Monday, 24 April 2017

TAURUS NEW MOON - 26 April 2017

Exact at 1.16pm BST, 8.16am EDT!

This is a quietly potent Moon, as not only are we in the dark of the Moon, whereby everything slows down and we prepare for the next cycle, but the Moon is in earthy Taurus, who encourages us to slow down and “smell the roses”. The New Moon is a powerful monthly process, when we leave behind whatever isn’t working for us in the dark of the Moon and set intentions for what we want in order to move forward and grow. Often whatever is on our mind during the New Moon, or whatever issues we are experiencing have the tendency to blossom and grow until they peak, coming to culmination when the Moon becomes full. New Moons should not be underestimated, for while they are not as dramatic and emotional as the Full Moon, they are incredibly potent and set the scene for the whole month ahead. Our thoughts hold energy and have the capacity to affect our lives in powerful ways, and more so during the New Moon. “What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve”! As such, it is important to be mindful and aware of any negative, fearful or pessimistic thinking, as it can easily manifest as reality. On the other hand, thinking positively, looking at the brighter side of life and using our creative imagination can also manifest as reality. It is entirely up to us.

Taurus, among other things, represents the law of attraction. It is the yin, side of Venus, which represents our inner relationship with ourselves, how we are inwardly vibrating and our inner dialogue with ourselves. It also represents self-worth. How we are feeling about ourselves on an inner level determines what we attract from the outside world. Like attracts like, so if we are operating from a place of inner shame and unworthiness, then we are going to attract people and situations into our life that reflect and compound that belief. On the other hand, if we are concentrating on our good qualities and nurturing a loving relationship with ourselves, we will attract more of the same into our lives. The vibrations we send out attract similar vibrations. It could be a good idea, during this Moon, to take heed of our inner dialogue and notice what we tell ourselves on a day to day level. The soil is very fertile during a Taurus New Moon, and while whatever seeds we plant may take a while to sprout, there is no doubt that they we have very sturdy roots! Taurus is a slow mover, but is well versed at the art of patience and perseverance. Whatever intentions we set now do have the potential to really stick.

Taurus represents our core values and what we give meaning to in our lives. This could be a good time to contemplate what is really, truly important to us and be willing to let go of what no longer matters to us. Taurus also represents what we need for survival; our basic needs. What do we need to feel safe and secure? Are those needs being met at the moment? Where are we being too needy of others and might we need to practice the art of self-reliance and self-sustainment? How could we benefit from learning to take care of our own needs? Where are we being too self-sufficient and stubborn but could benefit from accepting the help, support or opinions of others? Where are we stuck in a rut, or resisting change? What are we holding onto for dear life, even though we know deep inside it’s not doing us any good? What skills, talents and inherent gifts could we recognise and nurture in order to get what we are looking for in life? Are we recognising our own worth? What can we do to empower ourselves and give ourselves a greater sense of confidence and self-worth? These are all questions that could come up around the time of a Taurus Moon.

The Saturn Chiron Square has been building for the last month or so and is about to peak, on April 30th. After that it will start waning and its influence will gradually fade. This square has the potential to bring up our fears, anxieties, inadequacies and insecurities and make us feel a bit fearful and despondent. There is a certain heaviness that it brings that could make things seem a bit bleak, futile and hopeless. It could make it a bit difficult to recognise our own worth and think positively about our situation, but it is here for a reason. Whatever comes up during this time, whether it be fear, anxiety, sadness or depression, should be welcomed rather than resisted. The more we resist, the harder it is, and there is no doubt that whatever we are experiencing does have a gift for us; some kind of lesson for us to learn so that we can grow. We could feel quite vulnerable during this time, as our core wounds come bubbling up to the surface, clamouring for our attention, but that’s ok. The more conscious awareness of them we can have, the better able we are to handle them and the less power they have over our lives and relationships. It is very important to have compassion during this time and to practice the art of forgiveness. Starting with ourselves!

The Sabian Symbol for this Moon is Taurus 7° “The woman of Samaria at the ancestral well” which Dane Rudyar describes as “The meeting of the traditional past and of the creative spirit pointing to the future.” This is a story from the bible, whereby Jesus meets a Samaritan woman at the well, from a tribe despised by the Jews who is also unmarried and on the fringe of her own society. Basically, she is considered to be the “lowest of the low”, yet Jesus reveals himself to her as the Messiah, when he hasn’t even told his own disciples. There are two messages here, I feel. One is that Jesus could only reveal his “spiritual, evolutionary and society-transforming status” to someone who had already let go of the old way of being and was able to conceive of a new way. As Rudyar says ”The highest meets the lowest when this lowest is free from traditional bonds and open to love. The creative future descends first to that which has become chaos.” This speaks to us both personally and collectively, as surely we are living in a world of chaos at the moment!  There is a need to let go of any preconceived notions about ourselves or life in order to be open to the change that is coming. Another message is that each and every one of us is deserving of God’s love, no matter who or what we are and how worthless, empty or low we might feel. The well of divine love is always there for us to tap into and does not consider one person more deserving than another.

