Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Thursday 19 July – exact at 5.23am BST, 12.23am EDT!

As the Moon is actually the ruler of Cancer, this New Moon is likely to be quite emotionally intense and represents the beginning of a new emotional chapter in our lives.  It will give us the opportunity to get in touch with our deepest, unconscious emotions and how they impact our lives and loved ones. New Moons represent the beginning of a new cycle and are a great time to set intentions, and the Cancer New Moon may give us a chance to have a look at our emotional patterns that stem from childhood and let go of any which no longer serve our highest good. It is an ideal time for healing old wounds while recognising our unconscious motivations and how our emotions affect our lives. With beginnings come endings, so it is quite likely that we will have to leave something on the dark side of the Moon in order to move towards the light.

Cancer is the sign of the home, family and the past, and it makes sense that whatever we experienced within our family in our early childhood will have a profound effect on our emotional nature in adulthood. What happens when we are very young goes deep within our consciousness and ends up forming unconscious emotional patterns which rule our behaviour and relationships as we grow older. However safe or secure we were when we were young reflects how safe and secure we feel now, while the type of nurturing we did or didn’t receive can show how well we go onto take care of ourselves and relate to our emotions. For instance, if we somehow didn’t feel safe or nurtured during childhood then we will have a whole set of defence mechanisms set in place to ensure our safety in adulthood which can seriously sabotage our chances of having healthy relationships. This New Moon is a great opportunity to connect to our raw, unconscious feelings and moods and reflect on what triggers our insecurities, letting go of emotional patterns which have been ingrained in us since childhood. This is the time to let go and move forward on an emotional level.

Saturn in Libra is playing a big part in this New Moon, and he stands for truth, justice and integrity within our relationships. He has been testing our relationships in the past couple of years, making sure that they are a true reflection of who we are. He is challenging this Moon, asking us to be accountable for our emotional patterns and moods and how they might impact those close to us. He calls for us to be truthful, fair and honourable in our dealings with loved ones, taking responsibility for ourselves and our emotions rather than letting them rule us. As we enter this new emotional chapter Saturn may make us feel a little hesitant and fearful of the changes, but instead we must harness his energy and come up with a plan for moving forward. What do we really want for ourselves on an emotional level and what do we need to do, or let go of, in order to achieve it? A lovely aspect between Mars and Jupiter will help us along once we decide,  giving us the courage and faith to achieve our hearts desires!

Also involved in the New Moon is the tense T-square between feisty Mars, powerful Pluto and unpredictable Uranus that I have written about in a previous post. Combine the volatile, transforming energy of the T-square with the emotional nature of the Cancer New Moon and it is quite possible that emotions could run high and people could blurt things out unexpectedly, which could definitely clear the air! We may be surprised by what comes up during this time, for often we are unaware of what is holding us back until all of a sudden it is right there, staring us in the face! This is an ideal opportunity to dig deep within and let go of anything holding us from moving forward and fulfilling our potential, while asking the universe for what we truly want for ourselves to make us feel safe, happy and secure on an emotional level.

As Cancer rules the stomach and digestion, I have heard that a good way to set intentions during this Moon is to write them with a permanent marker on a bottle of water and then drink the water, either slowly or all at once, depending on your style or sense of urgency! While Gemini spoke his intentions out loud, Cancer prefers to digest or absorb them! As always, be very careful what you ask for, and make sure it is truly what you want and for your highest good!

Much love


Saturday, 14 July 2012


Mercury goes retrograde today in the sign of Leo! He has been preparing for this for the past week or so until today when he stations direct, and will be going backwards until August 8th. My greatest recommendation for Mercury retrogrades is not to take things too seriously or try to push ahead with new projects too much because you may well just find yourself frustrated! Also, be very mindful of how you communicate, because misunderstandings are more likely to occur while the planet of the mind and communication is going backwards! Mercury is known for being a bit of a trickster so it is important to remain aware of this during his retrograde periods because they tend to exaggerate that particular quality! We must be patient with our communication tools and modes of transportation, and remember that if something does go wrong or breaks down there is probably a deeper reason behind it if we care to look. It is a great time for inner reflection but not the best for outer communication.

