Thursday, 18 December 2014


Winter Solstice – Sunday 21 December, exact at 11.03pm GMT, 6.03pm EST

Capricorn New Moon – Monday 22 December, exact at 1.36am GMT, Sunday 21 December, exact at 8.36pm EST.

This year the Winter Solstice and Capricorn New Moon are only a couple of hours apart so this will be a very potent time for setting some concrete and realistic intentions for ourselves. This New Moon is the third of three New Moons in the first degree of the sign they are in, which strengthens the sense of new beginnings and fresh, raw, vibrant energy. The Solstice is the longest night of the year and is a good time to perform some kind of ritual which involves turning inward and honouring the darkness within so that we can transform it into light. The rising of the sun on the Winter Solstice, out of the darkest day of the year, symbolises the birth of the light from the dark. Combined with the energy of the New Moon, this is a time for planting new seeds and contemplating what we really and truly want for ourselves as we move forward. This is a time for recreating ourselves; for wiping the slate clean and starting over.

Uranus, the Great Awakener, turns direct just minutes before the Solstice and when this happens he is closest to the earth so his energy is at its strongest. Uranus in Aries is the rebel revolutionary and demands that we stand up for our right to be completely and utterly who we are. He awakens us to our full potential and asks us to step outside of normal parameters and shake things up a bit, even if it is a bit uncomfortable. This energy will be very present throughout the Solstice and the New Moon. We are being asked to stand up and be counted! Uranus has a tendency to make everything a bit unsettled but he is really good at blowing the cobwebs away and forcing us out of stagnation. He helps us release ourselves from whatever chains might be holding us back from achieving our full potential. We can expect this Solstice to be quite electrically charged and there is the possibility of some amazing breakthroughs and epiphanies as we receive messages and insights out of the blue. Uranus is the planet of sudden change, so expect the unexpected!

To add to the excitement, Mars in Aquarius is forming a positive aspect to Uranus in Aries and not only that but they are in mutual reception, which strengthens the energy of both planets. These two are both pretty feisty planets as well! Mutual reception means that the two planets are in each other signs, so Mars is in Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus and Uranus is in Aries which is ruled by Mars. Energetic revolution! Mars is the Warrior and Motivator and will give us the energy for fight for our ideals, our dreams and the right to be ourselves instead of the person we have been conditioned to be. It may be a bit shocking for those who have got used to us being a certain way, but it is far better to be authentic and true to ourselves instead of conforming just to keep the peace or please others. Mars is very brave and combined with Uranus is wilfully individualistic. Together they could produce sudden bursts of energy and the urge to fight for our individual rights, both collectively and personally. This energy will certainly help us step outside of our comfort zones and create positive and healthy changes for ourselves.

The Solstice represents the moment when the Sun moves from Sagittarius, a mutable sign, into Capricorn, a Cardinal sign. Cardinal signs symbolise new beginnings and initiate change. A couple of hours later the Moon catches up and forms her monthly union with the Sun in earthy, realistic and responsible Capricorn. This is the sign of slow, persistent progress towards some kind of concrete, realistic goal we have set for ourselves. Capricorn is the sign of the goat who slowly but surely, with steady feet, makes his way up the mountain until he reaches the peak. Indeed, Capricorns can be quite ambitious as they set their aims very high and aren’t afraid to put in the hard work necessary to make their dreams come true. They have an enormous amount of discipline and are determined to master whatever they choose to focus their energy on. Mastery takes time and dedication and doesn’t happen overnight. Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, is Cronus, Father Time who tests and challenges us so that we can achieve wisdom, maturity and self-mastery.

For this New Moon we are asked to set some realistic intentions for ourselves and figure out some kind of strategy, introducing some structure into our lives which will help us slowly work towards achieving our goals. Capricorn is quite a solitary creature and, more than most signs, needs time spent alone, often so he can fully concentrate on whatever project he is working on. He represents authority and when take too far can have a need to control, or at least to be in control. He is certainly not a fan of losing control! Capricorn energy can be quite austere and can sometimes mean that we have to deny ourselves something in order to achieve our dreams. Capricorn is the king of discipline and self-denial leading to self-mastery!  It is no coincidence that Capricorn season carries on into January, when so many people put themselves on diets and deny themselves pleasure after the gluttony and over indulgence of the Sagittarius holiday season. Sagittarius is jovial, optimistic and jolly and has a tendency towards excess, then Capricorn comes along and forces us to be a bit more serious, realistic and disciplined and put our heads to the grindstone. The Sagittarius Archer may shoot for the stars but Capricorn is the one who is willing to put in the hard work and take on the responsibility that success entails.

Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, is in the very last degree of Scorpio for this Solstice and New Moon. He will move into Sagittarius on December 23rd. As such it is our last chance to dig up our deep rooted fears and go deeper on an emotional level. Since October 2012 Saturn has been challenging us to master all things Scorpio, which includes true emotional honesty, facing our deepest darkest fears, dealing with trust and lack of trust and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and show our tender underbellies enough to experience true intimacy. Admitting our darkest secrets and things we are most ashamed or afraid of is not an easy thing to do, but it does allow people to get to know us so much better and strengthens the bond and connection. Scorpio represents all the taboo subjects that people would rather not talk about, and in the last couple of years Saturn in this emotionally intense sign has brought a lot out into the open that has hitherto been hidden. On a global level it began with Jimmy Saville which set a powerful ball rolling. Now we have a last push before Saturn heads into Sagittarius on the 23rd, the day after the New Moon. The last degree of a sign is as powerful as the first degree, so this New Moon has some very potent energy for endings and beginnings.

This really is a Capricorn party, with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pluto and Venus all in this down to earth, serious and responsible sign. Mercury and Venus are sitting either side of Pluto, which could make things quite intense and helps Saturn in Scorpio in his effort to create deeper intimacy and soulful connection. Venus, the planet of love, beauty and how we attract money and people into our lives, is a big part of the picture during this Solstice and New Moon. She is sitting right next to powerful Pluto, challenged by Uranus, in harmonious aspect to Chiron, the Wounded Healer and is squaring the Nodes of the Moon. That’s a lot of Venus! On a relationship level it means that we might experience some turbulence and be asked to be utterly truthful and authentic even if it means shocking our loved ones or putting their noses out of joint. There is the possibility of things coming to a head as any tensions that have been simmering away come up to the surface to be aired. Uranus could create sudden shifts and changes in our relationships which could be a bit unsettling. We might try something new on for size which is more in keeping with who we really are. On a financial level we may struggle between Uranus’s need for freedom and change and Venus in Capricorn’s tendency to play it safe for the sake of security.

Pluto and Venus together is a very passionate combination which demands that we are emotionally honest and relate to each other on a much deeper, soul level, even if it means that we reveal the not so pretty side of ourselves or tuths that others may not want to hear. Pluto in Capricorn is encouraging us to empower ourselves by standing in our own truth, not by taking someone else’s power away from them. My sense is that we are going to be very “real” in the way we relate with one another this weekend and we will know each other much better as a result. The soul bonds will strengthen! We have been slowly, over the past few years, shedding old skin and becoming closer and closer to the truth of ourselves. This has been quite uncomfortable and we are still finding our way with the new self that is emerging and are learning how to relate to people on another level. Pluto demands the truth, no matter how ugly it is. Luckily Chiron is around to help heal whatever comes up and also help us with issues of self-worth. Venus and Chiron together is very tender and reminds us that we are loveable not matter what comes rising to the surface when Pluto, Uranus and Venus get together. There is the possibility of our relationships being deeply transformed during this Solstice and New Moon as well and the possibility of them moving onto another level somehow.

Well, there is certainly a lot going on this weekend! There is the potential for epiphanies, shifts in perspective, truths being revealed, standing up for ourselves and our truth and deepening our intimate connection with one another. Uranus brings the possibility of shocks and upheaval and a breath of fresh air that will blast us out of stagnation and break the chains that bind us! Capricorn represents control while Uranus will not tolerate any form of control whatsoever! Saturn wants us to face our fears once and for all; namely our fear of revealing ourselves, warts and all. So if there is anything we have been avoiding through fear, now is the time to face up to it. Capricorn wants us to contemplate what we want for ourselves and come up with some kind of plan to actually help us work towards our goals. He does have a tendency to be a bit hard on himself, however, so be aware. We can only do our best. No more, no less. The important thing is to have a clear idea of what we want for ourselves and then we can slowly but surely start working towards it. The Solstice is a very powerful energetic moment of death and rebirth, when we transform our inner darkness into light and recreate ourselves. The Solstice, combined with the New Moon, brings the potential for some powerful endings and beginnings. If you could wipe anything out completely and start anew, what would it be?

Much love


Picture: Lock and Chain by Alex Burg

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

GEMINI FULL MOON – 6 December 2014

Exact at 12.27pm GMT, 7.27pm EST!

