Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Exact at 12.50pm GMT, 7.50am EST

This is a whopper of a week, there's no doubt about it! I must apologise for the length of this post but there really is no way around it as it is all important information! Not only is Mercury retrograde in Scorpio but we also have the 4th exact Pluto Uranus square on Friday and to top it all off a New Moon/ Total Solar eclipse in intense and deeply emotional Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth! This combination of energies could be profoundly unsettling as we gear up for a big emotional shift. The Solar Eclipse represent a major turning point and a much more far reaching and significant new beginning than your average New Moon! This particular New Moon/Solar Eclipse has the potential to place us on an entirely new path and its effects could be felt anywhere from six months to two years afterwards. Of course, such profound changes can be quite uncomfortable and destabilising as we are forced out of our comfort zones and into uncharted territory. This is a time of profound shifts and transformation, when we are forced to face our shadows, own up to the more vulnerable parts of ourselves and shed yet more dead skin. We are being offered a beautiful opportunity to recognise any emotional patterns that may still be holding us back from everything we want in life, which is very exciting but could also force us to confront some rather painful truths! It is hard to make that journey into the underworld and find what is hidden there, but the rewards and potential for growth are quite simply astounding if we are brave enough to take the plunge!

Scorpio is the sign of the month as not only are the Sun and Moon forming their monthly union in this deeply emotional, soulful sign but retrograde Mercury, Saturn and the North Node of the Moon are also surrounding the cosmic couple. There is absolutely nothing light or superficial about Scorpio. Quite the opposite in fact as she really likes to get to the heart of the matter, delving around in places we would really rather not go in order to discover what is hidden there. She asks us to be truly honest and reveal the parts of ourselves we generally find it hard to admit to, allowing ourselves to trust another enough to expose our vulnerabilities so that we can open ourselves up to true intimacy. Trust and emotional honesty are a big part of the Scorpio experience. It takes a lot to let go of the facade and expose our tender underbellies but when we are brave enough to do so we open ourselves up to a far deeper emotional connection than we would have had if we hadn't. It may not be pretty but life isn't pretty, but rather it is a precarious balance between the light and dark. Scorpio is an incredibly intuitive and insightful sign and really likes to probe beneath the surface and pinpoint the crux of any given issue or problem. She is also the sign of transformation, or death and rebirth, and like a snake shedding its skin or a phoenix rising from the ashes we experience the pain of things falling away, only to rise again, reborn, shiny and new. There is a strong sense of things passing away during this New Moon period and it is important to remember that it is paving the way for a new beginning of some kind.

Saturn is a very big part of the picture during this New Moon which definitely adds some weight to the picture. He asks us to be completely and utterly truthful with ourselves and our loved ones and to take responsibility for whatever that truth may be. This could be quite uncomfortable as what we find could be quite hard to take, but ultimately it will help us to understand what we need to do in order to move forward and grow. Saturn in Scorpio has quite a sobering influence as he forces us to face up to the cold, stark reality of things which could be quite tough but will only bring us closer to who and what we really and truly are. We all have things about us that we are not proud of and some not so pleasant aspects of who we are. We all have fears, vulnerabilities and destructive emotional patterns born out of childhood that hold us back from true happiness. Saturn has a tendency to make us very aware of how we reap what we have sown and this New Moon provides us with an amazing opportunity to gain some insight into what is holding us back from getting what we really and truly want in life. What we find may be a bit harsh and even depressing, but it will also help us to pinpoint what needs to change in order for us to move forward with integrity.

Just to add to the overall intensity of this New Moon weekend we have the fourth of seven exact Pluto and Uranus squares forming on Friday the 1st of November. The energy of both the square and the Eclipse building at the same time is likely to be quite unsettling, that's for sure! Pluto and Uranus have been shaking up the structure of our lives both personally and collectively over the past couple of years, forcing us to step into the truth of who we are and let go of anything which is holding us back from our true potential. We are half way through the process now and much has changed since it all began, that's for sure! On a global level there has been much change and unrest as people have risen up against the injustices of the current social system, pinpointing what simply no long works any more. The rot has been slowly but surely exposed within our patriarchal systems such as the banks, governments and corporations and we have experienced the breakdown of outworn and outdated systems which have no place in the world we now live in. Pluto and Uranus formed a conjunction in the late sixties, which brought massive upheaval, social change and civil unrest, and this square represents the continuation of that process. Many things have fallen away in the past couple of years, both personally and collectively, and this fourth square will once again challenge us to step up to the plate and be true to ourselves so that we can move forward with integrity. This may involve us having to step outside of our comfort zones and anything which may be holding us back from achieving our truest potential at a soul level might have to be stripped away, such as relationships, limiting beliefs, jobs, living situations or outworn emotional patterns. It is important to look back to 2010 and contemplate what has changed since then. A cardinal T-square back then was a catalyst for some profound changes and this square may well highlight what we still need to change in order for us to step up and be counted!

