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This is the first of six supermoons this year which means that the moon is much closer to the earth than at other times, so it has a more powerful effect on our emotions and spirits than other moons. That being said, New Moons are not as emotional as Full Moons but rather are a time to be somewhat objective about ourselves and our lives. And none more so than this one because the moon is in Aquarius, the sign that encourages detachment and looking at things from the birds eye perspective. This is also the first of two Aquarius New Moons in a row, which is quite rare! Once in a Blue Moon, in fact! This Moon occurs at the very beginning of the first degree of Aquarius, while the New Moon on the 18th of February occurs in the absolute last degree and minute of Aquarius! This particular Moon, as it is so very close to the beginning of the sign and also the first New Moon of 2015, has a very strong sense of new beginnings and fresh new starts. It is a time to contemplate how we want to proceed from here and what we need to leave behind in the dark of the Moon in order to move forward.

Aquarius is the visionary, the sign who looks to the future and sees a better way of doing things, a better life for us all, based on the Aquarian principles of freedom, brotherhood and equality. He puts the needs of the group first rather than the individual. He is the rebel and the revolutionary who goes against the grain and comes up with some quite off the wall alternatives to the way our society is set up. We are in great need this Aquarian vision at the moment as our antiquated systems crumble around us, because something else has to take its place that will take care of the needs of the masses rather than favouring the small percentage who rule the world we live in. It makes sense that Aquarius follows on from Capricorn, the sign of authority, control and government who very much plays by the rules. Aquarius is a reaction to Capricorn and seeks to think outside of the box and question the rules which so many blindly follow. He is the part of us all who dreams of a better future for ourselves and our children. This Moon asks us to contemplate what this better future might actually look like and how we might go about achieving it.

This New Moon follows the Cancer Full Moon, which involved a rather bright light being shone on our ingrained emotional patterns, making it glaringly obvious how they sabotage our relationships and prevent us from moving on in life. The Pluto Uranus square was a very big part of that Moon and so were the Nodes of the Moon, which represent our past and our future on both a personal and collective soul level. Cancer rules the past, the family and our childhood and some of us felt a very strong pull backwards into old, familiar habits and tendencies which are simply so longer serving us. Sometimes we have to step backwards a little in order to move forward. Uranus, the ruler of this Aquarius New Moon, is now even closer to the south node of the moon, encouraging us to blast through those old patterns and step away from the familiar, self-defeating, habitual tendencies into a new way of being altogether. This is the time to take a step back and be objective, taking a long hard look at ourselves so that we recognise where we hold ourselves back from our true potential. Then we have to try something new on for size. This may not feel very comfortable, as change never is, but it will be so very worth it! We may shock ourselves and others with this new way of being, but what freedom we shall feel as we step closer into our truth rather than unconsciously repeating our old stories over and over again!

The good news is that Saturn is supporting us in our endeavours during this New Moon, forming a harmonious aspect to the Sun and Moon. Saturn left Scorpio on December 23 and is now in Sagittarius, the sign of beliefs, faith, education, religion, growth and wisdom. Saturn will revisit Scorpio from June 16 until September 18 so we will have another chance to plunge into the watery depths and revisit our fears of intimacy and any old, buried gunk which is holding us back. What joy! In the meantime Saturn is casting his stern, critical eye over all things Sagittarius; our beliefs, what we put our faith in, where we find meaning in our lives, what we need to learn in order to grow, where we might be excessive or irresponsible in our lives and where we might seek freedom at a cost. My sense is that we will be forced to examine and reflect on our beliefs and how they impact our lives and reality. The thoughts and beliefs that we have built up over the years have a direct impact on what happens to us and what we invite, or don’t invite, into our lives. Self-limiting beliefs can really hold us back from all that we want for ourselves in this life!

Saturn’s involvement in this Moon could help us to scrutinise these beliefs and realise where we are holding ourselves back from achieving our dream reality. What old, outworn beliefs are we still carrying around that simply no longer serve us? Another thing that Saturn in Sagittarius might bring about is a contemplation of what else we might need to learn in order to move forward and grow. This is a very good time to embark on a study program, or seek a mentor, apprenticeship, or do some kind of focused, disciplined learning. It should be something concrete and realistic that can really help us to create the future we seek. Saturn in Sagittarius could also make us all too aware of where, or in whom, we have placed our faith inappropriately. I sense that organised religion could be up for some scrutiny in the next couple of years! There could also be a renewed respect and interest in traditional belief systems.