This Full Moon certainly has some sparkle to it, lifting us out of the intensity and heaviness of the past month or so! We are officially in Sagittarius season now, with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all travelling through this enthusiastic, cheerful and fun loving sign. Woo hoo! Not that this Moon is without its challenges, but just that it is a bit more lively and upbeat and not so emotionally intense. It is quite likely that this Moon will involve a lot of chatter and interaction with others. It is supported by Uranus, the Great Awakener, which could add some quite exciting, electrical energy to the picture, while it is being challenged by Chiron, the Wounded Healer, which could force some of our wounds and insecurities out into the open so we can talk about them. In the meantime the Pluto Uranus square is building in strength in the background, bringing about change and transformation on a very deep level, both personally and collectively. This Moon seems to be asking us to think about what we need to change and take the plunge ourselves, rather than ignoring it and having change hit us around the face!

The Moon is in versatile, chatty, curious Gemini, sitting directly opposite the Sun in optimistic, adventurous and freedom loving Sagittarius. Full Moons ask us to find the balance between the energy of the two signs and in this case we have Gemini’s quick witted ability to engage and gather information compared to Sagittarius’s search for the truth and meaning in life. Gemini is very curious and wants to learn about everything but can get bogged down in too many details, while Sagittarius can see the truth of the matter and concentrates on the bigger picture. Gemini is a very rational sign and looks at the hard facts, while Sagittarius is more intuitive and sees the deeper meaning behind the data or facts. There is a lot of monkey mind chatter with Gemini energy, while Sagittarius energy is more straightforward, silent and direct. Gemini represents the city and is quite sophisticated and street smart, while Sagittarius is the countryside and can be quite blunt and coarse.  There is a sense of diversity to Gemini and a sense of simplicity to Sagittarius. Gemini is logical and likes to figure things out, while Sagittarius is based on faith and belief. The polarity between these two signs highlights any lack of balance between our right and left brain, or higher mind and lower mind, or our rational or intuitive selves. Do we favour one more than the other?

Full Moons tend to bring anything up that has been bubbling below the surface in the weeks beforehand. The Moon represents our unconscious, instinctive, irrational, emotional, habitual tendencies and when it is full we may have less control over these tendencies and anything that may have been bothering us may come spilling out with less of a filter than usual! During this Moon we must be aware that while the Gemini energy will make it easy to talk about whatever comes up, we must use our Sagittarius energy and sit with the feelings for a while rather than over-analysing them. Emotions aren’t rational so it is important to honour them rather than trying to rationalise them. Gemini can get quite scattered and we could feel a bit all over the place during this Moon, so it is important to centre ourselves and slow down. Underneath all of the Gemini chatter is the Sagittarian truth.

Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is in Sagittarius sitting right next to the Sun during this Moon, which will add to the lively, communicative energy and will also help us have a more expansive, philosophical viewpoint. Mercury in Sagittarius is forward thinking and able to see the bigger picture. We may find ourselves “thinking big” during this Moon and it is likely that it will be a very sociable, jovial time. We won’t hold back about sharing our thoughts with others, that’s for sure! Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruler, is stationing direct the day after this Moon, getting ready to go retrograde on the 9th of December. This means that his energy is stronger than usual and Jupiter in Leo wants us to open up and expand our self-expression and creativity. He invites us to get in touch with our inner child, take some risks and playfully express who we really are! As children plunge head first into whatever they decide to do next, so must we! No hesitation or holding back!

Uranus, the Great Awakener, Rebel and Revolutionary, is forming a positive aspect to the Sun, Moon and Mercury, adding a hint of excitement to this Moon and somewhat of an electrical charge. Uranus in Aries wants to awaken us to our own unique potential and purpose and during this Moon we could have some amazing epiphanies, insights, realisations and breakthroughs. We could also come up with some ideas which are quite off the wall and unusual. Uranus helps us to think outside the box. Mars has also just gone into Aquarius and so we are being asked to be brave enough to stand out in the crowd in all of our glory! Mars is in Uranus’s sign, Aquarius, while Uranus is in Mars’s sign, Aries. This means they are in mutual reception, which strengthens the revolutionary energy and urges us to break out of the mould and try something new on for size. Comfortable ruts will not be tolerated! We all have a something special that we are here to do that is unique to us and it is more than time to step up to the plate!

The Pluto Uranus square is getting very close to being exact and this Moon gives us an opportunity to be brave and bold, taking risks and stepping outside of our comfort zones of our own accord rather than having change forced upon us. The energy of the Square means that powerful changes are taking place on a very deep level, both personally and on a global level and the best we can do for ourselves is ride the waves rather than resisting them. This Moon could help us realise what needs to change in order for us to be more fully ourselves. Over the past few years we have been slowly shedding our old selves and stepping into the truth of who we are and while this is unfamiliar territory and not very comfortable at times, it is time to take another step forward before we get pulled along by the tide! Resistance is futile!

Chiron in Pisces is challenging the Sun, Moon and Mercury during this Moon, making us all feel very human indeed. Our frailties, vulnerabilities, weaknesses and insecurities may be quite obvious to us and could make us feel a little less confident than usual. It could also be a good time for clearing outworn beliefs about ourselves and life that are holding us back, allowing some deep healing to occur. Messages that we received when we were very young can cause us to believe all sorts of things which aren’t appropriate! There is something quite beautiful about this aspect, even though it has the potential to bring some pain to the fore, because it brings a sense us people sharing their wounds with one another and allowing their more human, vulnerable side to show itself. It is important not to be too hard on ourselves during this Moon and to show ourselves as much love, compassion and forgiveness as we would our friends or loved ones. We can be so hard on ourselves!

My sense is that this Moon could bring up some collective and ancestral wounds to be healed as well, not just personal ones. Pisces represents universal consciousness after all. We all carry within us the wounds of humanity through the ages as well as feeling whatever pain people are feeling elsewhere on this planet at the moment. We are all connected and what happens to one happens to all. We may not be conscious of it but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

Overall this Moon definitely has a light hearted, party-like atmosphere to it with lively, sociable Gemini and fun loving, jovial Sagittarius being such a big part of the picture! Not only that, but jolly Jupiter in Leo is inviting us to find the part of ourselves who likes to play and fully express all that we are. Together with Uranus he is urging us to have the faith to move forward and take risks and not be afraid to be utterly ourselves, even if it means sticking out a bit. Uranus and Chiron could also clear away and heal any old beliefs that might be holding us back from embodying our truth. We now really need to believe in ourselves and our higher purpose and make a deeper commitment to the new self that has been emerging. There is a sense that we are being given an opportunity to make a leap of faith and step outside of our comfort zones of our own accord. If we don’t, something might happen to force the necessary changes and that will be far more uncomfortable! This Moon could make it all too apparent what needs to change and what we need to let go of in order to do so. There are things that we want for ourselves that would definitely help us move forward and grow. The question is, are we brave enough to make them happen?

Much Love



Thursday, 20 November 2014

SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON – 22 November 2014

Exact at 12.53pm GMT, 7.53am EST

This is a powerful New Moon because it is in the very first degree of Sagittarius which is a very powerful and potent degree, symbolising a brand new rush of Sagittarian energy as we enter the sign. It strengthens the sense of new beginnings that the New Moon brings. At the same time we are still very much feeling the effects of intense, emotional and transformative Scorpio, so the Sagittarius party hasn’t quite started yet! Sagittarius wants to rush ahead and go on a grand adventure, while Scorpio still has us in it grips, making us all too aware of our fears, vulnerabilities and shadows. This week we have had the Sun and Saturn coming together in Scorpio, making everything quite heavy and restrictive and bringing our fears and the darker aspects of existence into our consciousness. This aspect was exact on Tuesday and its effects will linger throughout the week. This means that while we might be more than ready to make big plans, we will be very aware of what holds us back from achieving our dreams. The Sabian symbol for the first degree of Sagittarius is “Army veterans gather to re-awaken old memories”. This gives a sense that we need to deliberately bring our wounds and patterns into our conscious awareness in order to move on with our lives. While this New Moon is about new beginnings and planting seeds for new adventures, it seems that we have to honour the past and hurt part of ourselves in order to do so.

The Sun and Moon are forming their monthly union in optimistic and adventurous Sagittarius. Sagittarius is bold and daring and has absolute faith that if he takes a chance he will somehow be rewarded, even if it isn’t quite in the way he expected! The symbol of Sagittarius is a centaur; half man, half beast, aiming his bow high into the heavens. This makes him quite physical, instinctual and nature loving, while at the same time very intuitive and forward looking. He is the visionary, who isn’t afraid to follow his dreams and most definitely makes his own luck. He literally shoots for the stars! Sagittarius sees the bigger picture and doesn’t get bogged down in petty details. His aim is to expand our consciousness. He is also the seeker of the truth, and will travel far and wide to find it. He also speaks the truth, sometimes without a filter! Sometimes the truth hurts! He wants to find higher meaning in life; something to believe in beyond the mundane. He demands the freedom to roam and will walk the road less travelled, ever alert for omens which will show him which path he should take next. Sagittarius’s ruler is Jupiter, who is currently in Leo, encouraging us to express ourselves joyfully and with confidence and to not be afraid to follow our hearts.

