TAURUS NEW MOON / SOLAR ECLIPSE – Tuesday 29 April 2014

Exact at 7.18am BST, 2.18am EDT

This is a powerful yet gentle New Moon, which is more than welcome after the intensely transforming energy of the last Full Moon and the Cardinal Grand Cross which culminated this week. Almost all of the planets and luminaries are currently in earth or water signs, which means that the energies around at the moment are particularly feminine, or yin, in nature. This means that it is more likely that we will be more receptive and emotionally in tune with each other over this moon and encourages us to tap into our more feminine traits such as intuition, nurturing, caring, gentle tenderness and kindness.

It is also a Solar Eclipse, which means that we are currently going through a shift of awareness or consciousness. Changes or events could occur that seem to come out of the blue but have probably been brewing for a while below the surface. Eclipses are a time of endings and beginnings which have a profound effect on our lives. They represent a time for releasing anything that isn’t serving us on a soul level and whatever happens around this time can have a far reaching effects. Eclipses have 19 year cycles and the last time that an eclipse occurred in the exact same degree of Taurus was April 1995, so there is a connection between whatever happened then and whatever is happening now. History may be repeating itself somehow, or this time might signify the next level of growth or development in an area of your life that you can trace back to that time. The energy of that time might have a resonance with whatever is happening now. This is a very fateful and karmic time indeed.

The Sun and Moon are forming their monthly union in down to earth, practical and sensual Taurus. She is Mother Nature herself. Taurus is the sign of the material realm and represents our relationship to the physical world, or values and our sense of security. This Moon will call into question what we consider valuable and our attitude towards money and material possessions, as well as our connection to the Earth. Self-worth is the realm of Taurus and however we feel about ourselves is very much reflected by what and whom we attract into our lives, whether that be money or love. It is quite likely, during this Moon, that issues of self-worth and values will come up in one way or another. Mercury is sitting right next to the Sun and Moon in Taurus, which means that we may well find ourselves chewing the cud, so to speak, and thinking things through very carefully indeed. It is a good time to contemplate our connection to the physical world and whether we are too attached to the material world or too disconnected from Mother Earth. It is also a good time to think in a down to earth, realistic fashion about what we attract into our lives and why, as well as what we really and truly want for ourselves. Taurus gives us some very fertile soil to plant some seeds that have a good chance of taking root and coming to full bloom. We just have to make sure that anything we start now is based in reality.

The Grand Cross is now waning, and while its energy still lingers, the effects will slowly pass away now. Pluto and Mars are both forming an aspect to the Moon, however. Pluto, the planet of soulful transformation, will add some weight to any intentions we set in the coming days and reinforces the feeling that this New Moon will have quite an impact on our souls’ journeys. The ruler of this Moon, Venus, is still in Pisces which reminds us that we are all connected – humans, animals, plants, trees, oceans, rivers, planets and stars. Anything we do has a ripple effect that has an impact on the whole. Venus in Pisces is compassionate, gentle, kind and extremely empathetic. She feels another’s pain as if it were her own. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, is forming a harmonious aspect to the Moon, which also brings unconditional love and a sense of truly being connected to one another. Mars in Libra is forming a niggling aspect to the Moon, which brings relationships into focus and means that we could feel a strong need to put our cards out on the table, though hopefully in a way that is gentle and kind.

There is a Grand Water Trine forming in the wake of the Grand Cross which is very beautiful and healing and will help mop up any debris which might be hanging around! It involves Chiron, the Wounded Healer, Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer. This brings with it the possibility of healing family relationships and our connection to power and authority. In the element of water it is an intuitive, emotional energy that gives a feeling that anything is possible. This connection between Saturn and Jupiter brings the potential for realistic growth and can greatly expand the boundaries of our consciousness. This Grand Trine combined with the New Moon holds the promise that whatever intentions we set have a chance of blossoming into something great as long as they have a basis in reality. Jupiter in Cancer is part of both the Grand Cross and the Grand Trine, reminding us to follow our heart’s wisdom. The heart is so much wiser than the brain anyway! This Grand Trine truly is a beautiful thing to follow the Grand Cross, as it definitely softens the blows with its healing, intuitive, kind and compassionate energy.

Overall this New Moon is ripe with possibilities and fertile soil for us to manifest some realistic dreams. We just have to have a long, hard think about what we truly want.  There is some very gentle, kind, compassionate energy surrounding this Moon that reminds us that we are all very much connected and what happens to one happens to all. This includes the Earth, and this really is a wonderful time to go out and commune with nature, as it has so much to teach us. It is certainly where I feel most connected to the Universe and all that is. Whatever happens over this period of time will very likely to be quite significant and will affect our lives for a few months to come, though it may take time for us to fully realise what it is exactly.

Solar Eclipses are like magnified New Moons and can signify fated and karmic beginnings and endings. This one is no exception. We are experiencing a consciousness upgrade and something is now passing away so that we can move forward to the next phase. What it is will reveal itself in the fullness of time. We may just need to practise using one of Taurus’s greatest traits…patience.

Much Love



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