GRAND FIRE TRINE – exact 6 October 2014!

We not only have a Grand Trine building in the inspirational, enthusiastic Fire signs but the three planets involved are quite exciting as well! This Trine could bring an amazing boost for many and will certainly generate an air of excitement in the days to come and the sense that anything is possible if we are brave enough to take a chance. I suppose the only danger with Fire is that it can get out of control of we’re not careful. This is something to be aware of, but overall this is an incredibly positive configuration that will help us take risks and dare to step outside of our comfort zones.

The three players are Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius. Quite a lively bunch, that’s for sure! Uranus in Aries wants us to be utterly true to who we really are, not what we were taught to think we were growing up. He wants us to stand up and be counted as the unique individuals that we all are! He is the planet of sudden change and creates external events that will help put us on the path that is right for us. He will not stand for stagnation and will do what he can to blast any cobwebs away and lift us out of any ruts we may find ourselves in. Change can be uncomfortable but stepping outside of our comfort zones is what brings the greatest growth. Uranus has been forming a beautiful trine with Jupiter in Leo in the past couple of weeks, bringing the potential for sudden opportunities to move forward on our path and helping us open our hearts so we can allow positive changes to take place. This trine was exact on the Libra New Moon on the 24th of September.

Jupiter is in Leo for a year, encouraging us to take risks, follow the path of joy and find the playful, childlike part of ourselves that loves to explore and express itself without holding back. Our greatest growth will come from opening our hearts and listening to our heart’s wisdom. Not only that, but we must also act on what our hearts tells us. That is where Mars in Sagittarius comes in! Mars is the pioneer, the planet who gives us the drive and motivation to actually get things done, what better planet to add an extra spark to this beautiful fire? Mars in Sagittarius is fearless, brave and bold and has absolute faith that everything will turn out the way it should. That is the beauty of Sagittarius; life is a grand adventure and he can see the positive in any outcome. To Mars in Sagittarius, the possibilities are limitless. Failure doesn’t even begin to enter his mind.

This Trine asks us to have the courage to open our hearts and take a chance on something that we might normally be too afraid to try. There is a great deal of dynamic energy and enthusiasm to this combination of planets and we may well find ourselves being taken along for a ride in the next few days! This Trine will also be a big player in the upcoming Aries Full Moon / Total Lunar Eclipse on the 8th, so this is a very significant time in our development and passions will be riding high in the coming week! It really is an ideal time to take a leap of faith, though only if it is right for us and helps us along our true path. If it doesn’t resonate with the truth of who we are it is unlikely to work. We all know, deep inside, what is right for us and what isn’t. Generally our bodies tell us. We all know the difference between excitement and dread, and now if the time to listen to our hearts, keep the faith, follow our passions and do what brings us the greatest amount of excitement and joy! Enjoy the ride!

Courage = “of the heart”

Much love




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