The positive side of Mercury in retrograde is that it is a great time to relax the cerebral side of our brain and bring the more creative, intuitive side out to play, especially in Leo! Leo rules the heart and symbolises creative self-expression, so this could be a good time to take some time out and get in touch with the more playful, heartfelt, creative side of ourselves and let the more rational, analytical, organised side have a rest for a few weeks! Sounds like a good idea to me, especially as I for one have worked incredibly hard over the past few months on so many levels! This could be a good opportunity to reflect on what we have achieved in the past few months and play around with some ideas which we can then put into action when Mercury turns direct.  It isn’t the best time to start new projects; rather it is a better time to re-flect, re-view, re-organise, re-think, re-edit, re-consider, re-connect etc etc. Afterwards we can move forward with a good solid plan of action, but for now, relax and play!

Meanwhile Uranus has also just gone retrograde in Aries until  which means that we will be called to look within  and  review or reconsider what areas of our lives are stagnant and still need changing, because Uranus in Aries is currently asking us to have the courage to truly be who we are.  Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, being the intuitive mind, and it is interesting that they are both retrograde at the same time, although Mercury’s effects are likely to be more personal and Uranus’s more collective unless Uranus is aspecting our personal planets. Whatever part of our life doesn’t feel right may well stick out like a sore thumb while Uranus is retrograde and we will feel a big push to sort it out. Uranus in Aries is asking us to be brave; to move beyond our fears and live up to our true potential, so the next few months may well highlight where we are stuck.

On Thursday night I went to a cabaret night, Mat Ricardo’s London Varieties, which was a wonderfully entertaining night and also gave an excellent example of Mercury retrograde in dramatic and theatrical Leo! One of the performances was a very funny comedic magic act which relied heavily on a sound machine with music and sound effects. Just as we were getting to the pinnacle of the performance the machine decided to completely erase every single track on it, much to the dismay of both the performer and the audience! He asked us if anybody happened to have “Love Hurts” on their phone or MP3-player and lo and behold, the person in front of me did! It was the wrong version for his routine, but he managed to pull it off somehow with a beet red face and graceful acceptance of his fate. This was a classic Mercury retrograde incident, yet while things had essentially gone horribly wrong on the technological side, he was saved by a member of the audience and won our hearts with the way he handled a very awkward situation. May we all have as much dignity and grace in the coming weeks as Mercury gets up to his usual retrograde tricks!

Much love


Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Mars joins in the fun over the next week when he forms part of a cardinal T-square with Pluto and Uranus. A T-square in the cardinal signs is a tense, dynamic configuration which is very impatient and demands action and change. The recent weather patterns have certainly been a reflection of the intense, clashing, turbulent energy of Pluto and Uranus coming up against each other! It has been bizarre to say the least, with flooding, forest fires, crazy storms, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tornadoes, extreme heat waves and resulting power outages – everything one might expect when these two powerful planets do battle in the heavens! 

The pressure has been building in recent times and we are getting close to boiling point, socially, politically, environmentally and personally. Much of the world is experiencing chaos; the world economy is turbulent to say the least, banks are being interrogated and their greed exposed, while protests and revolutions in many countries are proof of people’s discontent and unrest. I remember reading once that people tend to make changes only when things have become truly unbearable, and it seems like that time has come for this planet. The atmosphere is heavy indeed, and only a good storm will clear the air. Things simply cannot stay as they are and the changes are coming hard and fast, regardless of how much some of the world’s population would like to live in blissful ignorance.

Now we have Mars, the God of War joining the battle! One thing I will say however is that Mars is in his opposite sign of Libra, which isn’t the most aggressive place for him to be; passive-aggressive is more like it! Libra’s symbol is the scales which stand for balance and harmony, so while Mars is here he is likely to want to fight for equality and justice. When you combine the energies of Mars and Pluto you get deep-seated anger, power struggles, fanatical assertion of will and superhuman force, and when you mix Mars and Uranus you get fighting for freedom, aggressive eruptions, sudden outbursts and overreactions, and violent rebellion. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, is also in on the act which will increase and magnify communication about philosophical and moral issues. This will only add fuel to an already raging fire!  Put all of this together and who knows what we might have ahead of us in the next week or so!

