VIRGO FULL MOON - 5 March 2015

Exact 6.06pm GMT, 1.06pm EST!

This Full Moon has the potential to be powerfully healing and profoundly transforming because the Pluto Uranus square is a big part of the picture and is currently building up to the last of seven squares since 2012. If we haven’t quite made it into butterfly status by now then it’s time to make a final push! The square will be exact on March 17th and I do find it interesting that is so very prevalent during this Full Moon. Full Moons are intense enough as they are because they tend to bring anything that has been simmering away below the surface out into the light of our consciousness.  This can cause things to come to a head and emotions tend to run high. This is the time of the month when we are least rational and most prone to acting and reacting emotionally, from an unconscious, instinctual place. With the Pluto Uranus square involved, all sorts of unconscious, shadow stuff could come bubbling up and our emotions could be quite unpredictable, uncontrollable and erratic, so it is very important to remain aware and centred at this time. There is much potential for healing, but things could equally spin out of control if we don’t watch out.

The Moon is full in practical, observant and humble Virgo and is sitting directly opposite the Sun in dreamy, compassionate and intuitive Pisces. The key to a Full Moon is to find the balance between the two signs, as we may find ourselves being pulled one way or the other. It is Pisces season at the moment, which is the last sign in the zodiac, representing dreamtime and the collective unconscious. This is a perfect time to go within and listen to our intuition and inner guidance. Aries season will be upon us soon enough and we will spring into action, but until then we could see this as the pre-birth phase when we are still floating around in the womb, preparing ourselves for action and new life – the next phase. This is a great time to use our imaginations and meditate on our hopes and dreams. It is also a perfect time to contemplate what still needs healing before we can move forward. Pisces is very good at manifestation and making dreams happen so we should take this time to put hopes and plans into the cauldron to stew!

Pisces is chaotic by nature and goes with the flow, while Virgo likes everything to be put into neat little boxes so they make sense. Things don’t necessarily make sense in Pisces’ world. They just are. Virgo is very methodical and is prone to being a bit critical, both of self and others. This moon could bring out any perfectionistic, critical, worrying tendencies in us! This is the healing axis, as both signs are devoted to helping others and have natural healing skills. Pisces is extremely compassionate and empathetic and can easily pick up on what others are feeling while Virgo is fascinated by how the body works and strives for purity of mind, body and spirit. Virgo also has a very strong need to feel helpful and useful. You will find that a lot of nurses are either Virgo or Pisces, as it is both a humble and caring profession. During the Virgo Full Moon it is important to be aware of our bodies and what they might be trying to tell us. They have important messages about where we might be out of balance emotionally and this is the ideal Moon to tune in and listen, as we could learn a lot.

Pluto is forming a harmonious aspect to both the Sun and Moon during this Full Moon. This brings the potential for a detoxification of mind, body and spirit. Pluto is a powerfully healing force himself, as he helps us dig out the rot in our lives and burn, destroy or purify it so that something healthier can takes its place. Virgo would approve of this purification process! Old, outworn tendencies and patterns could pass away during this Moon so healthier ones can take their place. We should take this opportunity to transform ourselves and do an overhaul of our routines and habits. While Pluto is supporting the Moon, Uranus in Aries is niggling away at it, unsettling us and making us all too aware of where we are stuck in a rut or at the mercy of stagnant, stale energy, habits, situations and patterns. This is the last push of the Pluto Uranus square and it is asking us to let go, once and for all, of anything that might be holding us back from being who we really, truly are. We are being challenged to come out into the light and free ourselves of anything that still keeps us small. This is potentially a very empowering Moon indeed if we are open to change and willing to step outside our comfort zones.

