TAURUS NEW MOON - 15 May 2018

Exact at 12.47pm BST, 7.47am EDT!

This New Moon has the potential to help transform some old, entrenched patterns and strengthen our sense of self-worth and personal power. It could also come up with some shocks or surprises! The Sun and Moon are forming their monthly union in the solid, stable and earthy sign of Taurus, inviting us to leave any limiting beliefs behind in the dark of the Moon and to set some positive intentions for what we might want to manifest for ourselves moving forward. This is a good time to contemplate what we need to do in order to bring a sense of simplicity and peace into our lives and to recognise where we need to learn to meet our own needs rather than projecting them out onto those close to us. With Taurus we contemplate what really, truly holds value and meaning for us. We become aware of what capacities and abilities give us a sense of self-confidence and self-empowerment and allow us to be self-reliant and self-sustaining.  

This Moon could help us to recognise where we might hold on too tightly to people, relationships, possessions or situations that are preventing us from moving forward and really blossoming. It is so easy to get stuck in situations that are limiting or preventing growth because they represent safety or security, or because we can’t see beyond them enough to be open to another alternative.

With Pluto forming a harmonious aspect to the Sun and Moon, we are being asked to gently remove any resistance we might feel when it comes to moving past our blocks or removing ourselves from unhealthy or limiting situations. We may experience challenges or confrontations, either from others or within ourselves, that force us to examine ourselves and change any limiting beliefs or behaviour patterns that are preventing growth. We may become all too aware of where we are stuck, or disempowering ourselves, or placing too much value on something or someone to compensate for an inner sense of worthlessness. Anything we are holding on too tightly to may have to be removed in order for us to move forward and grow. Taurus has a possessive quality to it which can be very limiting and cause us to get stuck. Pluto helps us to purge our unhealthy patterns and transform any limiting circumstances we may find ourselves in.

Pluto is also joining forces with Black Moon Lilith during this Moon, forcing us to confront the darker aspects of our nature that we my usually repress or supress for fear of exposure. Anything that we deny, disown or can’t see in ourselves (whether it be our darkness or our hidden gifts) or try to keep hidden out of fear that people with think us to be a “bad person”, ends up coming out in a distorted fashion and sabotaging our intimate relationships. It’s hard to hide when you are so up close and personal with people! During this Moon we could become all too aware of these parts of ourselves, as we are forced to be emotionally honest with ourselves.  We could become embroiled in power plays, or become all too aware of how other people take our power away. As Demetra George says, Lilith “addresses the issues of personal, sexual power and suppressed anger” and brings “a refusal to submit to another or compromise ones beliefs as well as the potential for resolution”.

This combination could bring up powerful feelings of rejection, resentment, rage and the inability to reach agreement until power issues within our relationships are resolved. We do have here an opportunity to recognise power dynamics in our relationships and to bring our more shadowy, unconscious, compulsive patterns out into the light so that they no longer sabotage or undermine us. With the conjunction forming in Capricorn, we are asked to take responsibility for the darker side of our nature; to be fully accountable for it. We might need to fully own our rage. It might not be pretty, but it could be very revealing indeed! The energy of this conjunction will peak on 18 May, but has been building for the past couple of weeks.

Uranus is very present during this Moon. At the moment the Great Awakener, Liberator and Rebel/Revolutionary is in the very last degree of Aries, gearing up for the shift into Taurus literally four hours after the New Moon! Before he does this, however, he is joining forces with Mercury while being challenged by Mars in the very last degree of Capricorn. With all of these planets in the last degree of the sign they are in, there is definitely a feeling of things coming to a head! Hopefully afterwards we will all be able to move on and have a fresh new start. Mercury is the planet that rules the way we think and communicate those thoughts. Uranus and Mercury together in Aries could bring shocking realisations, being forced to think outside of the box, insights that come out of the blue, angry words that bring wake-up calls, radical honesty, frayed nerves, being forced to see things from a different perspective, liberation from unhealthy or limited thought patterns.

 Aries is a very honest, forthright energy, and Uranus/Mercury can bring breakdowns in communication that lead to significant breakthroughs. Things could get a bit heated, however! With Mars involved in the mix, the potential for angry outbursts is heightened, as supressed anger is brought out into the open and hidden resentments aired. We are likely to feel more impulsive and assertive, which brings the possibility for saying things that can’t be unsaid. There is certainly a potentially destructive element to this combination of planets! It could be quite shocking, whatever comes up. This energy will peak on Sunday and Monday. This is the last hurrah for Uranus in Aries, and it is interesting indeed that there is so much planetary activity occurring just before his entrance into Taurus. Possibly some truths need to be aired before we can move on.

And what might happen when Uranus goes into Taurus? We could experience liberation from whatever stagnant or limiting situations we find ourselves in. We could experience a radical change in our values, whereby whatever used to hold meaning for us has lost its sheen. Our financial system, both personally and collectively, could experience some kind of breakdown or revolution so that it is more in keeping with the changing times. Our sense of security and survival could be rocked to the core, but this could bring a breath of fresh air and new perspectives on what constitutes safety and security. Taurus represents the world of the senses and Mother Earth, so we could experience natural disasters that lead to a radical change of perspective on the way we approach the eco-system, sustainability, natural resources, eating local foods, environmentalism, cruelty-free eating, regenerative agriculture etc. Uranus, as the ruler of Aquarius, brings innovation and a more humanitarian perspective, based on liberty, equality and brother/sisterhood. This could be a time of upheaval that has the potential to threaten our sense of security, but it is important not to resist the tides of change. Whatever passes away at this time is probably long past its sell by date! Uranus will be in Taurus from 2018 until 2026.

A powerful and harmonious aspect between Neptune and Jupiter has been building for the past week or so, and will peak on 25 May. This collaboration between Jupiter, the planet of growth, faith, hope and expansion and Neptune, the planet of oneness, unity, compassion and acceptance, can help give us faith that ultimately everything is going to be alright and that we are headed in the right direction. These two are the co-rulers of Pisces, and provide a soothing backdrop to all of the potential upheaval that could arise from the Uranus/Mars/Pluto/Black Moon Lilith energy. This combination can heighten our intuitive faculty and also help us to see the bigger picture and to understand the higher order of things. Everything happens for a reason, even if it is not clear at the time. It can also help us to approach one another with an underlying spirit of tolerance, acceptance, understanding and unconditional love, despite our less desirable qualities. When it comes down to it, we are all just beautiful souls having a human experience. It can just get a bit messy at times, that’s all, especially when we allow fear and ego to take the reins!  Jupiter and Neptune should help keep everything in perspective during potentially turbulent times and bring a sense of hope and optimism. They will help us to imagine a brighter future.

Much Love


Picture: Winds of Change by Marleen Visser


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