Saturn enters Scorpio tomorrow Friday 5th October where he will remain for just over 2 years, until December 2014. 

Saturn is the wise old man - the planet who challenges us and presents us with major life lessons in order to help us evolve and grow. Wherever he is found in our charts represents the area of life we initially feel most lacking and inadequate and also where we have chosen the biggest lessons in order to grow. He doesn’t make it easy for us but, as we all know, the greatest growth comes from the lessons we have had to learn the hard way! Saturn is the planet of responsibility, commitment, structure, limitation, perseverance, restriction and discipline and is otherwise known as Cronos – Father Time. Thus, over time he creates the challenges and teaches us the lessons which ultimately help us grow wiser and more accomplished. Only that which truly serves our highest good will stand the test of time, as Saturn genuinely wants us to be the best that we can possibly be. We just have to be patient and work for our rewards, and might have things taken away from us from time to time in order to fully learn and evolve into our full potential. I can’t help but think of Yoda, and Mr Miyagi from  Karate Kid , who are great examples of Saturn it his best.

For the past three years Saturn has been travelling through the sign of Libra, teaching us the lessons of truth, justice, integrity, diplomacy and compromise while testing the validity of our relationships and making sure that they are a true reflection of who we are. Strong relationships which give us the freedom to be exactly who we are have become more committed, while those which are restricting or limiting our souls’ growth have buckled under the weight of Saturn’s serious and heavy influence. Now he is moving into soulful Scorpio, the sign of transformation, regeneration, intimacy, purging, sharing and healing who likes to delve below the surface of things in order to find out what is hidden there. Saturn in Scorpio will be asking us to dig deep and face our fears, letting go of any attachments which may be holding us back from achieving our true potential. The test of Saturn in this deep, emotional sign is for us to plunge into the depth of our psyches and face up to what we fear most, for fear is the opposite to love and holds us back from being the best that we can be. Saturn will create the lessons which will help us let go of attachment to security and the status quo and take the plunge, going after our true desires. Any attachments to money, resources, control, power or sex are going to be challenged over the next couple of years and we will be forced to let go of the old way of thinking and make way for something new to take its place.

The Pluto / Uranus square has already been shaking things up both globally and personally, breaking down power structures and forcing us to live our truth and realise our full potential, and now Saturn is adding himself to the transformational stew! Pluto is in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn, while Saturn is in Pluto’s sign of Scorpio, which means that they are in mutual reception. When planets are in mutual reception it dramatically increases the power of the shared energy. In this case the shared energy is transformation and the breakdown of power structures. Saturn asks us to confront the Scorpio issues of power and powerlessness, while Pluto is digging deep and exposing the rot in our power structures. The overriding theme is definitely transformation, and it is certain that we are being asked to shed anything which is stopping us from moving forward and realising our full potential. This process may not be very comfortable as letting go of familiar patterns and behaviour is often quite scary, and it takes a while to settle into the new way of being, but ultimately we will be so much happier and more fulfilled.

The energy of Scorpio represents shared resources and merging, whether that be physically, materially, spiritually or emotionally, so on a global level we may have to take a long hard look at how we share resources, and on a personal level, how we share our bodies, money, talents and intimacy. Saturn in Scorpio wants us to let go of the so called security of self-sufficiency and commit on a very deep level. Merging with another is Scorpio’s goal, whether that be through sex, healing, marriage or business partnership. As such, it is quite likely that Saturn will be challenging us in these areas over the next few years, as well as forcing us to dig deep and face up to any fears, attachments and behaviour that may be holding us back from true happiness and fulfilment. It is likely that we will have to confront that which we are most afraid of, and Saturn will provide the necessary lessons to allow us to do just that. It is important however we must confront the darker aspects of ourselves in order to allow the light in! Often those things we are most afraid of lose their power when we bring them out from the shadows and into the light.

Pluto and Saturn are going to be working in tandem in the next couple of years, asking us to confront our shadows and exposing the flaws in our power structures, forcing us to consider a new way of existing that is an expression of our true desires, not simply safe and secure in its familiarity. The two planets will add some fuel to the fire on the Winter Solstice this year when they form an actual aspect to each other as part of a formation known as the Finger of God. This Winter Solstice is definitely going to be a powerful one, that’s for sure, and will turn up the transformational dial an extra notch in case it wasn’t  up enough already! I will be very interested to see what the next couple of years bring, for it certainly feels like the end of an old order and the beginning of a new one, and this applies to us on a personal level as well as collectively. We won’t be the same at the end of all of this, but I am sure we will be more fulfilled and empowered than we have ever been before, and only that which has withstood the test of Saturn will remain. 

Much love



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