Venus and Mars are also involved with the Pluto Uranus square during this Full Moon. The masculine and feminine principles are taking a direct hit from the unsettling, transforming energy of this powerful duo. They are sitting right next to Uranus in Aries and being challenged by Pluto. This could cause a big shake up for any relationships that are not a true reflection of who we really are. Venus’s involvement means that we could experience some big awakenings and realisations in the realms of our relationships and any unspoken emotional truths, secrets and vulnerabilities have a good chance of being revealed. This is a time when we could bare our souls and it might not be pretty! It will be very obvious where we are giving our power away, or conversely where we are using our own power inappropriately. We may very well experience a detoxification, or overhaul, of our relationships, though they will only actually pass away if they are no longer serving us. This powerful combination could definitely bring up issues of power, obsession, jealousy, manipulation and lack of freedom in our relationships. We could feel a need to bust out somehow, though, again, only if our relationships are somehow preventing us from being ourselves. Venus will conjoin Uranus and square Pluto on Wednesday the 4th of March, so the energy is building now.

Mars is the warrior. Pluto is Power. Uranus is revolution. This is a very interesting combination indeed! The Mars Uranus conjunction, which is squared by Pluto, will be exact on the 11th of March. Uranus and Mars are an erratic, volatile, unpredictable combination and could involve the use of sudden force, revolutionary energy, outbursts of anger or irritation, the urge for freedom, impulsive and aggressive action. This mixture of planets could mean that it is hard to hold back what we are thinking or feeling and we may find that there is a considerable amount of brutal honesty around in the coming week or so. I would be surprised if we didn’t see people rising up against authority and the powers that be. This energy is extreme, obsessive, fanatical and potentially brutal and ruthless. Any infringement on our freedom is unlikely to be tolerated AT ALL during this time and power struggles are very likely indeed. 

On the other side of things, Mars’s involvement with the Pluto Uranus Square could give us the energy, drive and motivation to face our shadows make some profound and far reaching changes in our lives. Mars is very brave and forthright, especially in Aries. We might find the courage to get ourselves out of any comfortable ruts and any situations or relationships that are holding us back or keeping us small. As I said, this is the last push, the last chance to make use of this amazingly transforming and revolutionising energy! So much has changed in the last couple of years for so many of us as we have experienced many shifts, stripping away unhealthy tendencies and habits and slowly but surely stepping into the truth of who we are. It hasn’t been an easy process; in fact it has been downright painful at times!  I know that I, for one, have been incredibly raw on many an occasion! It has been worth every moment of it, however, despite the growing pains! Let’s see if we can harness some of Mars’ pioneering spirit and dare once again to boldly go where we have never been before! These are exciting times indeed!

There is one more planet that is very much involved in the picture during this Moon, and that is benevolent, optimistic and joyful Jupiter in Leo. He is completing his wonderful trine with Uranus on Tuesday the 3rd March and is also supporting Venus and Mars in the coming days. Jupiter and Uranus provide us with amazing opportunities, realisations and changes in destiny if we are brave enough to follow our hearts and be true to what brings us joy. Jupiter and Venus in harmony have the power to bring people together in love and expand our hearts. Jupiter and Mars will give us superhero powers and the enthusiasm and confidence to overcome any obstacles that may come our way. Jupiter does also exaggerate the energy of any planet he comes into contact with and in the case of Pluto we could find that we come up against some very extreme beliefs and convictions or misuse of power in days to come. We must be aware that we ourselves could have a tendency to get on our high horse and push our opinions down people’s throats.

All I can say is bring it on! Any change that comes about will only be good for us, helping us to blast out of old, outmoded patterns and ways of doing things, both personally and collectively. The next couple of weeks are our last chance to make the most of this transforming, revolutionary energy and breathe fresh, new, healthy air into our lives. It’s time to become big, beautiful butterflies! Most of us have a pretty good idea of where and how we are stuck and stagnant and where a bit of courage and bravery wouldn’t go amiss. Jupiter in Leo can help us take a leap of faith into some new, uncharted territory. He reminds us of the importance of following our hearts.  The Pluto Uranus square has the capacity to bring about massive shifts and create considerable upheaval, so we should definitely take a leaf out of Pisces book and remember to just go with the flow rather than resisting necessary change. This Full Moon truly has the potential to transform and heal but it is very important that we remain centred and true to ourselves. There is some very raw, instinctual energy around at the moment, so we must make sure we remain self-aware and heart-centred. In honour of Virgo and Pisces, we should tune in and pay attention to what our bodies is tell us because their message is clear if we are only prepared to listen.

Much love




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