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This is the second Eclipse of the season, signifying a very important time energetically as Eclipses tend to bring some kind of shift in consciousness and the beginning of a new chapter in whatever area of our chart the Moon falls in. This is no ordinary New Moon, as it will have more of a far reaching impact on our lives. Something is ending in order for something else to come into being. What needs to be left behind in the dark of the Moon so that we can move forward and grow? The New Moon is in Sagittarius, the truth seeker, so what beliefs might be holding us back and keeping us small? Are we too attached to our version of the truth and unable to hear alternative points of view? Are we afraid of the truth? What is the truth? Do we trust our intuitive inner "knowing", or do we override it with our rational, logical, “reasonable” mind? Are we able to perceive the bigger picture? These are all themes that could arise over the course of this New Moon/Eclipse.

Sagittarius is the part of us that isn’t afraid to shoot for the stars and is up for an adventure. It is a very optimistic sign and the part of us that seeks to broaden our horizons and expand our mind. People with a lot of Sagittarius energy in their chart tend to have a great deal of faith, as they are able to see every experience and situation, no matter how grim, as an opportunity for growth.This is the part of us that finds meaning in everything and has the faith that no matter how dark things get there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and some kind of higher purpose behind what is occurring. Sagittarius isn’t exactly known for its tact, but is more concerned with getting the truth out there, even if it hurts! Sagittarius abides by natural law rather than man-made law, which is a beautiful thing!

Whenever we have an Eclipse it brings the Nodes of the Moon into focus, highlighting the main focus of growth that we are currently facing, both personally and collectively. We are coming to the very end of the Nodes’ stay in Sagittarius and Gemini, which began in May 2020 and will end in December/January. The Sagittarius South Node has been bringing lessons around trusting our gut and our intuition - that part of us that knows what we know without quite knowing why we know it. The Gemini North Node, however, has been encouraging us to search for facts, data and proof of what we intuitively sense, although the absolute, overall truth has been somewhat elusive. The Gemini North Node has been asking us to use our common sense and pay attention to the word on the street and what we can actually see with our own eyes rather than automatically believing everything that is presented as “truth”.

The Gemini North Node has also been encouraging us to listen to other people’s points of view rather than becoming too entrenched in our version of the truth or trying to convince and convert others to our beliefs and convictions. There certainly have been many preachers on the pulpit in the past 18 months, expressing their beliefs in no uncertain terms and being quite intolerant of other people’s beliefs and points of view. Gemini invites us to really listen to each other rather than being self-righteous or resistant to any truth that challenges our own beliefs. It encourages us to apply some logic and common sense to whatever we are facing and to question and do some research rather than blindly and unquestioningly accepting what we are being presented with.

Gemini encourages us to find our voice, even if it feels difficult or scary, researching, gathering and sharing information with one another and expressing our thoughts and opinions in a way that people can understand and digest even if they may differ from their own. With the Nodes about to switch signs there could be a sense of urgency around sharing information and finding some way of bringing the truth out into the light. This energy will all be very much highlighted during this Moon, especially as we are getting so close to the end of this 18 month process that the Nodes have taken us through.

The Sabian symbol for this Moon, at 13° Sagittarius, tells quite a story: “A widow’s past is brought to light”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “The karma of past actions as it affects opportunities presented by a new cycle. What the “widow’s past” is remains obscure, but the point is that even as a past cycle is closed – a phase of married life ends – the karma of whatever deeds or misdeeds this cycle witnessed will almost inevitably intrude into the new life period. Also, once a cycle of activity is concluded, much that was unclear or unconsciously motivated in the events it witnessed can now more easily come to the clear consciousness of the mind. It is possible to joyously herald the dawn from high above the actual stresses of existence, but the new day may be found loaded and darkened by the unfinished business of many a yesterday. Mankind is “the widow,” because our soon-to-be-concluded Piscean Age has buried most of the ideals it once revered and proclaimed. Yet the New Age will have to deal with many oppressive ghosts. This is a symbol of RETRIBUTION.”

