LEO FULL MOON - 3 February 2015

Exact at 11.09pm GMT, 6.09pm EST!

Well, this is a Full Moon to look forward to, that’s for sure! It is full of joy and child-like wonder and is very much encouraging us to try new things out and focus on what brings us the greatest fulfilment. This is a time to be optimistic, hopeful and even a bit giddy! Full Moons represent the time in the month when we reach an emotional peak and whatever seed or intention was planted during the New Moon comes to fruition. As the Moon becomes full the tides start to swell and so do our emotions. None more so than this Moon because Jupiter, the largest planet, is sitting right next to the Moon, which will expand and exaggerate whatever we might be feeling! Anything that may have been simmering away beneath the surface comes bubbling up during a Full Moon, demanding release and expression. It’s a great time to get things out into the open, though it may not come out in the most rational way. The Moon is far from rational, as she represents the part of us that reacts unconsciously and instinctively and without reason or thought. This Moon is very well supported by the other planets so my hope is that the emotions that come up will be predominantly joyful! They will certainly be big, whatever they are!

The Moon is full in playful, creative and dramatic Leo and is sitting directly opposite the Sun in humanitarian, rebellious and eccentric Aquarius. We are being asked to find the balance between the energy of the two signs and not veer too much in one direction. It is Aquarius season at the moment and it is a good time to stand back and take a look at our lives from the bird’s eye perspective and create a vision of our future. Aquarius stands for Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood. He is the rebel, the revolutionary, the visionary who sees how we can all join together and create a better world to live in. He is the champion of the people and can see how we can each contribute in our own unique way to the whole, or the collective. Leo represents the king or queen, our own unique sense of identity and creative self-expression. While Aquarius’ focus is the needs of group rather than the individual, Leo’s focus is very much on the individual! While Aquarius can sometimes feel a bit like an outsider looking in, Leo is happy standing in the middle of the group; centre stage, in the thick of things! It’s hard to be objective from that standpoint, however, which is where these two balance each other nicely.

There is a child-like innocence to Leo and wherever he is found in our charts we will have a tendency to want to shine and stand out from the crowd. The ruler of Leo is the Sun and as such Leo energy radiates warmth and light out into the world, brightening people’s days and warming their hearts. Indeed, Leo rules the heart and so this Full Moon may bring some very heartfelt and possibly quite dramatic emotions to the surface! Jupiter is also in Leo and is sitting right next to the Moon, expanding the energy of Leo. We are encouraged to let our inner child out to play and to focus on what brings us our greatest joy and is closest to our heart. When we follow our joy everything flows much more easily and we find much less resistance as we move through life! Leo has a playful spirit and while Jupiter is in this sign our greatest growth and expansion will come from opening our hearts and allowing ourselves to take a risk or two. When we learn to follow our joy more often and do what really makes us happy we will develop that childlike trust that the universe will support us as we do so.

Uranus in Aries is also a very big part of this Full Moon as he is forming a supportive aspect to both the Sun and the Moon and is also building up to the second of three harmonious trine aspects with Jupiter. This is a beautiful thing! This aspect can bring sudden opportunities and realisations that will help us grow and expand. Uranus breathes fresh air into the places where we are stuck and this combination could really help us move out of any stasis or stagnation and have the confidence to try something on new for size and express ourselves more fully. This seems like a green light from the universe to have the courage to follow our joy and focus on what we really, truly want for ourselves rather than playing it safe and staying stuck in our old habits and beliefs.

We all have a pretty good idea about what we need to feel happy and fulfilled. Doesn’t it make sense that we should move towards it? It is possible that Uranus will provide us with a few epiphanies and realisations during this Moon as to what we might need to do in order to lead a more joyful and fulfilling existence. Change can feel unsettling but it can also be invigorating and exciting and give us a newfound sense of freedom. The more we focus on the things that bring us joy the more we will attract good things into our life. This really is a time to practice feeling the childlike wonder of the child and taking a risk or two. As we take steps towards what we truly want for ourselves it is very likely that the path will open out in front of us. As we align with our truth the universe will respond in kind and provide us with opportunities to grow further. It is very exciting! As with all trines it is important that we remain alert and take full advantage of any opportunities or realisations during this time rather than wasting them. The trine will be exact on March 3rd, so the energy will be building until then.

The Pluto Uranus square is also gearing up for its 7th and final battle in the heavens. We are very familiar with its energy by now. It has been breaking down the structures of our lives, both collectively and personally, since 2012. Anything that is outworn and no longer serves us has been gradually decaying, collapsing and falling away, whether that be societal and governmental systems or our own personal habits or beliefs, so that something more appropriate can take their place and we can move forward with integrity and a greater sense of personal freedom. We have had to step outside of our comfort zones on numerous occasions so that we can more fully align with the truth of who we are and what we are here to do. The old way simply isn’t working anymore so we have no choice but to move towards something new.

It hasn’t been particularly comfortable but we are now moving through to the other side, entering a new paradigm and trying out this new, authentic way of being which is unusual, unfamiliar yet completely natural somehow. Things are very different than they were before this process began and many of us are much changed.  This last square will very likely smash down the last bit of resistance that we have to the new way, which involves living in a way that is aligned with our truth. This trine between Uranus and Jupiter will help us do that and may make it easier to embrace any change that comes along with it. The trine will hopefully make it feel fun, exciting and liberating instead of scary and unsettling. The final Pluto Uranus square will be exact on the March 17th. The energy is building now.

We also have a Pluto Chiron aspect that is building, helping us to really dig down and do some very deep healing. Both Chiron and Pluto are forming a niggling aspect to the Leo Moon and so they feel quite important to mention. We are being encouraged to bare ourselves, to strip ourselves down so that we can uncover the wounds that hold us back from living our full potential. This will help us find and let go of fears or insecurities that are preventing us from having the confidence to step outside of our comfort zone and follow the path of joy. This aspect could mean that some of the emotions that come to the surface over the course of this Full Moon will be quite intense and deeply healing, as we expose some of our buried wounds and vulnerabilities. This aspect has been in effect since December but is definitely being triggered by this Moon so its energy could be quite prevalent.

I can’t help thinking that the “true selves” that we are looking to become are in fact the children that we were before any of the childhood conditioning took place; before we had to fit into to what our parents and society expected of us. This is the “authentic” self we seek and so the more we can honour our inner child the closer we will get to the truth of who we are. We are just peeling back the layers that have been built up over the years that disguise our true selves. They have been there all the while. Our parents got a glimpse of them. We just have to reacquaint ourselves with that initial spark, that’s all. This Moon is the perfect time to get to know that part of ourselves and have fun being the creators of our reality. Children know very well what they want to do and what doesn’t feel good to them and so do we if we just trust our feelings more! If we imagine it is a game and practice following what brings us joy in that moment we may discover a way to create a much better life and feel freer and happier than ever before. If it makes you feel happy, excited, joyful and relaxed, do it. If it makes you feel anxious, upset, unhappy or nervous, you might want to rethink. It’s as simple as that. For this Moon, imagine that you are a child in a sweet shop and can ask for anything you want. Then just play and have fun!!!

Much Love


Photo by Pete Ryan, National Geographic.


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