ARIES FULL MOON - 20 Oct 2021

Exact at 3.56pm UK time (GMT)

This is a powerfully potent and passionate Full Moon, and that is probably an understatement! It always strengthens the power of a Moon when the ruling planet of the Moon’s sign is also very prominent and during this lunation Mars, the ruler of Aries, is sitting right next to the Sun and opposite the Moon. Not only that, but we have Pluto, the planet of the soul, power and transformation, forming a challenging and dynamic square to the Sun, Moon and particularly Mars, which could stir up some powerful emotions and subconscious complexes, forcing us to confront some potentially uncomfortable material. Not to mention that Full Moons, by their very nature, have a tendency to bring out whatever has been simmering away beneath the surface out into the light of consciousness! With the Moon in Aries and the Sun opposite in Libra, the focus of this Moon is our relationships. An Aries Full Moon certainly is an ideal opportunity to get everything out into the open and we might have no choice in the matter!

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, a very impulsive energy and the part of us that has the courage to start something new. Indeed, Aries and Mars are what get us out of the bed in the morning and motivate us to take action! However, it can also cause us to act first and think later, which is sometimes a good thing but can also get us into trouble! This Full Moon could bring out the more assertive, forthright, enthusiastic, candid, open and honest part of us, but could also bring conflict, aggression, irritation, anger, domination, force and fiery tempers! This is where the Libra Sun comes in, not to mention that Mars and Mercury are also in this peace-loving, reasonable and considerate sign. Libra calls for tact, diplomacy, kindness, compromise and the capacity to really listen and see things from the other point of view. However, taken to the extreme this can mean people-pleasing, while Aries helps us to stand up for ourselves, draw a line in the sand and say “No!” when our boundaries have been trespassed.

While the Aries Moon could bring the temperature up somewhat, bringing out our more passionate nature and causing us to get a bit hot under the collar, Libra likes to keep its cool and doesn’t allow its feathers to get too ruffled. However, with Mars also in Libra at the moment and so involved with this Moon there is the potential for a certain degree of antagonism within our relationships and for any grievances to be forced out into the open. “Better out than in” could be a Mars/Aries motto! Libra helps us to negotiate and compromise, navigating whatever comes up with grace, love and consideration for one another. However, the potential for miscommunication and misunderstandings is rife in the build up to this Moon, with Mercury turning direct on Monday 18 Oct, ending its 3 week retrograde period.

It is important to be mindful of how we treat one another in the few days before this Moon, and to harness the brave, pioneering energy of Aries to help us do anything that we have been putting off and to courageously face anything we have hitherto been too scared to confront. This is helped along by many of the planets that have been retrograde recently now turning direct, helping us to move forward instead of looking back or feeling somehow blocked. Jupiter is also supporting the Sun and Mars, bringing a sense that anything is possible and instilling us with optimism, enthusiasm and the motivation to look forward and expand our horizons.  

The Sun and Mars have been travelling together since the end of September and will still be joined at the hip for this lunation. This combination can help us to find the courage, motivation and initiative to truly shine in the world and move past obstacles and blocks that may usually prevent us from taking action. This combo can bring a strong sense of purpose and the willingness to take the bull by the horns and create the life we so dearly yearn for. Since these two yang energies are also in Libra, the sign of relationship, there is a sense that we don’t need to do it all alone, but can lean on others for help, encouragement, motivation and support, reminding us who we are and what we are capable of. There is also the potential for antagonism, clashes of wills, ego issues, anger, aggression and domination, although this is somewhat tempered by the gentle, diplomatic energy of Libra. However, Libra is also a sign of extremes and can easily lose the balance it strives for, especially as this Sun and Mars combo are opposing the emotional and fiery Aries Moon at the time of the Full Moon.

Anyone with planets or angles on or around 27° of a sign, especially the Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, will feel the energy of this Moon most acutely. However, Mars and Pluto are closer to the 23/24° mark, and this energy is incredibly powerful during this Moon with Pluto almost exactly square Mars. This is such a potent, intense and passionate combination - the planet of soul, transformation and power squaring off against the planet of war, action, energy, sexuality and desire and energy! It could give us the courage, drive, motivation and energy to truly face things that we would usually run a mile from, leaving no stone unturned! Indeed, it could also bring superhuman force and the capacity to deeply transform through the strength of our will.

However, there is also a ruthless, destructive, rage-full element to this combination that could cause us to act and react from a compulsive place deep within our subconscious. Power struggles and intense conflict are possible, as one person (or side) attempts to control, use force or dominate in overt or covert ways. While we could become all too aware of our psychological complexes and how they influence our behaviour, actions and reactions, we also have the opportunity to be brutally honest with ourselves and others and to move through some massive obstacles. We may have to confront some uncomfortable material in ourselves and others during this time, bringing greater transparency and exposure, which is ultimately a good thing.

It is possible that any darkness or corruption that is uncovered or exposed could bring up a considerable amount of anger, calling for us to stand up for justice. Libra Mars seeks equality and fairness, while Pluto in Capricorn is continuing its work exposing the rot in the power structures. The square is exact on Fri 22 Oct, but will be very strong before and during this Full Moon and could be incredibly constructive or very destructive indeed. Certainly issues around power could be very pronounced during this Moon and it could be very cathartic indeed!

Uranus, the Great Awakener and harbinger of change is also present during this Moon, forming a nagging inconjunct aspect to both Venus and Mercury. This could bring some sudden shocks in the realm of our relationships and our finances, causing us to approach them from a different perspective. Uranus needs freedom, so there is the potential for needing more space from our significant other than we usually might. Indeed, with Mercury involved we may give or receive news that forces us to think outside of the box and could come as a great surprise. Sometimes we need an emotional shock to jolt us out of complacency and stagnation and set us on a different path that is actually more appropriate to who we really are. Uranus could certainly deliver some curve balls around the time of this Moon, but a shift in perspective is often a good thing, as it allows us to shift and change any inappropriate habits or patterns.

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon, at 28° Aries, is “A large audience confronts the performer who disappointed its expectations”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “The necessity for mature preparation and self-criticism. The performer is actually made fully aware of having promised – to the many elements of his own personality as well as perhaps to other human beings – more than he was able to deliver. The issue is how to handle this situation. The manner in which it is met determines the individual’s future possibilities of development and achievement. The individual is not alone concerned, for in a sense mankind as a whole will be affected. What is required, therefore, is an objective inclusiveness of the whole environments; thus a sense of RESPONSIBILITY for what one’s actions will produce in people who have been made to expect significant results.” This is an interesting and evocative symbol that seems to tie in nicely with the potential of the Pluto Mars square. Who and what is the “performer” and how have they disappointed us, to the point of confrontation?

It certainly seems that things could come to a head during this Full Moon, both personally and collectively! Aries energy has a certain innocence and naivety about it, and certainly doesn’t have an agenda, while Pluto most definitely reveals any subconscious motivations, psychological complexes and hidden agendas. Whatever comes bubbling up to the surface during this Moon could ultimately be very helpful, insightful, cleansing and purifying, although it could also feel quite uncomfortable and difficult to face! There are some things that it is easier to turn a blind eye to and leave in the shadows, denying their existence, but once we are able to look at them they lose their power. There is something potentially cathartic about this Moon and it could also give us the motivation, drive and courage to step outside of our comfort zone and make things happen. It is important, however, to be aware that emotions could be riding high and our passion ignited, so we must be mindful of our actions and reactions as the fire could easily burn out of control!

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Painting: Fire and Passion 2 by Lorraine Skala

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