LEO FULL MOON - 25 January 2024

Exact at 5.54pm UK time (GMT)

This is a powerful Full Moon, not least because powerful Pluto is very much a part of it! Pluto is a big player right now, having just left Capricorn to move into Aquarius, which represents a significant shift in energy which could help us to continue the transition from the old world into the new. Full Moons tend to bring things to a head, especially within our relationships. Anything that may have been simmering beneath the surface of our consciousness can come out into the open, while any “seeds” planted around the New Moon can begin to come to fruition. This is a very dynamic, creative Moon, as Leo is a playful, exuberant, creative, strong, expressive sign that invites us to shine our light, follow our hearts and do whatever brings us our greatest joy.

The Sun moved from Capricorn into Aquarius on Saturday 20 January, swiftly followed by Pluto on Sunday 21 January, which will have brought a significant shift in energy. Capricorn is an earth sign that represents responsibility, accountability, discipline, control, tradition, maturity, our conditioning and the structures of our lives. We now have a movement into Aquarius, an air sign that represents community, freedom, brotherhood/sisterhood, new vision, friendship, equality, progression, innovation, revolution, detachment and liberation from our personal and collective programming and conditioning. There is a very big difference between these two signs! It is interesting that the Sun changed sign at almost the same time as Pluto, as the shift of energy could feel a bit more noticeable. However, it is important to note that Mercury, Venus and Mars remain in Capricorn for the time being.

And now we have a Leo Full Moon, a sign that has the potential to turn our Aquarian visions, hopes, dreams and crazy ideas into something tangible. When the Aquarius and Leo parts of us play together, they can be a very creative team. Aquarius can think outside the box, with plenty of zany ideas, while Leo loves to play with these visions and concepts and create something out of them, including the life we want to live. There is something exciting and playful about a Leo Full Moon, although it can also activate that part of us that needs validation or craves attention, usually due to insecurity or a lack of validation or encouragement when we were younger. Aquarius, however, reminds us that we are all special and unique, each in our own way. It helps us to boost and encourage one another, rather than competing or comparing.

Jupiter in Taurus is forming a dynamic square aspect to the Sun and Moon, which could magnify or exaggerate the energy of this Full Moon and could bring up some big emotions. Leo is a very expressive, exuberant sign, while Jupiter is the part of us that can go a bit over the top sometimes, getting a bit over-enthusiastic and potentially overextending ourselves. With Jupiter in Taurus, we may overspend, or overestimate our capabilities, or get a little too big for our boots! We could also be quite expressive about our beliefs and convictions with Jupiter involved in the picture. Jupiter is a very expansive planet, so we might find ourselves wanting to run before we can walk! However, Jupiter is generally a benevolent influence, even in a challenging square aspect.

Anyone with personal planets or angles around 6°of a sign will feel the expansive, magnifying energy of Jupiter the most acutely, especially those in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Saturn in Pisces is also forming a nagging inconjunct aspect to the Moon, which could bring a bit of tension, as Saturn has an inhibiting effect. While Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts, so we could find ourselves trying to gain control over our emotions, especially if they threaten to get out of control. It is important to watch any fears or resistance that might come up during this Moon, as Saturn in Pisces holds the potential for our imagination running wild in all the wrong directions! While the Leo Moon invites us to shine our light and follow our hearts, Saturn is that part of us that might judge ourselves, or hold ourselves back, or find it hard to let go of control and be spontaneous. Saturn is the strict parent within us that might temper the inner child that just wants to have fun and express itself!

Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication, and Mars, the planet of energy, drive, anger and assertion, are joining forces during this Full Moon, while also being challenged by Chiron the Wounded healer. This could bring communication that both hurts and heals. Mars is the ruler of the North Node in Aries, which is currently encouraging us to focus on ourselves, leaving behind people pleasing, codependent tendencies and gaining a greater understanding of who we are and what we want and what we need. Mars and Mercury join together in Capricorn, meaning that we may need to say it how it is and to be open, honest, direct, and real in our communication. If there is a conversation that we have been putting off, this could give us the courage to bring it out into the open. Of course, Mars can also bring up heated discussions or angry exchanges, although Capricorn could help to keep it all under control and down to earth.

The conjunction is exact on 27 Jan, but will be very present during this Full Moon, as it builds in strength. Those of us with personal planets or angles between 15° and 17° will feel the energy of Mars and Mercury the most acutely, especially the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

Chiron the Wounded Healer is very much involved in this picture, sitting right on top of the Aries North Node and squaring up to Mercury and Mars. On a collective level, this could very much bring up the theme of war and may not help any negotiations for peace. Chiron in Aries, the sign that represents war, challenging Mars, the warrior planet, means that issues could come up around anger, ego, assertion, violence, competition, aggression, the masculine principle and how it is used and directed, both personally and collectively. On a personal level, we could experience some deep healing around the Aries themes of “I am”, such as making ourselves a priority, the right to exist, self-love, our sense of identity, being selfish, being alone and asserting our needs in a healthy way, rather than being either overly yang and combative, or too passive and tending to avoid confrontation.

 When Chiron joins the North Node, it can signify the need to step out of the comfort zone and to face our most uncomfortable wound, sore spot or insecurity, although we might be resistant to go to that place because it could feel too big or scary. However, Aries calls for us to be brave and confront it, once and for all, for as we heal ourselves, we heal the world. As Rumi says, “the wound is the place where the Light enters you”. We are called to ask the question “Who am I, really?” and “what do I really want?”, and to embrace all of it and have the courage to ask for what we want rather than passively waiting for things to just happen. Are we able to assert ourselves in a healthy, constructive way, or do we have issues in this area?

Chiron and the North Node are building towards a conjunction that will be exact on 19 February, so it will be interesting to see what might happen between now and then on a collective level. There certainly is the potential for something happening that affects the collective. However, do we embrace the positive qualities of Aries, or the shadow side? Those of us with personal planets or angles around 16° will feel the healing and/or wounding energy of Chiron and the North Node the most acutely, especially the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

The Sabian symbol for this Moon, at 5° Leo, is an evocative one: “A conservative, old-fashioned lady is confronted by a “hippie” girl”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “The need to transcend our subservience to fashion, in morals as well as in clothes. This refers to the ever-changing pageant of social values, as ideals of human relationship succeed one another, one generation facing in the next an antithetic picture of what it has been brought up to consider worthwhile and decent. Then confrontation may lead to great bitterness, yet it should show us the impermanence of most of what society impresses upon our collective. With this symbol, we are dealing now with cultural values and the emotional impact they have upon our character formation. Whereas the first degree of Leo dealt with an individual crisis of reorientation, the sixth degree refers to a collective, cultural and social crisis which challenges us to realise THE RELATIVITY OF SOCIAL VALUES.”

This symbol brings to mind the recent transition that Pluto made from Capricorn, the sign of tradition, societal rules and the old world, into Aquarius, the sign of progression, liberation, nonconformity and visions for a new world. This is the first Full Moon since the shift, and there certainly are some powerful, strong, yang planetary energies around! It seems that we could be called to keep an eye on our egos and make sure that we act and react from a place of integrity. Things could be said and decisions could be made that have a strong impact on our lives, both personal and collectively. Strong emotions could come to the fore, so it is important to be mindful of how we express and act on them. It could be very helpful if we are able to take a leaf out of Aquarius’s book and step back and look at ourselves from a higher perspective, rather than diving right in with guns blazing! Maybe there is a different way of approaching things that hasn’t been tried before. Let’s hope so.

Much Love



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Painting: Centre of the Universe by Kelly Dallas


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