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This is an extremely significant time in our evolution. Our decisions and actions in the next few weeks could have a powerful impact on our lives and journeys for a long time to come. This month we have the culmination of the Cardinal Grand Cross, a total Lunar Eclipse and finally a Solar Eclipse! Eclipses are very fateful in quality and represent a pivotal point in our soul’s journey. They tend to stir things up which have been simmering away in our unconscious and cause a major shift as something ends, making space so that something new can take its place. The Full Moon signifies a time when things come to a head and the Eclipse means that the effects will be more far reaching and significant in terms of our life stories. Full Moons tend to reveal themselves in the realm of our relationships and none more so than this one as it is in Libra, the sign of “other”. In the meantime, the day before the Moon is full, Mars will finally join in the party for the upcoming Grand Cross. This is an action packed Full Moon, that’s for sure, with remarkable potential for change and transformation! Anything that we have been clinging to because it is safe and familiar will demand to be released in the coming month. This is not a time to play it safe. We are being asked to jump on our boards and ride the waves of change. Where we are going is unlike anywhere we have been before, which is exciting, exhilarating and also somewhat unsettling! It is important to ground ourselves and remain centred, alert and aware.  It might help to imagine that we are in the eye of the storm instead of being blown all over the place by the elements!

This Full Moon involves an opposition between the Sun in brave, forthright and independent Aries and the Moon in peace-loving, fair-minded and diplomatic Libra. As such we may feel a tug between the energy of the two signs but we must do our best to find the balance between them. Aries season is upon is and, like shoots coming up out of the ground, we are coming out of hibernation to greet the sun and start afresh. It is very much a time of new beginnings. Aries is bold action and a pioneering spirit, whose focus is very much on himself and his needs. Libra is very much concerned with peace, balance and harmony and will do what she can to make sure that all is fair and just. She is extremely adept at the art of compromise and always considers others when making any decisions. Especially as Mars, the ruler of Aries, is currently in Libra it is important to find a balance between the two signs and be brave enough to express our own needs within our relationships in a kind and loving manner. With so much change and upheaval in the air it is very important that we maintain some equilibrium and be considerate towards each other (Libra) while being absolutely honest about our feelings and desires (Aries).  As the Moon approaches its peak we may find the courage to ask questions or speak truths that we have been too afraid to bring up in case we upset the apple cart somehow.

The Cardinal Grand Cross, which will be exact on April 23rd, is a huge part of this Full Moon and will have a powerful impact on the world we live in and our own individual lives. Anybody with personal planets or angles between 10 and 16 degrees of the signs, especially the Cardinal signs, will feel its impact most powerfully. We are being asked to embrace change, step outside of our comfort zones and move towards a way of being that we have never experienced before. It is beautiful, exciting, disorientating, unsettling, enlivening, daunting and exhilarating all at the same time! It is a time when certain parts of our lives will have to be broken down (Pluto in Capricorn), which in turn can leave space for amazing breakthroughs and opportunities as Uranus in Aries “awakens” us to potentials we never knew existed before! We are being asked to be utterly true to ourselves in a way that we never have been before and to step into the mantle of our power with absolute integrity. Phew. This is no joke! It is going to be very interesting to see what happens globally in the coming weeks, socially, politically and even weather wise. There is something quite explosive about the energy of this Grand Cross. Pluto and Uranus do rule natural and man-made disasters such as earthquakes and volcanoes and as we all know, Mother Earth has reason to be angry with us!

Wherever Uranus is found in our charts will show where we might be in need of change and revolution. Uranus blasts through any blocks or stagnant energy and helps us come back to who we really are. He cannot abide comfortable ruts! Anything that doesn’t resonate with the truth of our being will be blown away in the blast. Pluto is tearing down any outworn structures we have in place in our lives, exposing whatever is rotten and eliminating it so that something better can take its place. This could be relationships, jobs, living situations, beliefs or attitudes; anything that we are clinging onto out of fear, because it’s safe and familiar. On a global level he has been exposing the flaws and corruption within our power structures and challenging the patriarchy. His ultimate goal is empowerment and integrity and we are very much being encouraged to live with absolute authenticity according to our soul’s true purpose. No biggie! Uranus and Pluto are continuing the process of profound shifts and transformation that began in 2012. This is the fifth out of seven squares between these two powerful agents of change and with the added ammunition of Jupiter and Mars this next one holds the potential for us to make a massive shift forward. Change, of course, can be very unsettling and quite uncomfortable!

