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A Sagittarius Moon always holds the potential for injecting us with a nice dose of hopeful optimism! Sagittarius is a very enthusiastic sign that encourages us to aim high and shoot for the stars. Nothing is impossible as far as this adventurous, philosophical and freedom loving sign is concerned. The sky’s the limit! Sagittarius Full Moons are generally quite high energy and tend to give us a bit of a boost of hope, no matter how we are feeling at the time. With the Sun currently in curious and communicative Gemini sitting directly opposite the Moon in expansive opinionated Sagittarius, this could be a time of increased communication and sharing of beliefs, not to mention envisioning what we might want for our future. Sagittarius is a very forward thinking sign that like to look at the bigger picture, so we may we find ourselves contemplating some ideas that at other times may feel more scary or impossible to consider. Sagittarius, however, is the part of us that doesn’t allow fear to hold us back from a good adventure!

Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is sitting right next to the Moon, which strengthens this sense of us contemplating what out future might look like. Jupiter is currently in Sagittarius, which is a very natural place for the planet of faith and hope to be. Jupiter is a very jovial planet and Sagittarius definitely helps us to find our sense of humour and not sweat the small stuff. The Sabian symbol for Jupiter is quite evocative and pertinent to the situation we find ourselves in globally at the moment, at 19° Sagittarius: “Pelicans menaced by the behaviour and refuse of men seek safer areas for bringing up their young.” which Dane Rudyar describes as “The need for people concerned with the future to discover a new way of living and more wholesome surroundings.” This symbol invites us to not only look ahead and contemplate how we may help future generations on a global level, but also to consider what we might need on a personal level to ensure a better future for ourselves. What changes might we need to make in our lives to make them more wholesome?

Neptune is also squaring off against Jupiter during this Full Moon; an aspect that peaked on June 9 but is still very strong now. This could cause some confusion about what to believe in and could even bring a crisis for faith. However, it does challenge us to dare to dream and envision a brighter, better future. However, as Neptune is particularly adept at creating smoke screens, we may find ourselves dreaming up some impossible things for ourselves that have no basis in reality. Neptune and Jupiter do like each other and have a lot in common, including faith, so ultimately this could be a very expansive, hopeful time when we can use our imaginations to contemplate and envision the life we would like for ourselves. Of course, Neptune does always bring the potential for disillusionment and deluded thinking. This combination could potentially be a recipe for blind faith. Jupiter wants to shoot for the stars and Neptune can make us believe it’s possible. And indeed, why wouldn’t it be possible? We are only limited by our own imaginations.

We are approaching Eclipse season, which represent a time of endings and beginnings, and this Moon feels like it is somehow a forerunner for the next couple of Eclipses. The Nodes are a very big part of the picture at the moment, as they are heavily aspected indeed. Mercury and Mars are joining forces for this Full Moon, sitting right on top of the North Node in Cancer. There is the potential for us to be very honest with ourselves and to be brave enough to bring into conscious awareness any old childhood patterns that may still be running the show and holding us back. We might find ourselves delving into old material from our childhood or ancestry that will give us important information that could help us to move beyond our more entrenched, stuck, destructive emotional patterns. Saturn is moving back once again to join the South Node, and is opposing Mercury and Mars. What old karma do we need to clear to move forward? What emotional material have we stuffed down so far that it still has an impact on our here and now? What to we need to face in ourselves that we might prefer not to admit to? What walls or barriers might we benefit from dropping?

What old karma is coming back to bite us? Are we brave enough to do the necessary self-enquiry in order to move past our old patterns once and for all? Are we able to recognise how we might be contributing to the old system? How are we sacrificing our emotional well-being for the sake of our career or outer facade? How are we helping to perpetuate the old way of being by paying into a system of greed, domination and subjugation? How does the past keep repeating itself, over and over again and what might we need to do to break the cycle? How is our relationship to our parents and authority figures playing itself out within our current life and relationships? Mercury and Mars certainly could help us to bravely ask the necessary questions of ourselves and others to help us to understand and make sense of some of the more troublesome habits and patterns that keep us prisoner and prevent further growth.

Pluto and Saturn are dancing with each other for the whole of this year as we build up to the Saturn Pluto conjunction in January 2020. We are being shown the dark side of Capricorn, which is revealing the rot in the power structures in a way that makes it impossible to turn a blind eye. The darker side of the patriarchal system is hard to avoid right now, but at least it is out in the open for all to see. On a personal level we have an opportunity for a full on purge of our old conditioning as we are forced to see it for what it is and to be extremely honest with ourselves about how it affects our present day reality. No stone must be left unturned, as we fully face our demons and recognise what is holding us prisoner, if we are brave enough to take a journey into the underworld and see what treasure might be lurking there. This year is a time of reckoning, there is no doubt about it, and Mercury and Mars could help us to be brave enough to be very honest with ourselves and others and do some very valuable inner work that can help us to move forward and grow. If we are wiling to truly step up and face ourselves and do the necessary purging, how different our lives might look!

This is a full on Full Moon, there is no doubt about it! Mercury and Mars are an integral part of the picture for this Moon, as they are also in aspect to the Jupiter Neptune square. Open and honest communication is called for here, as we have an opportunity to get some difficult and uncomfortable material out onto the open. True, there is the potential for blurting things out that we might usually prefer to keep under wraps, but whatever is revealed is probably better out than in! This Moon gives us a chance for some open and candid communication and some brave decisions to be made that could help us to step closer to our true heart’s desires. Sagittarius encourages us to aim high and remember that life is a grand adventure! Sometimes a bit of faith is all that is needed to take a leap forward, leaving all of our old beliefs, patterns and limitations in our wake. We are only limited by our own imaginations. Anything is possible.

Much Love


Picture: The Simple Act of Aiming High, by Ric Nagualero

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