Monday 29 October, exact at 8.49 pm BST, 3.49 pm EST!

This Full Moon is likely to bring anything up to the surface which we have been holding onto or putting up with, so that we are left with no choice but to deal with it and let it go. It a perfect time for releasing anything that is decaying or stagnant in our lives and for clearing out the emotional debris in order to move forward with a lighter load. Full Moons represent an emotional climax; a time when things come to a head and certain issues are illuminated by the light of the moon, so much so that it is pretty much impossible to ignore them! This year we have been clearing the decks, dealing with our past and karma; examining our old patterns and habits and replacing them with new ones which better reflect who we are on a higher level. There is no doubt that a huge shift is occurring, and 2012 is asking us to let go of fear and the “us against them mentality” and move forward with a more compassionate, “live and let live” attitude. Stepping into the mantle of who we really are allows us to let go of insecurity and the need to compete because we are confident in our personal power and that we are on the right path. A person who is secure in their true inner power and living according to their higher purpose does not feel the need to make anyone else feel powerless. Quite the opposite in fact; they are filled with love and light that empowers everyone they come into contact with.

This Full Moon lights up the Taurus/Scorpio axis, with the Moon in earthy, sensual Taurus and the Sun directly opposite in intensely emotional, transformational Scorpio. Taurus represents Mother Earth and is the essence of stability, perseverance, loyalty and sensuality. It represents our core values, self-esteem and self-worth, as well as our talents, skills, and gifts which in turn give us the ability to make money. Taureans are incredibly resourceful, self-sufficient folk who have the ability to steadfastly work towards their goals and have a great need for security. Taurus, whose planetary ruler is Venus, rules the five senses and has an earthy sensuality coupled with love of beautiful things, which means that Taureans have the potential to become a little too attached to their possessions or indeed anything under the realm of the senses such as food and sex! While they may be loyal and steadfast, their need for security and comfort can lead them to sticking with situations or relationships for much longer than is good for them. Like a frog in a well, they can be so stubbornly resistant to change that they stay in comfortable, secure ruts which prevent them from growing and moving on with their lives. The frog looks up from the damp, musty yet familiar well and sees a round circle of light, but is afraid to jump because he has no idea what might lie beyond.

This is where Scorpio comes in! While Taurus may resolutely cling on to the old, familiar and seemingly secure, Scorpio demands that we take the leap, walk across the burning bridge, shed our skin and let go of any decaying, stagnant energy so that we can be born anew. Scorpio, an intensely emotional sign without an ounce of superficiality, digs deep and has the ability to get to the core of any issue with laser-like accuracy! She asks us to let our guards down and show who we really are, no matter how dark it may be, for is only though allowing ourselves to truly be vulnerable that we experience real intimacy. Without it we are merely scratching the surface. Scorpio wants us to completely merge with another, whether that be physically through the sexual act, emotionally through marriage or partnership, materially by combining resources in partnership, spiritually by merging with the Source, or creatively by combining skills, ideas and talents in a collaboration. While Taurus is the essence of self-sufficiency, Scorpio wants us to completely trust; to take the plunge and to join forces with another so that we can become become greater than we ever could have on our own. While Taurus is Mother Earth (with the potential to be the frog in the well!), Scorpio is the Phoenix rising from the ashes; the fire burns away dead weight which may be holding us down or preventing us from growing, then gradually, after flapping around for a while in the ashes, we start to rise again, bigger and better than we were before.

As such, the theme of this moon is to find the balance between Taurus and Scorpio; to look at where you might be stuck or holding on to a situation, relationship, idea, or memory which may be preventing you from growing and moving forward.  This is a great opportunity to let go of anything which may be emotionally toxic, and the moon may bring things bubbling to the surface to be examined; even things which we thought were long since buried. Holding onto situations, relationships or ways of being which make us feel scared, small or miserable is far more painful than actually letting go of them, even though it may not seem that way when we think about it! It is so easy to cling onto the familiar patterns and situations which bring a sense of security, but when we release emotional baggage or weight we become so much lighter. Half the time we are unaware of how much weight we are carrying around until something happens which forces us to let go of it! Transformation and change, which is the essence of Scorpio, can be somewhat uncomfortable as something dies in order for something to be born in its place, but ultimately there comes a sense of freedom and joy from releasing dead energy and moving forward on our path.

Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler, is forming a supportive aspect to the Sun and Moon while Saturn is sitting right next to the Sun in Scorpio, and between the two of them they are asking us to dig deep and weed out any negative attitudes and patterns, letting go of any situations or relationships that simply aren’t serving us anymore. We are being prompted to be brutally honest with ourselves so that we can move forward on our paths with integrity. The effect of Saturn in Scorpio is already showing itself in this country as victims of sexual abuse are slowly but surely coming forward and admitting what happened to them many years ago. Corporations and organisations are being investigated and exposed (Pluto in Capricorn) and what is bubbling up to the surface is very dark in nature (Saturn in Scorpio); taboo subjects which until recently have been swept under the carpet. I am intrigued by what might happen next as Pluto and Saturn move through each other’s signs. In order for us to start afresh and move forward we must dig up and deal with anything rotten or decaying in society and our psyches, replacing darkness and fear with light and love. Everything that has come before has happened for good reason to make us who we are today, but there is no use carrying it around like dead weight anymore.

Also part of the celestial party is a lovely grand trine in the water signs between nurturing Ceres, searching Saturn and a healing and compassionate Chiron/Neptune conjunction. This brings to the mix great opportunity for healing and releasing the pain which may surface in a compassionate and nurturing way. As the Moon is full on Monday Venus and Mercury will have just shifted signs; Venus into her own sign of Libra and Mercury into broad-minded and optimistic Sagittarius, which is a welcome shift indeed and should lighten things up a bit! Venus is however forming part of a tense T-square with the infamous Pluto and Uranus combination, which could call for some shaking up and clearing out of our relationships, past and present. As the ruler of Scorpio as well as forming some significant aspects to other planets, transformational Pluto is a big player in the Full Moon, so let go, people, let go!

This Full Moon may well bring to light parts of your life which need to change but which you may have been either ignoring or unaware of. The Taurus/Scorpio axis and all of the planets involved are asking us to acknowledge where we may be stuck, face our fears and limitations and just let go. We must take a long hard look at ourselves and be brutally honest about whatever is currently bothering us; in what area of our lives are we the frog in the well? The Scorpio Sun/Saturn combo is in my house of health, and I have been putting off going to the dentist for many years now, to the point where I had been thinking about it every single day, and this weekend I have been given absolutely no choice but to face my fears and book an appointment with the dentist. To be honest I am kind of glad to be experiencing the pain, because it has forced me to do something about a situation that has been on my mind for so very long now! Now I just have to hope that my fears are worse than the reality! I am sure they are. This is a poignant example of the essence of this moon – and I do feel a little like the frog in the well, taking a leap into the unknown….I just hope that I don’t find TOO much that is rotten or decaying there! Tee hee! Hopefully I will rise up from this one not too much lighter in a literal sense, but without the nagging fear which has pervaded my life for so long! Wish me luck, and I wish you the same!

Much love


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