorn, the sign of structure, government and authority, in January 2008 and will remain there until 2024, so we are experiencing a very long, gradual, profound breakdown and transformation of our power structures. It will be interesting to see what kind of world we will be living in when it is all over.

On Wednesday of this week Mars in Scorpio has finally gone direct after having been retrograde since April and on Tuesday Chiron the Wounded Healer has gone retrograde. Mars retrograde may have made us feel like we were unable to push forward somehow in some areas of our lives and this could have caused us to reassess what it is we really truly want. Mars is direct, straightforward, assertive and when it is retrograde is causes us to internalise that energy. This can cause anger to turn inward and a feeling of beating our head against a brick wall! It can also lower our motivation and energy levels. It must have been important for Mars to travel back into Scorpio, so that we have another opportunity to bravely face our shadows and intimacy issues, but it has also brought to the surface quite a lot of repressed rage, cruelty and people spouting their version of the truth in no uncertain terms! Now Mars is going direct and the Saturn Neptune square is waning we could experience a lessening in our anxiety levels and a bit more energy and courage to make whatever changes are necessary in our lives.

Chiron’s orbit lies between Saturn and Uranus, so he represents the bridge between the old and the new world.  As his energy has been very strong this week it does seem very appropriate that we are seeing a chasm between the old systems crumbling and the need for something new to take their place. On a personal level, while Chiron is retrograde we may be forced to go within and revisit old wounds and recognise where we feel pain and shame, both personally and collectively. It is quite likely that we will feel more sensitive and easily triggered than usual, but it is a perfect opportunity for healing because as the wounds are opened we have a chance to become more consciously aware of them and to heal them with forgiveness and compassion for ourselves and others. The key is not to deny the pain but to move through it, acknowledging that it has made you who you are. Everyone is wounded in one way or another and it is important to remember this. It is our times of pain and suffering that humbles us and opens our hearts so that we have compassion and empathy for our fellow man. As our hearts break open we soften and show who we really are. We breathe a sigh of relief.

The Sabian Symbol for Chiron at 26° Pisces is “Watching the very thin moon crescent appearing at sunset, different people realise that the time has come to go ahead with their different projects”.  The original symbol was written as “A New Moon that divides its differences”. This feels very relevant right now and it is a poignant reminder that we don’t all have to think or react the same way. Sometime a break or a split is necessary, while sometimes simply allowing one another to get on with our own thing for a while is what’s needed. Dane Rudyar says of this symbol that there should be “a realisation of the FALLACY OF TOTALITARIANISM; at times we can all act like despots, demanding that others react to any situation exactly as we do.”, while Lynda Hill speaks of “People splitting up and splitting off. New opportunities and potentials. The beginning of a new age. Letting go of the old and outworn. Separations. Embracing one’s future without the need for others. Coming to a fork in the road. The dawning of a new era”. It all feels very appropriate indeed right now.

This does seem like an important New Moon for setting some heartfelt intentions, but we must be careful to be very clear about what exactly it is that we want for ourselves. We really do get what we ask for and the universe can be quite literal in its delivery, as I have discovered the hard way! This definitely does seem like a time when our sense of emotional security is experiencing a major wobble, but it is very much necessary for our growth and evolution, both personally and collectively. Sometimes we have to let go of something completely in order for it to be found again in a purer, healthier form. This may mean having to lose whatever gives us our sense of emotional security, including hope, so that we realise that we won’t completely fall apart without it. Then, when and if it is returned to us, we are less dependent on it. It is no longer a crutch. When it comes down to it we are all responsible for our own emotional security. We will not find it from anything or any person outside of ourselves. This is the lesson of Cancer.

Much love


Picture – Phoenix Egg – Hannah Böving

Thursday, 16 June 2016


Full Moon exact at 12.22pm BST, 7.22am, EDT
Solstice exact at 11.34pm BST, 6.34pm EDT

This is a very energetic Full Moon, as it occurs eleven hours before the Summer Solstice and also coincides with the peaking of the Saturn Neptune Square and the Jupiter North Node conjunction. June has been a very intense month, what with the Saturn Neptune square building in strength and retrograde Mars in Scorpio causing blood to boil and emotions to run high as people’s version of the truth is revealed in no uncertain terms! Mars will be stationing direct during this Moon, which means his passionate, transforming, cauterising energy will be at its strongest. We shouldn’t be surprised if we experience intense, seething rage or power games during this time, as this energy can be quite destructive. We will have to be brave spiritual soldiers and be willing to face some truths that might be difficult to face and to confront some aspects of ourselves that we might usually prefer to deny and hide away from ourselves and others. The scorpion’s sting comes out in very direct, forthright ways with Mars in Scorpio, and the truth could well cut like a knife. Better out than in, however, and at least we will know where we stand!

