Tomorrow 15 October, exact 1.03pm BST, 8.03am EST!

Well, after the last few intense and challenging moons this one is quite straightforward and pleasant in comparison! The Sun and Moon have only one planet forming an aspect to them and that planet happens to be bountiful Jupiter who will probably help to amplify the energy of the Moon! The Uranus Pluto square which has been so prevalent this year is now waning and will not resurface until next May, so we have a bit of a respite! New Moons represent new beginnings – a time to sow seeds for the month ahead and set intentions for ourselves. It is a great time to take stock and decide what attitudes or patterns are best left in the dark of the moon, and what we need to develop in order to better ourselves and our lives. New Moons are not as emotionally turbulent as Full Moons, so it is easier to remain objective and do some conscious pruning of our inner landscapes.

This month the Sun and Moon are joined together in Libra, whose symbol is the scales. In keeping with this symbol, Libra represents balance, harmony, justice, beauty and peace, and is concerned with how we relate to one another. As such, how we relate is very much the theme of this New Moon, and any imbalances, inequality or injustice in our relationships may well be quite obvious at this time. People’s reaction to us can tell us so much about our inner landscape, as can our reaction to others. The people we surround ourselves with tend to act like mirrors, reflecting back to us the energy we are consciously or unconsciously giving out. For instance, if we are feeling insecure about something it is quite likely that someone will come along and say something which reinforces that insecurity somehow. They are merely mirroring back our own belief about ourselves! In the same token, the things that irritate us about someone else are often the parts of ourselves that we are not comfortable with, though it is often very hard to recognise and admit that to ourselves! We can learn so much about ourselves through our relationships with others, as painful as it can be sometimes! This is the essence of this New Moon – how we relate to others.

As I said, this is a pleasant moon with only one aspect to the Moon itself, and that is from Jupiter in Gemini.  This means that the Libran energy is not really interfered with or added to, making the New Moon quite purely Libran! Jupiter is the largest planet so he amplifies and expands the energy of any planet he comes into contact with, and in this case it is the harmonious, balanced and other-oriented Libra energy of the Sun and the Moon. As Jupiter is in communicative Gemini and is also aspecting Venus, the ruler of Gemini, it is quite likely that there will be a lot of chatter surrounding this moon as we think about and talk about our feelings and relationship to others. Venus takes the edge off any communication however, and as such this is the ideal time to discuss anything which may at other times be quite hard to bring up. A harmonious aspect from helpful Venus in Virgo to insightful Mercury in Scorpio will help us get to the heart of the matter without anyone getting too upset. Both Virgo and Scorpio are healing signs, albeit they take different approaches! In the meantime a positive aspect between adventurous Mars in Sagittarius and excitable Uranus in Aries will definitely add an element of enthusiasm, excitement and optimism to the picture which will increasing the tempo somewhat, helping us take risks and above all remain true to ourselves. This fiery combination will definitely help us say what is on our minds, as neither Aries or Sagittarius are known for holding back what they think!

There is also a lovely aspect between Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces to add to the mix which is Saturn’s first aspect to another planet since he entered the sign of Scorpio last week. And what a pleasant way to start his tour through this intensely emotional sign! The structure of Saturn combined with the flowing, dissolving energy of Neptune means that we have a chance to turn dreams (Neptune) into reality (Saturn), while at the same time dissolving old patterns which are no longer serving us. That is quite useful considering that new moons are all about new beginnings! At the same time Neptune may be breaking down barriers somehow and that includes barriers between what we consider to be reality and other dimensions. I have heard a few people reporting strange energetic experiences this week, and I can only assume that this is a result of this shape-shifting and mystical trine between Neptune and Saturn! All is not as it seems when these two planets meet! This aspect has been in effect for a week now and will continue for most of October.

All in all this is a very pleasant New Moon, with the emphasis on finding balance, compromise, peace and harmony on our lives. Wherever Libra resides in our charts is where we may have been feeling a little out of balance of late, and this Moon is a chance to restore some equilibrium in that area of our life as well as within our relationships in general. It is a great time to contemplate our relationships insofar as they mirror our inner state and to make sure they are equal, balanced and fair. We should be given an opportunity to set things straight with people in the best possible way, and to recognise how we are responsible for the interactions we have with people. I remember someone saying to me a long time ago, “If you have a problem with one friend so be it. If you have a problem with another friend, start to wonder. Any more than that and you need to take a long, hard look at yourself!”  Personally I think that each person that we meet along the way reflects one part or another of our inner selves. There is a reason they cross our paths or are part of our lives. Sometimes we like what we see in the mirror, and other times it is really hard to accept what we see there!

Much love




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