Mars in Libra joins in on April 14th, the day before the Full Moon, urging us to have the courage to ask for what we really and truly want from our relationships so that they are a true expression of the people we are becoming. It is time to eliminate the bullshit, so to speak. Jupiter in Cancer could bring some rather big emotions to the surface and also make us quite aware of any old, emotional patterns which are no longer relevant in our lives. We shouldn’t be surprised if our family relationships are transformed by the energy of the Grand Cross, because it is very likely to bring old grievances, patterns and habits out into the open so they can be released, making way for a new way of relating.  It is not surprising that the changes and shifts we are currently experiencing could have a powerful impact on our emotions and family relationships (Jupiter in Cancer), our relationships (Mars in Libra), while transforming our sense of purpose and the way we operate in the world (Pluto in Capricorn) and radically changing our very sense of who we are (Uranus in Aries). I can’t emphasis enough how important it is to look after ourselves and stay grounded in the midst of such turbulent times.

Mercury entered Aries on April 8th and at the moment the Moon becomes full the planet of the mind and communication will be sitting right next to Uranus in exactly the same degree of Aries. Mercury in Aries will help us be quite direct, forthright and to the point in the way we think and communicate over the coming couple of weeks. Aries is very impulsive so this could cause us to speak first and think later, which could be a good thing in some cases and not in others! He is very honest, to a fault, so this Mercury could definitely help us bring and grievances or niggles out into the open as the Moon becomes full. It could also help us to make decisions and have the courage to act on them. Combine this with Uranus, the Great Awakener, rebel and revolutionary and we have the potential to have some insights which literally come out of the blue and awaken us to new possibilities and potential that we hadn’t considered before. It could also make our thought process quite wilful and somewhat reactionary and we could be prone to being a bit more impatient and hasty in out thinking. Certainly our minds could end up racing, full of thoughts and ideas so that it could be hard to keep up, which means that it will be a bit hard to relax. There is a certain amount of nervous energy attached to this aspect methinks.

I was very happy to see during this Full Moon / Solar Eclipse, with all its unsettling, transforming energy and fateful beginnings and endings, that Venus, the ruler of Libra, is sitting in Pisces and smack bang in the middle of Neptune and Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Not only that but she is forming positive aspects to both Pluto and Jupiter! Yes! This is a beautiful reminder of the power of unconditional love and its ability to heal. Venus in Pisces is a love that knows no boundaries and doesn’t cling; she is the spirit of compassion and empathy, reminding us that we are all in this together. She is the essence of tenderness, sensitivity and divine inspiration and loves without thought of what she might receive in return. She truly knows how to forgive and accept people for who they are.  As she is forming a harmonious aspect with Pluto it makes me think that soulful, spiritual connection is possible during this Moon. It also reminds us that true power does not involve taking power away from or controlling others, but rather it comes from within. True power can actually involve being extremely gentle and kind and, above all, listening to and following our hearts’ wisdom. This could be a wonderful Moon for channelling whatever we are feeling into some form of creativity or for going out and soaking up the beauty and wonder of nature. It is truly a blessing that the ruler of this Moon is in such a receptive, intuitive and fluid sign as Pisces. It holds the promise of abundant sweetness, forgiveness, heart healing and unconditional love. Aaaaaaah!

There is a strong fateful quality to this Moon as it is sitting on top of the Nodal axis, which represents our soul’s journey. Eclipses involve a shift in energy and can signify an end of one cycle and the beginning of another. They can change the course of our lives if we allow them to. This Moon is very much about relationships so it is quite likely that the changes that are afoot will have a big impact on our close relationships and partnerships. There is a strong potential for fated encounters and new relationships forming at this time, with an equal possibility of letting go of relationships that have run their course. One thing is certain, we will be feeling a lot of pressure to be honest and direct about our fundamental needs within relationships and some may have to be reworked in order to be a more honest expression of who we are becoming. The same rules no longer apply when it comes to our lives and relationships and we are currently having to adjust and feel our way around this new way of being. During this Moon and over the following couple of weeks it is very important to be good to ourselves, eat well and, above all, keep our hearts and minds open. This really is time to heed our hearts’deepest desires and trust our instincts, leaving fear and hesitation in the dust. Let’s find our focus, take the plunge and ride the waves of change and not look back!

Much Love




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