The Moon is full, for the second time this month, in jovial, optimistic and enthusiastic Sagittarius, sitting directly opposite the Sun in versatile, curious, sociable Gemini. This is the axis of the lower and higher mind, the left and right brain, the rational and the intuitive, the city and the country. It’s all about finding the balance between the two. Gemini is known for his sophistication and street smarts and likes to have his finger on the pulse and be up on the latest trends. Sagittarius, however, is happy to gain his information and wisdom from a dragonfly, or a giant oak tree in the middle of the forest, and isn’t exactly known for having a silver tongue! Quite the opposite, in fact, as Sagittarius is well known for being so frank and honest that they can easily suffer from foot in mouth syndrome! Again, this shows more potential for the truth to be revealed in the build up to this Moon. Both the Sun and Moon are in the very last degree of Gemini and Sagittarius, which is a very critical and potent degree and means that we are tying up loose ends pertaining to the signs and could feel a sense of urgency about dealing with whatever issues we are facing.

The Saturn Neptune square is exact on the June 18th, so its energy will still be very strong indeed at the time of the Full Moon. There are three of these squares – the first was in November of last year and the last one will be in September of this year. It’s not over yet!  Saturn and Neptune are such different energies, as Saturn likes to stay in control, while Neptune loves to go with the flow. Faith and trust are a big part of the picture at the moment, as we are being asked to let go of the need to direct the flow of our lives and to trust that we are being guided in the right direction and that whatever is happening is for our greatest good. In the same token, and to continue with the truth theme, Saturn is shining his rather harsh light of reality into areas of our life that we may be deluded about, so we may experience disillusionment and sadness and we are forced to face up to some uncomfortable truths. This square certainly forces us to take our heads out of the proverbial sand and face whatever we might have been hiding from.

The energy of the square is very heavy in nature and can make things seem quite bleak. Saturn has a tendency to look at things from a rather dark, pessimistic perspective, and with Neptune thrown into the mix there is the potential for experiencing irrational fear and anxiety, and we could find it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel or understand why things are happening the way they are. Again, faith and trust are what’s needed here, as it is all happening according so some kind of higher plan. Saturn represents government, authority, structure and boundaries, while Neptune represents unconditional love, transcendence and unity, reminding us that we are all connected and what happens to one happens to all. Separation is an illusion. The square has definitely made the divide between the two very apparent, as we deal with the refugee crisis and also the EU referendum.  Do we close our boundaries or keep them open and free flowing? Do we close our hearts through fear or allow love, empathy and compassion for our fellow man to guide us?

Neptune and Chiron the Wounded Healer will both be slowing down this week, getting ready to go retrograde in Pisces, so their energy will be very strong indeed during this Moon. Our intuition and imaginations could be greatly heightened, as could our compassion and empathy. We could be a bit more sensitive than usual and more easily triggered than at other times. Hearts could break open. This is a great time to become aware of our blind spots and any wounds that might be wreaking havoc in our personal lives and relationships. We could experience beautiful, open-hearted connection with one another as we dissolve any boundaries and have some very sweet, poignant interactions with our loved ones and strangers alike.  It is also possible that we may have a greater need to escape or deny reality, especially if it is too painful to face. It is very important that we treat ourselves with the same compassion and forgiveness that we would have for our loved ones, because so often we are much harder on ourselves than we would be on others!