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is on the very last degree of the Pisces during this Moon, which is the very last degree of the entire Zodiac. This last degree is the culmination of Pisces, the epitome of unconditional love, divine love and compassion for all beings, great or small. It urges us to find love and compassion for our rejected parts and to forgive ourselves and others for any inadequacies or shortcomings. We are encouraged to open up to one another and allow our vulnerabilities and sore spots to be seen so that they can be loved too. The Sabian Symbol is perfect for a Taurus New Moon: “A majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealised by a boy who takes it as his ideal of greatness, and as he grows up, begins to look like it.” We are encouraged to concentrate on what we value most, what our ideals are, what we would most like to be and then slowly but surely it will begin to take form. This symbol brings the promise of a concrete manifestation of our hopes and ideals. We truly do get what we focus on, so it is very important indeed that we focus on the positive. Taurus doesn’t promise immediate results, but when they do come, they’ll be here to stay. We just have to believe we deserve them.


This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they're a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honourably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.


Much Love


Photo: The promise of things to come by Dan Leak

Saturday, 8 April 2017

LIBRA FULL MOON - 11 April 2017

Exact at 7.11am BST, 2.11am EDT

This Full Moon highlights our close relationships and has the capacity to be deeply transforming. The Moon is full in Libra, the sign of “other”, opposite the Sun in Aries, the sign of “I am”. Libra likes balance, peace and harmony, while Aries favours honesty, assertion and is not afraid to bring grievances out into the open! Aries is very independent, while Libra can easily become co-dependent. The key to the Full Moon is to find a balance between the two signs and not to veer too far in either direction. Relationships are a delicate balance between staying true to our own path, self- love and making sure our needs are met (Aries) and tending to the relationship itself by practicing the art of compromise and truly listening to the other when they voice their needs (Libra). They can also be a powerful mirror, whereby we meet the parts of ourselves that we are unable to recognise or accept through the other person. Sometime what we see in the mirror is beautiful, as they reflect our more positive qualities, while sometimes it is like looking in the ugly mirror and very difficult to face! When we have a problem with someone else, or they have got under our skin, often it is because that part of them represents our own disowned shadow.

 This Full Moon could bring into focus any feelings of inequality within our relationships, revealing how we are either holding ourselves back for the sake of the relationship or where we need to stop being selfish and truly learn to listen. Full Moons have a tendency to bring some powerful emotions to the surface and this one is no exception! Anything that may have been simmering beneath the surface of our consciousness could become fully conscious and demand expression as the Moon reaches the peak of fullness on Tuesday.
Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter are forming a T-square with the Sun and Moon, adding some very intense and potentially turbulent energy to this Moon on both a personal and collective level. On the one hand we have Jupiter in Libra right next to the Moon, bringing the potential for wonderful growth within our relationships and bringing out the best in people. Jupiter in Libra believes in peace and will help us to find the middle ground on any issue that might come up. Jupiter is forming a very tight conjunction with the Vertex, which symbolises fated events or people coming into our lives that could have a very profound effect on us and help us to grow and expand. Jupiter helps us to see the bigger picture and recognise what might need to change within our relationships and how we might be able to go about improving them. There is a certain warmth and emotional generosity when Jupiter joins the Moon, but something to remember is that he is the largest planet, so whatever emotions we feel during this Moon are likely to be big! He could also make it very obvious where there is a lack of balance and justice in the world, and in our lives.

On the other hand we have Uranus sitting directly opposite, next to the Sun in fiery, independent Aries! Uranus in Aries is like a rebellious teenager, demanding the freedom to be absolutely who we are, with no apologies! We are encouraged to stay true to ourselves and make sure we are on the right path for us. As Uranus is opposing the Moon, our emotions could be quite erratic and unpredictable as previously unaired grievances come rising up suddenly, shocking ourselves and others. Uranus may bring out the humanitarian revolutionary in people, rising up against the injustices of the world. In the realm of our relationships, Uranus could bring a sudden desire for more freedom and we could find ourselves expressing feelings that have hitherto been suppressed. It will definitely help get things out into the open, which is very important, but it could also come as a bit of a surprise to both parties! Uranus helps us to release blocks and break free of the past and any habits or patterns that might be holding us back from realising our full potential or sabotaging our close relationships. We may have to step outside of our comfort zone a bit, but remember that Jupiter is also helping out, so whatever comes up should ultimately help us to be more authentic within our relationships.

