PISCES NEW MOON - 13 March 2021

Exact at 10.21am UK time

Well, this is a super concentrated Pisces New Moon! The Sun, Moon and Venus are all sitting right next to Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, which will exaggerate, intensify and magnify the sensitive, imaginative, empathetic Pisces energy. As such, we may well find ourselves particularly open, in tune and in the flow. This is the last New Moon in the astrological calendar and Pisces energy is very much at home with the Balsamic phase of the Moon, so we should not be surprised if we are more tired than usual in the coming days. This Balsamic dark moon phase is a time for rest, recuperation and quiet contemplation; a time to turn within and to pay attention to the whisper of our souls and our dreams. It is a time to contemplate what we might want to release and what seeds we want to sow for the coming month. This certainly is a good Moon to use our imaginations to set our intentions and to dream up the kind of reality we want to be living in.

The highest vibration of Pisces is compassion, empathy, intuition, true connection and unconditional love. This is the sign that seeks to dissolve any barriers that may be preventing us from connecting with spirit, including our ego and sense of “I am”. This is the sign of the mystic, the part of ourselves that seeks union with the Divine and knows that ultimately we all come from the same melting pot. During this Moon we may find that our compassion and empathy towards one another is greatly heightened, as any boundaries or sense of separation have the potential to dissolve as our protective walls and defenses come down. We may also find that our skin is somewhat thinner, as we experience life in excruciating and exquisite ways. This energy will feel especially acute for anyone with personal planets or angles between 18 and 25 degrees of a sign, especially the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. This could be a great time for any imaginative or creative work, as we could be better able to find inspiration and channel from the divine.

There is of course the darker side of Pisces, which includes the potential to feel profound disillusionment and the need to escape reality through drugs and alcohol, daydreaming, fantasising, sleep, movies, books, computer games; whatever means we may have in order to help us to exit stage left! There is a difference between simply enjoying a good book, for instance, or using it as a way to avoid whatever we are facing. Pisces is the part of us that feel completely overwhelmed and unable to cope, and can also make us feel as if we are at the mercy of forces larger than ourselves, like a leaf blowing about in the wind. It is the part of us that can fall into victim mode, or can spend our time trying to rescue those who won’t help themselves. This New Moon could bring great insight and greater connection to spirit, but could also bring confusion, disorientation, fogginess, smoke screens and illusions, over-sensitivity, lack of clarity and even loss of meaning.

Venus and Neptune will be very close indeed to an exact conjunction to each other during this Moon, which could be so beautiful as Venus represents our capacity for “human” love while Neptune and Pisces represent unconditional love that seeks nothing in return. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. This can help us to relate to one another without our usual defenses, enabling us to see through our faรงades or personas and see each other’s true essence. In its highest form, this conjunction can bring feelings and acts of unconditional love and beautiful heartfelt connection to one another. It can bring greater acceptance of ourselves and others, as well as the capacity to forgive one another. It is gentle, tender, devoted and kind.

However, it does also bring the potential for our fantasies to get in the way of seeing our loved ones clearly, so that we relate to one another’s divine potential rather than the real person in all their flawed humanity and imperfection! This combination could certainly make the rose-tinted spectacles  particularly pink and foggy! In the extreme it can bring deception and pulling the wool over the other person’s eyes. However, this truly is a beautiful combination, as it brings the potential for Divine Love. The conjunction will be very strong during the New Moon and will be exact in the early hours of Sunday morning UK time. The Sabian Symbol for the conjunction, at 21° Pisces, is: “Under the watchful and kind eye of a Chinese servant, a girl fondles a little white lamb”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “The Chinese kindly watching the white girl fondling the white lamb. There is charm and ingenuousness in the scene – a vision of WHITE HOPE, a hope for a future that can only be felt, almost naively”.

This Moon is quite simple, pure and unfettered, which is rather lovely. The Saturn Uranus square is on the wane and Neptune square the Nodes is now a thing of the past, and aside from the Neptune Venus conjunction the only other aspect to the Moon is a helpful sextile from powerful Pluto in Capricorn. This brings the potential for transformation and soul growth and the capacity to look at ourselves honestly as we strip away any self-deceit and face our shadows with love, forgiveness and acceptance. Pluto in Capricorn is continuing the work it began in 2008 of exposing the rot in our power structures and bringing about a death an rebirth of the patriarchal system so that something healthier can take its place. This process has also helped us to transform our attitude to success and to make any necessary changes to the work we do in the world so that it is more aligned to soul.

Mars is now in chatty, curious Gemini, which could have our mind racing and may mean that we shoot from the hip, speaking first and thinking later! Mars is a motivating force, so we may have a strong desire to gather information so that we have greater understanding of what is going on, and also to share it. Mars in Gemini can bring very enthusiastic conversations whereby ideas and opinions are delivered with considerable force and fervour. In the extreme, there is the potential for arguments, heated debates and even aggression in the way we communicate. Mars is not known for being very patient! Decisions may be made very quickly and impulsively, and may be regretted later. Words could be used as weapons. It is definitely good practice to be mindful before we think and speak! Mars is in Gemini from 3 March to 23 April.

The Sabian Symbol, at 24° Pisces, is “On a small island surrounded by the vast expanse of sea, people are seen living in close interaction”, which Dane Rudyar describes as: “The need to consciously accept one’s own personal limitations in order to concentrate one’s energies and to live a centred and fulfilled life. Every individual person is a small island in the vast ocean of mankind. The ego fulfils a necessary function, as it sets boundaries and gives a specific character to the consciousness. Within these boundaries a complex interplay linking and interrelating the various aspects of the personal life can operate constructively. In time, these ego-boundaries can not only expand, but can become a zone of intense interchange between the inner and the outer, between the individual and the community, between man and the universe. This symbol tells us that the first duty of any man or woman is to be truly what he or she is as an individual. But this individual has a particular dharma, i.e. a place and function, in a vaster whole. The island’s inhabitants get subsistence from the sea, and in time learn to navigate this sea and interact with other islanders – and all eventually will come to realise their oneness within the whole Earth, which includes everything. An appropriate keyword would be CENTRALISATION”

This symbol seems to bring up issues around boundaries, which is not Pisces super power! Pisces is that part of us that knows that ultimately we are all one, but it is tricky sometimes when we allow others to trespass our boundaries or take advantage of our good nature, as it can bring up hurt and anger. Some people have stronger boundaries than others and are better at drawing the line in the sand, while some of us don’t really know our boundaries until someone has trampled all over them! This Moon seems to be encouraging us to find our ebb and flow, allowing our boundaries to give a little rather than being too rigid. We are all in this thing called life together, despite having different experiences of it. Pisces is a very fluid sign that can bend with the wind and go with the flow of the river, gently eroding and smoothing away the obstacles along the way. Ultimately it invites us to surrender to what is, finding profound acceptance of ourselves, our loved ones and the situation we find ourselves in. Instead of fighting against the current we are encouraged to just let go and see where the river takes us.

Much Love



Painting: Going with the Flow - Michella Griffith

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