It is interesting that Scorpio comes before Sagittarius, forcing us to confront our fears and darker emotions, while Sagittarius then helps us make a leap of faith, moving past our fears and trusting that we will somehow land on our feet. Faith is such a big part of the Sagittarian picture; trusting that we are somehow guided by forces far bigger than us that seek to help us grow and evolve. This helps us through the hardest times; the faith that there is a higher purpose to all that happens to us. The Sagittarian optimist within us realises that the most challenging experiences are amazing opportunities for growth, as painful as they may be. We are now entering Sagittarius season, which is jovial, jolly, joyful, fun and sociable, but just for now we are caught between the emotional intensity of Scorpio and Sagittarius’s desire to move forward and expand. For this Moon it seems that we are being asked to honour our fears and consciously move past them and as we do so the universe will rise up to meet us half way, rewarding us for our bravery.

As I said, Saturn in Scorpio is rather big part of the overall picture at the moment. The Sun and Moon are moving away from Saturn in Scorpio, who is heavy, dark and restrictive and moving towards Venus in Sagittarius, who just wants to have a good time, hang out with like-minded people and laugh a lot! We’ll get there, but first we might have to be really honest about what we are afraid of and what is holding us back from all that we want so much. We might also be forced to be completely honest about what it is we truly want, deep down in our hearts. First the Sun, then Mercury is joining up with Saturn over the course of this week, exact on Wednesday 26th. This has the potential to cause us to face our shadows and go to all the dark places we would rather not have to venture into. Saturn’s influence could make us all too aware of where we feel limited or restricted in our lives. There is an air of melancholy to this picture and the possibility of having some quite heavy, dark, pessimistic thoughts. Saturn is shining the harsh light of reality onto our lives and thought patterns which could cause considerable anxiety as some very old and irrational fears rise up into our consciousness. This is an opportunity to rise up and meet these fears, acknowledging and honouring them so that they begin to lose their power over us. Then we will be ready to make a big leap forward, in true Sagittarian style!

Neptune in Pisces is forming a challenging aspect to the Sun and Moon, which could well add to the air of melancholy and will also bring the desire to escape this heavy dose of reality that Saturn is bringing at the moment. Neptune is the dreamer and can be overly idealistic, creating illusions which can then lead to disappointment. We could be a bit confused about where we are going, as if there is a smoke screen in front of us. In aspect to the Sun and Moon it brings the potential for us to feel a bit more sensitive than usual, as if our skins are somehow thinner and we absorb more from the environment than usual. It could be easy to slip into feeling like a victim. Neptune has a very vivid imagination which could make us imagine things that aren’t real, bringing more possibility of irrational fears surfacing in us. There is a certain wistfulness to this combination and a sense of it being a little harder to cope with the reality of our lives. Neptune is the master of finding ways to avoid facing reality, like sleeping too much, drinking, doing drugs, watching television, playing computer games; the list goes on and on!

The positive side of this aspect is that Neptune will challenge us to think creatively and see the bigger picture. With his help we can dream a better future for ourselves. While Saturn may be narrowing our focus and making us all too aware of what isn’t working for us, Neptune urges us to keep the faith that we are heading in the right direction, even if it is hard to see at times. Neptune doesn’t make sense logically, but even though we may feel like we have somehow taken the wrong path we must trust that there is a reason for going there. Any fears, wounds or painful memories that may be dredged up at this time will be for good reason, even though we may not be able to see why for a while. We may feel more sensitive and porous than usual but sometimes it is important to feel things more acutely so we can become more aware of what needs to change. It is very important to remember to treat ourselves with as much compassion and forgiveness as we would other people. We are so very hard on ourselves sometimes and Neptune reminds us that we are all beautiful souls who are doing their best here on earth!

In the background we hear the rumble of the Uranus Pluto square, which is now building in intensity and will be exact on the 15th of December. We are no stranger to this energy as this is the sixth of seven squares since 2012. The Pluto Uranus square is a sign of the times and has been creating breakdowns which lead to breakthroughs in the structure of our lives and in the patriarchal system we live in. It has been highlighting where we are stuck or limited and forcing us to move beyond it, which of course can be rather uncomfortable! Capricorn represents societal structure and patriarchal authority and the square between these two powerful planets have been slowing exposing the rot and showing what is quite simply no longer working in our lives, our society and the world power structures. I sense that we have got to the point where it is glaringly obvious what isn’t working, both in the structure of our own lives and in the world, but now the question is what to create in its place? We are now in the new paradigm that was promised when the squares began and it is a bit like finding our way in the dark because it is nowhere we have ever been before.

This next square could shake things up a bit more and make us aware of what needs to change in order to stand completely and utterly in our truth, with absolute integrity. As the square gets closer to being exact we can expect a bit of turbulence, both within our own lives as we are forced to step outside of our comfort zones and uproot age old patterns and globally as people rise up and challenge the powers that be and antiquated systems that are simply no longer serving us. The question now is what to replace them with? After five squares  in the space of two years we know what is wrong and are now at the point where we think about what should replace anything that has rotted away or been destroyed. Pluto and Uranus also rule natural and manmade disasters, such as volcanoes, oils spills and earthquakes, so don’t be surprised if the weather is a bit whacky as well around this time. Here is a post I wrote about the Pluto Uranus square back in 2012: Pluto Uranus Square

This Moon definitely seems to be asking us to take a leap of faith, but not without acknowledging and honouring our weaknesses, vulnerabilities and fears and being very honest with ourselves about what is holding us back and restricting us from growing. This is a time to delve into the darkness and bring any old, outworn patterns completely out into the light so we can have a really good look at them before we move forward. Success comes from overcoming and transcending fears and anxieties rather than the absence of them and there is no person in this world that doesn’t experience fear at some point or other. It’s what we do with it that makes the difference. We either drown in our fears and allow them to immobilise us or we face them head on, accepting that we are just human and recognising that they are merely constructed by our own imaginations. It is so very important to remember that what we can come up with in our own heads is often so much worse than the reality of anything we are facing!

Sagittarius aims his bow high and shoots for the stars and so should our intentions for this New Moon. Whatever we set for our intentions should evoke a feeling of joy in us. We must let the arrow pierce through any illusion or fear and trust that it will land exactly where it needs in order to support our growth at this time. This New Moon is asking for us to have faith in the universe and belief in ourselves. Once we set off there is no looking back!

Much love


Artwork: When you Wish upon a Star by Sabine Rich

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

TAURUS FULL MOON - 6 November 2014

Exact at 10.22pm GMT, 5.22pm EST

This Full Moon marks the end of the Eclipse season, but definitely packs its own punch! Once again we are being asked to bring our fears out into the light or our awareness so we can let them go, once and for all. Full Moons tend to bring up some strong emotions which escalate as the Moon reaches its peak. Whatever may have been simmering away below the surface in the couple of weeks beforehand rises up and demands attention as the bright light of the Moon makes it very obvious what is out of balance in our lives. It can be quite intense emotionally but it does offer us an amazing opportunity to really get in touch with whatever is bothering us and needs to change. This Moon is no exception. We are in the midst of Scorpio season which is a time of transformation when the old passes away to be replaced by something new. It really is a time to embrace change rather than hiding from it. We may be pushed outside of our comfort zones somewhat, but if we show willingness to face our fears they begin to lose their power over us.

This Full Moon illuminates the Taurus/Scorpio axis so we are asked to somehow find a balance between the energy of the two signs. Taurus is Mother Earth and puts us in touch with the physical world; the world of the senses. Comfort and security are very important to Taurus and she is not a fan of change; in fact it makes her very uncomfortable indeed. Taurus highlights what we value and what we spend our money on, and while one person may consider having the biggest tv and the latest Ipad very important indeed, another may use that money to go on a trip to India or for a self-development workshop. Taurus represents our sense of self-worth and the skills and talents we use to earn our living. The value we place on ourselves can directly correlate to how much we earn and a healthy sense of self-worth can make such a difference! Low self-esteem, however, can mean that we don’t attract or ask for what we deserve because we can’t see our own worth. Taurus is quite a stubborn sign and has the capacity to stagnate somewhat and end up in comfortable ruts because she tends to cling to the status quo for the sake of security. As I said, change makes her uncomfortable and she will put up with situations far longer than she should because she is somehow uncomfortably comfortable. “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t” could be a Taurus motto!

