Thursday, 27 February 2014

PISCES NEW MOON - Saturday 1 March 2014

Exact at 8am GMT, 3am EST!

This is a very well supported New Moon in the midst of an unprecedented amount of planetary shifts this week! Four planets are due to either turn retrograde or direct, one after the other, and the differing energies could pull us in all sorts of different directions! As Mercury turns direct both Mars and Saturn go retrograde, while later in the week Jupiter turns direct after being retrograde since the 7th of November. When planets get ready to go direct or turn retrograde they stand still for a while, and as they do their energy is much stronger than usual. As such, this will not be a simple, straightforward New Moon. Nevertheless, this is still a time of endings and beginnings as we leave whatever isn’t serving us behind in the dark of the Moon, letting go and then forming a new set of intentions based on our deepest desires and wishes for ourselves. Whatever we think or feel at this time sows the seeds that will grow over the course of the month until they come into full bloom with the Full Moon. This particular New Moon invites us to be still and listen to the quiet voice within, inviting its guidance and inspiration. Pisces season is upon us and it is definitely time to rest and turn inwards, preparing us for Aries season when we “spring into action!”

The Sun and Moon are forming their monthly union in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. I am reminded of the yoga pose, Savasana (Corpse Pose) where you lie on your back in complete surrender and stillness before rolling over and being born anew. This is where we are in the yearly cycle. Pisces asks us to surrender to spirit; to trust our intuition and let go of control, allowing ourselves to be guided by unseen forces. Pisces defies logic and dissolves boundaries, asking us, ever so gently, to let go of our doubts, fears, guilt, anger and any old conditioning and patterns that might usually define us and replace them with love and tenderness. It is time to really let go and breathe a huge sigh of relief as we do so! Pisces represents unconditional love and is the spirit of selflessness, compassion and true empathy. She reminds us that we are not separate, but are all from the same melting pot. What happens to one happens to all. During this New Moon it is important to pay attention to our dreams as they may have important messages for us. Music, dancing, creative writing or artwork, energy work, meditation and going for walks in nature are all wonderful ways to tap into source and gain some understanding of what our higher self is trying to tell us. It is time to rest, relax and switch off our logical, rational minds and be open to our heart wisdom. Pisces has the magical ability to make dreams come reality through the power of the imagination, and this New Moon is the perfect time to harness that power!

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is sitting on one side of the Sun and Moon and Neptune is on the other side. This brings the potential for some amazing insight into where we are wounded and what we might still need to heal in our lives. It is quite likely that we will be more open than usual to impressions, messages from the universe and the thoughts and feelings of other people. Our compassion, intuition and connection to others will be greatly heightened as Neptune dissolves the ego and alongside it dispels the illusion of any boundaries that separate us. This really is a time to be kind to both ourselves and our fellow man and woman.

In the meantime Jupiter, who is very strong because he is sitting still waiting to turn direct, is forming a very supportive aspect to the Sun and Moon, giving us the gift of faith and bestowing a sense of optimism and humour upon the whole picture. It is important not to take everything too seriously and jolly Jupiter is good at reminding us of that! His involvement in this Moon gives us the opportunity to really grow and move forward on an emotional level and he makes us aware that all that happens to us brings a potential for growth beyond previous limitation.  He also asks us to drop any pretence and allow ourselves to show how we really feel. It is time to lose the masks. He reminds us that anything is possible and helps us to see the bigger picture as we think about what we might want for ourselves in the month ahead.

Pluto in Capricorn is also supporting this Moon, helping us to dig deep inside our souls and find what matters most to us. He wants us to stand in our power with integrity and will root around in our unconscious until he finds what stops us from doing just that. He adds soul power and the gift of emotional transformation to the overall picture of this Moon.

Venus and Mars are gearing up to have another cosmic confrontation as they form the second square to each other, the last bout having occurred during the Cancer Full Moon on the 16th of January. We may be revisiting something that happened then. This could bring out hidden tensions in our relationships, possibly causing arguments but also allowing us to clear the air.  When the cosmic lovers challenge each other in the heavens it could ignite our passions and cause considerable sexual tension, whether we are single or in a relationship. It could also be really good for putting a fire in our bellies when it comes to creative or artistic pursuits! Any frustration, tension or anger that has been suppressed within our relationships could come bubbling to the surface so that it can be talked about and hopefully resolved. Just remember that Mercury could still be making communication a bit wobbly! The battle could also be internal, as the feminine within us (Venus) may be at odds with our assertive, masculine self. We may feel a bit of a push/pull between wanting to forge forward (Mars) and sit back and wait to see what might come our way (Venus). This aspect will be exact on Monday 3rd March, so the energy will be building over the weekend.

