LIBRA NEW MOON - 6 October 2021

Exact at 12.05pm UK time (BST)

This is a potent New Moon which has the potential to have a strong impact on the month ahead. We have the Sun, Moon, Mars and Retrograde Mercury all sitting together in the peace-loving, diplomatic, sociable sign of Libra, which very much puts the focus on our relationships. We also have a lot of retrograde planets at the moment, including Mercury, calling us to go back over ground that we have already covered. As ever, the New Moon holds the potential for us to seed something new and to leave whatever isn’t serving us behind in the dark of the Moon. What positive intentions can we set in motion around the way we relate to others, especially our most intimate other? What habits and patterns might we want to release that tend to sabotage our relationships? What do we actually want our relationships to look like? How and where in our life do we tend to go to extremes and would like to find more balance? Do we need to look at another point of view? These are all good questions to ask around a Libra New Moon!

Libra is the part of us that likes to be around others and seeks balance and harmony. This is the sign represented by the scales that helps us to find the middle ground rather than veering too far towards one extreme or the other. Libra helps us to take a fair, balanced and reasonable approach and to see things from both sides, which could be rather helpful in this current climate that has become so very divisive. We are encouraged to really listen so that we can see things from another perspective and gain some true understanding of where the other person is coming from. This is an ideal opportunity to open ourselves up to other points of view and walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

Libra is particularly adept at the art of compromise, although when taken too far it can lead to people pleasing and acquiescence. While Libra reminds us that there is no “I” in team and is particularly adept at the art of relationship, this Moon may also invite us to recognise where and how we may lose ourselves, or give our power away, or let things slide for the sake of peace and harmony. Ultimately Libra is seeking a sense of fairness and equality, whereby there is no power imbalance and no one person has the upper hand. Libra’s ideal is equal give and take, based on mutual love, consideration and respect. This Moon could make us more aware of how the power may have shifted too far in one direction, giving us an opportunity to balance the scales so that true harmony can be achieved.

Mars is in exactly the same degree as the Sun and Moon during this Moon, which is very interesting because Mars rules Aries, the sign opposite Libra. While the Libran part of ourselves likes to keep the peace and is not a fan of conflict, Mars is the warrior planet! The presence of this strong, assertive, motivated and forceful energy could help us to stand up and fight for the Libra principles of fairness, justice, balance and equality. Mars In gentle Libra is not exactly aggressive, but could help us to have the courage to bring anything out into the open which may be causing unhealthy dynamics within our relationships. With Mercury also involved we could find that we are able to communicate in a more candid, direct, honest, impulsive and forthright manner about any underlying issues within our relationships and to voice our needs. Libra reminds us to be kind and loving with one another, so this could be a good opportunity to bring things out into the open, make decisions and act on them, but hopefully without too much ego involved.

Mars, the Sun and Moon are sitting together at 13° Libra, while Mercury is at 20° Libra during this Moon, but the Sun, Mars and Mercury will be gathered together in a pack between 5 Oct and 11 Oct, so we can expect some brave, direct, honest, open conversations to occur during that time. However, it is important to be aware that when the Sun and Mars join together there is the potential for an increase in ego drive, although this will hopefully be tempered by the kind, peaceful nature of Libra! However, Libra can also bring out extremist behaviour when it is not balanced, so there is the potential for impatience, frustration, anger and conflict. Anyone with personal planets or angles between 11 and 20 degrees of a sign will feel the energy most acutely, especially in the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

Mercury went retrograde in Libra on 27 September and will remain so until 18 October, when the planet of mind and communication will turn direct again. This gives us an opportunity to look back, review and reflect, going back over old ground to see what we have learned in the past few months and what we may have missed. Any unresolved material within our relationships could come up during this time, whether it pertains to past or current relationships. People could pop up from the past with whom we have unfinished business, giving us a chance to revisit and resolve any issues that we have previously been unable to face and that may be holding us back in some way.