That is where Scorpio comes in. Scorpio forces us to face our fears and be completely honest about what we are afraid of. She will not think twice about completely pulling the rug out from under us in order to help us grow. While Taurus might turn a blind eye for the sake of security, Scorpio forces us to confront whatever might be holding us back from moving forward. While Taurus can become deeply attached to the comforts of the material world, Scorpio helps us to release attachment, letting go of anything that is not serving us so we can be reborn, shiny and new. The process may not be very comfortable because it involves being completely honest about what is holding us back and possibly even facing old trauma that caused the fears in the first place. Just the idea of change can bring up a certain amount of anxiety as our sense of security is threatened and our self-worth challenged. When we make changes in our lives we are asked to have faith in ourselves and our abilities and also trust that we will be taken care of and that we will somehow land on our feet. Fear isn’t rational at all because it comes from a place deep within us which is hard to access.  Often whatever is stored in our subconscious, causing the fear and anxiety, is very old and buried indeed. Scorpio asks us to confront our fears and the deeper darker emotions and get to the root of what causes them. It may not be pretty, but ultimately it can be amazingly freeing.

The good news is that Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is forming a harmonious and supportive aspect to the Sun, Moon, Venus and Pluto this week, which will help us to become more aware of our flaws and deeper insecurities so that we have a chance of actually healing them. We have a chance to bring old traumas, fears, and injuries out into the light and heal them with compassion, understanding and forgiveness. Whatever fears or shadows Scorpio brings up for us to face can be met with conscious awareness and recognition that we have been here before and it is time to let go of these patterns once and for all. It truly is wonderful that Chiron is involved with this Moon, because he can really help us flush out whatever comes up for us so that we can truly release it. Just being aware of unhealthy patterns repeating allows them to lose their power over us and brings us closer to healing.

Transformational and powerful Pluto (the soul) and motivational and driven Mars (the warrior) are joining forces in Capricorn, forming a conjunction which will be exact on the 11th of November. This very intense combination of very forceful energies will actually be helping this Full Moon, giving us a boost of bravery and power and enabling us to work long and hard to achieve our goals. This combination could give us a great deal of energy and focus and could bring up issues of power and powerlessness. We may become very aware of how we give our power away. Mars is quite aggressive and Pluto is the planet of power, and so there could be a certain amount of ruthlessness coming to the fore both personally and collectively. We may be forced to be absolutely honest about what we want for ourselves and what we are working towards. This powerful combination could well help us get to the bottom of whatever might be bothering us during this Full Moon. Uranus is forming a square to both Pluto and Mars, which will no doubt make it very obvious what needs to change and could well force us out of our comfort zones. Indeed, there is something quite unsettling about this Moon, because there is so much Scorpionic energy around. Scorpio demands the truth. This could be a bit much for the placid Taurus Moon, who just wants to take it slowly, play it safe and “chew the cud”!

Venus is sitting right next to the Sun, who she has been travelling with for the past couple of weeks, and is on her way to meeting Saturn in Scorpio on the 12th of November. Venus is the ruler of the Taurus Full Moon, so she is a rather important part of the whole affair. Venus and Saturn in Scorpio could shine the rather harsh light of reality on our relationships, forcing us to be absolutely truthful about how we feel and what we want. It could all get rather serious actually and we could experience some testing of our values and relationships. Saturn wants us to be the best that we can be, but he doesn’t make it easy. It is as if we have to prove our worth. How are we holding ourselves back from experiencing true intimacy in our relationships? If we are completely honest, are they a true reflection of our inner truth? Are they helping us move forward on our path or holding us back? Venus also represents money and finances, so once again, our sense of security could be challenged. Saturn does have the capacity to create a feeling of lack when it comes to resources and indeed our sense of self-worth. This creates yet another possibility for us to feel somewhat anxious, as we are forced to confront our fears surrounding relationships, shared resources and security.

This next week could be rather interesting, that’s for sure, with the Mars and Pluto conjunction building as well as the Venus and Saturn conjunction in Scorpio. We will see what comes rising up both personally and collectively! Taurus herself is a very stable, patient sign who enjoys nature and the sensual delights, but she is rather overshadowed by all of this transformational energy which is threatening her sense of security and forcing her out of her comfort zone. Change makes her very uncomfortable indeed, yet it is an inevitable part of life. Scorpio demands that we dig deep and find the truth and reminds us that all things must pass away eventually, in order to be born anew. Uranus, the Great Awakener, is niggling at the Scorpio  and Venus and  gearing up for the 6th Pluto/Uranus square in December, so change is afoot whether we like it or not!

There is definitely a sense of old patterns and fears coming to the surface for us to examine and release, once and for all. We may find ourselves feeling a bit shaky and insecure, but it is very important that we remain true to ourselves and the path that we are on. What is preventing us from fulfilling our dreams? What is most important to us when it comes down to it? How are we getting in our own way? How can we initiate change rather than allowing it to just happen to us? Where are we holding ourselves back for security’s sake? Things generally happen to force change upon us when something is out of balance or not serving us and we now have an opportunity to have a long hard look at what simply isn’t working for us and do something about it. This is a great time to challenge ourselves and step outside of the comfort zone voluntarily because then we allow positive growth rather than upsetting, cataclysmic change. This Moon could definitely make us more aware of where we are stuck and not moving forward for the sake of security and help us shift out of our ruts. It is very important to remember that, no matter what, we are held by Mother Earth. She provides a stable base beneath us and won’t let us fall. Somehow we will always land on our feet.

Much Love


 Photo: Tree Woman by Amy Bird

Sunday, 19 October 2014


Exact at 10.57pm BST, 5.57pm EDT!

This week we have a New Moon / Partial Solar Eclipse with the Sun, Moon and Venus in the very first degree of Scorpio, which brings a feeling of major new beginnings and the sense that we are somehow being given the opportunity to wipe the slate clean. Not only is it the beginning of Scorpio, the sign of transformation, but it is also a New Moon, which is a time for leaving whatever no longer serves us behind in the dark of the Moon and starting afresh with a set of new intentions. And this is no ordinary New Moon; it is a Solar Eclipse, which has the potential to shake up our lives and take us onto the next level somehow. Eclipses signify a very significant end of a chapter and beginning of a new one. The next set of eclipses will occur in about six months, so this eclipse will set a ball rolling which will play out until then. This is also the last in a set of eclipses in the sign of Scorpio which began in May 2012, so we could experience a sense of completion of a process which started then.  The process will of course involve the Scorpio themes of power, emotional honesty, trust, transformation, intimacy, sexuality, psychological insight and facing our shadows. Not only that, but the last time there was an eclipse in zero degrees Scorpio was 19 years ago on October 24 1995, so there is a link between whatever was going on for us then and what is occurring in our lives now. We could now be going onto the next level somehow.

New Moons involve the Sun and Moon joining forces in the same sign and so the seeds we plant and intentions we set will all revolve around the energy of that sign. We are able to be somewhat objective about what we need to let go of and what we need to develop more of. This New Moon carries more weight than usual, being an Eclipse, and in the sign of Scorpio it is asking us to be completely and utterly honest with ourselves, as uncomfortable as that may be. Scorpio is not afraid to delve into the depths and unearth the parts of ourselves we would prefer to keep hidden from view, or have denied or suppressed. She is concerned with the issue of power and powerlessness and I have a strong feeling that we are being asked to reclaim parts of ourselves during this Moon that we have pushed down or disowned, for one reason or another. It is usually something that happened in our childhood or past that has made us feel like certain traits or characteristics are somehow “bad” or inappropriate, so we have sent them into the shadows. This is Scorpio territory; our shadows and the parts of ourselves we would rather not talk about. Unfortunately, whatever we have denied or suppressed tends to come out in unhealthy ways or allows other people to have power over us because we project it outward instead of owning it in a healthy way. Now is an amazing opportunity to face our shadows and reclaim our power. Instead of these parts of ourselves lurking around in the shadows and infiltrating our lives in unhealthy ways we can bring them out into the light and have the courage to admit and “own” them.

Venus is sitting right next to the Sun and Moon in this very sensitive degree of Scorpio, bringing our relationships into focus. Venus in Scorpio brings up the issue of trust, vulnerability, sexuality, jealousy, emotional honesty, intimacy, release, possessiveness and power within our relationships. Venus also represents our femininity so there is a sense of us having the opportunity to reclaim our feminine power. We could be forced to look at where we are giving our power away in our relationships or, indeed, where we might have too much power. Scorpio isn’t afraid to plunge into the depths and confront those subjects that make us feel a bit uncomfortable, vulnerable or exposed. Trust is such a big part of the Scorpio experience and it takes a huge amount of trust to remain completely open and express love and tenderness. Trust lost or betrayed makes it very hard to open up again and can completely destroy a relationship. This New Moon could bring up the theme of trust and could also cause us to examine our relationships and see where we could open up more, allowing the possibility for greater intimacy and deeper connection.