Mercury is also a very big part of the picture at the moment as not only is he retrograde but he is also joining the Sun and Moon for this New Moon/Solar Eclipse. He is giving us a chance to look deep within and confront the not so pretty parts of ourselves, our fears and vulnerabilities. His retrospective action may mean that old patterns and reactions may be triggered in order for us to understand and release the strangle hold they have over our lives and relationships. While Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio we may have to deal with some dark or obsessive thinking, jealousy, rage, grief, guilt, possessiveness, control or fear; all the stuff that we might usually keep hidden from view but which can give us an enormous amount of insight into what holds us back from having healthy relationships. I feel that the greatest gift of this retrograde period is the possibility of old, buried stuff coming to light in order for us to gain insight into emotional patterns formed in childhood. Many of them are completely unconscious and Mercury retrograde in Scorpio has the ability to help us truly understand at a very deep level the hold certain experiences have had over us and how they effect our life and relationships. This is a beautiful gift so it is important to be open and aware during these few weeks. Anything that comes up during this time, such as strong emotional reactions, pain and discomfort should be examined under the microscope because it could be very revealing indeed!

During the New Moon Mercury is forming an exact conjunction with the North Node of the Moon in Scorpio which will give us an enormous amount of insight into our past and how it has had an impact on our future. The North Node's involvement in the picture brings a strong element of destiny to this New Moon and gives a sense that whatever happens during this time will help us move forward on our soul's journey. The North Node has been in Scorpio since August 29th 2012 and has has been asking us to embrace the energy of Scorpio, shedding any dead weight and moving towards greater intimacy in our relationships by allowing ourselves to truly trust and be emotionally honest. We are collectively leaving the Taurus South Node behind and getting out of any comfortable ruts we may have been in as well as letting go of the misguided idea that we need to go it alone. Taurus is the essence of self sufficiency while Scorpio encourages us to join forces with another, merging our resources and skills to make a partnership that is “stronger than the sum of its parts”. Taurus holds onto her possessions for dear life while Scorpio asks us to let go, releasing ourselves from the shackles of the material world and embracing change. Whatever happens during this New Moon/Eclipse will have a big impact on the overall direction of our lives and help us move forward on our spiritual journeys.

There is so much going on this week that I could go on forever, but I have tried to just speak about the things that I feel are the most relevant and important. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is playing an important role in events this week as not only is he forming a supportive aspect to the Sun and Moon in Scorpio but he is also aspecting the Pluto Uranus square. He is providing us with loving, healing support and guidance though any shifts, changes, and possible discomfort we might be experiencing during this profoundly transforming time. This is so beautiful! His presence will allow whatever feelings we might experience to flow freely and for us to view all that comes up in the light of true compassion and forgiveness. Mercury will have formed a supportive aspect to Chiron three times by the end of this retrograde period, firstly on the 8th of October, secondly on Friday the 1st of November and for one last time on the 21st of November. The combination of Mercury and Chiron will enable us to communicate our emotions, insecurities and wounds freely and openly and also gain tremendous insights into their source. It is very likely that we will have some very beautiful, heartfelt and healing conversations around the days that these two aspect each other.

