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There is a certain amount of push and pull between sticking with what we know and venturing into uncharted territory with this Full Moon, as both Saturn and Uranus are quite prevalent. Uranus is the ruler of the Aquarius Full Moon and so this Moon is all about embracing change and releasing ourselves from comfortable yet unhealthy habits and situations. A lot of people have been going through change in recent times and this Moon represents a peak, where it all comes to a head so that it can be released. As I said, however, we also have Saturn playing a big part in this lunation and he is naturally more cautious and realistic than Uranus. Uranus urges us to step into the unknown in order to move forward and grow, while Saturn reminds us of our fears and limitations. Both have their place, but it is important to remember that we don’t get anywhere if we’re not willing to change.

The Moon is full in the innovative, humanitarian and eccentric sign of Aquarius and is sitting directly opposite the Sun in expressive, dynamic and creative Leo. It is Leo season, and the Sun is very comfortable in its own sign. During this Full Moon we are asked to find the balance between the energy of the two signs rather than swinging too far in either direction. Leo is very enthusiastic and wants us to shine brightly and fully express the truth of all that we are. In Leo we find our creative gifts and nurture our inner child. Indeed, there is something very playful about Leo, as we are encouraged to sing, dance, create and express all that we are! There is also, however, a tendency to think that the world revolves around them and in the extreme this can lead to narcissism. They are the star of the show and are not afraid to shine their lights brightly and proudly!

Aquarius, on the other hand, wants us to share our special and unique gifts with the world and to sing our song alongside one another rather than stealing the spotlight. In Aquarius everyone is equal and we all have our special part to play which contributes to the whole. Aquarius is sincerely authentic and isn’t afraid to be different or challenge the rules.  Indeed, he can be downright rebellious, unconventional and revolutionary! As I said, Uranus is the ruler of this Aquarius Moon and so this sign favours going against the grain of society and doing things his own way. Both Leo and Aquarius are quite wilful and want us to express our truth. This is where they definitely meet in the middle. Uranus is in Aries at the moment, so while Leo wants us to shine brightly and express who and what we are, Aquarius wants us to stand up and be counted and not be afraid of who and what we are. Shout it out from the rooftops! What unique and special role to we have to play in the world? What makes us stand out from the crowd? Now is not the time to be a wilting wallflower; it is time to allow ourselves to shine brightly and become the stars that we all are!

Uranus is the Great Awakener, the instigator of sudden change. He is the planet who shakes things up when they have become old, stale or stagnant, pushing us out of our comfort zones so that we can continue to grow and evolve. If we just played it safe and didn’t make any change for the whole of our lives then we wouldn’t grow at all! This Moon has the potential to bring a breath of fresh air into our lives and to blast through the cobwebs. We are being asked to step up and be counted for our special, unique natures, rather than just blindly following the rules dictated to us by our parents, schooling and society. It is time to do it our way! This could feel quite uncomfortable at first, as we are creatures of habit, but what a sense of liberation we will feel when we are able to quite simply be ourselves without all of the old habits we have been carrying around with us! We have a chance to break the chains of the past and create something new, forging the way for a life unlike anything we have known before! We can either do this consciously and willingly or else life will do it for us by creating situations which blast us out of our comfortable ruts and old ways of being, awakening us to our full potential.

Saturn, the planet of boundaries, responsibility, commitment and limitation, is very prevalent right now, however. He is currently standing still in the sky, getting ready to turn direct on the 1st of August, so his energy is very potent. Saturn has dipped back into Scorpio in recent times in order for us to clear up any unfinished business from Saturn’s stay in Scorpio from 2012 until 2015. We have been asked to confront ourselves again and recognise how we still hold ourselves back, and to face our deepest fears. We are more aware of these limitations and fears now, but they still linger. We now have an opportunity to face them once and for all so that they release the hold they have on us. During this Moon Saturn may shine the harsh light of reality on our relationships through a challenging square aspect to Venus. We may have to confront our fears of intimacy and recognise where we hold ourselves back from a deeper connection with our loved ones through our own fears and emotional conditioning. He is also challenging Jupiter in Leo, causing us to hold back somewhat and possibly have a crisis of faith. Jupiter in Leo is supremely confident, optimistic and open-hearted, while Saturn in Scorpio could cause us to hold back through fear. It is important to be brutally honest with ourselves about our shortcomings so that we have a chance of moving past these habits and patterns that hold us prisoner and prevent us from true happiness.

There could definitely be a push and a pull between our need for change and new life and our tendency to stick to what we know during this Full Moon. It is quite possible that it will be glaringly obvious where and how we hold ourselves back through fear and old, outworn habits. We are being asked to shine our lights brightly and step bravely into the truth of our being and it makes sense that as we do so we would have to confront our limitations and resistance to change. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t feel some fear, but the key is for us not to let it rule or define us. We must take a leaf out of Leo’s book and remember to find the light, fun and joy in whatever situation we might find ourselves in. Following what brings us a greatest joy is usually a good way to go! Our fears are always so much worse than any reality we might actually face, and this is very important to remember. It is time to sing our songs without holding back and to share all that we are with the world. As we step into new territory is natural that we might look back, but we must step past any jitters and stride confidently towards the new way of being that awaits us. A life in which love and faith guide us and fear melts away.

 “If we wish to dance with the angels, it is not necessary to sprout wings or sign on for harp lessons. We simply need to become ourselves – to express our uniqueness, realise our own potential, consciously create our own reality – and have fun doing so….”
Gill Edwards

Much love


 Photo: Just Do It! - painting by Amy Bird


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