CAPRICORN NEW MOON - 11 January 2024

Exact at 11.57am UK time (GMT)

The first New Moon of the new year is a potent one, that’s for sure! There is a lot of powerful planetary energy swirling around, including Pluto getting ready to leave Capricorn and move into Aquarius. It is interesting that we are also in Capricorn season as Pluto spends its last days in this responsible, driven, hard-working, determined sign. As with all New Moons, whatever comes to pass during this time, the thoughts that run through our minds, the conversations we have, the decisions that we make, the intentions we set all have the potential to blossom and grow over the coming weeks as we build up to the Full Moon. New Moons are a very potent time of the month for manifesting, so it is important to be mindful of what we wish for!

Capricorn is the part of us that likes to set goals and work towards them. Like the mountain goat, we set our sights on the top of the mountain and slowly and steadily work our way towards it. As such, it might be worth contemplating what it is that we want to achieve, even if it is just a vague concept or a feeling. Capricorn does tend to take the long view and is good at planning ahead and creating structures, but it might be helpful, and take the pressure off somewhat, to simply contemplate what is a realistic goal and what would make us feel better in the here and now. Capricorn is also that part of us that can judge ourselves quite harshly when we fall short of our expectations or slip up on our New Year resolutions!

Capricorn brings a bit of a reality check after the excess, over-extension and over-indulgence that can come with Sagittarius season, and can help us to find the discipline to strip back and pare away, finding some pleasure in cutting down, disciplining ourselves and developing healthy programmes and habits. “Let’s start the year as we mean to go on!” says Capricorn. However, it is important not to feel guilty if we slip up, or to take it all too terribly seriously! There is something about Capricorn season, and a Capricorn New Moon, that can actually help us to get some joy and satisfaction from setting ourselves little goals and working towards them. Indeed, it can feel really good to gain a little more control over ourselves after having let it all go during the festive season! Capricorn invites us to look at our lives with a realistic lens and contemplate what might benefit from a bit of work.

We have some help from Uranus during this New Moon, helping us to shift out of unhealthy patterns and make positive changes for ourselves. Uranus can bring a breath of fresh air, clearing out the cobwebs and helping us to see things more clearly. Wherever we feel stuck or stagnant, Uranus can help us to move again, or at least to see things from a different perspective. Uranus brings a feeling of freedom and the capacity to shift out of old programming that has served its time and is no longer appropriate or useful. It’s wonderful to have Uranus supporting this Moon, because it can help us to break down any stuckness or rigidity and brings a certain amount of excitement and willingness to change. Anyone with personal planets or angles around 19°of a sign will feel the energy of Uranus most acutely, especially the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, and the Earth signs can greatly benefit as well.

The Sun and Moon are also forming a dynamic square aspect to the Nodes of the Moon, which feels quite fated and important in terms of our soul growth. The North Node is currently in Aries, calling for us to be brave and take charge of our lives, recognising our needs and truly honouring them. We are encouraged to let go of any tendency to sit on the fence, or to people please, or to acquiesce for the sake of maintaining the peace or avoid confrontation, which are the less desirable attributes of the Libra South Node. Aries calls for us to be direct and honest, to stand up for ourselves, and for what is fair and just, and reminds us that it is better to be alone than to be in a relationship that is toxic or not adding goodness to our life. Aries is quite a feisty sign, bringing out our inner warrior and independent spirit. This square to the Nodes could remind us not to settle for second best, but rather to strive for all that we deserve in life.  

There is some very positive, supportive energy surrounding this Moon, including a lovely, harmonious trine between Mars (ruler of the Aries North Node) and Jupiter. They are both in earth signs, which make the energy quite grounded and practical, and the combination can help us to act on any opportunities that come our way, bringing self-confidence, hope, optimism and abundant energy. Saturn, the ruler of this Capricorn Moon, is also helping them out, bringing a sense that we can maybe ground some of our dreams and aspirations into reality with a bit of hard work, determination and discipline. There is also a beautiful trine between Chiron the Wounded Healer and Venus, which could bring about healing within our relationships, based on some direct honesty and capacity to speak our truth.

However, the most important thing to be aware of during the next week or so is the movement of powerful, transforming Pluto into Aquarius. We are in the final throes of Pluto’s stay in Capricorn, which began in 2008 when we experienced the big financial crash that shook our foundations. Since then, Pluto has been slowly but surely exposing the darkness and rot in the hierarchies of our society, breaking down the old, antiquated, outworn patriarchal structures that simply no longer have a place in the new world that is gradually coming into being. Indeed, life does look quite different to the way it was in 2008, as a lot has happened since then, both personally and collectively. There is a certain heaviness to Capricorn that we might feel more acutely in the final days before Pluto moves into Aquarius on 21 January.

It will be interesting to see what the shift of energy will bring as Pluto shifts signs, because Aquarius is such a different sign to Capricorn! While Capricorn represents the more patriarchal, traditional systems, our parental and societal conditioning and pressure to conform and obey the rules, Aquarius is a far more progressive, visionary, humanitarian, future-oriented sign. We are birthing a new world! Of course, Pluto will now be exposing the dark side of Aquarius, including the use of advanced technology that seems to be increasing at a rate of knots, but overall the vibe will probably be lighter. Aquarius can bring about exciting change, innovations, greater equality and the potential for breaking down the pyramid structure upon which society is currently based. Aquarius is a quirky, eccentric, non-conformist, tolerant sign that isn’t afraid to question the rules, so let’s see what the next few years bring!

Anyone with personal planets or angles around 29° of a sign, especially the Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, or 0° of a sign, especially the Fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, will be feeling the powerful, penetrating, transforming energy of Pluto the most acutely. Pluto can bring a tremendous amount of psychological insight, stripping away self-deceit and exposing the truth of the matter, and can also give us a cosmic kick up the bum to help us evolve and grow on a soul level. It is interesting that Pluto moves into Aquarius around the same time that the Sun moves into Aquarius, as we will probably feel the shift of energy more clearly.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon, at 21° Capricorn, is interesting: “A relay race”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “The value of competition in developing group consciousness. Here we are no longer dealing with competition between individuals, but with competition between groups of individuals who take turns successively in order to maximise the group effort and the possibility of outstanding results. The whole of civilisation is a vast kind of relay race in which groups of people and generations carry the torch of what we call “progress.” Major achievements result from the sum total of human strivings. This symbol stresses one especially dynamic aspect of “group performance.” Wherever this symbol appears, it emphasises the value of group cooperation and of necessary give-and-take. One must seek to relate and adjust one’s strength to the challenge presented by competitors in DYNAMIC INTERCHANGE.”

Although this is a Capricorn symbol, it does hold a hint of Aquarius, with the emphasis on the group working together as a team to ensure any success. The Capricorn part of us may strive to do well and succeed, but the Aquarius part of us knows that we will achieve more if we all work together. Let’s see what this shift from Capricorn into Aquarius brings.  

This certainly feels like a powerful and positive Moon to kick start this year with and can help us to lay down some foundations upon which to build the rest of the year upon. It is not about setting impossible goals that are doomed to failure, but it is a great Moon for contemplating what we truly want for ourselves and what we can realistically do to get to the top of the proverbial mountain. It’s about taking a realistic look at our lives, taking the long view and recognising what we can do to make them better. It’s about finding joy and satisfaction in applying some degree of discipline and control over our lives. It’s about truly taking responsibility for the part we play. Wherever we have over-extended, it’s time to strip back and face reality. However, luckily, we also have Venus in Sagittarius, reminding us not to take it all too seriously!

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