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This week we have a New Moon / Partial Solar Eclipse with the Sun, Moon and Venus in the very first degree of Scorpio, which brings a feeling of major new beginnings and the sense that we are somehow being given the opportunity to wipe the slate clean. Not only is it the beginning of Scorpio, the sign of transformation, but it is also a New Moon, which is a time for leaving whatever no longer serves us behind in the dark of the Moon and starting afresh with a set of new intentions. And this is no ordinary New Moon; it is a Solar Eclipse, which has the potential to shake up our lives and take us onto the next level somehow. Eclipses signify a very significant end of a chapter and beginning of a new one. The next set of eclipses will occur in about six months, so this eclipse will set a ball rolling which will play out until then. This is also the last in a set of eclipses in the sign of Scorpio which began in May 2012, so we could experience a sense of completion of a process which started then.  The process will of course involve the Scorpio themes of power, emotional honesty, trust, transformation, intimacy, sexuality, psychological insight and facing our shadows. Not only that, but the last time there was an eclipse in zero degrees Scorpio was 19 years ago on October 24 1995, so there is a link between whatever was going on for us then and what is occurring in our lives now. We could now be going onto the next level somehow.

New Moons involve the Sun and Moon joining forces in the same sign and so the seeds we plant and intentions we set will all revolve around the energy of that sign. We are able to be somewhat objective about what we need to let go of and what we need to develop more of. This New Moon carries more weight than usual, being an Eclipse, and in the sign of Scorpio it is asking us to be completely and utterly honest with ourselves, as uncomfortable as that may be. Scorpio is not afraid to delve into the depths and unearth the parts of ourselves we would prefer to keep hidden from view, or have denied or suppressed. She is concerned with the issue of power and powerlessness and I have a strong feeling that we are being asked to reclaim parts of ourselves during this Moon that we have pushed down or disowned, for one reason or another. It is usually something that happened in our childhood or past that has made us feel like certain traits or characteristics are somehow “bad” or inappropriate, so we have sent them into the shadows. This is Scorpio territory; our shadows and the parts of ourselves we would rather not talk about. Unfortunately, whatever we have denied or suppressed tends to come out in unhealthy ways or allows other people to have power over us because we project it outward instead of owning it in a healthy way. Now is an amazing opportunity to face our shadows and reclaim our power. Instead of these parts of ourselves lurking around in the shadows and infiltrating our lives in unhealthy ways we can bring them out into the light and have the courage to admit and “own” them.

Venus is sitting right next to the Sun and Moon in this very sensitive degree of Scorpio, bringing our relationships into focus. Venus in Scorpio brings up the issue of trust, vulnerability, sexuality, jealousy, emotional honesty, intimacy, release, possessiveness and power within our relationships. Venus also represents our femininity so there is a sense of us having the opportunity to reclaim our feminine power. We could be forced to look at where we are giving our power away in our relationships or, indeed, where we might have too much power. Scorpio isn’t afraid to plunge into the depths and confront those subjects that make us feel a bit uncomfortable, vulnerable or exposed. Trust is such a big part of the Scorpio experience and it takes a huge amount of trust to remain completely open and express love and tenderness. Trust lost or betrayed makes it very hard to open up again and can completely destroy a relationship. This New Moon could bring up the theme of trust and could also cause us to examine our relationships and see where we could open up more, allowing the possibility for greater intimacy and deeper connection.

Scorpio also brings release, transformation and renewal, and it could be a good time to be absolutely honest with ourselves about our relationships and either transform them or leave them behind in the dark of the Moon if they are not meeting our needs on a soul level. Venus in Scorpio really gets to the heart of the matter and forces us to shine the light of raw, emotional honesty onto ourselves and our relationships. It is a really good time to dive deep below the surface and contemplate what old trauma, loss or hurts might be holding us back from being able to love fully and completely. We have a chance to bring our shadows out into the light and recognise where we hold ourselves back from being completely open and what barriers we have in place preventing love from blossoming. This is also a powerful opportunity to be honest about who or what we need to forgive, release and leave behind in the dark of the Moon. As I said, this Moon has the potential for us to create a blank slate with which to start anew. As Scorpio likes to shed its skin, so we have a chance to release and renew in the realm of our relationships.

Neptune in Pisces is forming a harmonious aspect to the Sun, Moon and Venus, which will help us do whatever work is needed in the spirit of Love, compassion and kindness. Neptune represents a higher, unconditional love and is capable of great devotion. It is a gentle, tender and empathetic influence on this New Moon and reminds us that we are all just human and have our faults and frailties. It is the essence of acceptance. Neptune greatly heightens our sensitivity to one another and allows us to keep an eye on the big picture. Forgiveness and healing are possible under this influence as we are able to consider the needs of our loved ones and also have compassion for ourselves and our shortcomings. Neptune can greatly help us open up and trust each other with whatever we find when delving around in the shadows! It is an ideal time to do some inner work, whether it be through meditation or by seeing a trusted healer.

Mercury will be at a standstill at the time of the New Moon, getting ready to turn direct on the 25th having been retrograde since the 4th of October. This will make his energy more powerful and noticeable, so communication will be heightened at this time. He is also forming a conjunction with the North Node of the Moon in Libra, which could mean that we receive important messages that have an impact on our relationships on a soul level. These messages can help us move forward and greatly improve the quality of our relationships. He is also forming a positive aspect to Jupiter in Leo, which will help us see the bigger picture and to express ourselves with confidence, from our hearts. Of course, as is always the case when Mercury is stationed ready to turn direct, miscommunications, misunderstandings, travel and transport disruptions and delays are more likely, so it is important to be aware of this possibility and just go with the flow. We must make sure we are clear in our communication and check and double check any important documentation. We must also maintain a sense of humour!

This really is a wonderful time to do some deep inner work and contemplate where we are stuck and what old patterns and beliefs need to be released in order for us to empower ourselves. Mars in Sagittarius is forming an harmonious, out of sign aspect to the Moon, helping us not only to face our demons but also to open up and trust others with our innermost secrets. It is not easy to expose our tender underbellies, but if we don’t then we can’t allow others to really know us. The theme of trust is a major part of this Moon, methinks, with all of this Scorpio energy around, and trust really is an essential part of any kind of relationship, intimate or otherwise. Trust betrayed or lost is disastrous for a relationship, while being open enough to trust another with our heart and soul is so utterly beautiful and precious!

Power is another theme, and this is a wonderful time to delve deep within and recognise where we hold ourselves back from standing in our true power. What part of ourselves are we suppressing or denying? Scorpio loves playing detective and probing around in order to gain psychological insight, so this is a really great time to bring our shadows out into the light and make them less scary! Like the monster that hides under the bed, all we have to do is have the courage to look underneath and he quickly loses any power he had over us! This Eclipse is certainly an opportunity to set some powerful intentions that will have an impact for months to come and will very likely be a game changer, though it may not be immediately apparent. Scorpio represents the energy of death and rebirth after all! There is a strong sense that something has to pass away in order for something better to take its place. The more honest we can be with ourselves right now and the more we can release and let go, the greater the chance we have of taking a big leap forward!

Much love



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