TAURUS NEW MOON - 11 May 2021

Exact at 6.59pm UK time

This New Moon is well supported by spiritual, ego-dissolving Neptune and powerful, transforming Pluto, not to mention that Taurus is inherently gentle by nature. This is a sign that likes to chew the cud, taking its time and enjoying the sensual pleasures of life. Taurus is grounded, stable, loyal, sensible, serene and values peace and simplicity. Not one for drama, this earthy part of ourselves delights in the senses, enjoying all we can see, taste, hear, touch and smell. Taurus is the part of us that likes to provide for others, including cooking a good meal for friends and family or making sure we can put a roof over our loved ones’ heads. During this New Moon we are invited to leave behind whatever no longer serves us and contemplate what truly holds value in our lives. What, when it comes down to it, is truly important to us? What gives us greatest pleasure? What is absolutely essential and what is actually not as important as we may think?


The Taurus part of ourselves likes to feel safe and secure, knowing that we have all we need to survive in the world. However, there is also a danger of becoming a bit stuck or limited when we are in survival mode and operating from a fear of lack or a need to maintain a sense of security. Similarly, we can easily become weighed down and stuck when we have accumulated too many possessions. It can feel so freeing to declutter, clear the qi and shed any dead weight we might be carrying around! When we tune into our inner Taurus we find what we need to survive in the world and are able to tap into our innate talents, resourcefulness and self-sufficiency rather than expecting anyone else to take care of our needs.Taurus helps us to develop a healthy sense of self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem so that we can attract abundance into our lives.


With Neptune forming a helpful sextile aspect to the Sun and Moon, we are invited to really develop faith and trust that we can take a risk and will still be supported and land on our feet. Neptune invites us to go with the flow of the river, trusting that if something is right for us we will find the resources we need to make it happen. It also reminds us that connection and love are far more important, when it comes down to it, than money and possessions. And they will ultimately be what see us through. It is so very easy to get stuck in a rut in order to feel safe and secure, but Neptune reminds us not to cling to safety and supposed security, but rather to surrender to the flow of our journey, trusting that we will somehow be supported. It is important to know when to hold on and when to let go.


With Uranus currently in Taurus, that part of us that tends to stay in comfortable, familiar situations even when they are no longer promoting growth is being well and truly challenged! Uranus cannot abide comfortable ruts or stagnation and will well and truly shake things up in order to get the energy moving again. Uranus is the part of us that needs to feel free from any unhealthy attachments and can bring radical change into our lives, which is something that the Taurus part of ourselves fears and resists most! I remember reading somewhere that it is only when things have become absolutely intolerable that we seek change. Often when something new, unfamiliar and different is put in front of us, the majority of us humans tend to resist and cling to the old ways, even if the new way is actually easier!   


However, change is afoot! Uranus has been in Taurus since 2018 and will remain there until 2026. This process is bringing a radical change in our values, the potential for a revolution of the monetary system, ecological innovation and progression and a grand old shake up of the economy. Possibly we are being asked to approach issues around financial security and survival in a radically different way, as we are forced to think outside the box and find an alternative to any old, outworn, outmoded and decrepit systems that have no place in the world we are creating.


Uranus is an erratic, disruptive, shocking, inventive influence which is quite unsettling for the Taurus part of ourselves that craves stability, but it could also be so freeing if we relax into it! This is a really good opportunity to release ourselves from any values or possessions that are simply unnecessary or weighing us down, and to develop a different relationship to what we have, moving away from this disposable, throw away culture and taking better care of our things. Quality, not quantity! Uranus can wake us up to what is really important and help us to approach issues around survival from a different perspective.    


Uranus is part of a Yod, or Finger of God formation with Mars and the South Node of the Moon, forming a helpful sextile aspect to Mars which could really help us to actively bring change into our lives. Mars is currently in Cancer, inviting us to really feel into things before we take action and also bringing a desire to find our roots and a sense of true belonging. Mars and Uranus can give us the courage, motivation and desire to initiate change, although we are invited to take it slowly and feel our way into what feels right rather than plunging head first without thinking. We may somehow  feel a sense of restriction lifting, enabling us to free ourselves from inhibiting circumstances, habits, conditioning, patterns and beliefs that may be holding us back from moving forward.


The focus of the Yod is the South Node of the Moon in Sagittarius, so possibly we are being prompted to free ourselves from limiting beliefs and open our minds so that we can see more possibilities. The release point of this Yod is the Gemini North Node which, interestingly enough, has Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, sitting right on top of it! This intensifies and strengthens the growth possibility of the North Node. Possibly we are being asked to open ourselves up to lots of different ideas and to recognise what beliefs are holding us back from finding the sense of freedom and change that we desire. If we don’t believe that something is possible then we can so easily block ourselves from getting what we so dearly wish for!


