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This is a lighter, brighter Moon that we have had in recent times, as it involves Gemini and Sagittarius, both of which tend to lighten the atmosphere! Indeed, Sagittarius is an enthusiastic, optimistic, expansive, adventurous sign that can help us to find our sense of humour and count our blessings. This is the last of the fire signs and helps us to see the bigger picture and find meaning in large and small things that happen to us. Indeed, the Sagittarius part of us has faith that even the hardest experiences bring profound lessons and blessings, and that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel or a silver lining behind the cloud. This Moon has the capacity to lift our spirits and renew our faith, inspiring us to expand and grow beyond our own limitations.

We are now fully in the swing of Gemini season, when the pace tends to quicken and our minds and lives become more active. The Gemini part of us likes to take in information and pass it onto others, much like an insect flitting from flower to flower spreading pollen. However, it can also make it hard to concentrate, as our minds flit from one thing to another. The Full Moon involves an opposition between the Gemini Sun and the Sagittarius Moon, inviting us to find a nice healthy balance between the energy of the two signs rather than veering too far one way or the other. Too much Gemini can put us too much in the head, taking in too much data and information yet not properly absorbing it. Sagittarius, on the other hand, helps us to really grasp the deeper meaning behind whatever we are learning, connecting with an intuitive understanding and higher wisdom rather than merely relying on our rational, logical mind.

However, the Sagittarius part of us can sometimes spout out truths, inner knowing and beliefs without being able to back it up, and this is where Gemini comes in. Sagittarius is also known for being quite blunt in its delivery of the truth, while Gemini has the gift of the gab and can help us to communicate our beliefs in a smoother, more palatable manner! This Full Moon could bring up issues around truth and lies, as Gemini energy can be duplicitous while Sagittarius can exaggerate the truth. Indeed, Sagittarius is the truth seeker and truth sayer. It is just important to remember that there are many different versions of the truth and many paths to the same destination. What is right for one person may not be for the next person. This is the kind of Moon that can bring up a diversity of opinions, beliefs and views, so we must remember to be tolerant of others point of view, even if it contradicts our own. However, overall, Sagittarius certainly has the capacity to bring up the vibration and help us feel more positive about life!

Jupiter, the ruler of this Sagittarius Moon, has recently moved into Taurus and is a very prominent part of the picture during this Moon, as it is sitting right on top of the North Node of the Moon.  This is a powerful configuration that could really help us to move forward and grow, both personally and collectively. Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion, and can come in the form of a teacher, guide, mentor, experience or intuitive understanding that helps us to move forward, grow and broaden our horizons somehow. Jupiter is a benevolent energy that expands and magnifies, and so it feels like a very good thing that it is currently sitting on top of the North Node, pulling us forward towards soul growth.

The Taurus North Node shows us what we currently need to learn in order to grow and evolve and grow, both personally and as a collective. The sign of the North Node is what we yearn for and fear all at the same time, as soul growth and evolution often involves stepping out of our comfort zone! For the past 18 months we have had the Nodes in Scorpio and Taurus, the signs that represent finance and the economy, and it certainly has been a prominent topic in recent times. The Taurus North Node is calling for us to strip back, simplify, find a greater sense of stability from within, to develop self-reliance and self-sufficiency and minimise any undue dependency on others, including the power structures such as banks and money lenders.  

And with Jupiter on the North Node, we are currently getting a helping hand. Jupiter can help us to develop an attitude of gratitude for what we have and could potentially help us to expand upon it. Jupiter, being the biggest planet, could also bring about inflation during its stay in Taurus, although overall it is a helpful planet to have in the sign that represents Mother Earth and survival, as it has the potential to bring abundance and growth, even if that feeling comes from within. Who knows, this year may bring a bumper crop for those of us who grow vegetables and fruit!