Saturn represents commitment, discipline and responsibility; three words which don’t quite match the Sagittarius experience! Maybe something to contemplate is how committing to something or someone doesn’t necessarily mean a loss of freedom, but can actually free us up somehow, giving us more leeway to grow and be ourselves. Saturn in Sagittarius can definitely broaden our perspective on what commitment and responsibility truly mean and can also show how seeking freedom at all costs can actually imprison us more than we may think. Wherever Sagittarius is found in our charts is generally where we seek a lot of freedom to roam and may tend to shy away from commitment or responsibility because it makes us feel caged in, limited or confined. Saturn could cause us to have another look at the theme of freedom versus commitment during his stay in Sagittarius! The two don’t necessarily have to be at odds.

During this New Moon Saturn is helping us to commit ourselves to whatever intentions we set ourselves and also consider realistically what we might need to do to help us grow. Sagittarius might like to aim his arrow high and shoot to the heavens, but Saturn will help us focus on what we really want and what truly has meaning for us. He helps us to find the discipline needed to get where we are going and also helps us to take responsibility for ourselves and our journey. During this Moon he should help us come up with some solid, sensible intentions that will help us move forward and also help us to become all too aware of how our beliefs hold us back. He is on our side during this Moon, and, as ever, he wants the best for us. He doesn’t encourage short cuts or the fast track, however. Rather, he forces us to be patient so we learn slowly yet thoroughly. There is nothing quite as powerful as wisdom gained through experience.

Mars and Neptune are forming a conjunction in Pisces shortly before the New Moon is exact. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, so this creates a double dose of the same flowing, dreamy Pisces energy. Mars entered Pisces on Monday 12 January and this could cause our energy levels to fluctuate slightly, causing bursts of energy followed by inertia. Mars in Pisces can create a certain listlessness and lack of energy but can also bring the potential for action fuelled by true inspiration and/or compassion. There is a sense of us waiting to act when the time feels right rather than forcing things. This is certainly a time to go with the flow to and not to push it when something doesn’t feel right. It’s a perfect time for intuitive action.
Mars is the assertive go-getter, and in Pisces all of the fight goes out of him and he just wants to keep the peace. This could cause a certain amount of passive-aggression, even in people who would usually be more direct. On one level, this combination could be amazing for us acting on our intuition and imaginations, while on the other hand it could involve some proverbial burying our heads in the sand and not acting in an effort to avoid reality! Over the weekend the Mars/Neptune conjunction will start building in strength until reaches its peak on Tuesday. On the one hand Neptune’s tendency to dissolve boundaries combined with the physical nature of Mars could weaken our defences and immune systems somewhat, while on the other hand it could lead to some truly beautiful, transcendental sexual experiences, as barriers melt and become one! Mars is also the ego; the “I am” principle that represents our individuality. Neptune is the “We are all one” principle and could well melt away our ego and individual sense of self! Mars will be in Pisces until 21 February.

Mercury Retrograde is also upon us again! I may well go into more detail in another post, but he goes retrograde on Wednesday 21, the day after the New Moon, in the sign of Aquarius. This is, therefore, a good time to reflect, review, renew, re-connect, re-work, re-evaluate, re-visit, re-do, re-consider, re-think; anything that involves looking back and going over things again. Mercury is quite happy in Aquarius and this retrograde period brings the potential for going back in and looking at things from a different perspective. Aquarius is very objective, so we can use this opportunity to detach ourselves a little and think differently. This is an ideal time for thinking outside of the box and trying new ideas on for size. Wherever we may be stuck in our thinking we will have a chance to free our minds. Don’t be surprised if you have some real “aha!” moments as you find solutions for anything you might have been struggling with. As ever, Mercury retrograde holds the potential for a certain degree of miscommunication, misunderstandings and breakdown of communication devices, so it is important to be aware of this possibility and maintain a sense of humour! Travel can also be hindered or limited, so be patient and remember that you may be delayed for a reason that is not immediately apparent. Old friends might also pop up, especially if there is unfinished business with them.

This New Moon is an opportunity for us to think outside of the box and try something new on for size. This is a time to envision the kind of future we want for ourselves and contemplate how we might work towards it. We have the potential for finding new solutions to old problems and for blasting through old, self-defeating patterns, beliefs and habits that no longer serve us. Aquarius is very objective, so we can harness this energy and imagine that we are someone else looking at our lives from the bird’s eye perspective, which should help us see what needs to change and what we might need to leave behind. It is a great time for setting some intentions which involve us becoming the person we really are rather than running on old, unhealthy, unconscious patterns and ways of behaving. We have had quite a jolt in the past few weeks with the mirror being pointed at us, showing us our unconscious patterns and habits. We have become all too aware of the ways in which we sabotage ourselves and hold ourselves back from achieving our hearts’ desires. This Moon is the absolutely best time to start fresh and step into something new. This may feel a little uncomfortable or awkward at first, but what is the alternative? We have to move forward now. Here’s no looking back.

Much Love


Mercury retrograde dates:

Shadow: January 6th
Retrograde Station: January 21st
Direct Station: February 11th
Release: March 4th


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