TAURUS FULL MOON - 6 November 2014

Exact at 10.22pm GMT, 5.22pm EST

This Full Moon marks the end of the Eclipse season, but definitely packs its own punch! Once again we are being asked to bring our fears out into the light or our awareness so we can let them go, once and for all. Full Moons tend to bring up some strong emotions which escalate as the Moon reaches its peak. Whatever may have been simmering away below the surface in the couple of weeks beforehand rises up and demands attention as the bright light of the Moon makes it very obvious what is out of balance in our lives. It can be quite intense emotionally but it does offer us an amazing opportunity to really get in touch with whatever is bothering us and needs to change. This Moon is no exception. We are in the midst of Scorpio season which is a time of transformation when the old passes away to be replaced by something new. It really is a time to embrace change rather than hiding from it. We may be pushed outside of our comfort zones somewhat, but if we show willingness to face our fears they begin to lose their power over us.

This Full Moon illuminates the Taurus/Scorpio axis so we are asked to somehow find a balance between the energy of the two signs. Taurus is Mother Earth and puts us in touch with the physical world; the world of the senses. Comfort and security are very important to Taurus and she is not a fan of change; in fact it makes her very uncomfortable indeed. Taurus highlights what we value and what we spend our money on, and while one person may consider having the biggest tv and the latest Ipad very important indeed, another may use that money to go on a trip to India or for a self-development workshop. Taurus represents our sense of self-worth and the skills and talents we use to earn our living. The value we place on ourselves can directly correlate to how much we earn and a healthy sense of self-worth can make such a difference! Low self-esteem, however, can mean that we don’t attract or ask for what we deserve because we can’t see our own worth. Taurus is quite a stubborn sign and has the capacity to stagnate somewhat and end up in comfortable ruts because she tends to cling to the status quo for the sake of security. As I said, change makes her uncomfortable and she will put up with situations far longer than she should because she is somehow uncomfortably comfortable. “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t” could be a Taurus motto!

That is where Scorpio comes in. Scorpio forces us to face our fears and be completely honest about what we are afraid of. She will not think twice about completely pulling the rug out from under us in order to help us grow. While Taurus might turn a blind eye for the sake of security, Scorpio forces us to confront whatever might be holding us back from moving forward. While Taurus can become deeply attached to the comforts of the material world, Scorpio helps us to release attachment, letting go of anything that is not serving us so we can be reborn, shiny and new. The process may not be very comfortable because it involves being completely honest about what is holding us back and possibly even facing old trauma that caused the fears in the first place. Just the idea of change can bring up a certain amount of anxiety as our sense of security is threatened and our self-worth challenged. When we make changes in our lives we are asked to have faith in ourselves and our abilities and also trust that we will be taken care of and that we will somehow land on our feet. Fear isn’t rational at all because it comes from a place deep within us which is hard to access.  Often whatever is stored in our subconscious, causing the fear and anxiety, is very old and buried indeed. Scorpio asks us to confront our fears and the deeper darker emotions and get to the root of what causes them. It may not be pretty, but ultimately it can be amazingly freeing.

The good news is that Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is forming a harmonious and supportive aspect to the Sun, Moon, Venus and Pluto this week, which will help us to become more aware of our flaws and deeper insecurities so that we have a chance of actually healing them. We have a chance to bring old traumas, fears, and injuries out into the light and heal them with compassion, understanding and forgiveness. Whatever fears or shadows Scorpio brings up for us to face can be met with conscious awareness and recognition that we have been here before and it is time to let go of these patterns once and for all. It truly is wonderful that Chiron is involved with this Moon, because he can really help us flush out whatever comes up for us so that we can truly release it. Just being aware of unhealthy patterns repeating allows them to lose their power over us and brings us closer to healing.