Mercury is finally turning direct a few hours before the Full Moon and his energy will be at its strongest during this time, so watch out for another bout of confusion, miscommunication and travel delays!  Combined with the Pisces New Moon we could find ourselves quite spaced out and dreamy this weekend! As Mercury starts moving forward again we now have a chance to look back on what has come to light during the retrograde period. What insights have we gained through looking back? What have we had to revisit for a second time in order to gain more clarity?  What has come up from our past to be examined? He is now working his way back towards his third square with Saturn, the first of which was on 24/25 January, the second of which was at the beginning of last week (18/19 Feb) and this one will be exact on March 11th. This makes communication quite challenging and stilted and could send us into a bit of a dark head space. Whatever we were dealing with for the first two passes could come up again one last time and hopefully this time we will have more understanding and be able to find resolution.

There is so much happening during this Moon! Just as Mercury turns direct, Mars goes retrograde! On the 2nd of March Mars starts moving backwards and as he does so we could experience some Martian energy such as anger, frustration or impatience coming up. Mars is in peace loving Libra, however, so it is unlikely to make us overly aggressive or direct because Libra is far too diplomatic, peaceful and concerned about what other people might think! Mars will be retrograde until May, so this is a time to take a step backwards and conserve energy rather than jumping forward with plans. Mars is assertive, active energy and gives us the desire and motivation to get things done, but while he is retrograde that energy turns inward. We could see this as preparation time while we get ready for whatever lies ahead of us in May when Mars turns direct. Then it will be full steam ahead and we will really be able to move forward with our plans. First Venus, then Mercury, now Mars have been retrograde, one after the other, which gives a feeling that parts of our lives are currently on hold. All will be revealed in the fullness of time, but for now we have to be patient and continue to do the inner work that will help us move forward in the outer world soon enough. Mars is retrograde in Libra, the planet of relationships and “other”. As such we may feel called to reassess our relationships and clear the air somewhat. What has happened since December that might need revisiting? What needs to change? Basically, Mars will bring his direct, honest approach to the realm of our relationships and allow us to cut through the crap!

Saturn is also turning retrograde, on Monday the 3rd of March, causing yet another shift of energy!  As he does so we may be forced to face our fears and could experience a good dose of reality, whether we like it or not! Saturn is the teacher; the strict parent who challenges us to confront ourselves and become the best that we can be. While he is going backwards we will be asked to think about our commitments and responsibilities and decide whether they feel confining and limiting or whether they are helping us to grow. This period of time is ideal for confronting our shadows and seeing where we hold ourselves back through fear and old, outworn emotional patterns. Whatever we find during this process may not be pretty, but once we have brought the shadows out into the light they lose their power over us. We all have shadows, but it is far better to be aware of them rather than them ruling  our lives unconsciously.

On the one hand we have a very well supported Pisces New Moon asking us to rest, surrender, turn in and listen to our inner voice. Unconditional love, empathy and compassion is the theme of the Pisces season. Imagine that we are floating around in the cosmic womb, preparing to be born anew! On the other hand we have a lot of planetary shifts that could pull us in all sorts of different directions over the course of this week, such as the mental confusion of Mercury, the angry frustration of Mars and Saturn forcing us to face our fears, shadows and vulnerabilities. All the while, Jupiter is shining his light of faith and optimism onto the whole picture, reminding us to have a sense of humour about the whole thing. Pisces wants us to go with the flow and to be absolutely present; not focusing on the past and what has already passed away, not worrying or fantasising about the future, but right here, right now, aware, alert, listening. When we do this we are given some very subtle messages and cues that guide us along our path. This is the time of year to nurture our inner spirit and listen to our dreams, and if that means sleeping a bit more than usual, then so be it!  This is the end of a cycle and it is important to be good to ourselves right now so that when Aries season comes around we are ready for action. Until then we must let go of any need to control the outcome and simply go with the flow of the river, trusting that everything is unfolding exactly as it should.

Much love



Sunday, 23 February 2014


This is a weekend that has the potential for amazing shifts and incredibly deep healing. I know I have been experiencing its effects in quite a profound way! Uranus and Jupiter are gearing up to a square which will be exact on Tuesday, which could involve abrupt shifts which take us out of our comfort zones onto uncharted waters but which brings the potential for amazing growth and heightened awareness. We might have some very profound realisations which could be quite uncomfortable but very revealing indeed.

