New Moon exact at 9.36am GMT, 5.36am EDT
Equinox exact at 10.45pm GMT, 6.45pm EDT

This is truly an incredibly powerful day! Not only do we have the Pisces New Moon and the Spring Equinox in the same day, but we have a Total Solar Eclipse and not only that, it’s a Supermoon! A Supermoon means that the Moon is much closer to the earth and as such has a far greater impact on the tides, our emotions and our spirits. A Solar Eclipse is a magnified New Moon. There are also a couple more ingredients to add to the mix – Saturn has just turned retrograde and the New Moon/Eclipse is occurring in the very final degree of Pisces, which is the very last degree of the zodiac! There is a strong sense of completion and massive shifts of consciousness, as a Solar Eclipse represents endings and beginnings which have more impact and are more far reaching than your average New Moon. This one is a total Eclipse, which will plunge us into darkness for a few minutes and is much more powerful than a partial eclipse. I can’t help thinking about what it must have been like for people in days gone by when they were witness to such a sight! They must have thought it was the end of the world, or that the heavens were trying to tell them something!

The Sun and Moon are forming their monthly union in Pisces, the sign of the collective consciousness. Not only that, they are merging in the very last degree of this intuitive, compassionate and empathetic sign. There is a strong sense of surrender, letting go and completion, as if we are at the end of a very long cycle. They are saying that we are now at the end of the Age of Pisces and officially entering the Age of Aquarius. This would seem appropriate, having just had the last of the Pluto Uranus squares and now this incredibly powerful day that makes me feel like we are being born again into something new and fresh! The Pisces New Moon asks us to go within and listen to our inner voice. This voice is not logical or rational and could bring up strong emotions such as fear and guilt. We could also find ourselves feeling quite wistful and even sad, especially as this is a time of letting go. This is a time to pay attention to our dreams, meditate, walk in nature, nurture our creativity and use our imaginations to the fullest. Pisces represents the cosmic womb and the next couple of days are the perfect time to be very quiet and still and simply see what comes up. The Equinox represents the moment when the Sun shifts from dreamy Pisces into forthright Aries and when it does we will collectively “spring into action”, but until then it is a time of surrender and letting go.

Pisces is very adept at creating something out of nothing and making the impossible possible! This is the perfect time to use our imaginations and contemplate what we might like to create for ourselves. We may find that we experience a heightened sensitivity in the couple of days leading up to the New Moon. We have just come out of a very turbulent few weeks for some people, as we have just had the very last of the Pluto Uranus squares come to a head this week. Anyone who has still been holding onto relationships, patterns or situations that no longer serve their true self would have found the energy quite disruptive, unsettling and potentially upsetting. This last square gave the final push for us to purge and let go of anything that might be preventing us from standing in our truth and fulfilling our full potential. Now here we all stand, hopefully in our power, ready to move forward and create the lives we are meant to lead. Not the lives we thought we should be leading.

That’s where this Pisces New Moon comes in. Pisces has the faith and vision to make dreams come true. We can best make use of this time to go within, gently letting go of what no longer serves us and trusting our intuition about might be the next best move. It is important to simply go with the flow rather than trying to control the boat too much. The path will reveal itself if we remain open and trust that we will be shown the way. The signs are always there if we are willing to look.

We are entering the new paradigm and we truly are the creators of our reality so it is very important to pay attention to our thought processes. Our beliefs have the power to create heaven or hell for us, so we must pay close attention to whatever we think and say because it really does have the power to manifest in reality. What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve! Saturn is forming a positive aspect to the Sun and Moon, which brings a sense that we can turn our hopes and ideals into reality with some work, discipline and dedication to the dreams. Saturn is in Sagittarius at the moment, shining a rather harsh light on our belief systems, so this New Moon does seem like a perfect opportunity to let go of limiting beliefs that might be holding us back from having all we want and deserve.

Pisces can make us aware of the deepest longings of our soul, while Saturn can show how we might turn those longings into concrete reality. Saturn is Cronus, Father Time, and while it may take a while to get our dreams fully off the ground, he will help us to build something stable that has the chance of actually lasting. He is the planet of mastery, who helps us to look at our situation realistically and decide which course of action is for our highest good. Saturn has just gone retrograde and he is now heading back towards Scorpio for one last time before he moves into Sagittarius for the next couple of years.  Whenever planets are in the process of turning retrograde or direct their energy is at its strongest, so Saturn’s presence will be felt strongly during this Moon. He will now be back in Scorpio from June 14 until September 17. It looks like we might have to take a little trip back into our deepest fears and be forced to confront our shadows for one last time before we can move forward! Let’s see what that brings up!

The Spring Equinox represents the moment when the Sun moves from Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. As such it is the Astrological New Year and a time to spring into action! It is a powerful gateway moment, when we move from the womb to rebirth and is a wonderful time to use meditation, ritual and prayer to honour the energy of new beginnings. It is the time of the year when we have equal parts day and night, light and dark, and it is important to honour both parts of ourselves and of life itself – our shadows and our light. This is a time when hope springs eternal and new life is appearing everywhere! Whatever intentions we set for this time could have far reaching impact, so it is a good idea to turn within and heed whatever might come rising up from the subconscious. It is very interesting that it falls on exactly the same day as the New Moon/Total Eclipse! This time has the potential for significant endings and new beginnings. Of course, you can’t really have a beginning without an ending!

The Sabian symbol for the very last degree of Pisces and the zodiac is “A Majestic Rock Formation Resembling A Face Is Idealised By A Boy Who Takes It As His Ideal Of Greatness, And As He Grows Up, Begins To Look Like It.” This feels very much in keeping with the whole energy of the Pisces Moon with a hint of Saturn! This is a time to contemplate what it is we want for ourselves and who we want to be when we grow up! Saturn can help make it concrete and help us consciously manifest our ideals and dreams. This again brings the idea of meditating on what we might want and simply seeing what forms. There is a sense of “becoming” to this Moon/Eclipse; a feeling that we are slowly being moulded into our true potential. I like the idea that we might be becoming something that the child in us created or idealised. It has a certain innocence and purity to it. We have done all of the purging and letting go of old patterns, structures, systems and beliefs. Now is the time to become the person we have always wanted to be. Let the new life begin!!

Much Love




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