PISCES FULL MOON - Monday/Tuesday 8 & 9 September 2014

Exact at 2.38am BST (Tues) and  at 9.39pm EDT (Mon)

This is a very powerful Moon indeed as not only is it the last of three supermoons this summer but is has some amazing potential for healing some incredibly deep wounds. This particular Moon falls on the healing axis, Virgo and Pisces, and also has Chiron, the Wounded Healer, sitting right on top of the Pisces  Moon. This means that Chiron is opposite the Sun which could cause some old wounds and insecurities to be triggered by those closest to us over the course of this week. This aspect will be exact as the Moon is at her fullest and has been building since Monday, causing considerable pain, depression and a feeling of being overwhelmed for many. It is important to see this as a gift rather than allowing ourselves to be swallowed up by it. Old fears, pain, trauma, insecurities, shame and guilt could come to the surface in order for us to become more aware of how they are ruling us and holding us back. We will really have the chance to find the source of our pain so we have a better chance of healing it. There is a certain tenderness to this Full Moon which is quite beautiful and can really help us connect to others in a spirit of empathy, compassion and love.

We have the chance during this Moon to shine the light of forgiveness and compassion on our wounds so we can release and let go of them. It may be emotional but ultimately it has the potential to be incredibly cathartic and freeing. It is important to remember that anything we let go of at this time is simply not serving us so we mustn’t try to cling to it.  Instead we must have the faith that it will eventually be replaced by something far better for us. The good news is that Saturn in Scorpio is supporting us as we do this, helping us to recognise the root of our pain and where we are holding ourselves back though fear or lack of trust. Saturn in Scorpio challenges us to acknowledge our vulnerability and fear of loss, or indeed anything that is holding us back from experiencing true intimacy with ourselves and others. He also makes us very aware of how we give our power away and what makes us feel powerless. It is hard to dig so deep into the shadows that we unearth our deepest, darkest fears, shame and guilt, but if there is any time to do such work it is during this Moon! There is an enormous amount of support around for such a process to take place.

The Sun is currently in humble and helpful Virgo and will be sitting directly opposite the Moon in sensitive and compassionate Pisces for this Full Moon. We are being asked to find the balance between the energy of the two signs. Virgo season is the time when we go “back to school” and contemplate a set of healthy routines for ourselves. Virgo is extremely health conscious and strives for a sense of purity, constantly trying to improve herself. Taken to the extreme it can make her very self-critical and perfectionistic. She likes to make sense of things and wants to finds ways to fix them if they are not working. Her ultimate goal is to make the system work more efficiently, whatever system that might be. She is well practiced in the art of discernment and is really good at weeding out what isn’t working for us. Ultimately she wants to be of service to the world and will make herself very busy helping people out. Her humility is one of her most beautiful traits. She genuinely sees herself as one tiny weeny pebble in amongst the millions and squillions of other pebbles in the world; a tiny cog in the big machine, serving something much bigger than herself.

While Virgo can get a bit bogged down in the details, Pisces instinctively sees the bigger picture and how we are all connected. With Pisces we get a feeling of unity; a sense that we are all one. While Virgo is quite logical and left-brained, Pisces is intuitive, imaginative and very much right-brained. Things don’t necessarily make sense with Pisces but somehow she just knows. Life is full of delightful paradoxes as far as she is concerned! ! Virgo likes to define, while Pisces knows that some things simply aren’t definable. While Virgo likes to arrange everything into neat little boxes so that it all makes sense and is in order, Pisces is boundless, limitless and somewhat chaotic.  Indeed, Pisces often has a problem with boundaries and finds it hard to say no or to know where they end and other people begin. This is how she can find herself in the role of the scapegoat, martyr, doormat or victim. While Virgo likes to maintain some sense of control, Pisces tends to just go with the flow of the river, keeping the faith that she will be guided in the right direction. This can sometimes make her feel like a helpless leaf being blown around in the wind, at the mercy of the fates.