Transformational and powerful Pluto (the soul) and motivational and driven Mars (the warrior) are joining forces in Capricorn, forming a conjunction which will be exact on the 11th of November. This very intense combination of very forceful energies will actually be helping this Full Moon, giving us a boost of bravery and power and enabling us to work long and hard to achieve our goals. This combination could give us a great deal of energy and focus and could bring up issues of power and powerlessness. We may become very aware of how we give our power away. Mars is quite aggressive and Pluto is the planet of power, and so there could be a certain amount of ruthlessness coming to the fore both personally and collectively. We may be forced to be absolutely honest about what we want for ourselves and what we are working towards. This powerful combination could well help us get to the bottom of whatever might be bothering us during this Full Moon. Uranus is forming a square to both Pluto and Mars, which will no doubt make it very obvious what needs to change and could well force us out of our comfort zones. Indeed, there is something quite unsettling about this Moon, because there is so much Scorpionic energy around. Scorpio demands the truth. This could be a bit much for the placid Taurus Moon, who just wants to take it slowly, play it safe and “chew the cud”!

Venus is sitting right next to the Sun, who she has been travelling with for the past couple of weeks, and is on her way to meeting Saturn in Scorpio on the 12th of November. Venus is the ruler of the Taurus Full Moon, so she is a rather important part of the whole affair. Venus and Saturn in Scorpio could shine the rather harsh light of reality on our relationships, forcing us to be absolutely truthful about how we feel and what we want. It could all get rather serious actually and we could experience some testing of our values and relationships. Saturn wants us to be the best that we can be, but he doesn’t make it easy. It is as if we have to prove our worth. How are we holding ourselves back from experiencing true intimacy in our relationships? If we are completely honest, are they a true reflection of our inner truth? Are they helping us move forward on our path or holding us back? Venus also represents money and finances, so once again, our sense of security could be challenged. Saturn does have the capacity to create a feeling of lack when it comes to resources and indeed our sense of self-worth. This creates yet another possibility for us to feel somewhat anxious, as we are forced to confront our fears surrounding relationships, shared resources and security.

This next week could be rather interesting, that’s for sure, with the Mars and Pluto conjunction building as well as the Venus and Saturn conjunction in Scorpio. We will see what comes rising up both personally and collectively! Taurus herself is a very stable, patient sign who enjoys nature and the sensual delights, but she is rather overshadowed by all of this transformational energy which is threatening her sense of security and forcing her out of her comfort zone. Change makes her very uncomfortable indeed, yet it is an inevitable part of life. Scorpio demands that we dig deep and find the truth and reminds us that all things must pass away eventually, in order to be born anew. Uranus, the Great Awakener, is niggling at the Scorpio  and Venus and  gearing up for the 6th Pluto/Uranus square in December, so change is afoot whether we like it or not!

There is definitely a sense of old patterns and fears coming to the surface for us to examine and release, once and for all. We may find ourselves feeling a bit shaky and insecure, but it is very important that we remain true to ourselves and the path that we are on. What is preventing us from fulfilling our dreams? What is most important to us when it comes down to it? How are we getting in our own way? How can we initiate change rather than allowing it to just happen to us? Where are we holding ourselves back for security’s sake? Things generally happen to force change upon us when something is out of balance or not serving us and we now have an opportunity to have a long hard look at what simply isn’t working for us and do something about it. This is a great time to challenge ourselves and step outside of the comfort zone voluntarily because then we allow positive growth rather than upsetting, cataclysmic change. This Moon could definitely make us more aware of where we are stuck and not moving forward for the sake of security and help us shift out of our ruts. It is very important to remember that, no matter what, we are held by Mother Earth. She provides a stable base beneath us and won’t let us fall. Somehow we will always land on our feet.

Much Love


 Photo: Tree Woman by Amy Bird


  1. Just so you know, I really look forward to getting your astrology articles. Thank you for being so positive...

    1. Thanks Teresa! It's always good to receive feedback...so I know it's not all in vain! ;) Yes, I truly believe there is something positive to be gained from each and every experience....you just have to be open to it. xoxo


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