Scorpio also brings release, transformation and renewal, and it could be a good time to be absolutely honest with ourselves about our relationships and either transform them or leave them behind in the dark of the Moon if they are not meeting our needs on a soul level. Venus in Scorpio really gets to the heart of the matter and forces us to shine the light of raw, emotional honesty onto ourselves and our relationships. It is a really good time to dive deep below the surface and contemplate what old trauma, loss or hurts might be holding us back from being able to love fully and completely. We have a chance to bring our shadows out into the light and recognise where we hold ourselves back from being completely open and what barriers we have in place preventing love from blossoming. This is also a powerful opportunity to be honest about who or what we need to forgive, release and leave behind in the dark of the Moon. As I said, this Moon has the potential for us to create a blank slate with which to start anew. As Scorpio likes to shed its skin, so we have a chance to release and renew in the realm of our relationships.

Neptune in Pisces is forming a harmonious aspect to the Sun, Moon and Venus, which will help us do whatever work is needed in the spirit of Love, compassion and kindness. Neptune represents a higher, unconditional love and is capable of great devotion. It is a gentle, tender and empathetic influence on this New Moon and reminds us that we are all just human and have our faults and frailties. It is the essence of acceptance. Neptune greatly heightens our sensitivity to one another and allows us to keep an eye on the big picture. Forgiveness and healing are possible under this influence as we are able to consider the needs of our loved ones and also have compassion for ourselves and our shortcomings. Neptune can greatly help us open up and trust each other with whatever we find when delving around in the shadows! It is an ideal time to do some inner work, whether it be through meditation or by seeing a trusted healer.

Mercury will be at a standstill at the time of the New Moon, getting ready to turn direct on the 25th having been retrograde since the 4th of October. This will make his energy more powerful and noticeable, so communication will be heightened at this time. He is also forming a conjunction with the North Node of the Moon in Libra, which could mean that we receive important messages that have an impact on our relationships on a soul level. These messages can help us move forward and greatly improve the quality of our relationships. He is also forming a positive aspect to Jupiter in Leo, which will help us see the bigger picture and to express ourselves with confidence, from our hearts. Of course, as is always the case when Mercury is stationed ready to turn direct, miscommunications, misunderstandings, travel and transport disruptions and delays are more likely, so it is important to be aware of this possibility and just go with the flow. We must make sure we are clear in our communication and check and double check any important documentation. We must also maintain a sense of humour!

This really is a wonderful time to do some deep inner work and contemplate where we are stuck and what old patterns and beliefs need to be released in order for us to empower ourselves. Mars in Sagittarius is forming an harmonious, out of sign aspect to the Moon, helping us not only to face our demons but also to open up and trust others with our innermost secrets. It is not easy to expose our tender underbellies, but if we don’t then we can’t allow others to really know us. The theme of trust is a major part of this Moon, methinks, with all of this Scorpio energy around, and trust really is an essential part of any kind of relationship, intimate or otherwise. Trust betrayed or lost is disastrous for a relationship, while being open enough to trust another with our heart and soul is so utterly beautiful and precious!

Power is another theme, and this is a wonderful time to delve deep within and recognise where we hold ourselves back from standing in our true power. What part of ourselves are we suppressing or denying? Scorpio loves playing detective and probing around in order to gain psychological insight, so this is a really great time to bring our shadows out into the light and make them less scary! Like the monster that hides under the bed, all we have to do is have the courage to look underneath and he quickly loses any power he had over us! This Eclipse is certainly an opportunity to set some powerful intentions that will have an impact for months to come and will very likely be a game changer, though it may not be immediately apparent. Scorpio represents the energy of death and rebirth after all! There is a strong sense that something has to pass away in order for something better to take its place. The more honest we can be with ourselves right now and the more we can release and let go, the greater the chance we have of taking a big leap forward!

Much love



Photo: Allium by Dan Leak  Inflorescenic

Monday, 6 October 2014

ARIES FULL MOON / TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE – Wednesday 8 October 2014

Exact at 11.51am BST, 6.51am EDT!

Well, October is quite a month, that’s for sure! We have two Eclipses, a Grand Fire Trine and Mercury retrograde so we can expect some turbulence, transformation and significant shifts of consciousness to take place in certain parts of our lives. The Pluto Uranus square is also starting to build again and is very much activated by this upcoming Full Moon. We generally only experience emotional shocks or a shake up when something is out of balance in our lives or if we have strayed off our path, in which case we might experience some kind of a prod or a poke to set us back on the right track. The upcoming Full Moon and New Moon and their Eclipses are likely to be a game changer for many, as Eclipses tend to signify major beginnings and endings and can herald a new chapter in our lives.

There is a connection between these eclipses and the last two sets of eclipses in October 2013 and this April, so think back to those times and try to remember what you were going through.  In April we were also contending with the Cardinal Grand Cross, which was a difficult time for many and was a catalyst for some profound shifts. Something that we learned then could now be coming to fruition, or we could experience a continuation of something that started then; a similar theme. The theme is quite likely to be relationship oriented, as the eclipses have all occurred on the relationship axis of Aries and Libra. Many people experienced a significant shift this April and the same is possible now, as these Eclipses have some powerfully transforming energy connected to them.

This Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse involves the Sun in balanced, harmonious and relationship oriented Libra sitting directly opposite the Moon in impulsive, courageous and self-oriented Aries. The Aries/Libra polarity is the relationship axis, so we can expect our relationships to be highlighted during this Moon. Not only that but Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty, is sitting next to the Sun which further brings our relationships into focus. Full Moons also tend to show their energy through our relationships and bring whatever might have been bubbling below the surface into plain view! The Sun is in Libra for the month, bringing the themes of love, peace, balance, harmony relating and justice to the fore. Full Moons ask us to find some balance between the two signs involved and in this case we are being asked to find the balance between the masculine and feminine within ourselves. While Libra always puts the needs of others first, Aries is well practiced in the art of Self Love. Libra is amazing at compromise and team work, while Aries has a tendency to use independent initiative and follow his own desires. Somewhere in the middle is the way and this moon will make it glaringly obvious where we are out of balance.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the warrior. There is no doubt about it; this Full moon has the potential for emotions to ride rather high and the flames of passion to get a little out of control! Aries is passionate, enthusiastic, impulsive, courageous and quick to anger. The Moon rules the emotions and when she is in forceful Aries our emotions could come bursting out rather aggressively, because Aries does have a tendency to act first and think later! Aries is without guile and has a hard time holding anything back so it is quite possible that some cards will be laid on the table during this moon. We might have to find our inner Aries and be rather brave, methinks.

Uranus, the Great Awakener, the Rebel and Revolutionary, is also sitting smack bang on top of the Moon and he does like us to be utterly true to ourselves, to the extreme, in fact! The combination of Uranus and Aries could produce some emotional shocks which could be rather unsettling but also quite liberating. What is it they say about the truth setting us free? Tee hee! Uranus sitting on top of the Moon could threaten our sense of emotional security and force us out of our comfort zones. His energy is shocking and awakening. We could well experience some emotional curve balls that seem to come from nowhere and upset the status quo. We could also have some sudden realisations and anything we have been hiding from ourselves and others can be revealed now. This is the perfect opportunity to break free of any restrictions, stand up and shout to the world who we are and what we want without holding back!

Pluto in Capricorn is also a massive part of this Full Moon, as he is challenging both the Sun and the Moon and also Venus and Uranus. We are getting a dose of the Pluto Uranus square in our relationships for this Moon, as Pluto challenges the structure of our relationships and forces us to confront our shadows while Uranus urges us to stand up for our rights and be true to ourselves. Pluto could bring some very intense emotions up from the depths and anything that has been simmering and smouldering below the surface, forcing us to face up to some not so pretty truths. The energy of Pluto is much like a volcano, with a pressure building until it erupts. Uranus is akin to an earthquake, when everything gets shaken and rattled about, or a bolt of lightning. This is the energy we are dealing with during this Moon. Eruptions and explosions, turbulence and shocks. Emotional truths being revealed which have been festering away. People being brave and bold enough to dare to show all of their cards. A complete overhaul of our relationships and/or transformation of the way we relate to each other. Power struggles and issues of trust. Obviously this could all be quite scary and unsettling, but how freeing as well! It is far better to have it all out in the open, as vulnerable or exposed as we may feel!

The Sun and Moon are also involved in the Grand Fire Trine between Uranus, Jupiter and Mars, which adds some exciting and exhilarating energy to this Full Moon! This is an incredibly passionate and fast paced Full Moon, that’s for sure! We could find ourselves being taken for a ride and the fire could easily burn out of control if we are not careful! I have written about the Grand Fire Trine already, so I will not repeat myself. Suffice to say, this is a wonderful time to open our hearts and take a leap of faith! This is certainly not a passive time, but rather a time for taking action. Here is more on the subject if you wish to read further - GRAND FIRE TRINE 2014

Lunar Eclipses come about when the Sun and Moon are aligned with the Nodes of the Moon. They represent major beginnings and endings that can have an impact on our lives for many months to come. They are representative of a new chapter beginning and an old way passing away, though what that is exactly may not be immediately apparent, but rather will show itself over the next three to six months. During an Eclipse we can have life changing revelations, especially with Uranus involved, and significant changes in consciousness. The North Node of the Moon is in Libra, the sign of love, balance, harmony and peace. This is the ultimate aim of the Full/Moon Eclipse, despite the turbulent, forceful and explosive energy that surrounds it. Libra wants us to find a way to bring balance to our relationships and bring peace and justice to the world. Sometimes things have to get shaken up a bit in order for balance to be restored. A true and successful partnership can only be achieved when both parties are true to their own path and are completely honest about their needs and wants. True intimacy can’t be achieved unless we bare our souls somewhat.

