ARIES FULL MOON / TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE – Wednesday 8 October 2014

Exact at 11.51am BST, 6.51am EDT!

Well, October is quite a month, that’s for sure! We have two Eclipses, a Grand Fire Trine and Mercury retrograde so we can expect some turbulence, transformation and significant shifts of consciousness to take place in certain parts of our lives. The Pluto Uranus square is also starting to build again and is very much activated by this upcoming Full Moon. We generally only experience emotional shocks or a shake up when something is out of balance in our lives or if we have strayed off our path, in which case we might experience some kind of a prod or a poke to set us back on the right track. The upcoming Full Moon and New Moon and their Eclipses are likely to be a game changer for many, as Eclipses tend to signify major beginnings and endings and can herald a new chapter in our lives.

There is a connection between these eclipses and the last two sets of eclipses in October 2013 and this April, so think back to those times and try to remember what you were going through.  In April we were also contending with the Cardinal Grand Cross, which was a difficult time for many and was a catalyst for some profound shifts. Something that we learned then could now be coming to fruition, or we could experience a continuation of something that started then; a similar theme. The theme is quite likely to be relationship oriented, as the eclipses have all occurred on the relationship axis of Aries and Libra. Many people experienced a significant shift this April and the same is possible now, as these Eclipses have some powerfully transforming energy connected to them.

This Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse involves the Sun in balanced, harmonious and relationship oriented Libra sitting directly opposite the Moon in impulsive, courageous and self-oriented Aries. The Aries/Libra polarity is the relationship axis, so we can expect our relationships to be highlighted during this Moon. Not only that but Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty, is sitting next to the Sun which further brings our relationships into focus. Full Moons also tend to show their energy through our relationships and bring whatever might have been bubbling below the surface into plain view! The Sun is in Libra for the month, bringing the themes of love, peace, balance, harmony relating and justice to the fore. Full Moons ask us to find some balance between the two signs involved and in this case we are being asked to find the balance between the masculine and feminine within ourselves. While Libra always puts the needs of others first, Aries is well practiced in the art of Self Love. Libra is amazing at compromise and team work, while Aries has a tendency to use independent initiative and follow his own desires. Somewhere in the middle is the way and this moon will make it glaringly obvious where we are out of balance.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the warrior. There is no doubt about it; this Full moon has the potential for emotions to ride rather high and the flames of passion to get a little out of control! Aries is passionate, enthusiastic, impulsive, courageous and quick to anger. The Moon rules the emotions and when she is in forceful Aries our emotions could come bursting out rather aggressively, because Aries does have a tendency to act first and think later! Aries is without guile and has a hard time holding anything back so it is quite possible that some cards will be laid on the table during this moon. We might have to find our inner Aries and be rather brave, methinks.

Uranus, the Great Awakener, the Rebel and Revolutionary, is also sitting smack bang on top of the Moon and he does like us to be utterly true to ourselves, to the extreme, in fact! The combination of Uranus and Aries could produce some emotional shocks which could be rather unsettling but also quite liberating. What is it they say about the truth setting us free? Tee hee! Uranus sitting on top of the Moon could threaten our sense of emotional security and force us out of our comfort zones. His energy is shocking and awakening. We could well experience some emotional curve balls that seem to come from nowhere and upset the status quo. We could also have some sudden realisations and anything we have been hiding from ourselves and others can be revealed now. This is the perfect opportunity to break free of any restrictions, stand up and shout to the world who we are and what we want without holding back!

Pluto in Capricorn is also a massive part of this Full Moon, as he is challenging both the Sun and the Moon and also Venus and Uranus. We are getting a dose of the Pluto Uranus square in our relationships for this Moon, as Pluto challenges the structure of our relationships and forces us to confront our shadows while Uranus urges us to stand up for our rights and be true to ourselves. Pluto could bring some very intense emotions up from the depths and anything that has been simmering and smouldering below the surface, forcing us to face up to some not so pretty truths. The energy of Pluto is much like a volcano, with a pressure building until it erupts. Uranus is akin to an earthquake, when everything gets shaken and rattled about, or a bolt of lightning. This is the energy we are dealing with during this Moon. Eruptions and explosions, turbulence and shocks. Emotional truths being revealed which have been festering away. People being brave and bold enough to dare to show all of their cards. A complete overhaul of our relationships and/or transformation of the way we relate to each other. Power struggles and issues of trust. Obviously this could all be quite scary and unsettling, but how freeing as well! It is far better to have it all out in the open, as vulnerable or exposed as we may feel!

The Sun and Moon are also involved in the Grand Fire Trine between Uranus, Jupiter and Mars, which adds some exciting and exhilarating energy to this Full Moon! This is an incredibly passionate and fast paced Full Moon, that’s for sure! We could find ourselves being taken for a ride and the fire could easily burn out of control if we are not careful! I have written about the Grand Fire Trine already, so I will not repeat myself. Suffice to say, this is a wonderful time to open our hearts and take a leap of faith! This is certainly not a passive time, but rather a time for taking action. Here is more on the subject if you wish to read further - GRAND FIRE TRINE 2014

Lunar Eclipses come about when the Sun and Moon are aligned with the Nodes of the Moon. They represent major beginnings and endings that can have an impact on our lives for many months to come. They are representative of a new chapter beginning and an old way passing away, though what that is exactly may not be immediately apparent, but rather will show itself over the next three to six months. During an Eclipse we can have life changing revelations, especially with Uranus involved, and significant changes in consciousness. The North Node of the Moon is in Libra, the sign of love, balance, harmony and peace. This is the ultimate aim of the Full/Moon Eclipse, despite the turbulent, forceful and explosive energy that surrounds it. Libra wants us to find a way to bring balance to our relationships and bring peace and justice to the world. Sometimes things have to get shaken up a bit in order for balance to be restored. A true and successful partnership can only be achieved when both parties are true to their own path and are completely honest about their needs and wants. True intimacy can’t be achieved unless we bare our souls somewhat.

This Moon certainly has all the ingredients needed to really stir things up; forcing us to be honest and face our shadows and possibly creating circumstances which could make or break our relationships and force us to grow. As I said, crisis only occurs when something really needs to change or we are straying off our path. Ultimately this Full Moon / Total Lunar Eclipse has the potential to be profoundly liberating though somewhat unsettling! Anything that we have just been putting up with or suppressing is likely to come bubbling up to the surface and exposed by the light of this forthright, honest and transforming Full Moon! We must embrace the bravery and courage of Aries within our relationships, but with Libra’s spirit of harmony and peace in our hearts. This month could be a game changer, that’s for sure! How exactly will be revealed in the fullness of time.

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