Jupiter will form an exact conjunction with the North Node in Virgo on the June 25th, for the second time this year. The North Node represents where we want to get to on a soul level in order to move forward and evolve. Sometimes we can resist what we know is good for us, but with Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion and ruler of the Sagittarius Moon, sitting on top of it we are being given the opportunity to take a giant leap forward on our journey. Often when things are at their most challenging and seemingly so bleak there is also a chance to move forward and grow on a deeper level. As such, this conjunction is like a shining light of hope in the midst of the quite difficult energy that surrounds us at the moment. It reminds us that whatever we are going through, both personally and collectively, is not in vain! We may have certain beliefs shattered during this time, but only if they are holding us back. Jupiter is also part of a Grand Mutable Square involving Saturn, Neptune and the ruler of the Gemini Sun, Mercury, so there is a lot of pressure building during this Moon and we could struggle to keep the faith and not get drawn into feelings of fear and anxiety. Watch the chattering monkeys!

The Sabian symbol for the degree of Virgo that Jupiter and the North Node are conjoining in is: A volcanic eruption”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “the explosive energy of long-repressed contents of the subconscious. It may be a spectacular catharsis, but it often takes paths of destruction. Yet unless some form of purification by fire is experienced, the inner pressure of the karmic past or of more recent frustrations would shake up perhaps even more destructively the very foundations of the personality.” This Sabian symbol speaks for itself really, and reinforces the sense that things are coming to a head towards the end of this month! Whatever has been building within us will demand release. A volcano brings to mind the energy of Mars in Scorpio. Anything that erupts out of us during this time we should just let go and let it flow, because resistance won’t do us any good whatsoever. As we let it out and clear space we have a chance for that giant leap forward in growth. Exciting!

Interesting times indeed! I think that we just have to ride the waves and have the faith and trust that whatever comes out now is for our highest good. Sagittarius certainly has that faith, as he sees life as a big adventure wherein even the hard times and challenging situations have so much to teach us! It’s just all part of the twist and turns of life! The Summer Solstice is also occurring on the 20th, the same day as the Full Moon, which definitely heightens the energy of the day! It is a time when the Sun (spirit) seems to stand still and we celebrate the light in the Northern Hemisphere on the longest day of the year. The Solstice represents the start of a new cycle, which is very appropriate indeed, so we must honour this energy by setting some positive intentions for ourselves and this planet we live on. It might be good to imagine ourselves, our loved ones and the entire planet surrounded by a healing white light, filling everything and everyone with love and peace.

“You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens” Rumi

Happy Solstice!

Much Love


Picture: Unknown

Thursday, 9 June 2016


Mars in Scorpio is forming a harmonious aspect to Chiron the Wounded Healer at the moment, which has been in effect for the last day or so and will continue throughout the weekend. Mars in Scorpio has the capacity to cut like a knife in the truth department! The good news is that any emotional truths that come out now have the capacity to be deeply healing, despite any initial pain or wounding. If we have been holding back anything for fear of hurting people, this transit could bring it all out into the open in no uncertain terms! It will be especially potent if it forms a hard aspect to one of your personal planets.

Much Love


Thursday, 2 June 2016

GEMINI NEW MOON - 5 June 2016

Sunday 5 June – 3.59am BST, Saturday 4 June – 10.59pm EDT

This New Moon is very potent indeed, as it also completes the square between Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter that has been so prevalent in recent times, making a Grand Mutable Cross.  This is a very good time to set some positive intentions for ourselves and contemplate what we need to leave behind in the dark of the Moon so that we can walk into the light. Gemini is the sign of the mind and communication, so we may become more aware than usual how our thoughts and words have an impact on our lives and the lives of others. Indeed, we may also be more conscious about how other people influence the way we think and act. A throwaway comment can have such a huge impact, more so that we think, so it is important to be mindful of what we say to others and also of how much power we give to what other people say to us. It is important to remember that while people may have good intentions, when they speak or advise they are also projecting themselves and their opinions onto our situation. Gemini season could make us all too aware of how powerful the spoken word is, as it really does have the ability to inspire, encourage, hurt or harm.

The Sun and Moon are joined by Venus in Gemini, and these three will be forming an exact conjunction at the time of the New Moon. Venus is the planet of love, values and relationships, and in Gemini this could make for a very light and playful time for our relationships, when we want to be out and about sharing ideas and thoughts with like-minded people. We may also find ourselves talking about our relationships with our loved ones, as communication should flow quite easily and it will be easy to maintain a sense of humour. There is something very youthful about Gemini, who is very sociable and likes to have his finger in many pies. This could be quite a restless, nervous time too, when we find it hard to keep still and our minds could be very alert and active. Gemini rules the left side of the brain, so we might find it a bit hard to switch off the monkey minds! It might be good practice to observe where they take us, however, and to become more conscious of our train of thought and whether it is positive or negative, fearful or hopeful. How we think has such a huge impact on our reality, so it is very important to be mindful of it.