At exactly the same time Pluto is moving towards an exact sextile with Chiron the Wounded Healer (also exact on Tuesday) which brings the potential for some incredibly deep healing that really gets to the heart of the matter. Pluto digs around and finds all of the really deep stuff buried in our subconscious, while Chiron allows us to accept, forgive, understand and have compassion for ourselves and others. We may have to confront some things that we might prefer to leave buried, but really they are no longer serving us so it is time to bring them up, look at them and let them go. This is all very exciting stuff, as it really is healing the depths of our soul. Of course it could also be quite unsettling and possibly painful, but then the greatest growth often is!

Much love


Wednesday, 12 February 2014

LEO FULL MOON - February 14 2014

Exact at 6.53pm EST, 11.53pm GMT!

Well, this is a lively, energetic and colourful Full Moon, that’s for sure, with a hint of Saturn’s realism to make sure we don’t go completely over the top! It is interesting that it falls on Valentine’s Day, as Leo rules the heart, romance and following one’s bliss! Full Moons are a time when whatever has been building since the New Moon comes to fruition. Anything that has been bubbling away down below in the unconscious tends to come to the surface, illuminated by the light of the Moon. As the tides swell so do our emotions and it all comes spilling out! The Full Moon is the time of the month when the Moon (emotional unconscious) sits directly opposite the Sun (conscious will) and we become acutely what might be out of balance in our lives. Oppositions also mean that whatever we are dealing with will tend to play out in the realm of our relationships, as people often mirror back to us whatever we are feeling on an internal level. This particular Moon has two dynamic T-squares creating tension and pressure for us to shift and change, as well as a big, beautiful boost of energy and passion from Mars in Libra! As Full Moons go this is likely to be rather a big one, as Leo doesn’t like to pass by unnoticed and certainly doesn’t do things by halves!

The Moon is in playful, dramatic and heartfelt Leo, while the Sun is sitting directly opposite in unconventional, intellectual and humanitarian Aquarius. As such we are being asked to find some balance between the energy of the two signs. Leo reminds us to nurture self-love, which is so very important, for if we don’t love ourselves how can we truly love anyone else? The Moon in Leo encourages us to let our inner child out to play; to express ourselves and follow what truly brings us joy. Leo is the sign of romance, self-expression and creativity and urges us to let loose and have some fun! If you think about how children play and interact with each other; they sing, skip, play, dance, run, cry, shout, scream and hug without holding anything back!  This is the essence of Leo: expressing oneself with heartfelt abandon. The inner child is our true essence and spirit, so when we honour it we are truly listening to the voice of our soul.

The Sun in Aquarius is in perfect balance to the Leo Moon and where Leo is led by the heart, Aquarius is led by the head. Leo is apt to attach quite quickly and is generally found at the centre of things while Aquarius tends to be more detached and is more likely to observe things from the bird’s eye perspective. Leo is subjective, Aquarius is objective. Leo radiates warmth, generosity and love, Aquarius is cool and friendly. Leo is the king or queen who rules magnanimously and with authority, Aquarius is the champion of the common man – the humanitarian visionary who longs for a world of equality, brotherhood and freedom. Leo is creative, dramatic and expressive while Aquarius is more of a mad scientist or nutty professor. Leo shows where we can shine and what unique, special talents we might have, while Aquarius shows how we can each use those gifts to help make the world a better place. Leo reminds us that we each have a special role to play in life and Aquarius shows us how we can collaborate and contribute to the collective instead of just serving ourselves.

While this Full Moon has the potential to bring a lot of romance and fun (Leo) and help us connect with like-minded people (Aquarius), we have Saturn in Scorpio forming a challenging square to both the Sun and Moon putting a bit of a dampener on things. Saturn is like the strict parent shining a rather harsh light on the whole affair and forcing us to be emotionally honest and accountable for our actions. He is a beacon of authenticity and integrity, making sure that whatever we do is also for the highest good of all concerned. He reminds us that we still have some inner work to do before we can fully relax and enjoy the good times. He truly wants what is best for us but makes us all too aware of where we are out of balance; where we might be going too far in one area of our life at the expense of the others.  He points out our blind spots. His energy isn’t too strong during this Moon because it is a waning aspect, but nevertheless he could cause us to put the breaks on full expression. He is a reality check, making sure we are being true to ourselves and our path. He is getting ready to go retrograde so he has slowed down considerably in recent times, to the point now where he at an absolute standstill. I sense that we are being asked to be patient. Father Time is standing still, asking us to continue to delve deep and do the inner, soul work and soon enough we will see the results in the outer world.

