ASTRO UPDATE 5 January 2021

The Moon has just moved from humble, self-critical, service-oriented Virgo into peace-loving, relationship-oriented Libra, a sign that seeks balance but can tend to veer to extremes. We may find our emotions swinging from one end of the spectrum to the other in the next couple of days, so our task is to do our best to find some balance and equilibrium. Libra helps us to understand the needs of others and put them first, so it is important to listen to one another and keep an eye on our loved ones. That being said, self-care is also imperative right now!

Mercury and Pluto are sitting right next to each other today, which could bring dark or obsessive thoughts and a desire to really probe beneath the surface to find out what is lurking there. In a literal sense, this combination can bring messages from those in power that have a big impact on us and bring up intense emotions from our subconscious. This conjunction was exact around midnight UK time, so it was at its strongest last night. 

Mars is in the very last degree of Aries, having been there for months now. This could bring up intense anger and a desire to act, possibly without regard for any repercussions. Mars will move into Taurus around midnight UK time tomorrow, so the next couple of days could be interesting, especially considering what is occurring on the world stage at the moment. Anger, rage, courageous and impulsive acts, aggression, strong armed tactics and heated exchanges are all possible with the warrior planet in the very last degree of its own sign!

Neptune is also exactly square the Nodes tomorrow, the energy having been building for month now. This has been making it so very hard to know the truth, as it is shrouded and veiled, causing great confusion, overwhelm, disillusionment and loss of meaning. The Gemini North Node is urging us to let go of any beliefs that have no basis in reality and to use our common sense. However, there is so much that doesn’t make sense right now! Neptune brings the potential for spells or enchantments that put us in a trance somehow, so that we lose the capacity for reason, logic, rational thought and common sense; all the Gemini superpowers. Neptune in its lower vibration is the king of fantasy, smoke and mirrors, illusion, manipulation, gaslighting, propaganda and subliminal messages, so this could all be clouding our thinking and confusing us right now. 

The higher vibration of Neptune, however, invites us to take this time to turn inwards and connect to spirit and really learn to trust our internal guidance system. We all know the truth, deep inside of us, but we may have forgotten how to listen to our body's subtle cues. Neptune is also the planet of sacrifice, which could mean that we are encouraged to sacrifice something personal for the sake of the greater good. We may need to speak up and voice our beliefs even though others may not be willing to hear. However, the truth is ultimately more important than our personal comfort, convenience or popularity. Neptune also calls for us to treat one another with compassion, sensitivity and kindness, in spite of any differences of opinion we may have.

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius are calling for us to question the status quo and to truly take responsibility for creating a better future instead of relying so heavily on Daddy government and mummy health system to make all of the decisions for us. Uranus is moving towards a square with these two planets, which could mean that our perception of reality is busted wide open and our more rigidly held beliefs severely challenged. This could be a very unsettling time, as the structures of our lives are dismantled and reality as we know it broken apart, but ultimately it has the potential to be incredibly liberating and to lift some of the heaviness, limitation and restriction that we have experienced in recent times.

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Painting: "Smoke and Mirrors" by Genevieve Leavold

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