ARIES NEW MOON - 1 April 2022

Exact at 7.24am UK time (BST)

This is the first New Moon of the astrological calendar, a time for springing into action with a surge of energy and starting anew! As Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, this New Moon truly is a time for new beginnings when we set positive intentions and re-start as we mean to go on. There is the potential for new energy to come in, like a breath of fresh air! Aries is an energetic, motivated, enthusiastic sign that helps us to find the courage to step out of our comfort zone and walk the path less travelled. It is the part of us that has the courage to try new things and is able to assert ourselves when we need to. Those with a lot of Aries in their chart tend to be impulsive, forthright, honest, pioneering, independent and adept at the art of self-love. Taken to the extreme, however, self-love can be seen as being selfish or self-serving! However, Aries does teach us to put ourselves first and stand up for ourselves. This is the sign of the warrior.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is sitting right next to the Sun, Moon and Mercury, so it will have a big influence on this New Moon. Chiron shows where we have been wounded in early life leaving a weak spot, vulnerability and insecurity. With all this energy in Aries, we could find ourselves more easily triggered, especially if someone or something inadvertently prods at our vulnerable soft spot. Aries is not known for its soft, gentle approach, rather is very direct, open and can even be aggressive. There is the potential for feeling quite reactive, defensive, insecure and even angry, as Chirotic themes of rejection and abandonment are brought out into the open and we are forced to confront our wounded nature. It could feel like a scab that we thought had healed over is re-opened somehow, which could feel most acute for anyone with personal planets or angles around 12° of a sign, especially the Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. 

Wherever Chiron is found, there is also the potential for healing. Aries is very candid energy and can help to get things out into the open for them to be dealt with. It can be painful to be truly honest and confront ourselves or others, but it is the only way sometimes. It will be interesting to see how this combination will manifest within the current global situation. Chiron is often prominent during important moments in history, and it feels appropriate that it is currently residing in Aries, who was the god of war. Will things escalate even more and tensions rise higher or is there a chance for healing and resolution? There is the potential for some genuine heroic acts, or for people fancying themselves to be the hero. With Mercury also very close to the Sun, Moon and Chiron and also in Aries, conversations could be very direct, open, to the point and possibly combative or inflammatory. However, they could also be incredibly healing. Chiron, the Sun and Mercury will form an exact conjunction on 2 April, the day after the New Moon, so the energy will be building until then.

The Nodes of the Moon are being well and truly activated by a challenging and dynamic square aspect from Venus, Mars and Saturn, bringing our economic situation sharply into focus. The South Node of the Moon is currently in soulful, dramatic Scorpio, the sign that represents power, banks, loans and money owed to others, while the North Node is in earthy, stable Taurus, the sign of self-sufficiency, simplicity, self-reliance, self-worth and survival. We are being called to strip back to the basics and lead a simpler existence, thus minimizing the power that the financial institutions and power structures have over us. With Saturn sitting right next to Venus, the ruler of that Taurus North Node, exact 28 March but still strong during this Moon, we could be forced to be very realistic about our finances and relationships, as Saturn can definitely highlight feeling of  limitation and lack. It’s hard to escape reality when Saturn is around! With Saturn and Venus both in Aquarius we could find ourselves needing to come up with solutions and think of ways to be more self-sufficient.

With Mars, the ruler of this New Moon, in Aquarius there could also be acts of rebellion, uprisings or protests, especially in reaction to the current financial situation. When people are hungry, they kick back. When our survival is threatened it can bring out the warrior in us, not to mention fear and anxiety. When Saturn and Mars meet, exact 5 April, we could experience rage against the machine, or people acting and reacting from a place of fear, or those in control using force somehow to suppress the People. Fear can so easily bring up anger, so it is important to be mindful of how we act and react in the next week or so and stay as centred as possible. Saturn and Mars can help us to act with discipline, control and focus, but it can also feel very frustrating and irritating, as if we are somehow hitting our head against a brick wall, unable to act on our desires.

