Exact at 3.15am on Sunday 16 September BST, and 10.15pm on Saturday 15 September EDT!

Well this New Moon feels incredibly appropriate for the sign of Virgo as it is incredibly pure in nature! While the recent Pisces Full Moon was incredibly busy, with the moon connecting to all of the other planets, this Moon is very simple and straightforward in comparison! It provides us with a great opportunity to centre and ground ourselves in preparation for another onslaught of change and transformation as Pluto turns direct and forms the second exact square to Uranus a couple of days later! Not to mention that Mars is currently in Pluto’s sign of Scorpio forcing us to confront the deeper, darker side of our lives and relationships. A double dose of Scorpionic, soulful, transformational energy is in the air at the moment, and there’s more to come when Saturn enters Scorpio next month! Phew! New Moons represent the beginning of the lunar cycle, when the Sun and Moon form a union in the heavens and allow us to plant seeds of intention in fertile soil for the month ahead. It is an ideal time to leave anything that may be holding us back in the dark of the moon and walk towards the light, starting the month as we mean to go on. After all, with every new beginning there must also be an ending. That is the nature of life.

Virgo is an earth sign and represents purification, humility, and the spirit of service. She seeks to perfect and improve herself, and to hone her skills and talents so that she can be most useful and effective. Through Virgo we learn to truly enjoy the process itself rather than merely seeing it as a means to an end. One of Virgo’s most important qualities is the ability to discern what is happening in the moment and find a solution to it, and this is what makes her so very helpful and useful. She likes to understand how systems work inside and out, and that includes the human body which is of great interest to her. Many nurses and healers are Virgos, for they have a combination of an awareness of the body, attention to detail, humility and a desire to serve others. Virgo seeks to balance mind, body and spirit, for she understands that if we take good care of the body through healthy routines and lifestyle our minds are much clearer, energy levels are higher, not to mention our self-esteem and confidence! If the Virgo energy is taken too far, however, it can mean getting too bogged down in details and perfectionism which can result in worry, anxiety and hypochondria as well as a tendency to criticise or fuss over people.

This New Moon calls for us to harness the energy of Virgo and look for ways to improve our day to day lives. In the midst of the change and turbulence of recent times it is very important that we take care of our systems, partly because change can be quite hard on the body and partly because the purer we are physically the better we can align with higher vibrations. I think the sayings “Cleanliness is next to godliness” and “You are what you eat” must have come from Virgos! We can use this Moon to create new exercise routines, change our diets, have a good clean-out, make sure we get enough sleep, meditate etc – it is all about purification and self-improvement in  very practical ways! Change and transformation can certainly cause anxiety and worry which is the other side of Virgo, as we are currently being forced to move out of our comfort zones into unchartered territory. This would be a really good time to seek out complementary therapies or to practice yoga or meditation – all of which would calm and heal the mind and body. Virgo rules the Solar Plexus, which represents our personal power and self-confidence, and I am sure none of us are strangers to that feeling we get when we are fearful or worried….that fluttering in the stomach or even feeling nauseous. It is very important that we nurture our mind, body and spirit at this time so that we can increase our feelings of confidence and self-worth and combat anxiety or fear so that we are ready to rise up and be the best we can be..

Two days after this Moon, on the 17th of September, Pluto, the planet of change and transformation turns direct after going backwards for six months. When a planet turns direct its energy is intensified and in Pluto’s case he is currently in Capricorn, digging deep and rooting out whatever is preventing us from taking full responsibility for our lives, living with complete integrity and standing fully in our power. He’s not asking much of us at all! After he goes direct it is likely that we will take a giant leap forward both personally and collectively whether we like it or not, especially as two days later he will then form the second of seven exact squares to Uranus in Aries! Squares create crisis in order to promote growth, and this one is asking us to get off the fence and truly stand for what we believe in. What is our gift to humanity? What really makes us feel good about ourselves? What would we be doing if money wasn’t an issue in our lives? An interesting question indeed! How does that line up with what we are doing now? Are we on the right path? Pluto and Uranus will probably plonk us smack bang on the right path if we haven’t been making the effort to find it ourselves! The more we resist change and transformation, the harder it is. And let’s face it, change is quite an uncomfortable process, as we tend to be creatures of habit whether the habits are healthy or not!

That is where this New Moon comes in. It is a wonderful opportunity to set intentions and meditate on what we might want for ourselves and what we may wish to leave behind. Our thoughts carry great power at this time and our intentions really do have the potential to bear fruit later on. The most important part of the process is that we are forming a vision of what we want for ourselves and are opening ourselves up to guidance from the Universe. New Moons help us to remove old patterns and create new ones in their place, and in Virgo the emphasis is on self-improvement, healing, purification and practical solutions to problems. Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication is sitting right next to this New Moon helping us do what Virgo does best – to distinguish and understand what we need to change in order to move forward and then figure out a way to do just that! One thing to remember – this is not about trying to achieve some unattainable perfection, but just to work on being the best that we can be. As far as the universe is concerned, we are already perfect!

Much love



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