We also have Pluto, Mars and Venus all forming a square to the Nodes during this Moon, which will be causing some tension, to say the least! Pluto is the main culprit, as it has been squaring the Nodes for the past month or so and will continue to do so for most of the year, although most strongly until August /September.  Pluto is the ruler of the Scorpio South Node and is prompting us to dig deep and look at ourselves honestly, warts and all. Soul growth is not necessarily a walk in the park and can sometimes force us to confront some gnarly material and to recognise where our resistance lies and in what form that resistance might take. We all have something that our soul yearns for yet at the same time we resist going there. In fact, the greater the feeling of resistance that we experience, the greater potential there is for some amazing growth if we can move past it!

Pluto is currently at 0° Aquarius, getting ready to move back into Capricorn on Sunday 11 June. As such, anybody with personal planets or angles around 0° or 29° of a sign will feel the transforming, empowering and penetrating energy of Pluto, as it strips away self-deceit and forces us to be emotionally honest with ourselves. It may be uncomfortable, but it is worth it, because this is how we grow on a deep soul level. At 0° the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will feel it the most, while at 29° it will be the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

Venus will move directly opposite Pluto on Monday 5 June, having just moved into Leo, which could intensify our relationships and bring some shadowy material into the light. Pluto can force us to look into the ugly mirror, and to confront parts of ourselves and our loved ones that we might usually hide from sight and consciousness. Venus will then move towards an exact square to the Nodes on Thursday 8 June, which could be an interesting time for our relationships and the economy, especially as Venus is the ruler of the Taurus North Node. Those of us with personal planets or angles around 3° of a sign, especially the Fixed signs, will feel the energy of Venus most acutely. We could find ourselves needing to go back over any unresolved issues in our relationships that might be preventing growth, both with ourselves and others. It will also be interesting to see what happens in terms of the economy as Venus moves towards the exact square.

Mercury, the planet of mind and communication, is also going to be joining forces with Uranus in Taurus during this Full Moon. This conjunction is exact on the same day as the Moon. This can bring about sudden, shocking news and epiphanies that could be both surprising and insightful. We could have a complete change of perspective, so it is worth considering what house of our chart Uranus and Mercury will be in, so we can see what area of life could be affected. Uranus can force us to think outside of the box and consider ideas and concepts that we may not previously have considered. It can also help to free our minds from their conditioning. We could find ourselves suddenly changing our mind about something. Anyone with personal planets or angles around 20° of a sign, especially the fixed signs, will feel the energy of this conjunction most acutely.

The Sabian symbol for this Moon, at 14° Sagittarius, is an incredibly powerful one: “The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “The enduring power of occult knowledge and of its quasi-divine Custodians, “Seed-men” of a previous cycle of existence. The belief in an Original Tradition based on the perfect knowledge of the archetypal principles and forms which underlie all manifestations of life on this Earth (and by extension in the cosmos) is deeply rooted in man’s consciousness. The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx are witness to such a Tradition, especially for the Western world. The symbol implies that such an archetypal knowledge remains the foundation upon which men’s minds can still build solid and valid formulations, as new evolutionary developments are pending. This symbol suggests that this occult knowledge and the traditional process of acquiring it is still available, and that by accepting their principles, modern man can best meet the challenge of our present world crisis. The symbol, interpreted from a personal point of view, points to the greatness of a Soul’s past achievements and the value of trying to re-evoke this past. What is revealed is THE POWER OF SPIRITUAL ANCESTRY”.

As ever, there is much to be learned from the past in order to move forward, both personally and collectively. With the Nodes so heavily activated right now, and by the Nodal rulers, no less, it is not surprising that the Sabian symbol for this Moon would be so profoundly spiritual in nature. There are clues for the present in the past, but maybe we just need to decode them. There is so much growth potential right now, but real soul growth doesn’t come without some inner work and the willingness to face whatever part of us resists the very thing that we yearn for most. We all have our demons that we wrestle with – they just come in lots of different shapes, sizes and guises! The beautiful thing about a Sagittarius Moon is that it can bring a huge boost of faith, optimism and willingness to expand and grow! The sky’s the limit, as far as Sagittarius is concerned. The only thing holding us back is ourselves.

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