On the other hand we have Mars in Libra forming an almost exact, flowing, supportive aspect to the Sun and Moon! This combination brings high energy, enthusiasm, passion and motivation to the picture and helps us to find the self-confidence and assertiveness needed to express how we truly feel. This is helpful for any declarations of love and is also a wonderful boost of sexual energy and passion! So while Saturn may force us to be very real and to look before we leap, Mars provides some very spontaneous, uplifting energy and helps us to be brave enough to express ourselves emotionally. It seems like it might be a great time to tell people exactly how we feel in an honest, direct and open way. The inner child in us all could also have an extra skip in her step during this Full Moon!

Something to be aware of is that Mercury is still retrograde and is sitting right next to the Sun in Aquarius during this Full Moon, so communication could get a little skewed and misunderstandings could occur. It is also likely that we will receive some revelations, epiphanies, insights or messages during this time that could be very helpful indeed. While Mercury is retrograde we tend to find communication and travel a bit more challenging but there are usually plenty of hidden gifts as well. Certainly this Moon will involve a lot of chatter and communication with Mercury in such a prominent position, though hopefully it will be of the right brained, intuitive variety. We must remember to listen, however. When the Mercury is this close to the Sun it can make it hard for us to stop talking and thinking enough to actually hear what is being said. It is also possible that with the Moon sitting opposite this Sun/Mercury combo we might experience a bit of a battle between our emotional, gut instincts (Moon) and our logic and reason (Mercury). Our heart might want us to do one thing and our head might try to talk us out of it!

The other big energy involved in this Full Moon is the ongoing T-square between Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter. This is the backdrop of the times and will be with us until it all comes to a head in April. This is a time of upheaval, change and massive shifts forward. We are being pushed out of our comfort zones and being forced to find new ways of doing things, which is slightly unsettling yet exhilarating. These shifts can be quite uncomfortable as we let go of old, familiar patterns that we have grown so used to, but this is a time of amazing growth and evolution. We can’t stay as we were because that just doesn’t work for us anymore. The only way is forward and while we are venturing into unchartered territory I have faith that we will somehow be shown the way. Where we are going is unlike anything that we have experienced before. We are being asked to shed anything that doesn’t serve us and to be utterly true to ourselves. Whatever we let go of at this time may cause pain or discomfort but will also give a sense of freedom and integrity. It has to go so we must not cling to it. It is only holding us back from finding our full potential.

This Full Moon definitely has the potential to be very joyful, heartfelt and fun! While Valentine’s Day is basically a Christian tradition that has unfortunately become very commercialised in recent times, it is nevertheless important to remember the intrinsic message of the day and that is of the healing power of love. Leo teaches us to love ourselves first and then radiate it outwards and Aquarius makes sure that everybody receives it, no matter who they are. The Leo Full Moon reminds us of who we really, truly are. Our inner child is our essence, our spirit, our heart wisdom. It is who we were before we learned the rules of adulthood. As such, we should let go of any cynicism or reserve and allow ourselves to fully express who we are and what we truly feel. Let the tears and laughter flow as children do and don’t be afraid to speak your truth. Just make sure it is truly coming from a place of sincerity and love. Then you can’t go wrong. And remember, the inner child in us knows where we are going and she’s not afraid. Listen to your heart.

Much love


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

MERCURY RETROGRADE IN PISCES AND AQUARIUS - 6 February until 28 February 2014

Mercury turns retrograde tomorrow in Pisces and on February 12th he slips back into Aquarius, where he will stay until the 18th of March. I guess he hadn’t had enough of Aquarius yet! As with all Mercury retrograde periods is it important to remember that miscommunication and misunderstandings can easily occur and to keep a sense of humour about the whole thing! When signing important documents it is a good idea to check and double check the small print and in general it is a good time to make sure that Ts are crossed and Is are dotted because we are more likely than usual to make silly little mistakes. Travel plans can be subject to delays, phones and computers can act up and modes of transport, such as cars and buses, can mysteriously break down during Mercury retrograde. Basically, any forms of communication and means of travel and transport could go a bit awry in the coming weeks, if they haven’t already done so! As I said, the most important thing to do is to maintain a sense of humour and remember that while you may be delayed or inconvenienced there might be a very good reason for it which will be revealed in the fullness of time. Mercury retrograde periods are an ideal time to look back over things and re-think, re-do, re-work, reflect, review, re-iterate, re-evaluate, redress and, if you can, relax!

