CAPRICORN NEW MOON - January 1 2014

Exact at 11.15am GMT, 6.15am EST!

This is a powerful moon indeed! It is not often that astrological events line up so perfectly with the Gregorian calendar, but this New Moon just happens to land on New Year’s Day this year! New Moons are the time in the month when we and plant seeds and set intentions so even if you don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions, on this particular occasion it might actually be a good idea. It is important however to stick to two or three realistic intentions that you are willing and able to work towards rather than impossible resolutions that merely make you feel guilty and bad about yourself when you break them later in the month!  Not only that but they should come from a place of truth, aligned with our highest good rather than petty, materialistic, ego driven intentions. This New Moon is a Supermoon, which makes it especially powerful and potent as the Moon is closest to the Earth and in perfect alignment with the Sun and Earth. Supermoons have more of an impact on our minds, bodies and spirits than your average moon. Not only that, but Pluto, the planet of Soul, Power and Transformation is sitting right on top of this New Moon! Pluto is also part of a Cardinal Grand Cross which is currently bring things to a head and making us very aware of where we need to change and grow. This New Moon packs a powerful punch, that’s for sure! What a way to start 2014! We are being asked to be very bold and brave and to ride the waves of change without fear!

The Sun and Moon are forming their monthly union in the realistic, hard-working and disciplined sign of Capricorn whose ultimate aim is self-mastery. Capricorn is the sign of the Goat who makes his way slowly yet surely to the top of the mountain through sheer hard work and determination. He is not afraid of responsibility and is amazingly disciplined, never losing sight of his aims. The top of the mountain is whatever goals we might set ourselves but is also the highest part of ourselves; that which rises above the ego and  petty concerns and represents the truth of all we are. Capricorn asks that we live with integrity and authenticity and this New Moon challenges us to think about what we need to overcome, or master, in order to reach the top of our proverbial mountain and become the best human being that we can possibly be. It may not be easy, but Capricorn asks for us to commit to our path and endeavour to do our very best to overcome any tests and challenges that are placed in front of us.

Pluto is a massive part of the New Moon as he is forming a pack with the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Capricorn. This brings the potential for deep and far reaching changes as Pluto challenges us to step up and take on our power. Pluto is the planet of Power, Transformation and the Soul; the Great Destroyer who breaks down any structures that are holding us back from being all that we can be in order to build something more appropriate in its place. Pluto in Capricorn will help us see the bare bones of the matter during this Moon - the underlying truth of the situation, as uncomfortable as that may be. He asks us to be completely and utterly honest about what has to change in order for us to move forward and if we don’t make the necessary changes ourselves then he will step in and do it for us. I have a feeling that we will be left in no doubt as to what intentions we need to set for this New Moon as Pluto forces us to be completely honest and confront whatever isn’t working in our lives.

Pluto’s energy can either help us make creative changes in our lives or can be quite destructive and cause a massive amount of upheaval. It depends on how we approach it and the attitude we take. The darker side of Pluto involves power games, manipulation, jealousy and hidden agendas. This can create unnecessary angst and drama. A Plutocracy involves gaining power by taking it away from others, whereas the higher octave of Pluto in Capricorn wants us to align ourselves with the universal force, finding our true power and following the path we were meant for. Then we empower ourselves and everyone we come into contact with instead of draining them or making them small. Pluto in Capricorn is stripping away our cultural conditioning; whatever we thought we were supposed to be, leaving us with the bare truth of ourselves for us to build on. Who we really are and what we are actually capable of may come as a big surprise to us and it is important that we trust that we will somehow be shown the way. This New Moon is a perfect time to align our will (Sun) with our soul (Pluto).

Pluto is also part of a powerful Cardinal Grand Cross involving Uranus, Mars and Jupiter, which is providing powerful impetus for change and growth, though it may well require a fair amount of courage and fortitude! This Grand Cross will finally come to a head on the 23rd of April 2014 and this New Moon is preparing us somehow for whatever is going to happen then. It involves four squares and two oppositions which all combine together to create one giant push for us to move forward to the next level. This Grand Cross is basically the 5th Pluto Uranus square, which we are now quite familiar with, with some added ammunition in the form of Mars, the assertive warrior and Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion. Between the two of them they add some extra motivation and opportunity for growth. This Grand Cross has been building over the holiday period and could make certain situations or relationships become intolerable and show us in no uncertain terms what needs to change. I remember reading somewhere that it is only when things become intolerable that people make changes, such is human nature. The Grand Cross will not only help is to see what needs to change but will also give us the drive, courage and impetus for us to actually do something about it. It may involve leaving certain people behind if they are holding us back and not willing to move forward themselves. They might simply be part of our old story; too fearful, rigid and stuck to ride the current waves of change.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is also a very big part of this New Moon as he forms a harmonious connection with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto. This offers us the opportunity to heal through the process of change. Chiron is shining a light of compassion, healing and forgiveness during this Moon while also helping us discover hidden talents and discover our true purpose. It is an ideal time to do some healing work. Pluto in aspect to Chiron offers us the opportunity to dig really deep and heal whatever we find there while also offering the promise that while change and upheaval may be uncomfortable and even painful as we let go of people and situations that are preventing growth, it will ultimately allow us to move closer towards our truth. It may also bring up some superpowers that we never even knew we had!  Chiron in aspect to Jupiter gives us the gift of faith and an awareness of being guided as well as helping us to bring our hidden gifts and abilities to light. We are all here for a reason and have a unique role to play and now is the time to trust that we are somehow being guided in the right direction. Overall, Chiron’s presence in this New Moon charts is extremely comforting, though he is forming one niggling aspect to Mars in Libra which could bring some wounding and hurtful actions or behaviour within the realm of our intimate relationships. This aspect was building over Christmas and was it its strongest on Friday 27 December, however, so its energy is now waning.

This truly is a powerful New Moon and one that has the potential to set us on the path towards fulfilling our greatest potential. What that is exactly might come as a great surprise to us so we must make sure that we are open to whatever comes up in the coming months. The prominent presence of powerful Pluto brings the possibility of us undergoing a major detoxification in whatever part of our chart this Moon falls in as he clears out any stuck energy in that particular area of our life. Pluto isn’t known for being gentle, as he really gets to the heart of the matter, so it is important to remain as self-aware as possible and, above all, to be flexible and open to anything that comes up. Letting go can be painful while change can bring up fear and make us feel like the rug is being ripped out from under us, but it is important to remember that the biggest tests and challenges are in fact gifts which bring the greatest spiritual growth and help us move forward!

We need to set some clear intentions for this New Moon that resonate with us fully and that we can then realistically work towards. That involves being really honest with ourselves about what we want and what we are capable of. I also feel that we should resolve to simply ask for guidance then let go, allowing ourselves to go with the flow and trusting that we are being guided in the right direction. As I said, where that is may surprise us! Capricorn is the sign of self-mastery and commitment and I sense very strongly that we are currently being asked to step up to the plate and to actually start doing what we were put here to do. Preparation time is over – it’s time to move out into the world with all that we have learned over the past couple of years! Whatever intentions we set now could easily become very concrete, so choose wisely! Make sure that they truly resonate with your soul as it is important that they really ring true and mean something to you. In order to get to the top of the mountain we must be willing to let go of an awful lot of baggage, because we certainly wouldn’t want to drag it all up there with us!

Happy New Year!

Much love



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