Phew! All I can say is that Friday is very significant indeed so we should keep an eye on whatever happens or comes up during the course of the day. Added to which, this New Moon/Solar Eclipse marks a major turning point in our lives which will become apparent with time. As Scorpio is such an “all or nothing” kind of sign that we are very likely to experience some very intense emotions rising up from the depths over the course of this month and especially over the course of this week. The energy of new beginnings and transformation is threefold with the Pluto Uranus square, the New Moon Solar Eclipse combined with the North Node and the fact that it is all happening under the umbrella of Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth! This is intensity central, so if you have been feeling tense or unsettled then you now know why! I have found myself letting out some incredibly deep sighs in the past couple of days and I have had to remind myself to breathe! This is the perfect time to plunge down into the depths of our psyches and discover what is hidden there and while what we find may cause us considerable discomfort or even pain it is quite likely that we shall also find some hidden treasure lurking there too. It will certainly increase our self awareness and bring us closer to the truth of who we are and that is a beautiful thing. Facing our shadows and most importantly finding acceptance can cause them to dramatically lose the power they have over us. This period of time is an amazing opportunity to shed old skin, letting go of outworn patterns so that we can be born anew and move closer to our true destiny. What do they say : “The darkest hour is before dawn”? Don't forget to breathe!

Much love


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Sunday, 20 October 2013

MERCURY RETROGRADE IN SCORPIO – 21 October until 10 November 2013

Mercury is due to turn retrograde in the intensely emotional, probing sign of Scorpio on Monday 21st of October having been in the retrograde zone since October 1st. This is the third and final retrograde period of this year for Mercury, completing a run of retrogrades in the water signs. Water rules the emotions, intuition and is feminine in nature, and this year the planets have definitely been encouraging a shift towards the feminine. In a world dominated by logic and reason it is more than time to to allow the right side of our brains to play a bigger role, creating more of a balance between intuition and logic; creativity and hard reason. Both the masculine and feminine have an equal part to play in this world but the masculine has had precedence for far too long now and it is time that changed. The last of this year's retrograde periods is in soulful Scorpio who is deeply perceptive and intuitive and demands emotional honesty no matter how uncomfortable or painful it may be. Scorpio likes to dig deep below the surface of things and find what lurks below, so we can expect to make to interesting discoveries and have some quite profound insights into our psyches during this retrograde period.

As with all Mercury retrogrades we must be very careful with our communication and be aware that mistakes and misunderstandings can easily occur while Mercury is going backwards! Anything that involves communication, such as computers or telephones, could be a source of confusion or frustration at this time. There is also the possibility of travel delays and disruptions, or our modes of transport randomly breaking down on us! The key to retrograde periods is to maintain a sense of humour and accept that whatever delays or confusion we may experience are probably happening for some good reason that will become apparent with time. While we may like to imagine that things just “happen to us” we play more of a part in creating circumstances than we might think! This is a time when Mercury, the ruler of our rational, logical mind, has decided to take a bit of a break so it is an ideal time to let our intuitive, creative right side of the brain have free rein. This is not the time to start new projects, form new relationships or make any major decisions; a better use of the time is to look back over what we have already started and tie up any loose ends. People from the past have a tendency to pop up during retrograde periods providing us with an opportunity to revisit something that may somehow be unresolved between us. Indeed, Mercury retrogrades are an ideal time to reflect, revisit, review, restock, resolve, re-evaluate, redo, reorient, revamp, re-edit, re-assess and, most importantly, relax!

Mercury in Scorpio brings to mind a detective or a psychologist. Mercury rules the mind, communication and thought processes while Scorpio is a deeply emotional sign who likes to dive deep below the surface of things and poke around in places we would really rather not go! It is quite possible that we will be forced to face some things that we would normally prefer to avoid, confronting our shadows and accepting the not so pretty parts of ourselves. It is very important that we avoid beating ourselves up about whatever we may find because nobody is perfect and we must learn to love ourselves despite any failings we may have. That also goes for others too; we must practice compassion and forgiveness because we are all just human and merely doing the best we can. Scorpio likes to get the magnifying glass out and turn over all of the stones to see what lurks underneath, so we could find ourselves digging around, unearthing some dark secrets and solving some hitherto unsolved mysteries while Mercury is in this deep and penetrating sign. There is also the potential for some profound insights and very deep conversations in the next few weeks as Scorpio does have a deep disdain for the superficial and likes to get to the root of the matter!

