LEO NEW MOON - 19 August 2020

Exact at 3.41am BST (18 August in USA)

This Moon could help to inject some hope and joy into our lives, as the Sun and Moon are forming their monthly union in creative, playful and expressive Leo, a sign that is very good at following the path of joy. New Moons spark a new cycle, and in Leo we are invited to play around with a creative new vision of how life could be. The structure of many of our lives has been breaking down and it seems that life is never going to be the same again, so we are asked to adapt and adjust and to literally “play around” with ideas and ways to create a better life. Mercury is also in Leo, sitting right next to the Sun and Moon, inviting us to exchange ideas and come up with creative solutions to the challenges we face. Leo is the part of us that has the capacity to creatively actualise our destiny and to be the director of our own play rather than victims of circumstance, and so this Moon encourages us to get creative. There is a hint of hope here, with lots of supportive planetary energy around to help us move forward and grow.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon, at 27° Leo, the energy of which will play out over the next month, is “The luminescence of dawn in the Eastern sky”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “The exalting challenge of new opportunities at the threshold of a new cycle. While the rainbow marks the end of the crisis, early dawn indicates the real beginning of the new period of activity. After the “peak experience,” in which we touch our “divine” potentialities, comes the struggle with everyday problems. But at first the state of deep inner exultation remains within us. We are aglow with its promise. The crisis and the blessings it has brought to us are relatively unusual events; every day has its dawn, which we should meet with a pure heart and a clear mind. Alpha (dawn) and omega (the concluding peak experience) are opposites, yet the same. Keyword here is ILLUMINATION.” This truly is a symbol of hope, a sense of a new dawn as we slowly emerge out of the darkness into the light. It is an invitation to recognise and acknowledge the blessings and opportunities that come from crisis. It’s time to wake up and smell the roses!

There is a niggling inconjunct aspect between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and the Sun and Moon in Leo that could bring some kind of crisis or humbling experience that forces us to contemplate what needs to change and how we might implement that change. Saturn and Pluto are getting close to each other again, bringing the potential for further transformation and dismantling of the structure of our lives and society. However, ultimately these two powerful planets don’t come together for no reason, for the “destruction” occurs in order to break down both personal and societal structures that are repressive, oppressive, corrupted, unhealthy and not serving us anymore. This is a painful process, as we watch life as we know it crumble before our eyes and are forced to face ourselves and look our shadows squarely in the face. This Moon, however, gives a glimpse of the “New Dawn” that awaits on the other side of all of this. We are asked to put aside any fear and creatively envision what we would like the rebirth to look like and what needs to rise up out of the ashes. As life as we know it crumbles around us, what do we want to create for ourselves? How can we become the master of our own destiny? What might our new path look like? What, when it comes down to it, truly brings us joy?

Mars in Aries is forming a harmonious trine aspect to the Sun, Moon and Mercury, while challenging Pluto and Saturn. This fiery planet has been bringing up a lot of anger, rage and even overt aggression, violence and bullying, as people act and react out of fear. However, it is also helping us to be brave and confront some very difficult material. Mars in Aries represents the pioneer in all of us, the part of us that is not afraid to venture into new territory and forge a new path. And this is exactly what we are being asked to do right now. This is unknown territory for all everyone, and while it is natural to feel fear, anger, uncertainty and a lack of control, this Moon invites us to channel the Mars warrior energy in some kind of creative way and to have the courage to implement our ideas, express ourselves and say what needs to be said. Mars in Aries can be a very destructive, reactive energy, but if we channel it into some kind of project or enterprise, or use it to do things we didn’t even think we were capable of, then it can be incredibly constructive. This is a strong, brave, honest, forthright, energy that can really help us through these turbulent times if we allow it. It can help us to perform feats that we would normally run a mile from!