The energy of the T-square is building now, and will continue to until Mars squares Pluto exactly on Tuesday 17 July and opposes Uranus on Thursday 19 July. After that the energy will wane. It doesn’t exactly fill me with much hope of this crazy weather letting up, that’s for sure! On a personal level we must be very careful how we interact with people during this time, although it could be a perfect opportunity for some proverbial air-clearing! On global level, all will be revealed in the fullness of time!

Much love


Monday, 9 July 2012


We are in the midst of the first of seven squares between Uranus and Pluto in the next three years and it could be a time of profound upheaval and transformation. Uranus is in Aries and Pluto is in Capricorn, and a square between two planets is a stressful, challenging aspect which represents a push for growth and transformation out of limitation. The tension of the square can highlight where we are limited or stuck and forces us to move beyond it, which can be uncomfortable but ultimately promotes growth. 

Uranus in Aries – He is the great awakener, the radical, revolutionary planet who shakes things up in order to create necessary change and prevent stagnation. He is in the direct, youthful and aggressive sign of Aries whose ruler is Mars the warrior! This combination will demand freedom and the right to discover who we are and where we fit into the big picture. Aries is fearless, and the changes are coming fast and furiously, and could even result in downright revolution. Combine that energy with the energy of Pluto and Capricorn and you can see that society will be shaken to the core by this configuration, as will our lives! I don’t think it is a coincidence that Occupy Global has happened during the last couple of years. To give an example of what Uranus in Aries is capable of - the day that the tsunami happened in Japan, 11th March 2011, was the exact day that Uranus entered Aries. Crazy stuff! A very extreme example I know, but I was flabbergasted when I realised that is was the EXACT day of the shift from watery Pisces into fiery, forceful Aries. In fact Both Uranus and Pluto rule disasters, both man-made and natural - oil spills, tsunamis, earthquakes

Pluto in Capricorn - Whichever sign it goes through it has a detoxifying effect – he digs deep and finds the rot, bringing up whatever is wrong or out of balance with whatever sign he is in. Pluto is concerned with power and powerlessness, and represents transformation and the death and rebirth principle. Capricorn represents structure, responsibility, authority and government. Put the two together and what do we get? It could be that societal structures could crumble if they are no longer relevant or serving our needs, destroyed in order for something better to take their place, while powerful organisations could become more transparent are corruption fully revealed. On a personal level we may be forced to drastically transform our lives, breaking down patterns which no longer serve our highest truth and think about how we might better serve ourselves and others. The structure of our lives will have to crumble and be reborn to better reflect who we are.

Put the two together - social and personal structures (Capricorn) may be suddenly (Uranus) destroyed (Pluto). There will be powerful urges (Pluto) for individual and collective freedom (Uranus), and the desire (Aries) to fully realise who we really are. A massive power shift is indicated (Uranus square Pluto) through sudden, unprecedented upheaval, which could even lead to a new social or economic order. This square is likely to change the fabric of our societies to the core and force us to live up to our true potential, stepping into our true power and living our lives with integrity. On a global level this means big trouble for governments, banks, social institutions and large corporations (Pluto in Capricorn) as people rise up and demand the truth (Uranus in Aries). The last time these two planets joined up was during the 60s, when there was a massive amount of change and upheaval, including the Civil Rights Movement.

Some relationships, things and situations may dismantle and decay so that something new forms in its place. There may well be dramatic paradigm shifts, upheavals, profound transformations and remarkable breakdowns and breakthroughs in one or in many areas of life. The energy of this square is so powerful that we may have no control over it, so it is better to go with the flow and not resist - ride the waves of change so to speak. Trust that anything that happens is ultimately for our highest good, even though it may be hard to see at first.

This will be a time when people become more aware of and in touch with their life purpose, as it fits into the big picture. The old way of life will be shaken up, and wherever we are stuck or stale will experience transformation and upheaval, but only for our greatest good, both personally and collectively. Undoubtedly there will be some dramatic changes in the next few years, and with them will come some unexpected surprises that bring great delight. Life may well look very different at the end of this period! 

