VIRGO NEW MOON - 9 September 2018

Exact at 7.01 BST, 2.01 EDT

During this Moon we are called to contemplate what needs to change and what might need tweaking in order to improve our lives. It is quite possible that we will become all too aware of what is out of balance and we could experience quite a sense of urgency to make the necessary adjustments to feel better about things. New Moons represent a time of letting go and starting again. We can really tap into the potent power of the New Moon by consciously setting intentions for what we want to create in our lives moving forward. Virgo season is upon us, and so we have a chance to set in motion some healthy routines for ourselves and recognise what habits and tendencies simply aren’t serving us anymore. Virgo is adept at the art of self-analysis, discernment and discrimination, and so we have a chance to have a long, hard look at ourselves and recognise what is lacking in our lives and what we might be able to do to improve things. It’s important not to be hard on ourselves, however, as Virgo does also cause us to focus on our shortcomings and inadequacies and to dwell on what is lacking in our lives.

Virgo represents that part of us ourselves that seeks to cleanse and purify; and in the extreme can cause us to seek some unattainable perfection both in ourselves and others. As such, while it is always helpful to take good care of our mind, body and spirit, and this Moon is a good time to do this, it is also important not to be overly self-critical when we slip up or “fail”. Virgo has a tendency to create crises that cause us to take a step back and recognise what we need to change in order to make things better. It’s so important to simply take one step at a time rather than getting overwhelmed by whatever problem we are facing. With Virgo we seek to humble ourselves and deflate our egos, and to truly be of service to others. Of course this can also go too far, as we busy ourselves taking care of everyone else but don’t take care of ourselves. Then resentment can set in. Some questions to ask ourselves during this moon are: “How can I simplify my life?” “What habits and routines no longer serve me?” “How can I be kinder to myself?” “What constructive steps can I take in order to feel more healthy and whole?” “What can I eliminate from my life in order to feel more at peace?” “How can whatever I am currently facing help me to learn about myself and grow?”

We do have help during this Moon to make some positive and constructive changes, from both Pluto and Jupiter. Both of these planets are forming harmonious aspects to the Sun and Moon and each other, helping us to be honest with ourselves about what needs to change and to transform our lives for the better. We have an opportunity here to empower ourselves and take the steps needed to improve our lives. It’s as if we are getting a gentle cosmic kick up the bum, giving us the boost we need to move in the right direction. It’s important to trust our hunches and be alert to the little prompts the universe gives us along the way. The signs are always there but we just have to let them filter into our consciousness! Jupiter reminds us not to sweat the small stuff, while Pluto encourages us to step into our power and not be afraid to grow and transform.

Neptune is also sitting directly opposite the Sun and Moon, which could bring some confusion, making it hard to see the wood for the trees. I suppose it could contribute to any feelings of anxiety or overwhelm we might be feeling, as if we are at the mercy of forces larger than ourselves. It’s important not to fall in the role of the victim or martyr, however, but rather use the energy of Pluto and Jupiter to be honest with ourselves and step into our power rather than playing small or placing the blame for our situation outside of ourselves. Neptune’s involvement in this Moon could make us feel quite sensitive, possibly even over-sensitive. We might be sorely tempted to bury our heads in the sand rather than confronting whatever we are facing head on. Neptune also reminds us, however, to step off the Busy Bus and tend to our spirit. Virgo energy can cause us to become so busy that we work ourselves into a state of anxiety, while Neptune in Pisces reminds us to find some balance by turning within, meditating, stilling the mind and spending time in nature. This can help us to come back to ourselves, finding our centre and reconnecting to our Source.

The Nodes of the Moon are quite prevalent during this Moon, as we have Mars and Black Moon Lilith joining forces next to the South Node of the Moon, causing us to connect to old resentments, trauma or rage from our past and to recognise how we might be stuck in old patterns that simply don’t work for us anymore. Mars and Black Moon Lilith have already met each other this year, around 21 April, so this could have a resonance with whatever was happening then. Mars and the South Node have also met twice this year already, around 8 June and 21 July, so this is the last chance we have to work with this energy and hopefully we can come up with some gold this time! The energy of this combination will peak at the end of September, so it will be prevalent for the New Moon and also the Full Moon in Aries at the end of September. It is quite a potent, potentially volatile mixture of the Dark Feminine and the Warrior Masculine! It certainly brings the potential for blasting through some rather entrenched patterns from the past.

This combination could have a strong impact on our relationships, because Venus is also forming challenging aspect to Mars and BML. Any hidden resentments could build to a climax and come out in the form of anger and rage. Any unresolved patterns of relating or tendencies to project our issues onto partners could be revealed and magnified during this time. Anything we have simply been putting up with in our relationships could become so intolerable that we are forced to bring our grievances out into the open, although we must be careful not to do so in too much of a destructive way. Black Moon Lilith’s energy can be quite ruthless! It is quite possible that we might be forced to confront our shadows this month and it might not be very comfortable! However, it’s far better to bring them out into the light of day rather than them operating from an unconscious place within us. Uranus is also involved in this picture, bringing the potential for sudden eruptions or wake-up calls to occur that take us by surprise but that also bring great insight, revelation and liberation.

Whatever comes up during this Moon is an opportunity for growth. Virgo can cause us to be rather merciless on ourselves, berating ourselves for our perceived lack, bad habits and personal inadequacies, but it’s important not to fall into that trap. We really can be our own worst enemies at times! Any crisis that comes up brings amazing potential for some honest self-analysis and an evaluation of what needs to change in our lives. We are being given a chance to separate the wheat from the chaff! Instead of getting overwhelmed by what might be perceived as a giant mountain for us to overcome, it is better to simply put one foot in front of the other and take whatever action we feel is necessary to improve the situation. One step at a time! The Virgo New Moon really is a wonderful time for a proverbial “cleaning house”, so we can take advantage of the current energies and do just that! We just have to listen to Neptune’s promptings as well, and take some time out to quieten our busy mind and smell the roses.

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