Scorpio is known for emotional honesty so we can expect to give or receive some uncomfortable truths over the next few weeks. The Scorpion's tail has quite a sting and combined with the retrograde's tendency to create miscommunication it is possible that certain truths may inadvertently be revealed through a slip of the tongue. Come to think of it, I would say that Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio would be the epitome of the Freudian slip so it will be interesting to see what may accidentally come to light during this time. It could be very revealing! Scorpio is also the energy of transformation and metamorphosis and like a snake shedding its skin we have the chance to shed outworn thought patterns or ways of thinking that are unhealthy or no longer serving us. Whatever comes up now, such as old grudges, limiting perceptions, paranoia, obsessions or fixations, should be seen as gifts; enabling us to see our shadows and to purge, heal and transform them so that we can move forward as the embodiment of the purest, highest form of Scorpio – the soul. The phoenix rises out of the ashes after the flames have destroyed (or purified) whatever is unhealthy or rotten. Such is the energy of Scorpio; it transforms and transmutes so that our shadows become our strengths. After the darkest night comes the brightest morning.

When Mercury turns retrograde he tends to form aspects to certain planets more than once, which means that we experience the same energy two or three times. On the 8th of October he joined Saturn and the North Node which would have led to some very deep conversations and helped us speak our truth and share our vulnerabilities more so than at other times. Saturn is a very serious, heavy, karmic planet and makes us think of where we have been and where we are going and how we reap what we have sowed. In Scorpio this could take our thoughts and interactions to some rather dark places which could even make us a bit anxious or depressed. Mercury will join up with Saturn again on the 30th of October when he is in his backward motion, which may bring up similar thoughts or conversations again and then will pass over one last time on the 26th of November. By the final pass we should have more understanding of whatever we have been dealing with and hopefully find some resolution! Mercury will also be passing over the same degree of Scorpio as the Solar Eclipse which will be occurring on November 3rd. Eclipses signify major new beginnings and the start of a new chapter, so when Mercury passes over that Eclipse point it could give us some insight and understanding of what is beginning in our lives. The first time Mercury hit this sensitive point was also on October 8th, the second time will be on October 31st and the last time will be on November 21st. We should all keep an eye on these days as they have been and will be significant. I know that October 8th was for me and I am interested to see what happens on the second pass. I hope to understand more since I have had time to process what happened on the first pass.

This could be an incredibly healing time because while emotional honesty can sometimes be quite painful and uncomfortable it does force us to confront ourselves so that real growth can occur. If we leave things floating around under the surface they start to fester so it is much better to bring them out into the light of day because then they lose their power over us. This retrograde period has the potential to be quite revealing as it brings unconscious blocks up into the light and forces us to look at where we are holding ourselves back through our outlook or thought patterns. It is important to watch what we say and also to keep an ear out for what other people might say at this time because we may gain tremendous insight from slips of the tongue or emotions rising up from the deep. This could be a very interesting time indeed and is certainly has the power to put us more in touch with our unconscious urges, vulnerabilities and shadow sides than we would usually dare to allow. It is most important that we practice compassion for ourselves and others because while we may become more aware of our and others failings we must remember that we are all human. Whatever comes up now we must examine without judgement, seeking to understand and then release it so that we can move forward with greater understanding and less weight. That is Scorpio's greatest gift; the ability to let go.

1 October 2013 - Mercury enters retrograde zone
21 October 2013 – Mercury stations retrograde
10 November 2013 – Mercury stations direct
27 November 2013 – Mercury leaves the retrograde zone.

Much love


Photo: "Phoenix Rising from the Ashes" Stephan Brauchli

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Saturday 19 October at 12.35am BST, Friday 18 October at 7.35pm EDT!

This is an incredibly potent Full Moon as not only is it following one of the most powerful New Moons of the year but it is also a partial Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses make Full Moons even more intense and tend to have far reaching effects on our lives which means that the impact could occur anywhere from 6 months to 2 years after the Eclipse itself. Lunar Eclipses represent major endings, closure, letting go and tend to signify the end of a chapter of our lives. They are an extreme version of a Full Moon, when something that has been building for some time reaches a climax and we have no choice but to face up to it and let go. They create space for the Solar Eclipse that follows two weeks later which is a time of a major birth of something new and a significant fresh start. When one door closes another opens! There is definitely a sense that this is the end of a chapter of our lives and that another one is about to start. This Moon is very much focused on our role within relationships and the balance between the need to be ourselves and the need to be involved with others. Mars and Venus, the cosmic lovers, are the stars of the show here as they are the rulers of the Moon and Sun and are also forming some quite significant aspects to other planets. Added to which Jupiter, the largest planet, is greatly exaggerating the effect the Full Moon will have on our emotions, so we can expect whatever happens during this moon to be quite big!