The Nodes of the Moon are being positively aspected by the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars during this Moon, which is very useful for our growth, both personally and collectively. We are currently being encouraged to let go of any unhealthy Sagittarius tendencies and integrate the energy of Gemini. This involves developing the capacity to really, truly listen to other people’s reality and to try and grasp their perspective rather than trying to convince and convert them to our version of the truth. With Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, currently in Capricorn, there is the potential for people clinging desperately to their beliefs out of fear and being very intolerant and judgemental about any concepts, perspectives and beliefs that challenge their world view and sense of security. Indeed, humanity is becoming more and more polarised as time goes on, separated into “camps” by opposing belief systems and dogma.

With a lovely Grand Fire trine between the Sun/Moon/Mercury, Mars and the South Node of the Moon, we are encouraged to have the courage to open our minds and be able to accept other people’s point of view. It could also help us to find our voice and express what is in our hearts.  When it comes down to it, the truth is very hard to find it the moment, but we do know it in our hearts if we are only able to listen and trust. The Gemini North Node also encourages us to do our own research rather than just accepting what we are being told is the truth by those in authority. Ultimately we need to integrate the energy of the two signs, which involves harnessing our capacity to trust our intuitive “sixth sense” and inner knowing truly listening to our inner voice (Sagittarius) and to find a way to make rational decisions based on a mixture of our hunches and thorough research(Gemini).

Neptune in Pisces is now forming a square to the Nodes of the Moon, which will be building over the coming months and is exact in January. To put it in historical perspective, the Titanic went down while Neptune was square the Nodes, and by all accounts things were not as they seemed during that event, as something larger was at play. This brings the possibility of us needing to sacrifice something for the greater whole, and for unified acts of empathy and compassion. Whenever Neptune is involved we have the potential for something to happen that is outside our control and that has an impact on us as a collective. As such, we must watch out for falling into victim consciousness. With Neptune square the Nodes in Sagittarius and Gemini, it makes it very difficult to know the truth. Neptune makes things very unclear and foggy, being the planet of illusion and smoke screens, so much so that it is hard to know what to believe. Indeed, the truth may be shrouded from us until we are ready to face it.

Neptune square the Nodes brings the potential for profound disillusionment as the smokes screens are lifted and the truth of the matter comes to conscious awareness. Disillusionment is sometimes necessary, although painful, if we have been unable to see past the illusion and fantasy. Indeed, sometimes the truth is so fantastical that it is hard to believe! However, there is also the potential for people to join together collectively, in unity, and demand to have a voice and know the truth. When it comes down to it, the power of the collective is incredible. When people join together as a unified front, amazing things can happen. One for all and all for one!  

Possibly Neptune is asking us to turn inward and connect in a different way, honouring our intuition and inner guidance rather than blindly accepting what we are being told by those in authority. Spending time in nature is a very good way to reconnect to our higher wisdom and shut out all the opinions and thoughts that are swirling around nowadays. However, we may also be prone to self-delusion, only seeing what we want to see and burying our heads in the sand so that we don’t have to face up to reality and uncomfortable truths.  Neptune is very adept at the art of escaping reality! It will also be interesting to see what impact this square to the Nodes has on travel, because we are already seeing less international travel (Sagittarius) and an emphasis on staying local (Gemini).

This Moon does seem to offer some hope, encouraging us to take what we have gained from crisis and the dark night of the soul and start to contemplate what might lie ahead. It is easy to fall into fear, especially when everything is so uncertain, but this Moon seems to be asking us to get creative with our intention setting and to truly follow our hearts. This is a chance to start over, a tabula rasa, a time to be empty and see what arises. The New Dawn image reminds us that we are somehow transitioning between the dark and the light, and it is time to move focus on the light rather than dwelling in the darkness. No matter what might be going on, and however scary, we are asked to change our perspective, keep the faith and focus on the potential for a “new dawn”. If there is any New Moon to set positive intentions and leave our fear and negativity behind in the dark of the moon, this is the one! Leo invites us to have fun and play with the possibilities that lie ahead, to envision and create the life we truly want and to follow the path of joy.  

Painting – Ode to Turner No 2 – Terry Orletsky

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