As I said, we also have Grand Cross involving the Sun, Moon and Venus with Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter. Saturn’s influence could help us scrutinise our thought processes and our relationships, as he tends to shine the harsh light of reality onto whatever planet he is aspecting. He makes us aware of our limitations and in aspect to Venus he can make it quite obvious where our relationships need a bit of work. Solid relationships will only be strengthened and deepened by Saturn’s influence, while those that are on shaky ground could find themselves faltering under his unforgiving gaze. With Neptune involved we could become very aware of how we bury our heads in the sand and refuse to see things how they really are. It’s so easy to put the rose-tinted spectacles on and only see what we want to see, but this Moon could force us to face reality head on. It is also important to remember that combination of Saturn and Neptune could be causing irrational fears to surface in us and our anxiety level s could be higher than usual. This can make reality seem rather overwhelming and make us want to bury our heads in the sand all over again!

On the other hand, Neptune could also help us to let go of any rigid beliefs that are keeping us stuck and sabotaging our lives and relationships. We all have a set of beliefs that are so ingrained that it is hard to see just how much they influence everything we do and every relationship we enter into. They generally stem from childhood and were formed through watching our parents relate, and indeed though how they related to and reacted to us. During this time we have a chance to recognise and release these beliefs. Conscious awareness is an amazing thing, because once we are able to recognise a particular belief or way of thinking that we are holding onto then we can start to work on dissolving and releasing it. This is where our close relationships can be very helpful, because the other person is able to see us more clearly than we see ourselves and can point out how we might be holding ourselves back. As long as they do so with compassion and unconditional love, rather than with judgement or blame! We have an opportunity to see where we are stuck or being too rigid and to allow ourselves to surrender to the flow of life with faith the we are being steered in the right direction.

Retrograde Mars went back into Scorpio on Saturday 28 May and will be there until 3 August, so this is another opportunity to be brave soldiers and dive into the murky depths and confront our shadows. Mars is the warrior planet who knows no fear, and in the deeply intense and emotional sign of Scorpio we could feel prompted to face the not so pretty parts of ourselves head on. There is something quite primal about Mars in Scorpio and we may find ourselves driven by some deep, unconscious urges coming from the depths of our soul. This could be a good time to go somewhere and let out a good scream! Anything that is toxic in our lives can be brought up to the surface and released, whether it be old trauma, beliefs, attitudes or relationships. It’s an amazing opportunity for some purging, so we must make the most of it!

Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, is forming a nagging aspect to this New Moon/Venus combination, so we may be forced to be very honest with ourselves and our loved ones, which on the one hand could make us feel quite vulnerable while on the other hand can greatly increase our intimacy. It takes a lot of bravery to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, even though it may feel like we are revealing our weaknesses. Truths could also be revealed that are initially quite painful, but ultimately very healing. Pluto will be asking us to look within and ask whether our lives and relationships are aligned with our true purpose. Mars in Scorpio definitely has the potential to bring up some very deep, dark, hidden stuff to the surface, and we must be careful not to turn it back on ourselves, as Mars is retrograde after all.

The Sabian symbol for this Moon is 15° “Two Dutch children talking to each other, exchanging their knowledge.”  This stresses the importance of finding like-minded people to share our thoughts and ideas with. This is not a time for deep introspection, but rather is a time for us to flit around like butterflies and have open hearted conversations with people who really understand us. The Saturn/Neptune square may cause things to feel a bit heavy, but this Gemini Moon reminds us to have a sense of humour and keep things light and airy. The Saturn/Neptune square will be exact on the 18th of June, and until then we must be aware of the potential for seeing things from the darker, more fearful perspective. It is very important that we recognise when our thoughts are heading in a more fearful direction and work on fostering feelings of faith and hope. Gemini gives us the opportunity to see how our thought processes help or hinder us, so keep a close watch on those chattering monkeys because they could be very revealing!

Much Love


Painting by Ginette Callaway