CAPRICORN NEW MOON - 13 January 2021

Exact at 5am UK time

This is the first New Moon of this year and involves a high degree of planetary tension, instability and excitement! We have the potential to set some powerful intentions for both ourselves and the world we live in, leaving whatever isn’t serving us behind in the dark of the Moon and contemplating what we wish for as the Moon starts its new phase. Capricorn is very good at the art of self-reflection and can help us to be realistic about our intentions, but not only that, it gives us the discipline and resolution to steadily work towards our goals.This is especially important at the moment, given that we are living in such an uncertain, unstable times, watching the Capricornian structures crumble around us. In an ideal world, what would we like to take their place? What kind of world to we want to live in moving forward? How can we help make that happen? How might we need to grow up, step up and take more responsibility, becoming more accountable for ourselves and our future?

The Sun and Moon are sitting right next to Pluto, the planet of power, soul and transformation, so this particular New Moon could pack a serious punch as it has more of an impact on our soul growth and evolution, both personally and collectively. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 and will be there until 2023, slowly but surely exposing the rot and flaws within both our personal and societal structures. Pluto is the God of the underworld, who is not afraid to confront the darker aspects of life and dig out anything that might be corrupt, unhealthy, outworn or antiquated. Pluto is also the agent of cataclysmic change and transformation; the planet of death and rebirth that slowly but surely destroys anything that is no longer working so that something healthier and better for us can rise up out of the ashes. This New Moon could help us to peer into the shadows and really confront whatever we find there, even if it’s not pretty, so that we can transmute it. It may be hard to find anywhere to hide!

Eris, the goddess of chaos, strife and discord, is forming a challenging square aspect to the Sun, Moon and Pluto, and is incredibly strong right now because she is stationary, about to turn direct. This energy calls for us to wake up and open our eyes to what we don’t want to see, to take our power back, to take action and set a ball in motion for change and transformation. Often Eris’s energy can spark unrest and can cause things to quickly unravel, almost spiraling out of control. She is known for things going “viral”. She is a powerful force for those who are outcast or misunderstood by the mainstream of society, calling them to stand up and be counted. She is involved in a long standing battle with Pluto over the past year or so, challenging the powers that be to be more accountable and transparent, and is now directly impacting this New Moon.

Mars has finally left Aries on 6 January and is now in Taurus, meaning that the warrior planet has moved from fire to earth, which could be more stable and less impulsive. However, Mars is now moving towards a conjunction with Uranus, the Great Awakener and Revolutionary, who tends to bring sudden events that shock and surprise us into change and force a change of perspective. Mars and Uranus together is a volatile combination and can bring rebellious and revolutionary acts, unrest, the courage to question the status quo and consensus reality, sudden outbursts of violence or anger and, especially in Taurus, volcanoes and earthquakes. In fact, we could experience volcanic eruptions in our own lives, especially if we have personal planets or angles around 6° of a sign, particularly the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. The energy of this conjunction will be present all month, but will at its strongest on 20 January. We can expect some shock and surprises while these two characters join forces! Neither like being told what to do by those in authority!

Just to add to the story, Mars and Uranus are forming a challenging square aspect to Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury in Aquarius during this Moon! There has recently been a shift from the controlled, authoritarian, oppressive and repressive energy of Capricorn to the rebellious, humanitarian, freedom loving Aquarius, which will now be accentuated and magnified by the square from Uranus, being the ruler of Aquarius. Especially strong during this Moon is the square to Jupiter and Mercury, which brings the potential for our minds to be blown and our more rigid, conditioned and programmed beliefs to be radically changed and challenged. It is quite possible that people will be more assertive and rebellious and outspoken during this Moon, and there could be more uprisings demanding the truth to be revealed and for freedom in every sense of the word. The Uranus Jupiter square will be exact on 18 January.  

Capricorn is the sign of government and authority, which represents the conditioning we have received from our parents and society. Aquarius is a sign that represents the people and questions the rules and regulations, seeking tolerance, freedom, equality and community spirit. With Saturn and Jupiter now in Aquarius, we are called to envision a better future for ourselves and the world. Saturn, the ruler of this New Moon, asks us to be realistic about this vision so that it actually has a chance of working in the real world. We are also invited to step up and become truly accountable for whatever we want to bring in, both for ourselves and for the community we live in. How can we make a difference, in concrete terms, on the ground level? What little things can we do to help create the world we would like to live in?

