LEO FULL MOON - 16 February 2022

Exact at 4.56pm

This has the potential to be a pretty profound Full Moon that could have a big impact on our personal and collective destiny. Full Moons always bring to a head anything that may have been simmering away beneath the surface, making the unconscious more conscious, so to speak. This Full Moon is in Leo, a very creative, playful and expressive sign that reminds us to listen to our hearts and follow the path of joy. As such, this is a good time to truly contemplate what sparks joy in us and what does the opposite and brings a sense of dread or foreboding. Leo reminds us that we are the master of our destiny, the director of our own play, with the capacity to carve out the life we want for ourselves with the strength of our own will. What do we truly want for ourselves? What is our heart’s true desire that sparks a sense of joy?

We are coming to the end of Aquarius season, a time when we have been given the opportunity to throw the rule book out and liberate ourselves from some of our old patterns and conditioning. With the Sun in Aquarius we are encouraged to observe ourselves from a more detached place, gaining a bit more objectivity and watching ourselves when we fall into old patterns that no longer serve our highest good. It is a powerful moment when we realise that we are able to see ourselves more clearly and gain more perspective on any ingrained patterns and behaviour that have been repeating unconsciously, time after time after time. Aquarius helps us to bust out of the mould, questioning the rules and finding our true, authentic self, beyond the layers of conditioning that may have kept us prisoner.

And now we have a Leo Full Moon that can help us to express all that is in our hearts, from a place of truth and authenticity. Being utterly authentic is not easy, but it seems that this is what is currently being asked of us. We simply have to be true to ourselves, but what does that mean exactly? What might need to fall away that is no longer serving our highest good? We all know what it is, in our heart of hearts.

In the approach to this Full Moon we have a conjunction between Pluto and Mercury which will be exact on Friday 11 February. This could really help us to get to the heart of the matter, thinking and communicating from a very deep place of profound truth and integrity. Pluto forces us into a state of emotional honesty, even if it’s uncomfortable. It exposes our darkest secrets and reveals the truth of the matter that may have been lurking in the shadows. Freudian slips are always a possibility when Pluto and Mercury come together, as this combination of planets is bit like soulful truth serum! Pluto will continue to play a part in the approach to this Full Moon, as it is forming a nagging inconjunct to the Moon.

Anyone with personal planets around 27° of a sign will be feeling the transforming, soulful, exposing energy of Pluto at the moment, especially the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. However, the Sun and Moon are also sitting at 27° of Aquarius and Leo, forming a direct square to the Nodes of the Moon in Taurus and Scorpio, so anyone with personal planets and angles in the fixed signs will feel the impact of this Moon most acutely.

It is very interesting looking at the visual chart for this Full Moon, as the square between the Sun, Moon and the Nodes of the Moon makes me think of crossroads, or some kind of turning point. Whenever the Nodes of the Moon are involved there is the possibility of some kind of shift in our personal and collective destiny, with the potential for soul growth and stepping onto the path less travelled, which is something we might fear yet also yearn for.

The Nodes of the Moon have recently shifted over into Scorpio and Taurus, which could signify an emphasis on financial matters and the economy for the next 18 months. We could be called to somehow take our power back and come to a place of self-sufficiency, self-reliance and self-sustenance. The South Node, which symbolises familiar patterns that may be hindering growth, is in Scorpio, the sign that represents power/powerlessness, other people’s money, money lenders, banks and suchlike. The North Node, which symbolises our potential growth, is in Taurus, a sign that encourages us to learn to take care of our own needs, becoming more self-sufficient and less reliant on others for money or power. It will be interesting to see what the next year and a half will bring; what will happen to the economy and how we will respond to whatever occurs.

There is another facet to this Nodal combination, however, that feels important. When the South Node in Scorpio there is a sense of us having got used to having the rug pulled out from underneath us. And this is certainly where we are at the moment, having had two years of having the rug pulled out and being conditioned to expect some other crisis or drama to come our way. However, the North Node is in Taurus for the next 18 months, inviting us to move forward towards a greater sense of peace, simplicity and stability. There is some hope in this Nodal combination - a sense that possibly we can allow ourselves to relax a little, or at the very least get ourselves to a place whereby we are not so easily knocked off kilter by drama and intensity. Taurus represents Mother Earth, so when in doubt, we are invited to seek a bit of nature to ground and centre ourselves so that we can find a state of calm, watching the storm rage around us instead of getting caught up in it.