Both signs genuinely want to help us heal. Virgo likes to analyse and understand what might not be working and focuses on the function of the body.  She wants to fix the problem. She does have a good sense of mind over matter and definitely takes a holistic approach. Pisces, however, doesn’t really have to think about it. She can place her hands on someone, for instance, and can just “feel” where they are out of balance. The underlying cause may not make sense rationally, but Pisces will receive messages that help us understand intuitively where the imbalance or “dis-ease” stems from. This Full Moon could make us very aware of where we might be out of balance and will bring to the surface anything that we might have been avoiding. Full Moons do tend to bring everything to a head and this one will be no exception! As I said, Chiron is sitting next to the Moon in Pisces, helping us to look at whatever comes up with tenderness and compassion so that we can truly forgive ourselves and others and just let go! This is an amazing time for meditation, dream work, massage, energy healing, acupuncture, dancing, painting, creating, singing; anything we can do to encourage healing and release. It is, quite simply, a healing moon.

Full Moons do tend to bring up anything that might have been bubbling below the surface in the realm of our relationships. Emotions ride high at this time and reach a climax as the Moon becomes full. Venus, the planet of love and relating, is forming an opposition to Neptune in Pisces, which could make us much more sensitive to the needs of our partners. We are likely to be much more tender and compassionate with our loved ones at this time and will be more concerned with a higher, unconditional love. Venus has just left romantic and expressive Leo and is now in Virgo, who wants to figure out how to make our relationships work in practical ways. She shows her affection and love through the little things she does day to day rather than Leo’s more demonstrative and heartfelt displays of affection! The opposition to Neptune, the planet of illusion, could make it hard to see our relationships clearly as we will tend to see what we want to see rather than what is really there. Watch out for rose tinted spectacles because they can be deceiving! It does also hold the promise of a higher love that is very gentle, spiritual and tender in nature. It is a good time to think about how we can be kinder to one another and make our loved ones’ lives easier.

In the meantime, good news lies ahead! Jupiter in Leo is forming a beautiful, harmonious trine aspect to Uranus in Aries which will be building all month and closest to exact on the 26th of September! This holds the promise of sudden opportunities and spurts of growth as somehow we are better able to step outside of our comfort zones into the unknown. The two planets are in Fire signs, which could make things very exciting and bring a spirit of enthusiasm and exuberant optimism to the picture. Unexpected occurrences and opportunities could be the catalyst for growth and breaking out of any ruts we might be in. This really is an excellent time to take a risk or two because it could actually pay off.  The universe always likes us to take chances anyway, hence “beginner’s luck”!

Jupiter in Leo is encouraging us to be brave and confident and not be afraid to express ourselves in all our glory. Our greatest growth will come through opening our hearts and showing generosity of spirit. Uranus in Aries wants us to stand up and be counted and to not be afraid to be who we really, truly are, no matter what people might think. When you combine the two you can see that we could free our hearts and bring a sense of exuberant liberation, wild love and infectious optimism, as well as the potential for breaking out of stagnation! It is important to be open to any opportunities that come our way during this time. This trine will recur three times in the coming months – firstly on the 26th of Sept, then on 1st March 2015 and one final time on 23 June 2015. I, for one, am not complaining about this in the slightest! It is one of the most positive aspects there is!

I am definitely feeling good about this Moon, even though the lead up to it has brought up a considerable amount of pain, fear, confusion, isolation, powerlessness, depression and overwhelming sadness for some people. The wounds of humanity  and the collective unconscious are coming to the surface with Chiron in Pisces; pain, fears and insecurities that we all share, no matter who were are and what we have been through. We have all experienced loss, grief, fear, guilt, betrayal and sadness in one form or another. Pisces is profoundly compassionate and empathetic and this Full Moon will bring these traits to the fore in all of us. It is hard to truly feel empathetic towards someone else’s suffering unless we have suffered ourselves. It is important for us to trust our intuition at this time and heed the little voice that may be a faint whisper and may not make much sense  but can tell us so much. As can our dreams.

Pisces does like to escape or transcend reality when it becomes too “real” or painful and is prone to seeking refuge in drugs, alcohol, sleep, television, computer games; anything that allows her to exit stage left! We must be aware of this tendency during this Full Moon, because it is not the answer. Luckily Saturn in Scorpio is supporting the Moon, helping us face reality and our shadows and also keeping us grounded. There are amazing opportunities for healing right now, so I would encourage seeking out some kind of healing therapy because the potential for releasing old pain is tremendous. Above all, it is important that we are kind to ourselves and others throughout this week. People might be feeling quite open and vulnerable so we must all treat each other with the kindness and compassion that we would like to receive ourselves. As Pisces knows all too well, we are all in this together!

Much  love



Artwork: Love and Light by Amy Bird



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