Finally we have Pluto in Capricorn, bearing down on it all! Pluto is our soul; the planet that has the capacity to give us a cosmic kick up the bum if we are veering off our path or not being true to our soul’s true purpose. This is the planet of transformation, death and rebirth, who exposes the rot in our lives and relationships and then proceeds to destroy it with purifying fire so that something better can be born in its place. Pluto in aspect to the Moon could bring up some powerful, intense emotions that come from the depths of our subconscious, forcing us to confront the truth of the matter. This Moon could involve some shadow diving, as we have no choice but to be emotionally honest and face those parts of ourselves that we would usually prefer to pretend don’t exist. We could come face to face with the issue of our own power; where we either wield too much power or give it away. Ultimately Pluto in Capricorn is wants us to take responsibility for ourselves and live with integrity, and is gradually stripping away any unhealthy patterns and old conditioning that simply don’t serve us anymore.

On a collective level Pluto in Capricorn has been exposing the rot within the patriarchy, governments and corporations and is slowly but surely breaking them down any systems that are obviously not working so that something better can take their place. This Moon could definitely bring these themes into focus, making what is going on in the collective feel all too personal. Combine this with revolutionary Uranus who demands the truth at all costs and Jupiter’s wish for peace, harmony and justice, and this Moon could be interesting indeed!

In the meantime we also have the Chiron Saturn square coming back into focus, and Venus has joined in on the act for this Full Moon which again highlights our relationships, both with ourselves and others. The last time we experienced the Chiron Saturn square was in December, and it has the potential to bring up old wounds and patterns that have been long buried. We may become all too aware of how our parental conditioning is still affecting our lives and how certain situations and relationships trigger these wounds, bringing up very deep, ancient pain within us. There are some wounds that can never heal, as they are simply part of us and without them we wouldn’t be who we are. In fact, where we are wounded can become our greatest gift and is certainly where we have the greatest compassion for others. However, conscious awareness of the wounds and how they play out in our lives means that we can learn to manage them and recognise how they affect our lives. They can then gradually lose their power over us rather than running on auto pilot, sabotaging our lives and relationships. These old, painful wounds and the patterns of relating that they cause could become all too acute and obvious now, as it is hard to hide from them. It is a gift, this Chiron Saturn square, but not an easy one to accept!

The Chiron Saturn square is exact on 30 April and while the energy builds it could make things feel quite heavy and we might feel quite vulnerable and exposed during this time. It is an important process, however, so it is better to dive into whatever comes up rather than defending ourselves against it. We should treat ourselves and others with kindness and compassion and be willing to forgive ourselves and others for the wounds we carry. Venus is sitting right next to Chiron in Pisces during this Moon, which could make us feel acutely vulnerable in relationship to others as our wounds come to the surface, open and raw. As such, we may be more easily triggered during this time. It could also allow for some beautiful, heartfelt connection and healing to occur as we open up and expose our wounded souls to one another in the spirit of compassion and unconditional love. This is an ideal time for one to one healing work. Saturn is challenging Venus at the same time, testing our self-worth and relationships and making us aware of our limiting beliefs in these areas.

The interesting thing about the Sabian symbols for Venus and Chiron is that they both mention a Full Moon. Dane Rudyar, in his interpretation of Chiron’s symbol speaks of a “karmic” moment that “brings us the message that the time has come to reap what we have not only sown, but also cultivated – or failed to cultivate.” Venus’s symbol speaks of “abundance”, and stresses the Full Moon’s “power to call forth the instinctive urge for growth; many things respond in many different ways.”  The Sun’s symbol is “The gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires” and speaks of “cosmic optimism” and “abundance made possible by human togetherness and cooperation.” Uranus’s symbol has the message: “Be open. Be able and willing to shape your translucent mind on the form revealing spiritual fulfilment. And you will be able to experience life and power on inner as well as outer planes.” The implied message is one of faith. Man can only truly experience what he deeply believes he can experience.” On the other hand, the symbol for Jupiter and the Vertex is “Two men placed under arrest” and speaks of “the breakdown in the constructive relationship between the individual and society” An interesting mix of symbols!

This Full Moon packs a punch, that’s for sure! It brings with it the potential for some radical breakthroughs in our lives and relationships and promises to bring a breath of fresh air, helping us to release ourselves from old, stuck patterns that are binding us. We have here an amazing opportunity for soul-growth and self-knowledge, and the Sabian symbols seem to hint at things coming to a head somehow, as we reap what we have sown and find what we desire. With this Moon we strive for balance between Aries and Libra, between independence and togetherness, war and peace, radical honesty and the spirit of compromise; between having our needs met and listening to the needs of other. We could feel quite sensitive and a bit vulnerable and there is the potential for a lot of unresolved material to come to the surface, demanding resolution and release! Oh, and Mercury goes retrograde on Sunday the 9th, so we have that to contend with too, as misunderstandings and miscommunication can occur but also the potential for looking back and giving our rational, logical left brains a bit of a break! Phew! There’s a lot going on! I think that no matter what comes up in the next week or so, we must remember to really listen. This is the gift of Libra.

Much Love


Picture – Facing the Shadow – Tom Hubbard