It will be interesting to see what comes out into the light during this Moon/Eclipse and over the next few weeks as the Nodes conclude this journey of growth through Gemini and Sagittarius. Uranus is forming a nagging inconjunct aspect to the Sun and Moon, which could mean that we are in for some kind of shock or surprise as the universe throws us the odd curve ball or two. With the Sun and Moon in the sign of the truth seeker, unpredictable Uranus, the Great Awakener could jolt us into sudden and unsettling awareness of some truths that have hitherto eluded us. Uranus and Saturn are working their way back towards the third and final square of this year, whereby the planet of authority, structure and control comes up against the planet of freedom, change and revolution. The structures of society have certainly received quite a shake up in recent times, with everything feeling very uncertain and unpredictable indeed. And who knows what shocks and surprises might be lurking around the next corner?

The energy of the square between Saturn and Uranus is building in strength over the course of this month and will culminate on 24 December. It will be interesting to see what happens during this time, with so much pressure building to bring the truth out into the light, as well as the planet of freedom and rebellion coming up against the planet of authority and control. Saturn is currently in Aquarius, the sign that represents the internet and technology, laying down the foundation for a greater use of authoritarian control through the use of technology. Uranus is in Taurus, the sign of finance and the natural world. Put the two together and we could have a revolution of the financial system involving a greater use of technology, and we could also have a tug of war or a split off between those who embrace the structure and tight control of a high tech society and those who value their freedom and the natural world, including bartering and living off the land.

Anyone with personal planets and angles around 11° of a sign will feel the energy of the Saturn Uranus square most acutely, especially those in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. They are such different energies, Saturn and Uranus, as Saturn lays down the rules while Uranus breaks the rules. Saturn is the strict parent or authority figure that conditions and programs us to conform to their expectations and act in a certain way, while Uranus is the maverick that questions the status quo and dares to stand out from the crowd, undoing the layers of conditioning and allowing individuation. Saturn lays down the structures and foundations that we rely on, while Uranus breaks them apart. Sometimes things have to break down for us to break through to the other side. Saturn represents the limits of what we perceive as reality. Uranus can blast that so-called reality into smithereens, revealing what lays beyond those limits, blowing our minds and forcing us to see a completely different perspective. This can be unsettling, to say the least, but if we remain flexible and willing to bend a little we could experience a sense of true liberation and incredible insight.

Venus is joining forces with Pluto in Capricorn over the next few days, exact on 11 Dec, as she prepares to go retrograde on 20 December. Venus is the planet of love, relationship, values and money, so when she comes into contact with Pluto, the planet of soul, power and transformation we could experience a metamorphosis of our values or power plays around money and relationships. Pluto can deepen our relationships, forcing some hitherto hidden material to come out into the open so that we could feel a bit more exposed and vulnerable. Issues around trust, loss, jealousy, obsession, sphere. Pluto can bring some darkness out into the light, which also brings to mind the Sabian symbol for this Moon. What secrets might be exposed, what psychological complexes could be revealed and what agendas might come to light? Venus and Pluto will conjoin three times in the next few months - 11 December, 25 December and one last time on 3 March, when Mars will also be in on the act.

This is not an easy Moon, per se, but it could bring about some important change and insight as the truth comes out somehow. Sagittarius really wants to understand the bigger picture, while Gemini wants us to apply common sense. The Sabian symbol ties in with so much of the planetary energy of this Moon, such as the karma of Saturn, the truth of Sagittarius, the dark, exposing, transforming energy of Pluto, not to mention the sense of a new chapter that an Eclipse represents.

What needs to come out into the open so that we can move forward to the next phase? What truths have been obscured that now need to be revealed? What kind of karma and retribution are we looking at, and for what deeds? With Mercury, the ruler of the Gemini North Node also in Sagittarius, there is a huge emphasis on truth during this Moon. Not what we want to believe because it is convenient to us, but rather the plain, simple, ungarnished truth. Sagittarius wouldn’t have it any other way!

The truth shall set you free.

Much Love



Picture: The Truth, by Shivani Goel


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