There is another side to Saturn in Aquarius, of course, that is being challenged by this rebellious, revolutionary Mars Uranus combination. Saturn can make us all too aware of the reality of living in this technological age, in terms of how it isolates us and affects our health, physically, spiritually and mentally, and how it can be used as a form of control and suppression in the form of a technocracy. Similarly, Saturn can limit and suppress any Aquarian tendencies such as the right to protest or question the status quo, the capacity to gather in groups, our civil rights and liberties and our sense of freedom. This is the shadowy side of Saturn in Aquarius.

Mars and Uranus will be challenging this energy in the coming weeks, as Uranus and Saturn build up to the first of three squares this year which will peak on 17 February. This could bring about the dismantling of the structures of our lives and could radically challenge the way we perceive reality. However, this is a necessary process that we are going through, as sometimes things have to break down in order for us to break through to the other side! This is Uranus’s job, to wake us up and break down our conditioning and programming so that we are able to open up to different possibilities and can see life from a different perspective. Uranus is the jolt that we need sometimes to break us out of old patterns and habits that just don’t work anymore. It is the epiphany, sudden insight or realisation that wakes us up and creates necessary change. It is the shock that makes us realise that what we thought was real is nothing but an illusion.

Speaking of illusion, Neptune square the Nodes is so strong right now, bringing the possibility that all is not as it seems! It is nigh on impossible to know what the truth is, so we are all encouraged to keep an open mind. Neptune is the king of glamour, theatre, illusion, delusion, spells, overwhelm, enchantments and trances, all of which we could be susceptible to right now. The Gemini North Node urges us to use our common sense, while Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, encourages us to question what we are being told and to think outside the box. This is not a time to take things at face value, but rather we are being asked to listen to our intuitive hunches and then research to find the facts to back up this inner knowing. Deep down, we all know the truth. We just need to remember how to listen to our bodies and recognise what our gut is telling us.

Neptune, in its higher vibration, is also asking us to turn inwards, to shut out the noise of information, opinions and beliefs and to breathe, meditate, do yoga or Tai Chi, walk in nature, dance, make art; anything that brings a sense of inner peace and stillness. It asks us to be open and willing to sacrifice something for the greater good and to speak up where we need to. It reminds up to be compassionate, kind and tolerant of one another’s beliefs and differences. Above all, we are reminded to have faith and trust that we are being guided and that this is simply a necessary process that we have to go through, both personally and collectively. Neptune encourages us to keep dropping into our heart so that we are less in our heads, with all their worry, over analysis and anxiety..

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon reflects the message of Neptune, at 24 °Capricorn: “A woman entering a convent”, which Dane Rudyar describes as” Total commitment to a transcendent goal. A convent is a place made available by a community which believes in the possibility of reaching a world-transcending state of consciousness. It is made available to individuals who may be variously motivated. To some it is an escape from the intolerable pressures of family and society; to others it represents the possibility of pursuing in peace a spiritual ideal to which the whole being aspires and is totally dedicated”.

This is certainly an interesting symbol, considering the current situation we find ourselves in! It points to the need for inner work, in seclusion, away from the usual pressures of society. This is a good time for all things Neptune, and while it may be a bit lonely at times it also brings spiritual gifts and helps us to turn inward and connect to our divinity.

It is interesting that the Sun and Moon are also incredibly close to the same degree of Capricorn that the Pluto/Saturn conjunction occurred in last January, inviting us to reflect on where we are now and what we know know compared to back then. It’s been quite a process! It is almost literally a year since that powerful and fateful conjunction that kick-started a whole process, so it is helpful to recognise and contemplate how we have changed and what we have learned, and also what we are experiencing now that has a resonance with that time.

The difference between now and last year, however, is that we have Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius instead of Capricorn, which is far less conformist and more prone to questioning the status quo. It also brings a sense of looking forward and envisioning a better future rather than staying stuck with traditional, antiquated structures and systems that are no longer valid or useful. Aquarius is a very progressive sign, although it does bring a certain amount of instability and unrest. There is a lot of radical, volatile, revolutionary energy around at the moment, despite this being an earth sign Moon! However, as the Sabian symbol and Neptune indicate, this Capricorn Moon does encourage us to look within and find the necessary discipline and commitment to apply ourselves to our inner, spiritual journey. As the storm rages outside, we are invited to find our centre, that point of stillness that makes it much harder for us to be knocked off kilter or lose our way.

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Picture: Meditation by TS Manhotra

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