Mars also represents our energy levels, so they could feel somewhat muted as well. Anyone with personal planets or angles around 22° of a sign could feel the heavy, restrictive, realistic, controlling  energy of Saturn most acutely, especially those in the Fixed signs or Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

In the meantime, to counteract all this Saturn, we have the very powerful conjunction between expansive Jupiter and spiritual Neptune building in energy, exact on 12 April. This is an incredibly special astrological occurrence that brings the potential for spiritual awakening, the experience of oneness, feelings of unity and a real sense of knowing that you are me and I am you. This can really bring a sense of universal togetherness and connection to the collective unconscious. Jupiter expands and magnifies the energy of the planet that it comes into contact with, making it somehow bigger and more exaggerated. As Jupiter joins Neptune we could find that we are more sensitive, more attuned to spiritual forces, more in flow and able to find a greater sense of acceptance for what is and compassion and empathy for ourselves and others. We could feel a greater sense of trust and faith that no matter what is happening, everything is ultimately working out exactly as it is supposed to, for our highest good.

However, there is another side to this combination that isn’t all love and light. Neptune is the king of propaganda, confusion, glamour, delusions, theatre, spells and smoke screens, so it could be very hard to know what is real and what is illusion. Propaganda is so sophisticated these days that it can make us feel as if there is no point even trying to find the truth, as it is so shrouded in fog. We are invited to listen to our own intuition, trusting our hunches to show us the way to the truth. We may also have a more active dream life and some could experience hallucinations and delusions. Neptune is also the part of us that likes to escape reality through drugs, alcohol, sleep, television, movies, computer games, reading and suchlike. Fantasy can be so much more attractive than reality, especially when the world is in a such troubled place. Sometimes it feels easier to bury our heads in the sand and check out for a moment.  

While this conjunction can open us up to spirit and dissolve ego, the consequences of this could be hard for some, as they lose grip on reality or find themselves feeling too “open”, hyper-sensitive, vulnerable, delusional and ungrounded. It is very important to be gentle with ourselves and others as we build up towards this conjunction, tapping into the sense of universal connection and having compassion and empathy for our fellow humans who could easily be overwhelmed and struggling to cope or function. However, the higher potential of Jupiter and Neptune surely is a beautiful antidote to the restrictive, fearful and controlling energy of Saturn and the more assertive energy of Aries, as it helps us to connect to something that is much bigger than us and to join together in unity and unconditional love.

Anyone with personal planets or angles around 23° of a sign will feel the energy of this special conjunction the most acutely, especially those in the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. It is very important to stay grounded!

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon, at 12° Aries, is: “A triangularly shaped flight of wild geese”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “An idealistic reliance upon a mental image of universal order. The wild goose is the mystical bird, hamsa, of Hindu tradition. The Hindu hamsa was the symbol of man’s transcendent soul. The flight of geese presents not only a remarkably geometrical V-shape moving through the sky, a flight that is seasonal and therefore attuned to planetary rhythms. Thus it symbolises cosmic order, in contrast with the social political order within a nation which is represented by its ruler. It is order made visual on the background of the clear sky. It is a “celestial” type of order, even though it is earth-born birds which reveal it by their ability to keep their flight structured. We see arising a potential conflict between cosmic and social principles of order. The principle of COSMIC ORDER polarises the all-too-human reliance on the social concept of law and order”.

This is a hopeful image that brings a sense that we will be realigned to some kind of universal order to realign ourselves to the way things should be. It brings to mind the Jupiter Neptune conjunction, which does hold such potential to remind us of what is truly important, bringing us together in unity and leading us into the light.

The Sabian symbol for Chiron is also interesting: “An unexploded bomb reveals an unsuccessful social protest” which Rudyar describes as “An immature evaluation of the possibility of transforming suddenly the status quo. The symbol pictures the result of a particular attempt to resolve the conflict between two concept-feelings of order. Resolution by violence fails because the ego-power at this stage of the process of individualisation is far too strong. “The State” thwarts attempts at popular revolution, because these are premature expressions of a consciousness which is not free, but can only react “wildly” to constraint and to a central ruling power. It is thus a symbol of immature refusal to conform, in the name of an over idealistic desire for harmony and peace”.

Whenever Aries and Mars are involved there is the potential for anger, aggression and the use of force. There is also the potential for courage, passion and a willingness to confront whatever we may prefer to avoid. Aries season certainly can bring a surge of energy, although it is tempered by the sleepy fog of the Neptune energy! This Moon could activate our triggers, but it could also be tremendously healing, as things come out into the open that are needed to clear the air and start fresh. This is a time of new beginnings after all, a new chapter with fresh new energy coming in! Chiron in Aries can help us to find the hero within us, in whatever form that may be. Let’s see what the Neptune Jupiter conjunction brings. It will be interesting to see whether it leads us into the light or deeper into the fog of illusion. Or both!

Much Love



Painting: Soul Journey into the Light by Marita Zacharias


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