Thursday 13 December, exact at 8.42am GMT, 3.42am EST!

This New Moon is likely to be quite electrifying, as not only is it a Perigie Supermoon, but Uranus the Great Awakener turns direct after being retrograde for the last six months! There is definitely a buzz in the air and some whacky energy surrounding this Moon; it feels a little like someone turned the fast-forward button on and time is zipping by! This Moon is in the last Fire sign, Sagittarius, representing self-mastery through experience, which makes perfect sense for this last New Moon of this extraordinary year, 2012. I know that for myself, when I look back at myself at the beginning of this year and take stock of it all it is astonishing how much I have changed! Perigie Supermoons mean that the New Moon is lined up with the Sun and the Earth, as well as being much closer to the Earth, which greatly increases its gravitational pull and the effect the Moon has on our psyches. New Moons are a time of new beginnings; they are not as intensely emotional as Full Moons and so they give us a chance to look at our lives objectively and decide what we should keep and develop and what must be left behind in the dark of the Moon. This particular New Moon is very important, as it is the last one before the long-awaited Winter Solstice of 2012. The time is finally upon us!

And what better astrological sign for the last New Moon of 2012 than optimistic, expansive and philosophical Sagittarius?! Half man, half beast, Sagittarius is in tune with the laws of nature and raises his bow up and aims his arrow to shoot for the stars! He is the truth seeker and adventurer in both a physical and philosophical sense, and is blessed with a faith that ultimately everything will work out exactly as it should. He encourages us to contemplate who and what we really and truly are; to look at the big picture and how we might actually fit into it. Scorpio season involves digging deep and doing some emotional purging, and is very transformative in nature, involving some figurative deaths and rebirths. Sagittarius follows Scorpio and stands in the ashes, born anew, and starts to envision a life exactly the way he would want it. He has endured the hardships and now it is time to reap the benefits! He asks us to question our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us and step into the truth of who we are rather than what we have been conditioned to think about ourselves. His ruler is jovial Jupiter whose primary purpose is to help us expand and grow, and what better way to send us to the Solstice than with such an optimistic, faith-oriented Moon?! Now is a time to aim our bows and shoot our arrows towards that which arouses our passions and brings us the greatest joy and fulfillment.  

There has been so much talk about and anticipation of this Winter Solstice for so very long now, and finally it is upon us and we are in the home straight of what has certainly been a speeded up year growth-wise! The universe has been making sure that we are on the right path, and that may or may not have been an easy process for us!  Just recently it feels like things have stepped up a notch and with Uranus getting ready to awake from his slumber not only is there a sense that time racing away with us, but there is a certain buzz, or a hum, making us all feel a little on edge! Both the New Moon and Uranus are urging us to free ourselves from our conditioning and dare to be our true, authentic selves, aligning with our soul’s purpose. We all have a higher reason for being here, and the past couple of years have definitely been pushing us to discover and align ourselves with that higher spiritual purpose. And now Sagittarius wants us to take an extra step to move beyond any fear or limitation in order to become who we truly are, the spark that was probably so evident when we were very young, before we became conditioned by other people’s expectations of us. How do we know what that is? Well, anything that ignites our passion and makes us feel excited and joyful is definitely a step in the right direction, while anything that makes us feel anxious, fearful or worried is quite obviously going against the grain somehow. It is as simple as that; the choices we make for ourselves. Do we choose to be held back by fear or do we move forward joyously with love?

Sagittarius is all about beliefs, and on this New Moon we are being asked to question any long held beliefs which may be holding us back from reaching our full potential. Beliefs hold energy and have the power to affect our reality. If we are part of the whole and the universe is within us as much as we are part of the universe, then we are co-creators of our own reality. Whatever we believe will have an impact on our lives and what we create for ourselves.  Every one of us has been conditioned by our parents, teachers and society to believe certain things, and obviously we have many different beliefs, some more conscious than others, but each of them has the power to affect the quality of our existence. For instance, if you feel guilty when you eat chocolate, believing that it is naughty and makes you fat, then it will do just that, while if you simply enjoy it with no guilt or concern for your weight it is far less likely have any negative repercussions. I don’t know if that is the best example, but you get the picture! This New Moon wants us to examine our beliefs and throw out the ones that aren’t working for us anymore so that we can create a more positive and authentic version of ourselves. It is time make the final leap into the truth of who we are. It’s crunch time!

As Uranus awakens from his slumber he is also forming a trine with optimistic and philosophical Mercury in Sagittarius, which could mean that we have some sudden revelations or insights around this moon, while the pace is likely (and already is) to be quite frantic, with our minds and mouths racing and sleep a little hard to come by! Uranus in Aries wants us to break free of conditioning and be who we really, truly are deep inside, and as he turns direct there will be a huge thrust of his wild, adventurous, rebellious energy both personally and collectively. Any radical changes we may have been contemplating since he went retrograde can now be put into action as the energy turns outward instead of being directed inward. The Yod, which began around the Full Moon is now growing in strength, and the Finger of God, or Finger of Fate, is pointing directly at Jupiter which is the ruler of Sagittarius. There is a sense that it is time now to deal with our karma head on and heal from it so that we can move onto the next cycle uncluttered by the pain of the past. It is quite likely that anything from our past that we haven’t resolved will now have to be confronted in order for us to move forward. I have noticed recently that I have been remembering random things that I have done or had done to me in the past, some of which I am definitely not proud of and some of which have caused me and/or others pain. I have just been allowing them to surface, recognising the impact they have had on my life and how they may still be affecting me, and then letting them go. The Yod will figure prominently in the Winter Solstice, and the energy began building around the time of the last Full Moon on November 28th.

I have heard the words “Heal or die!” linked to this Yod formation, and while of course I don’t believe that we will literally die, I do believe that we are in the process of a profound shift at the moment and that the Winter Solstice will be a pivotal moment in our history. It may not be as earth shaking is people hope/fear, but something is going to shift and it is most likely to be within our consciousness. It is the first time in 26,000 years that the Sun and Earth will line up with the Galactic centre, so there is a sense that a massive cycle is ending and another is beginning. The time has come to let go of fear and move forward with a more heart-centred way of being, and a balance between the Masculine and Feminine instead of this leaning towards the Masculine which quite obviously doesn’t work! Of course not everyone is ready to make this shift…far from it in fact, but many are. This New Moon is a wonderful opportunity to set intentions; to envision the kind of reality we want for ourselves and ask for it. Whatever we ask for must come from our heart and soul  and be truly what we want, or it is pointless. This is the time to break the shackles of our past conditioning and come out as we really and truly are, not what others believe us to be. It is time to step out of auto-pilot and take control of our destinies, creating the reality we want for ourselves which is an expression of our authentic selves and in line with our soul’s purpose. In the meantime, I wonder what the next few days will bring, because this has certainly been a strange and whacky week so far! It is important to remain open to whatever happens in the next few days, as whatever it is it may be surprising but will only serve to push us in the right direction!

Much love


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