Mercury starts off in Pisces, sitting right next to dreamy, nebulous Neptune no less, and this could make us feel quite unfocused, spacey and unable to concentrate. This is an ideal time to give our minds a break; send them off on holiday! Indeed, we may have no choice as we find ourselves daydreaming and staring into space! Pisces wants us to use our right brains more and nurture our intuition, creativity and play with our imaginations. Mercury is naturally left-brained; logical, rational and organised, but he is now travelling backwards in Pisces! This is an ideal time for meditation, rest and going for walks in nature. It is a time to let the more creative, intuitive side of our brains do the work instead. Now we can take a break from trying to over-analyse or figure everything out and let our imaginations run wild into the realm of fantasy! What can we dream up for ourselves when we allow ourselves to relax and let go? What are our dreams and fantasies? This is the time to come up with the ideal vision of what we are looking for.

For the rest of the time Mercury will be in backwards motion in quirky, eccentric and unconventional Aquarius, which invites us to go back over things and look at them from a completely different perspective. Aquarius is very objective and tends to look at life from a birds eye perspective rather than being embroiled in the emotions and unable to see the wood for the trees. We are invited to pull back a little and look at our lives from a distance. It is time to let go of emotional involvement and have a bit of objectivity. We may find when we look back at whatever we have been dealing with in recent times that we might have a few “aha” moments and moments of true insight and inspiration.  Aquarius is the detached observer and this retrograde period gives us a chance to do just that; to observe our lives from a place of non-attachment. It is time to step outside of the box and to think completely differently from the way we usually would. We can come up with solutions and ideas that simply never would have occurred to us before. Indeed, this could be a time of awakening to a completely new perspective!

On the 24/25th of January Mercury formed a square (challenging aspect) to Saturn in Scorpio. He will do so again on 18/19 February and one last time on 11 March. This means that we will experience the same energy three times in total and whatever we were thinking or communicating back in January will have to be revisited somehow. Mercury and Saturn could have given us a heavy dose of reality and forced us to say or hear things which were quite harsh but somehow necessary. Saturn in Scorpio wants us to confront anything which is holding us back from true intimacy and trust in our relationships and this would have been pushed to the forefront of our minds (Mercury) at this time. Saturn may be a bit of a task master or strict parent but ultimately he wants us to be the best that we can be, so whatever we experience when Mercury squares Saturn may be a slightly uncomfortable reality check but it will also help us to take responsibility for ourselves and our lives. As we revisit the square this month we will probably gain more understanding of whatever we were dealing with at the end of January and move to the next step.

Mercury was also forming a trine (supportive aspect) to Mars in Libra on 24/25 January, which will have helped us assert ourselves and clear the air within the realm of our relationships. Mars doesn’t hold back and when he forms and aspect to Mercury he would help us to say things we might not otherwise have the courage to say. As this is a flowing aspect it would mean that we could be honest and forthright without causing offence or defensiveness, which is a plus! This aspect will be repeated on 16 February as Mercury goes back to meet Mars again, and one final time on 15 March. This gives us an opportunity to somehow revisit whatever occurred in January. It doesn’t mean a repeat performance exactly, but rather that it will be a continuation of the same theme.

The peak of the retrograde period will come on 15 February, the day after the Leo Full Moon, when Mercury joins the Sun in Aquarius. This aligns our thought processes (Mercury) with our conscious will (Sun) and should give us a pretty clear idea of what needs to be re-evaluated and re-worked during this retrograde period. Certainly Mercury retrograde in Aquarius offers us an opportunity to clear the cobwebs away and free our minds, looking at things from an entirely new perspective. This is an ideal time to come up with some original ideas and ingenious solutions for old problems as Mercury takes us back over what has already been done. This could be a quite enlightening time so I think, above all, that we should all keep an open mind. We may have to step outside of our comfort zones and think way outside the box, but it will be worth it.

23 January - Mercury enters retrograde zone
1 February – Mercury enters Pisces
6 February – Mercury turns retrograde
14 February – Mercury goes back into Aquarius
28 February – Mercury turns direct
18 March – Mercury goes back into Pisces
21 March – Mercury leaves retrograde zone ….RELEASE!

The energy of Mercury retrograde is at its strongest a few days before and after he turns retrograde and direct.

Much love


Photo: Bird's Eye View by Janet Ashworth