Exact at 3.15pm BST, 10.15am EDT

Well, this Full Moon offers a bit of light relief after the intensity of the past couple of Moon cycles! Of course, it being a Full Moon, it still has the potential to bring out any unconscious emotional material that has been bubbling away beneath the surface! However, Sagittarius does have a sense of humour and the ability to see the bigger picture, so that will work in our favour! Not to mention that Sagittarius imbues us with the faith that every experience has something valuable to teach us in order to help us grow. This Moon is definitely expansive in nature! The Sun has now moved from Taurus into curious, versatile and communicative Gemini, and will be opposed by the Moon in adventurous, philosophical and optimistic Sagittarius. This definitely brings some levity to the picture, as Sagittarius energy is quite jolly and enthusiastic and Gemini  energy is very light hearted and youthful!

The key, as ever, is to find the balance between the energy of the two signs rather than veering too far in either direction. This is the kind of Moon that could bring philosophical discussions and intellectual confrontations to a head and cause us to reconsider our more limiting beliefs and opinions. We could be forced to recognise how our point of view and the way of perceiving things might be limited, and to see how our more rigidly held beliefs about ourselves and the world may be doing us a disservice or holding us back. We may also be forced to confront the lies we tell ourselves. The person we hope or believe we are is often not who we really are, and so our righteous fa├žade may be peeled back during this Moon, revealing the truth of who and what we are to ourselves and others. This could be quite uncomfortable, but will ultimately be a relief.

Sagittarius is the part of us that seeks the truth and finds true meaning in life, bringing faith in forces larger than ourselves. We cultivate our beliefs as we go through life on the basis of our life experiences, and these beliefs help us to interpret life and to make sense of what happens to us. However, they can also be limiting, for instance, if they have their basis in difficult or challenging experiences in our childhood, and can take on too much importance if we cling to them in order to compensate for a core feeling of inadequacy, or to help keep anxiety or challenging emotions at bay. Sagittarius rules higher wisdom and the spiritual, philosophical, metaphysical, cosmological and religious systems that we adopt to help guide us and make sense of the world we live in. This can be a great comfort, but in its exaggerated form can bring dogmatic thinking, attempts to convince or convert, indoctrination, fundamentalism and an absolute certainty that our truth is the ultimate truth. The more insecure or inadequate we feel at a core level, the greater the need to convince others and force them to accept our “truth”. This is where Gemini comes in, as we are reminded that there are many paths to the same destination, many different ways of making sense of this crazy world we live in, and no concrete “right or wrong”, but rather different ways of approaching the same truth.

While Sagittarius represents that part of us that intuitively knows, and has access to higher wisdom, it is not so adept at finding a way to  impart this wisdom in a way that others can accept or understand. The preacher on the pulpit springs to mind! Sagittarius energy can be quite blunt and unrefined, which could easily rub people up the wrong way. Gemini is the master communicator, helping us to pass on wisdom in a way that is palatable and easily digestible; an easier pill to swallow. However, Gemini also has its limitations, because we can be so busy reading loads of books and going to workshops etc in an attempt to gather as much information as possible that we don’t actually take in the underlying principles or understand the deeper truths. We may even leave out, ignore or not take in certain facts, truths or information because it undermines our sense of security somehow.

With Gemini there is a tendency to skim over the surface, taking in information more superficially, while Sagittarius invites us to quiet our busy minds and go deeper, so that we can tune into our higher self and grasp the bigger picture. Gemini can make us get so stuck in our heads, trying to figure everything out, that we lose touch with or doubt our inner knowing - that internal guidance system that never steers us wrong. Sagittarius invites us to trust our gut instinct, our inner radar, and to keep connecting to our higher selves and our divinity in each and every moment of our lives.