This Moon certainly has all the ingredients needed to really stir things up; forcing us to be honest and face our shadows and possibly creating circumstances which could make or break our relationships and force us to grow. As I said, crisis only occurs when something really needs to change or we are straying off our path. Ultimately this Full Moon / Total Lunar Eclipse has the potential to be profoundly liberating though somewhat unsettling! Anything that we have just been putting up with or suppressing is likely to come bubbling up to the surface and exposed by the light of this forthright, honest and transforming Full Moon! We must embrace the bravery and courage of Aries within our relationships, but with Libra’s spirit of harmony and peace in our hearts. This month could be a game changer, that’s for sure! How exactly will be revealed in the fullness of time.

Much Love


Thursday, 2 October 2014

GRAND FIRE TRINE – exact 6 October 2014!

We not only have a Grand Trine building in the inspirational, enthusiastic Fire signs but the three planets involved are quite exciting as well! This Trine could bring an amazing boost for many and will certainly generate an air of excitement in the days to come and the sense that anything is possible if we are brave enough to take a chance. I suppose the only danger with Fire is that it can get out of control of we’re not careful. This is something to be aware of, but overall this is an incredibly positive configuration that will help us take risks and dare to step outside of our comfort zones.

The three players are Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius. Quite a lively bunch, that’s for sure! Uranus in Aries wants us to be utterly true to who we really are, not what we were taught to think we were growing up. He wants us to stand up and be counted as the unique individuals that we all are! He is the planet of sudden change and creates external events that will help put us on the path that is right for us. He will not stand for stagnation and will do what he can to blast any cobwebs away and lift us out of any ruts we may find ourselves in. Change can be uncomfortable but stepping outside of our comfort zones is what brings the greatest growth. Uranus has been forming a beautiful trine with Jupiter in Leo in the past couple of weeks, bringing the potential for sudden opportunities to move forward on our path and helping us open our hearts so we can allow positive changes to take place. This trine was exact on the Libra New Moon on the 24th of September.

Jupiter is in Leo for a year, encouraging us to take risks, follow the path of joy and find the playful, childlike part of ourselves that loves to explore and express itself without holding back. Our greatest growth will come from opening our hearts and listening to our heart’s wisdom. Not only that, but we must also act on what our hearts tells us. That is where Mars in Sagittarius comes in! Mars is the pioneer, the planet who gives us the drive and motivation to actually get things done, what better planet to add an extra spark to this beautiful fire? Mars in Sagittarius is fearless, brave and bold and has absolute faith that everything will turn out the way it should. That is the beauty of Sagittarius; life is a grand adventure and he can see the positive in any outcome. To Mars in Sagittarius, the possibilities are limitless. Failure doesn’t even begin to enter his mind.

This Trine asks us to have the courage to open our hearts and take a chance on something that we might normally be too afraid to try. There is a great deal of dynamic energy and enthusiasm to this combination of planets and we may well find ourselves being taken along for a ride in the next few days! This Trine will also be a big player in the upcoming Aries Full Moon / Total Lunar Eclipse on the 8th, so this is a very significant time in our development and passions will be riding high in the coming week! It really is an ideal time to take a leap of faith, though only if it is right for us and helps us along our true path. If it doesn’t resonate with the truth of who we are it is unlikely to work. We all know, deep inside, what is right for us and what isn’t. Generally our bodies tell us. We all know the difference between excitement and dread, and now if the time to listen to our hearts, keep the faith, follow our passions and do what brings us the greatest amount of excitement and joy! Enjoy the ride!

Courage = “of the heart”

Much love



Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Mercury turns retrograde on the 4th of October, having been in the shadow period since the 24th of September. He turns retrograde in the insightful, probing sign of Scorpio and then travels back into Libra, the sign of balance and harmony. As with all Mercury retrogrades it is important to remember that communication breakdowns can and will occur and that maintaining a sense of humour is absolutely essential! This is a time when travel plans could go awry, cars could break down; indeed anything to do with getting from point A to point B could be subject to delays and confusion. Instead of getting frustrated it is better to accept that maybe there is a reason that we are being delayed and that possibly we are being shown that there is another possibility that we have missed. Basically we should try to relax and enjoy the ride rather than banging our head against a brick wall and complaining about what isn’t working. Similarly anything to do with communication, such as phones and computers, could be more problematic than usual so it is important to be patient and also to check and double check that people have received emails, understood what we are saying etc etc.

Misunderstandings are more likely to occur during a retrograde period, where we say one thing but it is taken another way altogether! As such, it is important to be mindful when we communicate with others, whether verbally or in written form.  This is a time when it is important to read between the lines and not take what people say too literally. It is just good to be aware that the possibility for mistakes and glitches in communication exists and to make sure all the “T”s are crossed and the “I”s are dotted. Signing important documents is not exactly recommended during a Mercury Retrograde, but sometimes it is hard to avoid it, so just be careful to read the fine print. Mercury is a pesky trickster when he is retrograde so it is easy to get tripped up!

The best thing to do during Mercury Retrograde is to accept that the logical, analytical, rational Left brain function (Mercury) has gone on holiday for three weeks and to embrace a more intuitive, creative, Right brained reality for a while! The Retrograde action of Mercury gives us the opportunity to look back over things and see if there is anything we have missed. We may have been so busy just getting on with things that we may have missed an important piece of the puzzle and now we have the opportunity to go back and look with fresh eyes and a different perspective. We may have convinced ourselves that everything is ok and turned a blind eye to certain details, but Mercury retrograde will force us to take and other look. Indeed, this is an ideal time for re-doing anything; reflecting, reviewing, relaxing, rewinding, renewing, he-hashing,  re-enacting, refining, re-visiting and so on and so forth. We have a chance to go back and do things differently if we need to. Retrograde periods can also bring people up from our past because there is something we need to readdress with them. This can be a time of tying up loose ends.

Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio, which means that certain truths could be revealed and we could also have considerable insight and understanding of what is going on beneath the surface of reality on the days before and after he goes retrograde. Mercury in Scorpio is incredibly perceptive and is not satisfied with superficial understanding of matters. He will uncover the truth at all costs. It can also produce some very revealing slips of the tongue! For most of the retrograde period, Mercury will be found in Libra, so we will be more concerned with understanding others points of view and finding balance and harmony in our communication with others. This is a great time for going back to the drawing board and negotiating a peaceful plan of action. Libra is a very diplomatic, peace loving sign who likes everything to be fair and just. It is also the sign of relationship, so we may find ourselves looking back over our relationships somehow, whether it means revisiting one from the past or talking over current relationships. There could have been something we missed or ignored in recent weeks that we have to look into again.

I will list the actual dates below, but Mercury will be joining up with the North Node of the Moon three times during this retrograde period. This could bring fateful encounters with people or messages that could be very significant for us, helping us to move forward on our soul’s journey. Whatever we say or hear at this time could be extremely significant. Each time it passes over the same point more could be revealed and by the third pass we should have greater understanding of what the message is. Similarly, during the retrograde period Mercury will be passing over the same degree of Scorpio as the Solar Eclipse on October 23rd, so these three dates could also be very significant. Again, something could be revealed or the same theme could be repeated so that by the third pass we should have more insight and understanding. It is possible that some emotional truths could come to the surface or that we could have to face something that we would rather ignore. Again, I have listed the actual dates below.

Another significant date is the 16th of October, when Mercury is conjunct the Sun in Libra. This could be a very big day for communication and our relationships. It could be a good idea to remember to listen and not be too attached to our own point of view! On the 20th of October Mercury forms a positive aspect to Jupiter in Leo, which will allow us to see the bigger picture and truly communicate from our hearts. This aspect will help us get our point across with confidence and ease and will also give us a more optimistic outlook and perspective.

It is very important to be patient during this time and remember that it is just Mercury getting up to his usual tricks. Often when we are delayed or a communication error occurs there is some higher reason for it that will be revealed in the fullness of time. There could be something we have missed or a message we haven’t picked up on. For instance, we may miss our train but run into someone we know on the next train who has an important message for us. It is good to remain alert and open to anything we hadn’t previously noticed because it could be significant! We should use this time to look at our lives from a different perspective. Try a different approach to the same issue and see what might happen! And most importantly, keep a sense of humour!

Four days before and after Mercury turns retrograde and direct is when its effects are at their strongest.