The Moon is full in energetic, forthright and assertive Aries and is sitting directly opposite the Sun in gentle, peace loving and diplomatic Libra. The key to the Full Moon is finding a balance between the energy of the two signs. When it comes to Aries and Libra we must find the balance between a healthy sense of self (Aries) and the urge to relate to others and take their needs into consideration (Libra). Aries cries out “What about me?” while Libra says “What about us?”. The motto for Aries is “I am” while the Libra motto is “I balance” and a relationship between two people is indeed a delicate balance between their individual needs and journeys. It is very important that we do give ourself enough self-love because it is only when we love ourselves that we are able to truly give and accept love from others. A little bit of Aries isn't such a bad thing as it teaches us to assert ourselves and make sure our needs are met, but we just have to make sure that it doesn't spill over into being so self-absorbed that we don't consider the needs of others. Too much Libra however means that we think so much about the other person that we lose ourselves in the relationship and neglect our own needs, straying off our individual path. Somewhere in the middle of the two we find the answer and the way. The energy of the Aries Moon could bring things to a head as we have to contend with some quite strong, raw emotions which could potentially burst out in quite an inappropriate manner. There is an impulsiveness to Aries as he tends to act first and think later! Again, we must take a leaf out of Libra's book and make sure we think of others feelings before we speak.

The ruler of this Aries Moon is Mars, the warrior or animus, who is currently residing in earthy, humble and organised Virgo, indicating that it is a good time to put our energy into organising ourselves and helping others, such is the Virgo way! Mars is sitting directly opposite Neptune during this Full Moon which could manifest in a variety of ways. The usually direct, active, aggressive energy of Mars could be quelled or diffused somewhat by Neptune's more elusive, free flowing energy, leaving us a bit confused as to what direction we should take. We could find that we don't have as much energy as usual, to the point where we could even feel quite listless and depressed. We may not be exactly sure of how to assert ourselves and anger has the potential to manifest as passive aggression or to somehow be misdirected. We may find ourselves a bit confused, disorganised and unclear as how to proceed. The key to this aspect is to allow our intuition to guide our actions and remember that by hurting another human being we also hurt ourselves. Neptune in Pisces reminds us that we are all one and the combination of Mars and Neptune holds the potential for “inspired action” or “channelled energy”. Above all I think that it is important to consider other people's feelings before we unleash our emotions, frustration or anger on them. We are all in this together and we must remember that. We are not as separate as we think.

Venus, the goddess of love and beauty and the ruler of the Libran Sun, is forming a lovely, flowing aspect to Uranus in Aries which holds the promise of some unexpected surprises in the realms of our relationships. Uranus is very unpredictable in nature and like to shake things up, challenging the status quo. He hates stagnation or ruts! In Aries he demands that we have the freedom to be ourselves and could cause some unexpected shocks or surprises. In positive aspect to Venus he could well breathe fresh air into our relationships, adding a certain spark and bringing much needed changes to the way we relate. We may find it easier than usual to be true to ourselves and assert our individuality in our relationships with others. This is definitely a very dynamic, exciting aspect, so expect the unexpected and don't be afraid to be yourself! Venus is also forming a challenging aspect to Chiron, the wounded healer, which could mean that someone or something could be a trigger of pain in some way, possibly bringing up old, buried memories, insecurities and pain that we would rather not face. Instead of blindly reacting to it, however, it would be far better to see it as a gift, helping us to bring old pain up to the forefront of our consciousness to be examined, understood and healed with kindness and compassion. Luckily Mercury and Jupiter are forming a positive aspect to each other in the Water signs which will help us see the bigger picture and to talk about our feelings as well as gaining considerable insight into where they stem from.

Jupiter is currently in Cancer, the sign of home, family and the roots of our emotional patterns. He is forming a challenging aspect to both the Sun and the Moon and this has the potential to greatly exaggerate and expand the effect the Moon has on our emotions. In Cancer he will bring family concerns to the forefront, highlighting how our family life and experiences in childhood have had an impact both on the person we are and who we are becoming. This could be a pivotal moment as the Moon represents the past and the Sun shows where and what we are moving towards while Jupiter is sitting smack bang in the middle of the two of them, challenging us to look at the bigger picture and understand how all that has come before has created what we face now. Jupiter represents wisdom gained through experience and his aim is to help us grow on an emotional level; to move beyond the emotional habits and patterns that are no longer appropriate and to find a new way of coping with life and our relationships. Jupiter in Cancer could be described as “wealth of emotion” and as he is such a important part of this Full Moon we should be prepared for some fairly big emotions to rise up over the next few days!