Jupiter, the ruler of this Sagittarius Full Moon, is involved in a beautiful Grand Water Trine with Neptune and Venus, which could definitely help us to be open-hearted and loving towards one another during this Moon. This brings an easy, harmonious flow of energy between the three planets, helping us to connect to our true, heartfelt feelings and to accept each other as we are, in all our frail humanity. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, and when they combine it brings the potential for unconditional love, kindness, tenderness and acceptance of one another’s flaws and inadequacies. This Grand Trine could help us to rise above our differences and see each other for who and what we really are, opening our hearts and minds and making us much more tolerant and understanding of what makes each of us tick. Love is such a positive healing force that brings so much compassion and empathy, connecting our higher selves and helping us to transcend any disagreements or differences of opinion we may be experiencing. It reminds us not to sweat the small stuff and to remember that we are all beautiful souls having a human experience, and  that we all have our various crosses to bear and obstacles to overcome.

Mars is currently in Aquarius and is moving towards the South Node of the Moon at the moment. The South Node represents past influences and represents the habits, patterns, skills and tendencies we are bringing forward from past lives into our early years in this life. There is a danger of getting stuck in these patterns and habits, rather than embracing the lessons and growth potential of our North Node. With the South Node currently travelling through Aquarius, we have a chance to recognise the effect that certain traumatic events from childhood and beyond are still having on us in the here and now. With Mars joining the South Node over the next couple of weeks, we may find old resentment, rage or anger coming to the surface for us to look at. It is possible that we could react or overreact to someone or something in the here and now, when really the battle is with someone or something in our past.

Issues around assertion, anger, courage, desire, sexuality, violence, willpower, independence and/or aggression could come up in order for us to recognise its roots in our past. We may become more aware of how we dissociate, detach or numb our feelings, or how our anger pops up in inappropriate, indirect or distorted ways. We may lash out at someone, when really we are lashing out at someone or something in our past. This could bring acute awareness of how our past is still playing out in the present. This is a wonderful opportunity to look back in order to move forward, so it is important to watch our actions and reactions over the next couple of weeks. We may find that anger comes up that we didn’t even know we had!

Uranus has now entered Taurus, which is a welcome relief after the last few weeks of Uranus in fiery, aggressive Aries! Uranus has a liberating quality to it, and so it has the capacity to liberate Taurean qualities of peace, tranquillity, stability, self-worth, confidence in our abilities and sense of feeling more grounded, helping us to find our centre. Uranus also has a tendency to shake up the status quo and bring sweeping changes to our physical world and material reality. If we are stuck or stagnant for the sake of safety and security it could rip the rug out from underneath us so that we make the necessary changes to help us step outside of our comfort zone keep growing. In the same token, something could suddenly change in our circumstances that causes us to feel more safe and secure. Our circumstances can change in the blink of an eye when Uranus is involved, that’s for sure! “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away” springs to mind when I think of Uranus in Taurus.

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon, at 9° Sagittarius, is: “A mother leads her small child step by step up a steep stairway”. This symbol brings the sense of needing to be taught how to navigate this steep staircase we call life. As Dane Rudyar says, a staircase is a man-made construction, and so we need to learn how to make our way in this “civilised” life. There is also a sense of us learning and maturing step by step, and slowly but surely developing more wisdom and knowledge about ourselves and the world we live in. One step at a time, we are learning and growing! It’s important not to rush, or to allow others to force or pressure us when we are not ready, or else we could come tumbling down the stairs. It’s important to go at a pace that is comfortable for us.

It seems that this Moon could bring some strong opinions to the surface and we may have to confront some of our more strongly held beliefs. However, this is a good thing, especially if they are limiting us in some way, or preventing us from seeing the bigger picture. It is important to be open to other people’s thoughts, ideas and opinions rather than digging our heels in and putting the blinkers on. We are being invited to see things from another’s perspective, which could be quite eye opening and could expand our horizons considerably. However, ultimately it is important to trust and tune into our inner knowing and intuition. The answer is not in our head, but our heart! Opening our hearts to one another can ultimately help us to find the truth, which is that we are all just humans, trying learning to navigate the steep staircase we call life, who want desperately to be loved and accepted for who we are.  

Much Love


Photograph: Stairway To Heaven by Helena Georgiou


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