Mars and Venus, the cosmic lovers, are incredibly prominent right now, as they are forming a conjunction that will be exact on the Full Moon but will also continue from around 9 February until 23 March. This is a very long time for the planet of love and relationship to be travelling alongside the planet of desire and action! This is a very important, powerful, karmic and potentially testing time for our relationships which could help us to redefine what it means to be in relationship and what we really, truly want from them. What we think we want from our relationships may not be what we truly need or are actually capable of. This is a very good opportunity to take off the rose-tinted specs and do any work on ourselves that is necessary to help ensure the success of our relationships. We may find it easier to express our needs than at other times. It is also possible that someone significant could come into our lives that could have an impact in the long term.  

Until 6 March Venus and Mars will be travelling together through Capricorn, the sign of realism, commitment and accountability, calling for us to be utterly realistic about our relationships, stripping away layers of illusion and redefining what it means to be in relationship. We may find ourselves making deeper commitments and laying down some structures and foundations that are grounded in reality and actually have a chance of surviving in the long term. Around the Pisces New Moon on 2 March, Venus and Mars will join up with Pluto, the planet of soul, power, death and rebirth, which could bring a profound transformation of the way we relate to one another and could even bring about a deepening or even a literal death of a relationship if it is not viable or serving our highest good. However, the death could be more metaphorical, as the relationship could simply metamorphose into another form that is more authentic, realistic and aligned with our personal truth.

Anyone with personal planets or angles around 16° could feel the energy of this Venus Mars conjunction most acutely during this Full Moon, especially in the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. This could be a good thing or could be quite challenging, depending on what aspect they are making! Venus helps us to feel sociable and loving, while Mars brings to the fore our desires and anger, forcing any issues out into the open. It certainly could ignite our passion and creativity, making us more honest about our feelings, more sociable and amorous than usual.

The Sabian symbol for the Venus Mars conjunction, which is exact at exactly the same moment that the Full moon is exact, is very interesting: “A repressed woman finds a psychological release in nudism”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “The escape, from bondage to social inhibitions, and a reliance upon the wisdom of the body. Under the pressure of religions that have created a sharp and unwholesome division between soul and body, society has produced strict codes of values regarding the play of natural instincts, and has glorified them under the name of “decency” and “modesty. Men and women are demanding a psychologically, as well as physically, healthful freedom of the body as a means of overcoming the hypocrisy and constrictions of social behaviour. The symbol is a call for RELEASE FROM INHIBITION.”

This is a very potent symbol, which could have many implications, given the current climate. One thing that comes to mind, however, is that Uranus has been forming a supportive trine to Venus in recent times, calling for us to find a way of being in relationship that is unique to us, rather than being bound by societal norms, expectations or conditioning. As we move into this new paradigm we could find that the way of being in relationship shifts in order to be a better reflection of our true nature. A new model of relationship could be forming which brings a greater sense of freedom and authenticity. It is important to be willing to be open and honest about who we are, what works for us and what feels right, rather than how we think we should be within our relationships.


The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon, at 28° Leo, feels very positive and promising indeed: “Many little birds on the limb of a big tree”, which Rudyar describes as ”A wide and perhaps confusing, openness to a multiplicity of inspiriting potentialities. There is stage in the spiritual life – which is not different from the everyday life – during which the consciousness, aspiring to greater realisations of more impressive forms of self-expression, feels itself flooded with new ideas and new possibilities. This can be very exciting, yet also quite confusing. It becomes necessary to focus oneself by limiting one’s field of vision and activity. We should try not to be OVERWHELMED WITH POTENTIALITIES, yet should enjoy the wonderful lightness of feeling this may bring after perhaps many days, months or years of frustration or darkness”. This one speaks for itself, really!

This is a powerful and potent Moon that could ignite our passion and help us to express what is in our heart. Leo is a very warm-hearted, playful, enthusiastic sign that could encourage us to let our hair down and have some fun! The Sabian symbols certainly do bring a sense of us being liberated somehow and feeling a greater sense of hope and positivity. However, we also have this Grand Cross between the Sun, Moon and the Nodes, which could signify some kind of a shift in our destiny. It will be interesting to see what happens within our relationships as Venus and Mars join forces for this Moon and also the New Moon on 2 March. It certainly feels appropriate that the cosmic lovers are together in the heavens for Valentines Day! This Leo Full Moon truly is an invitation to express all that is in our hearts and to allow our romantic, creative, joyful self to come out and play!

Much Love



Picture: Cosmic Love 



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