This Moon definitely has the potential to bring up some pretty raw and unfiltered emotions as it is in the sign of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac who hasn't yet learned to hide what he is feeling! It is important to channel any strong emotions that may come to the surface into some kind of healthy outlet rather than unleashing them onto those close to us without a thought. Aries is “Act first, think later” kind of energy so it is really important to balance it out with Libra's tendency take other people's feelings into consideration. The Lunar Eclipse adds far more power to this Moon as it represents the end of a chapter and a chance to release the past and move forward. In the meantime Pluto and Uranus are inching towards their fourth exact square on November 1st so the tension is building as we are forced to break down yet more outworn patterns and eliminate anything that isn't working in our lives. Anything that does pass away at this time is obviously no longer serving us, so better to let go with grace. Pluto and Uranus don't take away anything that we still need, only that which is holding us back from standing in our truth with integrity. As this Moon reaches its climax anything that is bothering us or needs to change will probably be so glaringly obvious that we will have no choice but to face it and let it go. Whatever passes away now is merely creating space that will be filled as the Solar Eclipse on November 3rd ushers in a new chapter of our lives.

Much love


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

LIBRA NEW MOON - 4/5 October 2013

Exact 1.35am on Saturday BST , 8.35pm on Friday EDT!

This New Moon packs a powerful punch, that’s for sure! The winds of change are coming through, blowing away the cobwebs and clearing away any energetic debris from our lives, souls and psyches. The infamous Pluto Uranus square is very much involved in this Moon, bringing radical changes upheaval and fresh perspectives on a personal level which may or may not be comfortable! As the New Moon is in Libra we may well experience these changes in the realm of our relationships with others. This Moon involves a T-square in the cardinal signs which represent the urge to create something new and initiate change and new beginnings. This T-square is very likely to give us a big push forward on our journeys, whether we are ready or not! New Moons are also  a time of new beginnings when we leave anything we don’t need behind in the dark of the moon and walk towards the light with a new set of intentions for the month ahead. This New Moon is the perfect opportunity to get rid of anything that is old and outworn, whether that be attitudes, beliefs, patterns, relationships or jobs, and make space for something shiny and new to take its place. We may have to step outside of our comfort zones and try something entirely new on for size but if we do so consciously and willingly some wonderful things could happen! We have all been through so many changes in the past couple of years that our old way of relating simply won’t work anymore, so anything we invite in now should be a reflection of who we are becoming and not who we were. The more honest with ourselves we can be the better chance we have of attracting something worthwhile.

The Sun and Moon are forming their monthly union in Libra, the sign of balance, harmony, justice and peace. Libra is an air sign so it is very much focused on thinking, communicating and above all socialising! Indeed, Libra is the sign of “other”, with an emphasis on how we relate and how other people tend to be mirrors showing us who we are. It is through our relationships with others that we truly come to know ourselves and what we see in the mirror isn’t always pretty! Libra is represented by the scales which show us that we must find balance between our needs and the needs of the other. When you bend over backwards for someone and give too much you tip balance of the scales, as you do when you think only of yourself and fail to consider their needs. Relationships are a delicate balance between two people and their individual paths. The best kind of relationship should involve the two people staying true to themselves yet meeting somewhere in the middle, in the common area so to speak! Libra is a natural diplomat and is incredibly adapt at the art of compromise, which can of course go to the extreme and mean that he becomes all things for all people. He strives for fairness and justice and can often be found in the role of the peacemaker or matchmaker. This New Moon is quite likely to bring relationships to the forefront of our consciousness and is a perfect time to think about what we truly want and initiate something new, whether that be a new relationship or a new way of relating. It is important to know who we are and what we want and to remain true to that. A relationship should not involve losing ourselves but should rather be a beautiful balancing act between our truth and theirs.