24 Sept – Mercury enters retrograde shadow
28 Sept – Mercury enters Scorpio
4 Oct – Mercury turns Retrograde
10 Oct Mercury re-enters Libra
25 Oct – Mercury turns direct
9 Nov – Mercury re-enters Scorpio
10 Nov – Mercury leaves retrograde shadow

Sept 17 – Mercury conjunct North Node (1st pass)
Oct 21 – Mercury conjunct North Node (2nd pass)
Oct 30 – Mercury conjunct North Node (3rd pass)

28/29 Sept – Mercury at 0 degrees Scorpio (same degree as Solar Eclipse) 1st pass
10 Oct - Mercury at 0 degrees Scorpio (same degree as Solar Eclipse) 2nd pass
9 Nov - Mercury at 0 degrees Scorpio (same degree as Solar Eclipse) 3rd pass
Much love


Photograph: Looking back – Andrea Gracis

Saturday, 20 September 2014

LIBRA NEW MOON – 24 September 2014

Exact at 7.14am BST, 2.14am EDT.

AUTUMN EQUINOX – Monday 22 September, exact at 3.29am BST, Sunday 21 September, exact at 10.29pm EDT.

On Sunday night/Monday morning we have the Autumn Equinox followed swiftly by the Libra New Moon on Tuesday morning , so this is a very potent and powerful time for setting intentions and planting seeds. The Equinox represents an energetic gateway and is a time when we have equal parts light and dark. As Libra knows all too well, there is no light without shadow and no shadow without light. Before we find the light we must first face the darkness within us and the Equinox represents that time when we are able to see both in equal parts before the darkness starts to take over.  The Autumn Equinox represents a time of inner preparation in the process of enlightenment which lasts until the Winter Solstice. There is a perfect balance between the inner and outer life and it marks the moment when we start to turn inwards. It is also the moment when the Sun moves from Earthy, Mutable Virgo into Airy, Cardinal Libra. Virgo is the last of the subjective, personal, inner signs while Libra is the first of the outer, objective signs which are more concerned with the world outside ourselves. Virgo prepared us to move out into the world and form relationships. Libra is the sign of relationship.

The New Moon is the time in the month when all is dark and the Sun and Moon join together , forming a union in the heavens. It is a time when our conscious will (the Sun) is aligned with our unconscious, instinctual nature (the Moon). This is partly why it is such a good time for setting intentions. We are somehow more aware of what we need at this time and able to be a bit more objective. This month we have the chance to set some intentions for our relationships, as the union between the two luminaries is in Libra, the sign of balance, harmony, peace and relationship to others. Libra is depicted by the scales and indeed relationships truly are a delicate balance between the two people involved. Libra’s aim is peace and harmony and so a relationship must be a healthy balance between the needs of the two individuals involved. It is very important that we remain true to our own path while also taking into consideration the path of our loved one. And in the middle is the relationship itself, which can create another path, or destiny. Libra is all about compromise, which involves both parties meeting in the middle in the spirit of genuinely wanting each other to be happy and fulfilled.

Indeed, Libra’s goal is to find a way to perfect the art of relating. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is the ruler of Libra after all! A relationship involves two people and in order for it to work properly there must be an element of equality. When we allow ourselves to love another we entrust them with our heart and vice versa. This is no small thing! To truly be able to open up and show our love we need to know, without a doubt, that the other person feels the same way we do and is taking care of our heart. We are the caretakers of each other’s hearts. If the scales tip too far in one direction and one person ends up giving too much and sacrificing their own needs then this delicate equilibrium is upset, causing the relationship to falter and power to shift. This causes insecurity, neediness and doubt on one side and an uncomfortable feeling of having too much power on the other side. Of course, Libra does not just symbolise romantic relationships; rather he seeks to find balance, harmony and peace in all our relationships and interactions. John Lennon was a Libran and his songs “Give Peace a chance” and “Imagine” are the epitome of Libran’s longing for peace and harmony in the world. These are the kind of intentions we should be setting during this Moon. How can we create more harmony in our relationships and the world?

The most prevalent aspect during this New Moon is the trine between Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries, which will be exact on the 26th September so it has been building in strength for the past couple of weeks. This trine is very positive indeed and signifies the potential for sudden opportunities for us to move forward and grow. It is important that we are open to whatever comes our way at this time and indeed, with Jupiter in Leo our greatest growth will come from having an open heart and childlike wonder. My sense is that the opportunities that come our way will occur as a result of a shift in our attitude, because it is often when we change the way we think about things that we allow positive changes to occur in our life.  Things that didn’t seem possible can suddenly become possible simply because we changed our attitude and approach towards them.  A positive attitude really does go a long way and our beliefs really do have the potential to affect our reality! This aspect could really teach us a lot about how we get in our own way and hold ourselves back from growth. It is like a breath of fresh air, allowing us to break through some barriers, but only if we are open and aware. Trines don’t happen to us; we have to make them happen.

Uranus in Aries is encouraging us to be utterly ourselves and stand true to our path; to not be afraid to be who we really are even if it means sticking out a bit. It may feel a little uncomfortable at first but it is very important to be true to ourselves. Jupiter wants us to grow and expand our hearts and will help us feel more courageous and confident. In Leo he wants us to be willing to take risks and not be afraid to express ourselves. Life is a bit more of a fun game with Jupiter in Leo! Combine the two together and we could find that we have a lovely boost to help us along our path! Mars in Sagittarius is also forming a positive aspect to this Moon, giving us a nice dose of self-confident optimism to help us move forward with our intentions. Mars will be joining in the party with Jupiter and Uranus soon, creating a Grand Fire Trine in the first week of October, so we can expect some exuberant, enthusiastic energy to ensue! This will coincide with the Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries, which promises to be an action packed Full Moon, that’s for sure! This New Moon feels like the calm before the storm, so we must enjoy it while we can and set some mindful intentions!

Pluto is incredibly potent during the Equinox and New Moon, because it stations direct just two hours before the Equinox, having been retrograde since April 14th. Pluto is the planet of power and transformation, who has a tendency to dig deep and reveal our innermost secrets, forcing us to face up to the not so pretty parts of ourselves and our lives. He is the planet who destroys anything that isn’t working and replaces it with something that resonates more with our soul’s path. During the retrograde period we have been going through a period of inner transformation and empowerment and now it is time for the changes to come out into the light and reveal themselves within our outer reality. It might be good to look back to April and think about where we were then and what we have learned since and what might have shifted internally. This was the time of the Cardinal Grand Cross, which was a turbulent and ground breaking time for many, myself included. Something that happened then might have significance now.

Pluto in Capricorn has been slowly revealing the flaws in our patriarchal system and power structures over the past few years, rocking the foundation and bringing some uncomfortable truths into the light regarding our societal, governmental institutions and corporations. They have become far more transparent and it has become far more apparent what is antiquated and simply not working anymore. This is Pluto’s job, to dig out the rot and replace it with something healthier, and Capricorn represents structure, the patriarchy, government and authority. Uranus in Aries has been forming a series of squares to Pluto since 2012, causing massive shifts, breakdowns and breakthroughs to occur on a collective and personal level. Many people’s lives have changed considerably in that time.  Now Pluto is direct we will be gearing up for yet another of those squares, which will be exact on the 15th of December and will be very much activated by the Aries Full Moon on October 8th. I have written about the Pluto Uranus square in length…..PLUTO URANUS SQUARE

It is interesting that Pluto is at its most powerful this weekend, just as people are marching all over the world for Climate change. The people of the world are taking the power into their own hands and challenging the government and power structures to take responsibility for the future of Mother Earth. I wonder what might be revealed in the coming few days that has been hitherto contained or suppressed, both on a personal and collective level. That is what happens when Pluto turns direct; emotional truths and anything that has been kept in the shadows have the potential to come bursting out into the light. Just in time for the Equinox, when we have equal balance between Light and Dark and the Sun move into Libra, the sign of balance, depicted by the scales.

The Equinox packs a powerful punch and could be an incredibly revealing and transforming time, when we are forced to confront our shadows and release anything that isn’t serving us in order to move through the gateway into the light. We should not be surprised if certain truths are revealed at this time which are quite shocking and cathartic. The Libra New Moon, however, is a wonderful time to set intentions for our relationships and really think about how we can make them better. A relationship is made up of two halves that make up a whole and we are responsible for our half of it alone. As such, this New Moon is a perfect time to reflect on our relationships and consider what we truly want for them and how we can make them more harmonious. When we set an intention it sets an energetic ball in motion which has the power to manifest very quickly indeed. Libran intentions should focus on how to bring more balance, harmony, peace and love into our lives and the world. It is the sign of Other, so we should definitely think about how we can create a more loving reality. There is something so beautiful and fulfilling about knowing we have made another person happy! Now is a chance to contemplate just how we can do that. Plant the seeds and watch them grow!