This feels like a wonderful opportunity to go back so that we can move forward. It will be interesting to see what comes up as Mercury, Mars and the Sun join forces over the next week or so. This could be a time of open, candid, direct communication that could be very helpful indeed for our relationships, helping us to bring anything up that may hitherto have felt uncomfortable to face or difficult to voice.

Uranus and Chiron are both a big part of this Moon, as they are forming challenging aspects to the Sun. Moon and Mars. Chiron in Aries could bring about some triggers that expose our sore spots and wounding so that we have a chance to heal them. There is the potential for people close to us saying or doing things that trigger and provoke reactions in us, causing us to be somewhat over-sensitive or  defensive. However, with all this Libran energy around it will hopefully be quite gentle, giving us the chance to be open and honest with one another so that we can bring healing to whatever comes up for us. Chiron in Aries doesn’t exactly have the softest bedside manner, but sometimes tough love is exactly what is needed instead of pussy footing around the issue!

Uranus is the Awakener, the planet of radical change that brings about curveballs and wake-up calls that help to release us from stagnant ruts and unhealthy patterns. This unpredictable planet is forming an almost exact inconjunct aspect with the Sun, Moon and Mars during this Moon, which could help us to liberate ourselves from old, stuck, conditioned habits of relating so that we are free to be completely ourselves. We may act or react in ways that shock or surprise us, but this could be very refreshing, as it enables us to be more authentic and true to ourselves and our values. There is the potential for some shocks or surprises, wilful action and sudden acts of aggression or rebellion, but Uranus also brings a breath of fresh air, excitement and liberation from any programming that may hold us prisoner. This energy adds to the open, direct, honest nature of Mars, Mercury and the Sun, as it calls for us to be true to ourselves and open to change and progression.

The energy of Pluto is also incredibly strong and potent during this Moon, as it is stationary and turning direct on the same day. Not to mention that Venus, the ruler of Libra, is in Scorpio, Pluto’s sign. Pluto and Scorpio ask us to dig deep and face some uncomfortable truths, exposing our tender underbelly and confronting the parts of ourselves and life that we might prefer not to see or admit to. On both a personal and collective level, anything hidden, rotting or secret could come out into the light and power dynamics could be shown up for what they are, forcing us to be more transparent. Indeed, the Plutonian themes of power/powerlessness, soul-growth, loss, abandonment, trust and transformation could be very prominent in the few days before and after the New Moon. With Venus in Scorpio, our psychological compulsions and complexes could show themselves within our relationships, which could ultimately lead to a deepening of intimacy and closeness, as uncomfortable as it may feel initially!

The Sabian Symbol of this Moon, at 14° Libra, is: “In the heat of the noon hour, a man takes a siesta”, which Dane Rudyar describes as: “The need for recuperation within the social pattern of everyday activity. This symbol can be seen as emphasizing the need for techniques of RELAXATION, and the need to allow the functions of body and psyche to “digest,” free from external pressures”. This symbol seems to be a call for rest and recuperation, for honouring our bodies and recognising when enough is enough. Sometimes we just need time out to stop, reflect and digest rather than battling through. This symbol seems very much in keeping with the peaceful aspect of Libra and Mercury Retrograde, which calls for our minds to take a bit of a break and for us to take the time to reflect and review rather than moving forward.

This Moon has a rather refreshing quality and does seem to bring the potential for some kind of shift, especially in the realm of our relationships. The supporting planetary energy of Mars, Uranus and Chiron brings opportunity for change, courage, open honesty and healing, and all under the umbrella of kind, considerate, peace-loving Libra, a sign that ultimately seeks harmony, fairness and equality. With Pluto and Venus in Scorpio involved we definitely have the possibility for some sticky, karmic, uncomfortable material to come out into the open, but ultimately this is only a good thing. It is important to bring the shadows out into the light and for all to be transparent. With Chiron in Aries and Mars involved there definitely is the potential for some anger and forceful energy to come up, but ultimately this energy helps get things out into the open and gives us courage to confront anything we may usually shy away from. Above all, however, Libra reminds us to be kind.

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Painting: Balance, by Sergey Kolesnikov

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