Thursday 19 July – exact at 5.23am BST, 12.23am EDT!

As the Moon is actually the ruler of Cancer, this New Moon is likely to be quite emotionally intense and represents the beginning of a new emotional chapter in our lives.  It will give us the opportunity to get in touch with our deepest, unconscious emotions and how they impact our lives and loved ones. New Moons represent the beginning of a new cycle and are a great time to set intentions, and the Cancer New Moon may give us a chance to have a look at our emotional patterns that stem from childhood and let go of any which no longer serve our highest good. It is an ideal time for healing old wounds while recognising our unconscious motivations and how our emotions affect our lives. With beginnings come endings, so it is quite likely that we will have to leave something on the dark side of the Moon in order to move towards the light.

Cancer is the sign of the home, family and the past, and it makes sense that whatever we experienced within our family in our early childhood will have a profound effect on our emotional nature in adulthood. What happens when we are very young goes deep within our consciousness and ends up forming unconscious emotional patterns which rule our behaviour and relationships as we grow older. However safe or secure we were when we were young reflects how safe and secure we feel now, while the type of nurturing we did or didn’t receive can show how well we go onto take care of ourselves and relate to our emotions. For instance, if we somehow didn’t feel safe or nurtured during childhood then we will have a whole set of defence mechanisms set in place to ensure our safety in adulthood which can seriously sabotage our chances of having healthy relationships. This New Moon is a great opportunity to connect to our raw, unconscious feelings and moods and reflect on what triggers our insecurities, letting go of emotional patterns which have been ingrained in us since childhood. This is the time to let go and move forward on an emotional level.

Saturn in Libra is playing a big part in this New Moon, and he stands for truth, justice and integrity within our relationships. He has been testing our relationships in the past couple of years, making sure that they are a true reflection of who we are. He is challenging this Moon, asking us to be accountable for our emotional patterns and moods and how they might impact those close to us. He calls for us to be truthful, fair and honourable in our dealings with loved ones, taking responsibility for ourselves and our emotions rather than letting them rule us. As we enter this new emotional chapter Saturn may make us feel a little hesitant and fearful of the changes, but instead we must harness his energy and come up with a plan for moving forward. What do we really want for ourselves on an emotional level and what do we need to do, or let go of, in order to achieve it? A lovely aspect between Mars and Jupiter will help us along once we decide,  giving us the courage and faith to achieve our hearts desires!

Also involved in the New Moon is the tense T-square between feisty Mars, powerful Pluto and unpredictable Uranus that I have written about in a previous post. Combine the volatile, transforming energy of the T-square with the emotional nature of the Cancer New Moon and it is quite possible that emotions could run high and people could blurt things out unexpectedly, which could definitely clear the air! We may be surprised by what comes up during this time, for often we are unaware of what is holding us back until all of a sudden it is right there, staring us in the face! This is an ideal opportunity to dig deep within and let go of anything holding us from moving forward and fulfilling our potential, while asking the universe for what we truly want for ourselves to make us feel safe, happy and secure on an emotional level.

As Cancer rules the stomach and digestion, I have heard that a good way to set intentions during this Moon is to write them with a permanent marker on a bottle of water and then drink the water, either slowly or all at once, depending on your style or sense of urgency! While Gemini spoke his intentions out loud, Cancer prefers to digest or absorb them! As always, be very careful what you ask for, and make sure it is truly what you want and for your highest good!

Much love



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