GEMINI NEW MOON - 18 June 2023

Exact at 5.37am UK time (BST)

This New Moon could help us to assimilate all that we have experienced in recent times, as Gemini can help us to make sense of it all and gain a better understanding of ourselves.  New Moons are a very potent time of the month, when energetic seeds are sown that then go on to blossom and grow as the month progresses, often coming to fruition at the time of the Full Moon. Gemini is the sign that reminds us that thoughts and words hold power and energy, so that whatever we think and say can end up manifesting as reality. As such, it is important to be mindful of the things we say to ourselves and others, especially during this Moon, because they could come true! The saying “watch what your wish for” is especially appropriate on a Gemini New Moon!

Gemini is a very curious, adaptable, communicative sign that likes to gather and share information. Of course, this can be very useful, but can also involve gossip or slander, so it is important to be conscious and aware of what we say and how we say it. There is a saying “Always speak well of people and you need never whisper”, which is so important to remember when talking about others. The pace tends to quicken during Gemini season, with lots of communication, ideas and opinions being thrown around, especially as we also have Mercury in Gemini, its own sign. This is a very good time for thinking things through and making some sense of whatever we have been going through in recent times with the intensity of the Eclipses combined with Pluto squaring the Nodes of the Moon.

During this Moon we have Neptune in Pisces forming an exact, challenging square aspect to the Sun and Moon, which could make things a little bit confusing and potentially disorienting. Gemini likes clear logic and for things to make sense, while Neptune is the planet of illusion, confusion and represents the dream world, which has the potential to muddy the waters somewhat. It is quite possible that things simply won’t make sense, and we could feel a bit spaced out, confused, overwhelmed and over-sensitive, as if our skin is thinner than usual.

Those of us with personal planets or angles around 26/27° of a sign, especially the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, will probably be feeling this Neptunian energy the most acutely. Neptune has an ego-dissolving energy and is more concerned with dreams and fantasy than concrete reality, so this Moon could bring out our more escapist tendencies but could also call for us to turn inward and heed our inner guidance and the whisper of the divine. Ultimately Neptune seeks to remove any separation between us and spirit, bringing us into a state of unity and oneness. 

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and the planet of the mind and communication, is forming a challenging square to Saturn that will be exact on 16 June but will still be in effect during this Moon. This can make communication somewhat challenging, as Saturn can cause delay, restriction and withholding, potentially bringing blocks and obstacles around communication. It can also mean that we are forced to see the reality of whatever we are facing, which could possibly be a bit depressing! However, it is important not to fall into fear, or to let our imagination run into any dark places, as things are rarely as bleak as they may seem. So often what we imagine ahead of time is far worse than what actually ends up happening!

Saturn is especially strong during this Moon, as it is stationary, preparing to go retrograde a few hours after the New Moon is exact. Anyone with personal planets or angles around 7° of a sign, especially the mutable signs, will be feeling the energy of Saturn most acutely, which could bring a feeling of being somehow blocked, or things being delayed, or facing some kind of obstacle, or having a bit of a reality check. However, it is better to see things as they are, because then we know what we are working with. Saturn in Pisces certainly brings the potential for the scales falling away from our eyes, not to mention that it can help us to “grow up” and take full responsibility for ourselves.

The most important planetary energy that we are contending with at the moment, on a collective and personal level, is Pluto square the Nodes. Pluto is the planet of power/powerlessness, transformation, loss, the subconscious and soul-growth, and has the power to expose the shadows and bring the darkness out into the light. It is especially poignant that Pluto happens to be the ruler of the Scorpio South Node, as we could be forced to face ourselves and to bring things out from under the carpet that have long since been hidden. However, it is much better to face any uncomfortable material rather than leaving it in the shadows so that it has the power to fester and wreak havoc beneath the surface of our lives. We are being called to look in the ugly mirror, face the demons, recognise where we feel resistance, dive into the shadows and not shy away from anything that lurks in the dark recesses of our psyches. This is important work, although it may not be easy.

Pluto is currently retrograde and has just moved from Aquarius back into Capricorn on 10 June, where it will remain until February. This brings a shift in energy, as once again we have the planet of transformation and power in the sign that represents the structures of society such as governments and corporations, not to mention the structure of our own lives. Pluto has a detoxifying effect and can expose the rot within the patriarchy and the power structures while it is in Capricorn, so it will be interesting to see what comes into the light in the coming months. It has become harder and harder to ignore the abuse of power and corruption within the societal structures in recent times, that’s for sure! Pluto certainly has the potential to reveal and even destroy all this is rotten and decaying so that hopefully something more appropriate can take its place.

Those of us with personal planets or angles around 29° of a sign will be feeling the transforming power of Pluto most acutely, especially in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Puto has the power to strip away self-deceit and can make us much more aware of our psychological complexes. It is the planet that encourages soul-growth and prompts us forward in our evolution, although sometimes that can be quite uncomfortable and can even involve something passing away so that something more appropriate can take its place. This is an important time, both personally and collectively, with Pluto being square the Nodes, and it will be very interesting to see what the next month holds in store as the square gets closer to being exact. The energy will probably become even stronger after the Nodes switch signs on 17 July, and the square itself is exact on 24 July. What might we need to confront between now and then, and what might need to pass away?

The Sabian symbol for this Moon, at 27° Gemini, is: “A gypsy emerging from the forest wherein her tribe is encamped”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “Reaching out toward participation in a larger whole of mind-structured existence. A conscious attempt to leave behind the tribal-instinctual stage of earthbound existence and to emerge into the realm of mind and complex, tense interpersonal relationships (i.e. the city). The wild drives of nature are reaching toward a situation in which they will be “tamed.” This symbol reveals a period of transition, a more or less clear yearning for a new state of consciousness, and thus for inner transformation. It is a phase of REPOLARISATION”.

This Moon certainly brings the potential for us to understand ourselves better. It seems like an opportunity to process all that we have been experiencing in recent times. We might need to talk things through with others, or write things down so make more sense of them. Many thoughts and opinions could be shared during this time that hold some weight moving forward. It is so important to be mindful of the way we think and communicate during a Gemini New Moon, because we really do shape our reality with our thoughts and tend to get what we focus on. This is an important time that we are in right now, where much may come out into the light, both personally and collectively. This Moon gives us an opportunity to contemplate and understand what needs to be released so that we can move on with a lighter step.

Much Love



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