ARIES FULL MOON - 24/25 September 2018

Tues 25 September, exact at 3.52am BST, Mon 24 September, exact at 10.52pm EDT.

This Moon brings the potential for some amazing healing that involves us being very brave and honest with ourselves and others. Chiron the Wounded Healer is sitting right next to the Moon in Aries, meaning that we could find ourselves being quite strongly triggered by those close to us, or could potentially be the one to deliver a hurtful blow or two. Aries energy is very forthright and tends to act first and think later, so it is possible that we could hurt one another’s feelings without meaning to or even realising it. Not only that but Mars, the ruler of Aries, is forming a challenging square aspect to Uranus, signifying the potential for angry outbursts, sudden acts of aggression, shocking anger or truth telling. Aries is a very honest sign, and while the truth can sometime hurt, is can also be incredibly cathartic and healing. This Moon could certainly be the time for getting things out into the open and off our chests!

Libra season is now upon us, with the emphasis being on our relationships and finding more of a sense of balance, compromise, harmony and peace within them. The Aries Moon is opposite the Libra Sun, bringing into focus where we might be out of balance within our relationships. Issues around domination could come up, as well as lessons around having our needs met and learning how to meet other people’s needs. Aries tends to have a “me first” attitude, while Libra thinks of “other” first, while actually we are looking for a happy balance between learning to meet our own needs and dancing to our own tune, and really learning to listen to what others needs are. Questions to ask during this Moon are “How can I express my needs in a healthy way?”, “What needs to be said that has been pushed under the carpet?”, “Where am I giving too much/too little within my relationships?”, “How can I be honest in a way that isn’t hurtful or destructive?”, “How do I follow my own path at the same time as considering my partner or the relationship?”, “How do I handle anger in my relationships?, “Do I need to become more selfish, or selfless?”

Just to add to the stew, we have Mars, Black Moon Lilith and the South Node of the Moon sitting right next to each other during this Moon. This could bring up hidden resentments or unexpressed rage, pulling our darkness out into the light. It is important to be careful that we don’t project our own darkness or anger onto others. It’s a strong and powerful combination, the warrior and the enraged feminine. Whenever we have something we really hate or have a strong aversion to in someone else, the chances are it is something we haven’t healed in ourselves. It is important to be self-aware during this Moon, because there is the potential for some very heated emotions to rise to the surface. There is definitely the possibility of overreacting and putting the blame outside of ourselves during this time, so a bit of self-reflection is imperative. If something or someone aggravates us to the point of anger or rage then we probably need to have a long hard look at why! Are we being defensive because we are afraid on some level, or are they acting out some part of ourselves that we simply cannot see? Are they opening up an old wound that is still quite raw, or behaving like someone who has hurt us in the past? Why are we so bothered?

Saturn is forming a challenging square aspect to the Sun and Moon during this Full Moon, forcing us to take responsibility for ourselves and to be accountable for whatever comes up during this time. Saturn is the planet of karma that reminds us that we reap what we sow, teaching us about cause and effect, often the hard way! It’s hard to look reality square in the face and be an adult about it, but there may be no choice in this situation. Saturn may be calling for a bit of emotional maturity and integrity, whereby we are forced somehow to step up to the plate and take responsibility for our actions and reactions. All of this Aries/Mars energy is quite impulsive, spontaneous and potentially volatile, while Saturn represents our inner parent or judge holding us back and forcing us to suppress our natural impulses and urges. Indeed, this could bring up the themes of judgment, control and guilt-tripping for us to deal with within our relationships.

It’s interesting, this Moon, as we have all of this honest, triggering, assertive and brave energy with the Moon and Chiron, whereby things could be said or done that poke at our core wounds like they are open sores. We also have a very prominent Mars / Lilith situation brewing that could bring some difficult emotional material to come up and force us to face our fears and shadows. We definitely need to watch out for projections during this time! And then we have Saturn, bearing down on us, like a stern judge forcing us to be grown-up, behave and make sure we are accountable for all we are and all that we do. Ultimately this does feel like a Moon that could bring hitherto suppressed material into the light, which could be so very healing! This could definitely be a very good time to become more aware of our relationship with anger. It might be very hard for some of us to be brave enough to assert ourselves and express our needs in healthy ways. However, if we remember the potential of this Moon to find the balance between peaceful, giving Libra and assertive, honest and self-oriented Aries, we could do a lot of good for our relationships during this time. This is a powerful moon indeed, and a very good time to be very honest both with ourselves and our loved ones.

Much Love


Artwork: Honesty, by Poona


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