LEO FULL MOON - February 14 2014

Exact at 6.53pm EST, 11.53pm GMT!

Well, this is a lively, energetic and colourful Full Moon, that’s for sure, with a hint of Saturn’s realism to make sure we don’t go completely over the top! It is interesting that it falls on Valentine’s Day, as Leo rules the heart, romance and following one’s bliss! Full Moons are a time when whatever has been building since the New Moon comes to fruition. Anything that has been bubbling away down below in the unconscious tends to come to the surface, illuminated by the light of the Moon. As the tides swell so do our emotions and it all comes spilling out! The Full Moon is the time of the month when the Moon (emotional unconscious) sits directly opposite the Sun (conscious will) and we become acutely what might be out of balance in our lives. Oppositions also mean that whatever we are dealing with will tend to play out in the realm of our relationships, as people often mirror back to us whatever we are feeling on an internal level. This particular Moon has two dynamic T-squares creating tension and pressure for us to shift and change, as well as a big, beautiful boost of energy and passion from Mars in Libra! As Full Moons go this is likely to be rather a big one, as Leo doesn’t like to pass by unnoticed and certainly doesn’t do things by halves!

The Moon is in playful, dramatic and heartfelt Leo, while the Sun is sitting directly opposite in unconventional, intellectual and humanitarian Aquarius. As such we are being asked to find some balance between the energy of the two signs. Leo reminds us to nurture self-love, which is so very important, for if we don’t love ourselves how can we truly love anyone else? The Moon in Leo encourages us to let our inner child out to play; to express ourselves and follow what truly brings us joy. Leo is the sign of romance, self-expression and creativity and urges us to let loose and have some fun! If you think about how children play and interact with each other; they sing, skip, play, dance, run, cry, shout, scream and hug without holding anything back!  This is the essence of Leo: expressing oneself with heartfelt abandon. The inner child is our true essence and spirit, so when we honour it we are truly listening to the voice of our soul.

The Sun in Aquarius is in perfect balance to the Leo Moon and where Leo is led by the heart, Aquarius is led by the head. Leo is apt to attach quite quickly and is generally found at the centre of things while Aquarius tends to be more detached and is more likely to observe things from the bird’s eye perspective. Leo is subjective, Aquarius is objective. Leo radiates warmth, generosity and love, Aquarius is cool and friendly. Leo is the king or queen who rules magnanimously and with authority, Aquarius is the champion of the common man – the humanitarian visionary who longs for a world of equality, brotherhood and freedom. Leo is creative, dramatic and expressive while Aquarius is more of a mad scientist or nutty professor. Leo shows where we can shine and what unique, special talents we might have, while Aquarius shows how we can each use those gifts to help make the world a better place. Leo reminds us that we each have a special role to play in life and Aquarius shows us how we can collaborate and contribute to the collective instead of just serving ourselves.

While this Full Moon has the potential to bring a lot of romance and fun (Leo) and help us connect with like-minded people (Aquarius), we have Saturn in Scorpio forming a challenging square to both the Sun and Moon putting a bit of a dampener on things. Saturn is like the strict parent shining a rather harsh light on the whole affair and forcing us to be emotionally honest and accountable for our actions. He is a beacon of authenticity and integrity, making sure that whatever we do is also for the highest good of all concerned. He reminds us that we still have some inner work to do before we can fully relax and enjoy the good times. He truly wants what is best for us but makes us all too aware of where we are out of balance; where we might be going too far in one area of our life at the expense of the others.  He points out our blind spots. His energy isn’t too strong during this Moon because it is a waning aspect, but nevertheless he could cause us to put the breaks on full expression. He is a reality check, making sure we are being true to ourselves and our path. He is getting ready to go retrograde so he has slowed down considerably in recent times, to the point now where he at an absolute standstill. I sense that we are being asked to be patient. Father Time is standing still, asking us to continue to delve deep and do the inner, soul work and soon enough we will see the results in the outer world.

On the other hand we have Mars in Libra forming an almost exact, flowing, supportive aspect to the Sun and Moon! This combination brings high energy, enthusiasm, passion and motivation to the picture and helps us to find the self-confidence and assertiveness needed to express how we truly feel. This is helpful for any declarations of love and is also a wonderful boost of sexual energy and passion! So while Saturn may force us to be very real and to look before we leap, Mars provides some very spontaneous, uplifting energy and helps us to be brave enough to express ourselves emotionally. It seems like it might be a great time to tell people exactly how we feel in an honest, direct and open way. The inner child in us all could also have an extra skip in her step during this Full Moon!

Something to be aware of is that Mercury is still retrograde and is sitting right next to the Sun in Aquarius during this Full Moon, so communication could get a little skewed and misunderstandings could occur. It is also likely that we will receive some revelations, epiphanies, insights or messages during this time that could be very helpful indeed. While Mercury is retrograde we tend to find communication and travel a bit more challenging but there are usually plenty of hidden gifts as well. Certainly this Moon will involve a lot of chatter and communication with Mercury in such a prominent position, though hopefully it will be of the right brained, intuitive variety. We must remember to listen, however. When the Mercury is this close to the Sun it can make it hard for us to stop talking and thinking enough to actually hear what is being said. It is also possible that with the Moon sitting opposite this Sun/Mercury combo we might experience a bit of a battle between our emotional, gut instincts (Moon) and our logic and reason (Mercury). Our heart might want us to do one thing and our head might try to talk us out of it!

The other big energy involved in this Full Moon is the ongoing T-square between Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter. This is the backdrop of the times and will be with us until it all comes to a head in April. This is a time of upheaval, change and massive shifts forward. We are being pushed out of our comfort zones and being forced to find new ways of doing things, which is slightly unsettling yet exhilarating. These shifts can be quite uncomfortable as we let go of old, familiar patterns that we have grown so used to, but this is a time of amazing growth and evolution. We can’t stay as we were because that just doesn’t work for us anymore. The only way is forward and while we are venturing into unchartered territory I have faith that we will somehow be shown the way. Where we are going is unlike anything that we have experienced before. We are being asked to shed anything that doesn’t serve us and to be utterly true to ourselves. Whatever we let go of at this time may cause pain or discomfort but will also give a sense of freedom and integrity. It has to go so we must not cling to it. It is only holding us back from finding our full potential.

This Full Moon definitely has the potential to be very joyful, heartfelt and fun! While Valentine’s Day is basically a Christian tradition that has unfortunately become very commercialised in recent times, it is nevertheless important to remember the intrinsic message of the day and that is of the healing power of love. Leo teaches us to love ourselves first and then radiate it outwards and Aquarius makes sure that everybody receives it, no matter who they are. The Leo Full Moon reminds us of who we really, truly are. Our inner child is our essence, our spirit, our heart wisdom. It is who we were before we learned the rules of adulthood. As such, we should let go of any cynicism or reserve and allow ourselves to fully express who we are and what we truly feel. Let the tears and laughter flow as children do and don’t be afraid to speak your truth. Just make sure it is truly coming from a place of sincerity and love. Then you can’t go wrong. And remember, the inner child in us knows where we are going and she’s not afraid. Listen to your heart.

Much love



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