Cancer New Moon 15 / 16 July 2015

Thursday 16 July, exact at 2.24am GMT, Wednesday 15 July, exact at 9.25pm EDT.

Well, there is a lot going on during this New Moon, with quite a few planets in the emotional sign of Cancer! New Moons represent the time in the month when we contemplate what we need to leave behind in the dark of the moon and what seeds we want to plant for the month ahead. It is a time of endings and beginnings, for you can’t have a beginning without first having an ending. New Moons are generally a quieter energy than Full Moons, but they are equally as potent. They symbolise potential for the month ahead. There are a few planets forming aspects to the Sun and Moon, some of which are easy and some which are challenging. Challenging aspects are very useful indeed, despite being quite uncomfortable, as they give us a real kick up the bum and force us in the right direction whether we like it or not! The softer aspects are less jarring but also involve us making a bit more of an effort to make the most of them. During this Moon we also have Pluto, the planet of the soul, forming an exact opposition to Mars and Mercury as well as Venus and Uranus slowing down and getting ready to turn retrograde. It’s a New Moon jam packed with intense planetary activity, that’s for sure!

The Sun and Moon are forming their monthly union in the emotional, nurturing and sensitive sign of Cancer. Mercury and Mars are also in Cancer at the moment, so it is definitely a time to honour and listen to our feelings and whatever they might be telling us. Cancer is the sign of the home and family and represents our sense of emotional security. In an ideal world, when we were children all of our feelings were acknowledged and encouraged by our parents and family, giving us a strong sense of inner emotional security. This is rarely the case, however, and our needs were often dismissed and “untidy” emotions suppressed by our families for one reason or another. This leads us to seek a sense of emotional security and validation from outside of ourselves rather than from within. It also causes us to establish some patterns of behaviour which made sense back then because they helped us to survive within our family dynamic, but which no longer serve us as adult because they now hinder our relationships rather than helping them. This is because protection is no longer needed as adults. These patterns no longer serve us. Quite the opposite in fact.

Whatever emotions, tendencies or feelings we learned to suppress as children are natural parts of ourselves and now is the time to let them out and to express them freely! We are being asked, during this Moon, to fully get in touch with our feelings, as uncomfortable or unsettled as they may make us feel. Emotions and feelings are an amazing internal guide which can give us very important clues about whether we are on the right path or not. It is important to honour them rather than squishing them down, because suppressing them causes blocks in our energy systems which can be very unhealthy indeed.  Cancer is a water sign and water is supposed to flow freely! It is quite likely that we will be feeling a lot during this period and while some of what we feel might not be rational, it all has important information for us. Often our irrational reactions and feelings have their roots in our childhood and the past and if we can just recognise where they have come from then we have a chance of releasing unhealthy patterns and coping mechanisms.

Uranus in Aries energy is very potent right now, as he is about to turn retrograde. He is forming a challenging aspect to the Sun and Moon in Cancer, which could give us a bit of a shake up on an emotional level. Uranus in Aries wants us to stand up and be counted, to be completely and utterly ourselves and not what society or our parents have conditioned us to be. Cancer wants to feel emotionally secure on a deep, internal level rather than being dependent on others for security. What might we get when we combine these two energies? Uranus aspecting the security conscious Moon could unsettle us somewhat and cause us to break out of any unhealthy patterns that no longer serve us. Uranus cannot abide stagnation or ruts of any description! He could cause our sense of emotional security to be threatened somewhat, but this will only serve to show us where we are stuck, blocked or trapped on an emotional level. Uranus forces us out of our comfort zones and asks us to step into the unknown and this can be very scary for that Cancerian part of ourselves which has a tendency to project our past experiences onto a future that hasn’t even happened yet!  “What if this time you have a chance to do it differently?” says Uranus. He will urge us to own and express our feelings, no matter how shocking they may be to ourselves and others. It will be hard to hide from the truth during this Moon, that’s for sure!

There is another configuration which will cause us to have a long, hard look at ourselves and blast away any unhealthy emotional habits and patterns, and that involves Pluto in Capricorn forming an opposition to an exact conjunction between Mercury and Mars in Cancer. This energy will build over the week and peak just after the New Moon is exact.  Pluto is the planet of the soul and will eliminate, detox and purify anything which might be holding us back from moving forward and growing on a soul level.  Mercury is the planet that represents the way we think, while Mars is the planet which acts out the desires of our soul. They are both sitting in Cancer, the sign of emotional security. Add Pluto to the mix and it is likely that we will have to be brutally honest with ourselves on an emotional level and could have a total transformation of the way we think about our feelings and sense of emotional security. Pluto in Capricorn represents societal power structures and external authority, so the powers that be could somehow be exerting considerable pressure on us, causing us to feel quite tense. Indeed, this aspect could make us feel very uncomfortable indeed, but will surely help us to grow and move past any limitations. We will have no choice but to actually face any issues head on, because it is unlikely that there will be anywhere to hide!

The good news is that Saturn and Chiron are helping the Moon out, allowing us to delve deep into our fears and actually heal whatever we find. Chiron will help us access out higher selves which will help us deal with whatever comes up during this time. Our higher selves understand the lessons we face and have a far broader perspective on anything that happens to us! I feel that with Saturn dipping back into Scorpio we are being given a chance to revisit any issues which we may have thought that we have put to bed in the past few years. Now we can really clear any residue muck or deep-seated fears that still linger in our psyches. Whereas before they had total control over us because they were completely unconscious and ingrained, now at least we are conscious of them so that we have a better chance of noticing when they crop up and releasing or transmuting the energy. It’s amazing what a bit of conscious awareness can do, as it greatly diminishes the power our issues have over us. We have an opportunity with this moon to really look at ourselves, with no rose-tinted spectacles in sight, and fully recognise how and why we hold ourselves back from being all that we are. It is time to break the chains that bind us, once and for all and embrace any change that might come our way. It may not be very comfortable, but what a gift!!

Much love



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