Venus, the ruler of the Libra, is in Scorpio which is a very deep and intense place for the planet of love and beauty to be. She is nearing the end of her stay in soulful Scorpio and has been forcing us to look at our deepest, darkest needs and desires when it comes to relationships and helping us to connect to others on a deeper, more profound level. Scorpio encourages us to allow ourselves to show our tender underbellies to others; to show our more vulnerable side and the parts of ourselves we don’t usually let people see in case we are rejected somehow. When we do allow others to see where we are lonely, hurt or afraid then we open ourselves up to the possibility of true intimacy. To be brave enough to fully trust, risking rejection, is to invite a far deeper connection that we have ever known before. Such is Scorpio’s lesson. It calls for complete, raw emotional honesty. Venus will leave Scorpio for the less intense and more light-hearted and jovial sign of Sagittarius on Monday 7 October.

While the backdrop of this Moon is our relationship to ourselves and others, the Pluto Uranus square is having a direct and powerful energetic impact on us as we build up to the 4th exact square on November 1st. The energy of the square creates massive upheaval and breakdown of structures that we thought we could rely on. With breakdown comes breakthrough however and while certain beliefs, relationships and situations may fall away whatever takes their place will be much healthier and more appropriate to who we really are. These two planets only shake up and destroy anything which no longer has a place in our lives so we should remember that as any walls around us start to crumble! Change is growth! Their aim is to empower us and enable us to stand in our truth with integrity and our heads held high. Whatever falls away at this time is simply not right for us anymore so we must let it go and not try to cling to it just because it’s familiar. Anything that comes our way now might scare us a little bit with its unfamiliarity but we must embrace it and be willing to ride the waves of change. It is far better to bend willingly than to stiffen up and resist, that’s for sure! Change is happening no matter what so it is up to us whether we make it hard on ourselves or not!

The energy of Pluto and Uranus can be very jarring as it rattles our cages and throws us out of our comfortable ruts! It has to happen however if we are going to grow and evolve into all that we can be. Uranus in Aries is very forceful and erratic and can create sudden, rapid and dramatic disruption and changes but his aim is help us break free from limitations and be true to who we really are deep inside. Once we have cleared all of the crap away then we are free to have a fresh start with a whole new set of rules that are more appropriate to the person we really are and not who we always thought we were supposed to be. There is a big difference! We could experience the darker side of Pluto, as he forms a challenging aspect to the Sun and Moon, in the form of power/powerlessness, manipulation, obsession, jealousy, possessiveness. Pluto ultimately wants us to stand in our own, personal power and not seek to gain power by stripping someone else of theirs. True power comes from within and empowers all who come into contact with it! Pluto may well strip away any outmoded emotional patterns and ways of being and make us aware of what isn’t working for us. It is important to remember that anything he takes away was no good for us anyway, and that whatever replaces it will resonate with us far more deeply than anything that has come before. Thus is the energy of Pluto, he destroys to rebuild something better in its place.

As for the other aspects, Mercury, the planet which governs our thoughts and communication, is building up to a conjunction with Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio which could bring some very serious, deep, emotionally honest thoughts and conversations in the next few days. The subject matter of our conversations will be far from light, that’s for sure! The energy of Saturn and Scorpio will make us say what we mean and mean what we say, helping us to share our innermost feelings and vulnerabilities and trust that whatever we say will not be judged or taken the wrong way. We are likely to allow ourselves to speak our truth more easily during this time and this raw honesty can help us move forward on our path somehow. Jupiter, the largest planet, is forming a stressful aspect to the Sun and Moon which could blow everything out of proportion somewhat, though his ultimate aim is to incite growth both within ourselves and in relation to others.

While this New Moon may be in sociable, balanced and harmonious Libra there is a massive amount of intense, life changing, transformational energy around as well! We may well be experiencing a build-up of pressure and tension, where some fears come bubbling to the surface, but as we release them we create space for something we have never known before to take their place. This New Moon is an ideal time to consciously clear away any energetic cobwebs or clutter and make a fresh start in the realm of our relationships. This is a time of new beginnings and this could involve a new relationship, set of routines, job, set of attitudes, but certainly it will be nowhere we have ever been before. Any relationships we form now will be radically different from any we have formed previously because we have changed so much and they are now based on the person we are now rather than the person we were before. Existing relationships are also likely to change significantly for the same reasons. The powerful energy surrounding this moon should give us a big push in the right direction which could be a bit disorientating at first but we must remember that it is all unfolding just as it should and for our greatest good. We are now moving towards the completion of exact square between Pluto and Uranus as well as a powerful set of eclipses, so get ready to ride the waves of change!! We must remember to look forward, not back and remember the overall lesson of the Libra….balance!

Much love