LIBRA NEW MOON - 4/5 October 2013

Exact 1.35am on Saturday BST , 8.35pm on Friday EDT!

This New Moon packs a powerful punch, that’s for sure! The winds of change are coming through, blowing away the cobwebs and clearing away any energetic debris from our lives, souls and psyches. The infamous Pluto Uranus square is very much involved in this Moon, bringing radical changes upheaval and fresh perspectives on a personal level which may or may not be comfortable! As the New Moon is in Libra we may well experience these changes in the realm of our relationships with others. This Moon involves a T-square in the cardinal signs which represent the urge to create something new and initiate change and new beginnings. This T-square is very likely to give us a big push forward on our journeys, whether we are ready or not! New Moons are also  a time of new beginnings when we leave anything we don’t need behind in the dark of the moon and walk towards the light with a new set of intentions for the month ahead. This New Moon is the perfect opportunity to get rid of anything that is old and outworn, whether that be attitudes, beliefs, patterns, relationships or jobs, and make space for something shiny and new to take its place. We may have to step outside of our comfort zones and try something entirely new on for size but if we do so consciously and willingly some wonderful things could happen! We have all been through so many changes in the past couple of years that our old way of relating simply won’t work anymore, so anything we invite in now should be a reflection of who we are becoming and not who we were. The more honest with ourselves we can be the better chance we have of attracting something worthwhile.

The Sun and Moon are forming their monthly union in Libra, the sign of balance, harmony, justice and peace. Libra is an air sign so it is very much focused on thinking, communicating and above all socialising! Indeed, Libra is the sign of “other”, with an emphasis on how we relate and how other people tend to be mirrors showing us who we are. It is through our relationships with others that we truly come to know ourselves and what we see in the mirror isn’t always pretty! Libra is represented by the scales which show us that we must find balance between our needs and the needs of the other. When you bend over backwards for someone and give too much you tip balance of the scales, as you do when you think only of yourself and fail to consider their needs. Relationships are a delicate balance between two people and their individual paths. The best kind of relationship should involve the two people staying true to themselves yet meeting somewhere in the middle, in the common area so to speak! Libra is a natural diplomat and is incredibly adapt at the art of compromise, which can of course go to the extreme and mean that he becomes all things for all people. He strives for fairness and justice and can often be found in the role of the peacemaker or matchmaker. This New Moon is quite likely to bring relationships to the forefront of our consciousness and is a perfect time to think about what we truly want and initiate something new, whether that be a new relationship or a new way of relating. It is important to know who we are and what we want and to remain true to that. A relationship should not involve losing ourselves but should rather be a beautiful balancing act between our truth and theirs.

Venus, the ruler of the Libra, is in Scorpio which is a very deep and intense place for the planet of love and beauty to be. She is nearing the end of her stay in soulful Scorpio and has been forcing us to look at our deepest, darkest needs and desires when it comes to relationships and helping us to connect to others on a deeper, more profound level. Scorpio encourages us to allow ourselves to show our tender underbellies to others; to show our more vulnerable side and the parts of ourselves we don’t usually let people see in case we are rejected somehow. When we do allow others to see where we are lonely, hurt or afraid then we open ourselves up to the possibility of true intimacy. To be brave enough to fully trust, risking rejection, is to invite a far deeper connection that we have ever known before. Such is Scorpio’s lesson. It calls for complete, raw emotional honesty. Venus will leave Scorpio for the less intense and more light-hearted and jovial sign of Sagittarius on Monday 7 October.

While the backdrop of this Moon is our relationship to ourselves and others, the Pluto Uranus square is having a direct and powerful energetic impact on us as we build up to the 4th exact square on November 1st. The energy of the square creates massive upheaval and breakdown of structures that we thought we could rely on. With breakdown comes breakthrough however and while certain beliefs, relationships and situations may fall away whatever takes their place will be much healthier and more appropriate to who we really are. These two planets only shake up and destroy anything which no longer has a place in our lives so we should remember that as any walls around us start to crumble! Change is growth! Their aim is to empower us and enable us to stand in our truth with integrity and our heads held high. Whatever falls away at this time is simply not right for us anymore so we must let it go and not try to cling to it just because it’s familiar. Anything that comes our way now might scare us a little bit with its unfamiliarity but we must embrace it and be willing to ride the waves of change. It is far better to bend willingly than to stiffen up and resist, that’s for sure! Change is happening no matter what so it is up to us whether we make it hard on ourselves or not!

The energy of Pluto and Uranus can be very jarring as it rattles our cages and throws us out of our comfortable ruts! It has to happen however if we are going to grow and evolve into all that we can be. Uranus in Aries is very forceful and erratic and can create sudden, rapid and dramatic disruption and changes but his aim is help us break free from limitations and be true to who we really are deep inside. Once we have cleared all of the crap away then we are free to have a fresh start with a whole new set of rules that are more appropriate to the person we really are and not who we always thought we were supposed to be. There is a big difference! We could experience the darker side of Pluto, as he forms a challenging aspect to the Sun and Moon, in the form of power/powerlessness, manipulation, obsession, jealousy, possessiveness. Pluto ultimately wants us to stand in our own, personal power and not seek to gain power by stripping someone else of theirs. True power comes from within and empowers all who come into contact with it! Pluto may well strip away any outmoded emotional patterns and ways of being and make us aware of what isn’t working for us. It is important to remember that anything he takes away was no good for us anyway, and that whatever replaces it will resonate with us far more deeply than anything that has come before. Thus is the energy of Pluto, he destroys to rebuild something better in its place.

As for the other aspects, Mercury, the planet which governs our thoughts and communication, is building up to a conjunction with Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio which could bring some very serious, deep, emotionally honest thoughts and conversations in the next few days. The subject matter of our conversations will be far from light, that’s for sure! The energy of Saturn and Scorpio will make us say what we mean and mean what we say, helping us to share our innermost feelings and vulnerabilities and trust that whatever we say will not be judged or taken the wrong way. We are likely to allow ourselves to speak our truth more easily during this time and this raw honesty can help us move forward on our path somehow. Jupiter, the largest planet, is forming a stressful aspect to the Sun and Moon which could blow everything out of proportion somewhat, though his ultimate aim is to incite growth both within ourselves and in relation to others.

While this New Moon may be in sociable, balanced and harmonious Libra there is a massive amount of intense, life changing, transformational energy around as well! We may well be experiencing a build-up of pressure and tension, where some fears come bubbling to the surface, but as we release them we create space for something we have never known before to take their place. This New Moon is an ideal time to consciously clear away any energetic cobwebs or clutter and make a fresh start in the realm of our relationships. This is a time of new beginnings and this could involve a new relationship, set of routines, job, set of attitudes, but certainly it will be nowhere we have ever been before. Any relationships we form now will be radically different from any we have formed previously because we have changed so much and they are now based on the person we are now rather than the person we were before. Existing relationships are also likely to change significantly for the same reasons. The powerful energy surrounding this moon should give us a big push in the right direction which could be a bit disorientating at first but we must remember that it is all unfolding just as it should and for our greatest good. We are now moving towards the completion of exact square between Pluto and Uranus as well as a powerful set of eclipses, so get ready to ride the waves of change!! We must remember to look forward, not back and remember the overall lesson of the Libra….balance!

Much love




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