Much Love


It happens
all the time in heaven,

And some day
It will begin to happen
Again on earth -

That men and women
who are married,

And men and men
who are

And women and women
Who give each other

Often will get down
on their knees

And while so tenderly
Holding their lover's hand,

With tears in their eyes,
Will sincerely speak, saying,

"My dear,
How can I be
more loving to you;

How can I be more

~ Hafiz

Friday, 5 September 2014

PISCES FULL MOON - Monday/Tuesday 8 & 9 September 2014

Exact at 2.38am BST (Tues) and  at 9.39pm EDT (Mon)

This is a very powerful Moon indeed as not only is it the last of three supermoons this summer but is has some amazing potential for healing some incredibly deep wounds. This particular Moon falls on the healing axis, Virgo and Pisces, and also has Chiron, the Wounded Healer, sitting right on top of the Pisces  Moon. This means that Chiron is opposite the Sun which could cause some old wounds and insecurities to be triggered by those closest to us over the course of this week. This aspect will be exact as the Moon is at her fullest and has been building since Monday, causing considerable pain, depression and a feeling of being overwhelmed for many. It is important to see this as a gift rather than allowing ourselves to be swallowed up by it. Old fears, pain, trauma, insecurities, shame and guilt could come to the surface in order for us to become more aware of how they are ruling us and holding us back. We will really have the chance to find the source of our pain so we have a better chance of healing it. There is a certain tenderness to this Full Moon which is quite beautiful and can really help us connect to others in a spirit of empathy, compassion and love.

We have the chance during this Moon to shine the light of forgiveness and compassion on our wounds so we can release and let go of them. It may be emotional but ultimately it has the potential to be incredibly cathartic and freeing. It is important to remember that anything we let go of at this time is simply not serving us so we mustn’t try to cling to it.  Instead we must have the faith that it will eventually be replaced by something far better for us. The good news is that Saturn in Scorpio is supporting us as we do this, helping us to recognise the root of our pain and where we are holding ourselves back though fear or lack of trust. Saturn in Scorpio challenges us to acknowledge our vulnerability and fear of loss, or indeed anything that is holding us back from experiencing true intimacy with ourselves and others. He also makes us very aware of how we give our power away and what makes us feel powerless. It is hard to dig so deep into the shadows that we unearth our deepest, darkest fears, shame and guilt, but if there is any time to do such work it is during this Moon! There is an enormous amount of support around for such a process to take place.

The Sun is currently in humble and helpful Virgo and will be sitting directly opposite the Moon in sensitive and compassionate Pisces for this Full Moon. We are being asked to find the balance between the energy of the two signs. Virgo season is the time when we go “back to school” and contemplate a set of healthy routines for ourselves. Virgo is extremely health conscious and strives for a sense of purity, constantly trying to improve herself. Taken to the extreme it can make her very self-critical and perfectionistic. She likes to make sense of things and wants to finds ways to fix them if they are not working. Her ultimate goal is to make the system work more efficiently, whatever system that might be. She is well practiced in the art of discernment and is really good at weeding out what isn’t working for us. Ultimately she wants to be of service to the world and will make herself very busy helping people out. Her humility is one of her most beautiful traits. She genuinely sees herself as one tiny weeny pebble in amongst the millions and squillions of other pebbles in the world; a tiny cog in the big machine, serving something much bigger than herself.

While Virgo can get a bit bogged down in the details, Pisces instinctively sees the bigger picture and how we are all connected. With Pisces we get a feeling of unity; a sense that we are all one. While Virgo is quite logical and left-brained, Pisces is intuitive, imaginative and very much right-brained. Things don’t necessarily make sense with Pisces but somehow she just knows. Life is full of delightful paradoxes as far as she is concerned! ! Virgo likes to define, while Pisces knows that some things simply aren’t definable. While Virgo likes to arrange everything into neat little boxes so that it all makes sense and is in order, Pisces is boundless, limitless and somewhat chaotic.  Indeed, Pisces often has a problem with boundaries and finds it hard to say no or to know where they end and other people begin. This is how she can find herself in the role of the scapegoat, martyr, doormat or victim. While Virgo likes to maintain some sense of control, Pisces tends to just go with the flow of the river, keeping the faith that she will be guided in the right direction. This can sometimes make her feel like a helpless leaf being blown around in the wind, at the mercy of the fates.

Both signs genuinely want to help us heal. Virgo likes to analyse and understand what might not be working and focuses on the function of the body.  She wants to fix the problem. She does have a good sense of mind over matter and definitely takes a holistic approach. Pisces, however, doesn’t really have to think about it. She can place her hands on someone, for instance, and can just “feel” where they are out of balance. The underlying cause may not make sense rationally, but Pisces will receive messages that help us understand intuitively where the imbalance or “dis-ease” stems from. This Full Moon could make us very aware of where we might be out of balance and will bring to the surface anything that we might have been avoiding. Full Moons do tend to bring everything to a head and this one will be no exception! As I said, Chiron is sitting next to the Moon in Pisces, helping us to look at whatever comes up with tenderness and compassion so that we can truly forgive ourselves and others and just let go! This is an amazing time for meditation, dream work, massage, energy healing, acupuncture, dancing, painting, creating, singing; anything we can do to encourage healing and release. It is, quite simply, a healing moon.

Full Moons do tend to bring up anything that might have been bubbling below the surface in the realm of our relationships. Emotions ride high at this time and reach a climax as the Moon becomes full. Venus, the planet of love and relating, is forming an opposition to Neptune in Pisces, which could make us much more sensitive to the needs of our partners. We are likely to be much more tender and compassionate with our loved ones at this time and will be more concerned with a higher, unconditional love. Venus has just left romantic and expressive Leo and is now in Virgo, who wants to figure out how to make our relationships work in practical ways. She shows her affection and love through the little things she does day to day rather than Leo’s more demonstrative and heartfelt displays of affection! The opposition to Neptune, the planet of illusion, could make it hard to see our relationships clearly as we will tend to see what we want to see rather than what is really there. Watch out for rose tinted spectacles because they can be deceiving! It does also hold the promise of a higher love that is very gentle, spiritual and tender in nature. It is a good time to think about how we can be kinder to one another and make our loved ones’ lives easier.

In the meantime, good news lies ahead! Jupiter in Leo is forming a beautiful, harmonious trine aspect to Uranus in Aries which will be building all month and closest to exact on the 26th of September! This holds the promise of sudden opportunities and spurts of growth as somehow we are better able to step outside of our comfort zones into the unknown. The two planets are in Fire signs, which could make things very exciting and bring a spirit of enthusiasm and exuberant optimism to the picture. Unexpected occurrences and opportunities could be the catalyst for growth and breaking out of any ruts we might be in. This really is an excellent time to take a risk or two because it could actually pay off.  The universe always likes us to take chances anyway, hence “beginner’s luck”!

Jupiter in Leo is encouraging us to be brave and confident and not be afraid to express ourselves in all our glory. Our greatest growth will come through opening our hearts and showing generosity of spirit. Uranus in Aries wants us to stand up and be counted and to not be afraid to be who we really, truly are, no matter what people might think. When you combine the two you can see that we could free our hearts and bring a sense of exuberant liberation, wild love and infectious optimism, as well as the potential for breaking out of stagnation! It is important to be open to any opportunities that come our way during this time. This trine will recur three times in the coming months – firstly on the 26th of Sept, then on 1st March 2015 and one final time on 23 June 2015. I, for one, am not complaining about this in the slightest! It is one of the most positive aspects there is!

I am definitely feeling good about this Moon, even though the lead up to it has brought up a considerable amount of pain, fear, confusion, isolation, powerlessness, depression and overwhelming sadness for some people. The wounds of humanity  and the collective unconscious are coming to the surface with Chiron in Pisces; pain, fears and insecurities that we all share, no matter who were are and what we have been through. We have all experienced loss, grief, fear, guilt, betrayal and sadness in one form or another. Pisces is profoundly compassionate and empathetic and this Full Moon will bring these traits to the fore in all of us. It is hard to truly feel empathetic towards someone else’s suffering unless we have suffered ourselves. It is important for us to trust our intuition at this time and heed the little voice that may be a faint whisper and may not make much sense  but can tell us so much. As can our dreams.

Pisces does like to escape or transcend reality when it becomes too “real” or painful and is prone to seeking refuge in drugs, alcohol, sleep, television, computer games; anything that allows her to exit stage left! We must be aware of this tendency during this Full Moon, because it is not the answer. Luckily Saturn in Scorpio is supporting the Moon, helping us face reality and our shadows and also keeping us grounded. There are amazing opportunities for healing right now, so I would encourage seeking out some kind of healing therapy because the potential for releasing old pain is tremendous. Above all, it is important that we are kind to ourselves and others throughout this week. People might be feeling quite open and vulnerable so we must all treat each other with the kindness and compassion that we would like to receive ourselves. As Pisces knows all too well, we are all in this together!

Much  love



Artwork: Love and Light by Amy Bird