Mercury in Gemini invites us to investigate, do some research, ask around, see what people think, chat about our ideas, voice our beliefs and, most importantly, to be open to other people giving us an alternative point of view. It is so easy to get stuck in unhelpful beliefs without realising it, as often they are so entrenched and unconscious, stemming from experiences in childhood. Venus, the ruler of this Moon, is also in Gemini and close to the North Node, so there is a sense of communication and the exchange of information being very important during the next couple of weeks. Mars and Uranus are giving us the courage and desire for change, but maybe we just need to see what beliefs are holding us prisoner. We are getting very close to Eclipse season, which represents the start of a new chapter and can bring big shifts in consciousness. This Moon invites us to open our minds to fresh ideas and possibilities and to allow them to percolate and digest.


Saturn is also very present during this Moon, as it is square Uranus and involved with yet another Finger of God formation with Mars and the South Node of the Moon! Saturn can hold us back from acting due to fear and even pessimism. Fear can also make us very angry, reactive and defensive, especially when someone or something is challenging our more rigid and fear-based beliefs. When we know, without a doubt, that we are coming from a place of truth there is no reason to react in an angry or defensive way. There is nothing to defend! However, when we know, deep down, that we are wrong or our fears are being exposed or challenged, we tend to react in anger. Another thing that can bring up anger is when someone has trespassed our boundaries.


While Uranus is helping Mars, getting us all motivated and excited about change, revolution and progression, Saturn is highlighting how our fear and conditioning can prevent action and bring up insecurity, fear and a need to somehow maintain a sense of control. However, we can also harness the higher power of Saturn in positive aspect to the Nodes and Mercury, which helps us to remain realistic and sensible in our thinking, coming up with ideas that are grounded in reality which we can work patiently towards. Saturn in Aquarius is calling us to take responsibility for our hopes and dreams and the kind of future we want for ourselves, and this next few weeks could help us to come up with some realistic ideas around how to make that happen. We are invited to gather together with like-minded souls, exchanging ideas and practical solutions for any doubts, fears and resistance that may come up.


The planets and Nodes involved in these Yods are all around 11° of Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Sagittarius, while Saturn is at 13 ° Aquarius, so anyone with personal planets or angles between 9° and 15° will feel the energy the most acutely.  


The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon, at 22° Taurus, is: “White dove flying over troubled waters”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “The spiritual inspiration that comes to the individual in the overcoming of crisis.” He goes on to say “Here also we are confronted with a symbol of guidance, and the dove flying over troubled waters reminds one of the stories of Noah and the Ark. Noah met his and mankind’s crisis courageously and in complete obedience to God’s promptings. The test completed, he received the dove’s message. It is a message from the Holy Spirit announcing a new Dispensation. The symbol scene can be applied to personal crises resulting from emotional upheavals or from the irruption of unconscious forces and impulses into the consciousness – if the crisis has been faced in the right spirit. This symbol is the rhythm of cosmic, God-ordained cycles that reveals its conclusive beat through a living and concretely significant sign – a REWARD TO THE FAITHFUL.” This certainly is a symbol of hope and peace and the promise that if we just stay on course and don’t allow ourselves to be dragged off course by all that surrounds us, our faith will be rewarded.


While this Moon may be in Taurus, a fixed sign that can be quite resistant to change and attached to the status quo, there is also plenty of Gemini energy around, which is very curious, flexible, open-minded, adaptable and open to new ideas and concepts. This New Moon feels like it is paving the way for the Eclipses that are coming up, opening us up to the idea of change and helping us to become more aware of how certain beliefs may be limiting us and holding us back. With Pluto helping out, we have the potential for transformation, whereby we are asked to be completely honest about what our souls need in order to grow and are able to make the choices necessary to implement the necessary change.


This Taurus Moon invites us to contemplate what really holds value in our lives. What, when it comes down to it, do we really need to survive? What gives us our greatest pleasure? Can we cultivate a feeling of safety and security that comes from within rather than being reliant on the external? What skills and talents do we have to help us provide for ourselves and our loved ones? What do we have to offer the new world we are moving towards? Are we able to transcend our fears about survival and invite in change instead of resisting it? Have we got the faith needed to step into the unknown? What truly holds value in our lives and what would we be willing to let go of? In the meantime, Taurus invites us to delight in and fully appreciate all the amazing gifts that Mother Earth has to offer. When we are truly grateful for what we already have then we allow in the energy of abundance. Now is the time to sow some seeds in the rich, fertile soil and see what springs out of them.


Much Love





Picture: Seedling, by Aleah Michele


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