The Uranus Pluto square will be exact 7 times over the next few years, which is extremely rare, so look out for those particular dates, both for yourself personally and for the world. The energy will build in intensity in the month or so leading up to the square being exact, but the couple of days before they form an exact square it will reach a climax.

So….these are the dates on which the square will be exact.

24th/ 25th June 2012 
20th September 2012 
21 May 2013 
1 and 2 November 2013 
21/22 April 2014 
15 December 2014 
17 March 2015 

Exciting times!!

Much love



Neptune entered Pisces Friday the 3rd of February at 7.03pm GMT, 2.03pm EST!!

He will remain there for 14 years, until 2026.

Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and therefore is entering his own sign. Neptune and Pisces symbolise compassion, unconditional love, inspiration, imagination, transcendence, devotion, sacrifice, empathy and connection to the divine, to name but a few of their qualities. On the other hand they also represent illusion/delusion, fear and escapism.

What might happen when Neptune enters his own sign? Personally I am both excited and intrigued as it will make people more aware that we all come from the same melting pot and are not as different as our ego’s make us out to be. Our egos would wish us to think that we are all separate, but that is not so. “One love” by Bob Marley comes to mind when I think of Neptune in Pisces. Anybody who is on the spiritual path will find Neptune’s transit through Pisces very rewarding indeed. Those who are not may well find themselves more drawn to spiritual matters at this time as Neptune dissolves the ego and allows our higher selves to take the reins.

Artists and healers will find it easier to tap in to the vast well of inspiration that Neptune in Pisces offers, as our connection to the divine will be much stronger and our egos less defined.  As such, our intuition will be heightened and our connection to each other more pronounced. Don’t be surprised if you have more psychic and telepathic experiences in the next few years! Neptune rules the subtle energies that you can’t see but are ever present nonetheless.

Empathy and compassion will prevail during this time, and our hearts will be more open to the suffering of the world. Neptune dissolves boundaries, and could possibly break down barriers between countries and classes, reminding us that we are all from the same melting pot – all souls who have hopes and fears and just want to be loved.  It is as simple as that. The last time Neptune was in Pisces Dickens was alive and was very much on the side of the lower classes. He brought to light social injustices and showed us through his writing how greed and materialism destroys the spirit. Just read or watch A Christmas Carol and you will receive a poignant reminder of what is truly important in life.

Of course there is another side to all of this. While this time brings the potential for higher states of consciousness and transcendence through meditation or spiritual practice, some may seek to escape reality through drugs, alcohol and even virtual reality. Confusion and lack of clarity are also possible, for while Neptune may dissolve our egos and shift our consciousness, we could also be left wondering who we really are and what is it all about anyway?! Some may feel a little like the ground is moving under their feet as the change of perspective leaves them feeling quite disorientated.

Illusion/disillusionment may also be prevalent at this time for Neptune has a tendency to put up smoke screens, and as such all may not be as it seems! And while he can greatly stimulate our imaginations this can also be to our detriment as they then run wild, creating all sorts of needless fears and insecurities! And as we all know, the scenarios that our minds can come up with are so often far worse than the reality of whatever we are facing!

I am looking forward to seeing what happens in the years ahead as Neptune moves through Pisces. There is the potential to achieve states of bliss and feel more connected to our fellow man than ever before. I am quite sure that people’s imaginations, empathy and intuition will be greatly stimulated and that our capacity to create and heal will be heightened. Our hearts should be more open to others as we truly come to know unconditional love and compassion on a global level.

Combine this energy with Pluto in Capricorn breaking down societal structures and forcing us to live according to our souls’ purpose and Uranus in Aries radical, revolutionary energy and we are in for quite a ride in the next few years!! Pluto and Uranus are going to form a tense square to each other which will shake society and the world to the core, changing life as we know it, so we should be very grateful that Neptune in Pisces is now adding himself to the recipe, ensuring that it all happens in the spirit of compassion and love.

Much love