VIRGO FULL MOON - Sunday 16 March 2014

Exact at 5.08pm GMT, 1.08pm EDT

This is an interesting Moon with a lot of potential for healing and letting go. I have been struggling a little bit to figure out exactly what the overall message is this month and I have suddenly realised that this is the point – we are not supposed to know exactly why and how things some things happen! My sense is that this Moon is about letting go of the need to understand why certain things occur in our lives and simply allow it all to unfold as it will. There is a higher plan which may make no sense but is definitely for the highest good of ourselves and the whole. Of course, this is still a Full Moon and whatever may have been bubbling away in our unconscious over the course of the past couple of weeks will now come up to the surface, made glaringly obvious by the bright light of the Moon. Full Moons involve an opposition between the Sun (our conscious will) and the Moon (our unconscious, instinctual self) and so we are asked to find some balance between the energy of the two. Oppositions also tend to play out in our relationships, so during the Full Moon we might find that our partners, friends or family members mirror back to us whatever is going on internally. Full Moons cause our emotions to swell up like the tides and can create some kind of crisis as everything comes to a head, which then leads to release and renewal. This Moon is no exception and brings great potential for purging and purification.

This month the Moon is in humble, health-conscious and helpful Virgo while the Sun is in intuitive, compassionate and dreamy Pisces. This combination is called the healing axis. One thing that these two signs definitely have in common is that they genuinely want to help people and to be of service in some way. They just have different ways of going about it. Virgo can be quite critical of herself and others and is very much geared towards self-improvement and purification. In the extreme this can lead to worry, nit-picking and perfectionist tendencies. Pisces, on the other hand, accepts all that is and just goes with the flow of the river. Pisces rules chaos, while Virgo seeks order. Pisces is the dreamer and creates illusion which could lead to disillusionment while Virgo is a practical realist who can pin point what is really going on and bring us plummeting back down to earth. Pisces is the queen of meditation and dreams while Virgo gives us the ability to create healthy routines and interpret those dreams.  Virgo is very aware of the body and focuses on the details, which is very good for diagnosis. She refines her skills in order to able to help and heal. Virgo would make an amazing surgeon, for instance, because it is such precise, detailed work. Pisces on the other hand has a sixth sense about what is needed. She listens to her inner voice and is simply guided to wherever healing is needed. She also has the gift of faith. Sometimes people heal miraculously, and that is where Pisces comes in. Put the two signs together and you have a dynamic healing team!

Virgo likes to analyse and understand what is going on while Pisces knows instinctively that everything happens for a reason and while it may be a complete mystery to us on a conscious level there is a higher plan at work which is ultimately for our highest good. While we may consciously seek or think we need certain things, believing they are good for us, they may in fact not fit into the bigger picture. They may not actually be helping us to grow and evolve into our highest potential in this lifetime. As such they must pass away or remain out of reach and, as painful as it may be, Pisces asks us to accept and surrender rather than fighting it or trying to hold onto something which is holding us back. It may not make sense to us at all, but it would make perfect sense if we were able to see the overall purpose of our lives! This is where Virgo comes in, as she has the gift of discernment – the ability to understand what is good for us and what simply isn’t working anymore so we can let it go. Virgo and Pisces are a good team, because if you go too far toward Pisces you could end up feeling quite confused, muddled and overwhelmed by the chaos, while going too far in the direction of Virgo could take the magic out of life and make it too dull and routinised. A balance between the two is ideal. The overall theme here is acceptance; remembering that we cannot control everything and must just allow things to unfold as they will. This Moon could well create a crisis of some description, but we must just surrender to it and know that everything happens for a reason.

Mercury will help us to see the bigger picture during this Full Moon because he is approaching the end of his stay in detached Aquarius, the master of objectivity and looking at things from a birds eye perspective. Not only that, but he is forming an absolutely exact aspect to the Nodes of the Moon, which could allow us considerable insight into the “bigger picture” of our lives and relationships because the Nodes represent our past and our future on a soul level. This will allow us to gain some understanding of how the past is shaping us and what might be preventing us from moving forward and achieving our full potential in this lifetime. We could get glimpses of our higher purpose and how things all fit in, and with Mercury in Aquarius this could come in the form of sudden insights and realisations that come like bolts out of the blue. We may have a fated encounter with someone we have "known" before. Mars is also aspecting Mercury which will encourage direct, open and honest communication leading up to the Full Moon. Mars and Mercury are both challenging the Sun and Moon, which means that whatever does come up may produce a healing crisis of some kind. This is an ideal opportunity to heal and let go of anything that is blocking us from having healthy relationships with ourselves and others.

Venus, the planet of love and relationships, is also in Aquarius and not only that but she is forming a supportive aspect to Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius. This provides a double dose of the same energy: the chance to look at our relationships in a truly objective way, a striving for freedom and the ability to be ourselves within our relationships and also the possibility of sudden changes for the better in our partnerships. As the Nodes of the Moon are also in Aries and Libra, the relationship axis, I sense that we will have a few epiphanies regarding our relationships past, future and present in the next few days. We may reach a new level of understanding which is profound and quite unique and very different from the way we may have approached our relationships before now. We may somehow reach a new understanding of how our relationships fit into the big picture.

Saturn in Scorpio is supporting the Sun and Moon during this Full Moon. He has been forcing us to confront our shadows in recent times and particularly in the past couple of weeks as he turned retrograde. He challenges us to plunge into the darker parts of ourselves and find what is hidden there so that we can find the treasure that is hidden beneath. Pain isn’t much fun but it can also be our biggest teacher. Combined with Virgo and Pisces we are encouraged to purge and purify and this is the perfect time for detoxifying the mind, body and spirit. We have been forced to face up to our deepest fears since he has been in Scorpio and this Moon could be a perfect opportunity to let some of those fears come up to the surface and view them consciously and objectively. Then they will lose their power over us.

Saturn’s involvement with this Moon is encouraging us to be conscious and present; to recognise our fears, insecurities and unhealthy behaviour patterns and then release them. Instead of them ruling us and wreaking havoc in our lives and relationships we could practice Virgo’s discernment and Pisces’ ability to surrender and let go. We are so often ruled by fear, which all stems from old trauma which is still stored in our energy system, creating blocks that prevent us from functioning properly. The ability to recognise when we are feeling fear or a negative emotion could be a massive step forward because then we can just let it go instead of it producing negative reactions such as anger, defensiveness, jealousy, insecurity etc. It does involve being very present and conscious but will be so worth it in the end! Fear is the opposite to love, so if we let go of the fear we allow love to flow more freely.

The Virgo Full Moon brings tremendous healing potential and could provide us with the opportunity to understand ourselves and our patterns much more clearly. The process may not be comfortable and, as I said, we could possibly experience some kind of crisis, but it is all for our highest good and will help us to grow and move forward. We are building up to the Grand Square in April and are currently receiving an enormous amount of planetary support to release old patterns and give us the courage to change and reach our full potential. Of course, change can be very uncomfortable and even painful, but without it we would just be stuck and stale. This Moon invites us to become the observer of ourselves; to notice our feelings, reactions, fears, thoughts and to realise when we are worrying about the future or dwelling in the past. We are invited to take a step back and just watch. Most importantly we must remember not to try to control things too much or overanalyse whatever comes our way. It is all happening exactly as it should. What we think we need and what we actually need could be two entirely different things and it is much better to just accept it all, the pleasure and the pain, knowing that eventually it will lead us to where we are supposed to be. It’s not meant to make sense. Just keep the faith!

Much love




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